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The Best Template for Kindle Publisher, The Debate is Over!

by Alta Pridi

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I have published 20 books until now on the Kindle or Amazon and I have never experienced the uploading issues while doing the book since my first book. Why was that? That is because I used the Best of Kindle Template instead of using other formats such as Words or PDF only. This template is very simple to use and guaranteed that you will not have problems while uploading the book.

When you’re beginners or still struggle looking for how to display the right format to be converted by Kindle, you might want to ask your friends or go to a forum. Of course a lot of answers will appear such as Microsoft Words is the best or only use PDF format or just use plain text for easy identification. But anyway it cannot provide the best format on the Kindle because the books will only look like a smooth rail train without stopping until the end of the book. These formats still have to do some settings, settings and settings to produce the best display but unfortunately not everyone has the expertise to do the setting, isn’t it?

Maybe you successfully uploaded your book and ready to be sold but what are the point if your book’s display is not good enough to be read? Maybe you successfully uploaded the script but unfortunately certain font or paragraphs did not have a good layout? Or there is a note that says the image size is too big so please upload the different files? Sometimes it is very confusing, is not it?

That’s because the format does not display the Table of Contents but merely give the appearance of books such as location 100, 300, 450, and so on. This does not provide a good experience for the reader as well as the location doesn’t show whether it essential or not about the chapter that you read. The only way to get into the location is memorized it well in your brain. Quite difficult, is not it?

Let’s take an example for instance you’re busy reading a story in chapter 6 and suddenly you want to go back to chapter 3? If the book does not provide a table of contents, of course you will have trouble to find it. Not to mention if you suddenly experience an abdominal pain so you have to gone to the bathroom for a while? Of course this will increase your confusion, isn’t it?

Yes, the debate is over. Where ever you have gone to ask the forum but not given you a satisfactory answer, whatever you’ve done but still showing some issues while uploading now everything is over. You can now learn how to use The Best of Kindle Template which has proven its quality as in the books that I have published. This template will give you the Table of Contents schemes so that the reader will easily be able to find chapter by chapter as they want while reading a book. So, publish your book on Kindle right now!

This book is about how to design a book with a maximum display on the Kindle that provides great experience for the reader. You are guaranteed not to run into another error or issue while uploading a book on the Kindle and other digital platforms especially by paying certain amount of money for converting files.

There are several template options for you including KINDLE SIMPLE TEMPLATE, TEMPLATE KINDLE WITH TABLE of CONTENT, TEMPLATE KINDLE WITH CHAPTER, TEMPLATE KINDLE WITH IMAGE or you can combine those into you dream version. All these will facilitate you in designing the best book for you to upload on Kindle.

Remember, this template is to produce the best display on the Kindle. Use these templates and then the debate is over!

Bill Gates: The Inspirational Life Story of Bill Gates; Businessman, Inventor, and the World’s Most Remarkable Philanthropist

by Patrick Bunker

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Since the early 1990’s Bill Gates has been responsible for some of the most important advancements in the evolution of humanity. His business functions have produced some of the greatest technological advancements and his philanthropic activities have produced some of the greatest improvements in the overall quality of life for humanity. There is no doubt that this man’s legacy will live on for many years to come.

Bill Gates was fortunate in the fact that he grew up with access to many different opportunities. He realizes the importance of having access to education and opportunities. This can help explain his drive to see people across the world have access to opportunities that will allow them to make a positive influence on the world.

This man has proved that one person has the ability to make a huge positive impact on the world. He has become successful because of his ability to solve people’s problems. Bill Gates has set the trend for future business moguls. He has proved that anyone can make lots of money, have a happy family, and conduct business in an ethical manner.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn When You Download You Copy Today

– Bill Gates Childhood

– Bill Gates College Years at Harvard

– The Creation of Microsoft

– The Creation and Mission of the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation

– Bill Gates Quotes

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