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Fallen (Chronicles Of The Fallen)

by Julie Morgan

Lisa Adams wants what every other woman wants: The perfect job. The perfect home. The perfect guy. When she receives the opportunity of a lifetime, Lisa has no idea what she’s actually signed up for. Her boss, who is tall, dark and incredibly sexy, starts making advances towards her and she’s having a hard time telling him no. Lisa begins seeing things that are scaring the Hell out of her. Nightmares are leaving her frightened.

Then there’s this new guy that’s come into her life. He brings a new light into the darkness that threatens to claim Lisa. He’s mysterious, heartwarming and kind. Not to mention the most beautiful man she’s ever met. But something with him seems to be off.

Faced with love, seduction, sacrifice and deceit, Lisa will find herself being pulled in two directions; one pursues her to claim her soul and the other will sacrifice everything to save her.

Archangels Creed Box Set 1-3

by Azure Boone

Twelve Archangels.
Twelve couples.
Twelve months.
Can they create the Holy Warriors needed to prevent the demon-spawned abominations from destroying the world?

Satan has found a loophole in the rules that govern his battle against Good. The Archangel Uriel sends twelve elite Warrior Archangels to Earth on a mission to even the odds against the demon-spawned abominations being produced.
Each Archangel has one month to find two people, unite them in love, and use their union’s power to create the Holy Warriors needed to defend the world against Satan’s unholy creations. And they have to do it while staying out of the demons’ clutches.
But the mission isn’t so simple when inheriting Humanity comes with challenges beyond the Angel’s training, and every milestone in the couple’s relationship affects the triumvirate’s strength. Who knew headaches and PMS could be such a pain in the ass?

Summon Kassern:
How can Archangel Kassern get the World’s Most Unlikely Couple – a preacher and a stripper – to fall in love and help him form the Holy Warrior? He’s too busy dealing with annoying human traits he picks up along the way. Since when do archangels get hungry?
Desperate to save her best friend, Karly, and herself from a life of prostitution, Devyn takes a chance when the preacher, Troy, offers escape. But someone offers Karly’s boyfriend big money, and he can’t let them go without a fight.
Called by God to minister to prostitutes, Troy is careful not to get too close to his flock, though some of them would like to get close to him. Sworn to celibacy, he isn’t even tempted, until he saves Devyn from an attacker and becomes embroiled in her desperate life.
Can Kassern keep them all safe from Karly’s psycho ex and whichever demon horde is onto their scent at the moment? Especially with the train wreck that is Karly along for the ride? Or will his new humanity put them all in even more danger?

Summon Dorn
Perfectionist Archangel Dorn confidently steps forward to form the second team in the Archangels’ Holy Warrior plan. Things go wrong from the beginning, but having Kassern witness his mistakes is worse than being teased for choosing a nun as his human partner. Fortunately, Archangels can learn from their mistakes.
Jessie has the unfortunate habit of making a fool of herself whenever a good looking man is nearby. Devastatingly handsome Lucian seems able to look beyond that and puts her at ease right away, but is he as good as he looks?
After a lifetime of pain, Lucian’s heart is a closed door and he permits no one a peek inside, but Jessie blows the locks away. Will she cause him even more pain?
Dutifully heading to the convent, Sally falls into a vipers’ pit of evil. With no hope of rescue, she sets out to destroy the horror on her own, even if it means her death.
Can Dorn put everything right again and snatch them all from the jaws of the most devastating evil to ever stalk the earth?

Kassern and Dorn have finished forming their triumviratesâ??oh wait, back up a minuteâ??make that QUADumvirates. Kassern had some difficulty dealing with his new human appetites and ended up taking a wife. Commander Uriel has determined Kassern’s indiscretion upset the entire power balance. The only solution is for all the archangels to find wives.

And now it’s Toren’s turn. The formula: find his couple, unite them, then join with his own selected wife. But true to his mercurial nature, Toren does things his own way. In this instance, reverse.
With his sights set on a lady rancher, he has his hands full studying to be a cowboy and hog-tying demons before he finds his human couple. Once he does, he’s saddled with a Rodeo Queen that thinks all men are from the devil and an arrogant foreign soldier that seems determined to prove her right. All that’s left is to get them to fall in love without killing each other before all hell breaks loose.
He better pray for a miracle.

*explicit sex, violence*

The Aftermath (Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer)

by Ruth Ford Elward

Volume 4 of 8 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series

Part 1

Destruction’s Edge

After narrowly escaping death when Lemore’s plan to bond a Diamondscale’s loyalty goes horribly wrong, Carison and his one-time companions Janetha and Brice follow Lemore out through secret tunnels to the Averkot Forest. Carison wants nothing more than to kill Lemore now, and if he hadn’t lost his weapons in his escape, the Butcher might be dead already.

But Lemore might just be the key to getting close enough to the Diamondscale to kill it. Even so, Carison wants nothing to do with any plan Lemore might come up with. He just might not have a choice.

And on the far distant border of the Realm, Raven has healed herself. Fel has shown her how. Now she can turn her considerable power to the task of killing Lemore, his dragons, and all of his supporters. Unless memories of who she used to be distract her from the vengeance she has sworn.

Part 2

The Trap, Part I

Redscale Queen. Her Diamondscale son reigns with her.

But Lemore, the man who would be King, has a plan to gain control of the Diamondscale, and the rest of the dragons as well. Paladin Carison Destine is forced to help. For now.

Everything has come to this moment. Raven, the sorceress who has combined herself with a Greenscale dragon, has found her way into the Vale of Stone. The Diamondscale is approaching. Carison, and his former friends Janetha and Brice, lay in wait.

And there are still others who have come to this place, in this moment that everything will change.

Part 3

The Trap, Part II

In the midst of the Dragon’s Teeth, a twisting maze of monolithic stones, Paladin Carison Destine is losing his chance to kill a monster.

Two monsters, in fact.

The Diamondscale dragon recently born into the world is here. That monster pales in comparison to the man who made its birth possible. The Butcher Lemore. Those two are about to be the center of a titanic battle involving dragons, men, friends, and enemies.

Lemore wants the Diamondscale for himself. Carison knows he can’t let that happen. He’ll fight to the death to keep it from happening.

The trap is sprung. And it will close with lethal force.

The only question is on who.

Secret Royal

by S.C Wise

What happens when you learn your family has harbored a stunning secret and it turns your life upside down?

Evie was almost 30 years old and single. Her luck with men was bad – or nonexistentâ?¦ depending on how you looked at it. She worked at a thankless job for an overbearing boss. A weekend getaway with her mother and aunt led her to the wooded lands owned by her family for generations. There she learns not everything is what she thought and some legends were born from real events.

An ancient warrior and the King’s named successor, Aulis, had never singled any one woman out for his attention. He swore that once he Marked his chosen mate – he would give himself to her heart and soul. He swore to protect not only the people of Tuatha De but also the Guardian of this generation. Together with his twin, Ari, he must root out the evil threatening the very essence of their people.

Tired of being manipulated by men, Evie is wary of the powerful warrior who stirs feelings she has never known. Aulis is drawn to the fiery little redhead and feels a compelling need to protect Evie even at the cost of his own life. Will their love come together before the dark forces tear them apart?

Dawn of the Destined Hero

by Marshall Walls

What does it mean to be a hero? Is it defending the innocent and battling the forces of evil? Or is it something more?

Arimax Holycross has dreamed of being a hero, just like his late father, his entire thirteen years of life. However, living in the peaceful village of Edena at the end of the tenth century, he has no chance to follow in his father’s footsteps. Instead, he’s sent off to the fields for a rite of passage: harvesting crops with the rest of the village farmers. On his trip, he takes a shortcut through the cursed woods, meeting with a mysterious hermit who introduces him to the power of magic through an enchanted ruby, which can control the element of fire. This encounter begins the boy’s journey to uncover his ultimate destiny; a destiny that will reveal to him the triumphs and heartaches of being a true hero.

Kelven’s Riddle: The Mountain at the Middle of the World

by Daniel T. Hylton

The Mountain at the Middle of the World is the first book of the five-book Kelven’s Riddle fantasy series. It tells the story of Aram, a field-tender, the lowest order of slaves in the empire of Manon the Great, the grim lord of the world. Transported eastward from the plains to the fringe of mountainous regions upon the borders of the empire for the purpose of opening up new lands, Aram resolves to escape and become something of which, as the son of slaves for generations, he has no real concept – a free man.
Seizing the unexpected opportunity provided by a sudden, fierce, and blinding thunderstorm, he escapes from the fields of his servitude and flees into the wild. Hunted by servants of the grim lord and by wild beasts alike, he delves ever deeper into the wilderness, seeking liberty. Desiring only his freedom and the chance to live at peace, he finds instead a destiny he did not seek, and becomes something much more than he ever imagined.

Halcyon: The Broken Sword (Book 2)

by Joseph Robert Lewis

Master swordsman Lorenzo Quesada believes he can peacefully restore his country’s prosperity and honor using the legendary Skyfire Stone. But Salvator Fabris, the most feared fencer and assassin in Italy, also wants this holy relic.
And then famed inventor Taziri Ohana arrives on Lorenzo’s doorstep with a tale of a horrible plane crash and three frightened passengers: a scholar, a politician, and a scowling Italian chemist named Dante. Unwilling to abandon strangers in need, Lorenzo takes them with him across the wintry wastes into the mountains, where they encounter creatures far more terrifying than mere assassins.
But when the holy relic is stolen, Lorenzo and Taziri must prevent a war that could destroy all the nations of the Middle Sea, even if it costs them both their lives. 
The Halcyon trilogy of steampunk thrillers:
Book 1: The Burning Sky
Book 2: The Broken Sword
Book 3: The Bound Soul


by S F Burgess

“Most people’s lives begin with their births; mine began with my death.”
In the final moments of her life, the enigmatic Conlan drags Eleanor from her world and into his. Mydren – a vast, majestic land where myths have substance, magic is terrifyingly real and Eleanor is marked for death.
Reborn as an Avatar, the living incarnation of an ancient magic, Eleanor must think fast and act faster if she wishes to survive. This new life comes with a price; Conlan has a vital and dangerous mission to undertake.
Eleanor must learn to control her newfound abilities and cope with a host of dangers both mystical and natural, while helping her fellow Avatars to master their own talents, so they can get the connection between them working.
Can she make ‘The Five’ a force to be reckoned with? Will their deadly enemies destroy them? Can Eleanor overcome her own fears and find the courage she needs to reach Conlan and release him from his dark secrets?
What the Reviewers are Saying:
5* “A stunning debut from a clearly talented author, I was impressed enough with this to make it my first Amazon review after over a decade on the site in the hope that more people will be encouraged to buy this superb book. More!”
5* “I loved this book. From page one you are plunged into a story filled with suspense, drama and passion. This Epic Fantasy novel is gritty, funny, sensational and an utterly enticing book. You will not be able to put it down once you’ve started.”
5* “There is something truly special about Eleanor, a very intelligent woman with a huge heart fighting to understand a world where she doesn’t belong. SF Burgess made her so alive, so real, so brave that it has actually been a pleasure to share my life with her”

Evil at the Heart

by Kelly Grant

Orsino, 1365
On the day of her betrothal to a man she knows has already killed two wives, fifteen year old Caterina’s prayer to be rescued is answered by Ser Arland d’Baude. The Knight of Elarias is charismatic, bold and handsome, and Caterina is already halfway to being in love with him when he asks her to break her betrothal and pledge her life to serving his god. War ravages the Avancine States, as two Patriarchs fight for control of the Church of the Trinity. To keep Caterina safe as she learns to understand the rare gift that has brought her to the attention of the Church, Ser Arland obeys the instructions of the Inquisitor General and takes her to the remote Abbey of the Blessed Heart. In the seclusion of the abbey, and in secrecy, Caterina is to learn how to use her ability to know the truth of things and become an Inquisitor herself.

Pavia, 1420
Very little happens in the sleepy town of Pavia, and that’s the way Mercenary Captain Septimus Rovero likes it. His current contract is low risk and he’s found a lovely courtesan, Laura, to warm his bed. When Rovero is ordered on a sudden and urgent journey to a remote mountain abbey in the middle of winter, he suspects that his employer, Count Lucian, has hatched the scheme to get Rovero out of the picture so that he can steal the luscious Laura Bonetti for himself.

Much to his disgust, Rovero is expected to nursemaid Matteo, a young novice, on a winter journey to the little known Abbey of the Blessed Heart. The abbey vanished from all records over fifty years ago, and Count Lucian’s assurances that the abbey is probably still there are cold comfort to his furious mercenary captain.

What should be a simple task rapidly begins to unravel, and Rovero and Matteo find themselves pitted against much more than bad weather and brigands. Can Rovero’s skill at arms and notoriously bad-temper, partnered with Matteo’s optimism and determination, save them from the terrible truth of the evil that waits at the Heart? Probably not, but fortunately, Matteo also has the power of the Angels on his side.


Pocket Forest

by Kimberly Karalius

Since childhood, Harriet has dreamed of exploring forests with Stig Hemming, the boy lost to her in the frayed bonds of an old family friendship. Years later, in the wake of losing her mother, Harriet finally meets Stig only to discover a frightened young man clawing to regain a life no longer his.

The darker parts of the forest beckon, where ghost-dogs patrol a crumbling boarding school and treasure, once lost, must be snatched back with bravery.

This contemporary original fairy tale, complete with all the attendant comforts and threats, will pull you into the woodlands of the heart.

After a limited edition print run from Deathless Press, this chapbook is now available in ebook form.


by X. L. Jackson

Established firmly outside the literary orthodoxy box, VIVERE!, will appeal to the reader who can maintain an open mind. It is not intended to offend, but is rather a simple offer for the reader to entertain a possibility regarding an alternative view of historical convention. More important, it is a book that brings into focus the intriguing yet neglected life story of a very beautiful, very flawed, very real man.

Truth has been sometimes described as a hideous little bitch howling at your door to be let in out of the rain. You know you should, but you’re going to have to live with her forever if you do, and you’re not sure you are really ready for that.

I get it. I do. I too prefer to believe that Romeo and Juliet is a lovely innocent epistle to young love, not a tawdry adult intrigue conceived in the ashes of an incestuous lust. I want my Shakespeare humble and poor and Joe Fiennes pretty with big innocent earnest eyes and tights, no less. But then, just when the fantasy is going so well, that ugly little bitch sets up a howl outside the doorâ?¦

There is another candidate for the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays. And his life so closely approximates the plots, and his known family and acquaintances so closely approximate the characters of the plays and sonnets, that it takes your breath away. And although several fine academic works have taken up his cause, as well as a rather dark and dreary movie, the glorious, horrible, facinating story of Edward De Vere has yet to be told in a way that captures the modern imagination and releases the prisoner from his four hundred years confinement.

VIVERE! is the story of this most tragic of heroes–handsome, brilliant, courageous–but so despised by fate and crippled by disastrous choices that his name has been literally forgotten in the history of civilization.

When QUEEN ELIZABETH I pays a visit to Hedingham Castle in August of 1561, she meets, to her delight, handsome, brilliant thirteen year old EDWARD DE VERE, son of John De Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford. Using the allure of her person and position, she then spends most of her sojourn in the country enticing the boy to fall hopelessly and destructively in love with her. After she returns to London, they begin a long distance correspondence in which they discuss the poetry and translations of ancient texts in which both are interested, and when the following year Edward’s father dies unexpectedly, the boy is commanded to come to London, becoming a Ward of the Crown in the care of Elizabeth’s Secretary of State, WILLIAM CECIL.

While at Court, Edward finds that his adored Virgin Queen is probably anything but, and is, in fact, rumored to be carrying on affairs with ROBERT DUDLEY, her handsome Master of the Horse and CHRISTOPHER HATTON of the Gentlemen Pensioners. Although disgusted, Edward finds that his heart has been too deeply pierced to abandon his devotion, and after five years of seductive overtures, the queen surreptitiously visits him in his bed one night and the two become lovers.

Although the Queen is fifteen years his senior, he awakens the next day ecstatic in the belief that she will take him as her consort and make him, for all intents, King. His elation is very short lived, however, as within a few days, in an agonizing confession, she informs him that he is indeed her own bastard son.

Broken in mind and spirit by what he has learned to be the truth of his circumstances, he realizes that the life he had hoped to lead is no longer possible. His story then becomes the stuggle to create meaning and worth out of an existence hopelessly destined for tragedy.

The String Quartet

by Dan Hupalo

Loss can be tough to handle, but a young girl named Dawn Arterberry has made a fresh start. She has a new school and a new cello to match. That is, mostly new. . . With her four new friends, Dawn tries to solve the mystery that has taken over her life. What is the Rheingold? Who is the Charmed Duke? And what does the grandfather she never knew have to do with any of it?

Inspired by a tradition of myth and story more than a millennia old, The String Quartet takes readers on a journey through the cycle of

the Rhine. From the forests of New England to a new world both fantastic and frightening, The String Quartet tells of an adventure appropriate for readers of all ages

The Spirit Guide


A collection of short stories, all with a related theme.

I am The Spirit Guide. Do not be afraid of me. I am here to take away your pain and guide you to the light. I am not a villain or an enemy. I do not cause your death and mean you no harm. I am a friend, trust in me.

Children of the Moon: Andrew’s Origin

by Jean-Phylipe Theriault

Abused throughout his life by his father; a broken home was all he knew. His dreams haunted by a door and a wolf. Young Andrew is gifted the spirit of an ancient wolf; will he accept it, embrace it or will he deny it and fear it. Will it be enough to get him through disastrous events that will unfold? Or will it change his life for ever?
Using a journal to document his dreams and the unfortunate events that transpire against him.These are the origins of Andrew the werewolf. A young gay man in love with the vampire Caleb, befriended by Victoria a beautiful Gothic zombie and a ghost named Lance. Together they are the Children of the Moon. Each has their own origin and all live together in harmony in a beautiful Victorian home owned by his aunt Miss Rose Godwin.

Thank you kindly for the reviews and Downloads. Knowing that some one likes the story truly means alot to me!

A Horse Called Lightning/A House of Clowns (The McAloons)

by Joyce Swann


“There are mysterious things happening in the night….”

During a chance summer storm, ten-year-old Joy and three-year-old Andy are sure their neighbor’s horse has been killed after they see him struck by lightning. But the horse isn’t dead–he just has a secret! Months later, on the darkest evening of the year, Joy and Lightning will brave a blizzard to save Joy’s daddy when his truck is stuck in a snowdrift, and Joy and Andy will come to understand the mystery of the horse they call Lightning.

This story of God’s provision for His children will delight children and parents alike!


When a family of clowns moves onto Joy and Andy’s street and begins to entertain the residents, the entire town is delighted! But when the town’s bank is robbed and the clowns suddenly disappear, Joy suspects that this troupe of entertainers is really a gang of thieves! Now she has to think quickly to bring the gang to justice and teach the whole town about the consequences of choices.

Earth On Heaven

by R. L. Whittaker

EARTH ON HEAVEN Cover Tag Line: “A Young Guardian Angel Defies Heaven Itself For The Love Of The Mortal Girl In His Care”

Story Synopsis: Beautiful NYC fashion writer Sloane Ketteridge is involved in a terrible auto accident a few weeks before Christmas. As a result of the serious head trauma she sustains, for a short time she begins to see an attractive and mysterious fair-haired young man who is visible only to her.

A year later on Christmas Eve he suddenly appears again and introduces himself as Jamie, her “GA” or Guidance Angel. He is audacious, charming, whimsical, and entertainingâ??and soon convinces Sloane that he is indeed quite real and, in fact, has been around her all of her life. What Sloane does not know is that Jamie has shown himself to her again for two secret reasons which he is forbidden to tell herâ??one of which is that he is deeply in love with her, a mortal, which violates the very Laws of Heaven. Yet Jamie is willing to sacrifice everything that he is and face the dire consequences of Heaven’s Wrath in order to win Sloane’s love in return.

EARTH ON HEAVEN is rated PG-13 for Adult Content and Mild Language. No erotica

The Legend of Nikolis Kolbe, Patron Saint of Junkies

by Richard O Connell

There’s a war in Southeil City, and Detectives Oswalt and Barnes have hit a brick wall in their investigations.

Out of nowhere they get a call from Slug, an old informant, who claims to have witnessed the murder that initiated a bloody war between two of Southeil’s most notorious drug lords.

He tells them the killer is Nikolis Kolbe, Saint Nik, The Patron Saint of Junkies.

Thinking there might be some truth to this junkie’s delusions, and with no other leads, the detectives follow Slug down to the low rises, where a reckoning awaits…

The World Ends at Five & Other Stories

by M Pepper Langlinais

Praise for M Pepper Langlinais’ Work:

“Proficient and touching.” — Steven McKnight, DC Theatre Scene

“She has a clever way with words, so pay attention.” — Christine Rains, Goodreads

“Totally enjoyable.” — Liam Ringmol,

The eight tales contained within “The World Ends at Five & Other Stories” are alike only in that they all seem to defy categorization. While combining elements of science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism, these stories stretch beyond the conventions of those genres to deliver a truly unique experience. For instance:

“The World Ends at Five” views the apocalypse through the bureaucratic lens of a Constructor, tasked with building up worlds only to then have to tear them back down again.

In classic Southern Gothic tradition, “A.B.C.” explores the tragedy three siblings whose unearthing of a decades-old mystery begins to have unintended consequences in the present.

The island of Japan, long since consumed by the ocean, is unearthed in “Raising the Ruins,” while the narrator struggles to come to terms with her cultural identity.

In these and five other narratives, characters are challenged by the twin spectres of the fantastic and the mundane, with singular results.

Finding the Light, Book 1 (The Peaks at the Edge of the World)

by M. F. Erler

On the distant planet of Terres, far in the future, a young boyâ??Jaelâ??finds his family being torn apart by dark forces of the Galactic System. Raised by his mother, and older siblings–who believe in a distant ruler called the True Kingâ??he finds himself alone in a world that is falling apart.

Now he must put his trust in a stranger named Jon, who claims he has the ability to cut across space and timeâ??by Crossing the GAP. Jael convinces Jon to take him across their planetâ??toward the mountain peaks at the edge of their worldâ??to help him find his runaway sister, Martina. But Martina has become possessed by the dark forces of the Redlarks, people who live in the Wilds. Will Jon and Jael be able to release her, and escape to a better place?

This book asks “What if Christianity were to survive into the distant future?” Would this ancient religion have any meaning in a complex, future technology? What would life be like for a tiny remnant who are severely persecuted, and trying to cling to â??Old Ways?’



“Sometimes to fight for the Light, you have to do it in the dark.”

– Victor Standish

St. Marrok’s. The most eerie high school in which you will ever die. Some call it the high school for the damned. The damned merely laugh.

Located in the lovely, Katrina devastated French Quarter, it stands as it has always stood since the sky chariot of the Queen of the Tuatha de Danann was shot down over Roswell, New Mexico in June 1947.

St. Marrok’s is a school run by the Sidhe for all the preternatural children of America. A few mortal teenagers are invited for the amusement and education in the frailties of humans for the Sidhe.

Now, the celestial configurations are almost in allignment. The Nameless Ones are nearly through the frayed barrier between their dimensions and ours. The plan set into motion in 1947 by the Tuatha de Danann are finished.

Plots and counter-plots by Sidhe, revenants, and Olympian/Asgardian factions are all coming to a head. The End of Days is at hand.

And only Alice Wentworth, a Victorian ghoul, with a rag-tag group of misfit students and human teachers stand a chance at stopping it. All it will take is their lives and all they hold dear.

First Contact with Four Feet

by Wayne McKinstry

Earth in the far (?) future is a sorry mess. Humanity is divided against itself as never before. The leaders see no hope in changing the status quo. But then intervention comes from a very unexpected quarter.

When we write about aliens, why do they have two arms and two legs. Just asking.

Kediak of the Biainili (Age of Obsidian)

by Cian Beirdd

The Mediterranean world, 12,000 years ago. A sea trader steers his vessel to help a person marooned on the water. But is he helping a victim, or falling for a trap. Welcome to the Age of Obsidian.

Read an essay on the Age of Obsidian at

The Beast of Hankham (1)

by Danny Hudson

There it went returning to its sanctum. Within Darkness it lives forever, the legendary Beast of Hankham.

For many years it lie sleeping, forgotten. But now the people are talking about the demon that lurks in the shadows within the beautiful village of Hankham.

Just what is it? What does it want and why?

Best friends Samoth Reed and Archer Hounds are the only ones who can answer these questions as they get closer to the truth.

Just who are the cult of endless shadows? Follow these two mysterious figures as they take on the legendary Beast of Hankham.

Within Darkness it lives forever!

Chaos in the Queen’s wicked grasp (Fairy Tale Mystery Adventures)

by Jackie C Myrtle

Sarah’s journey to find her brother is growing more dangerous by the moment. With only two squabbling and strange brothers to guide her, and Harry’s insistent requests to forget the journey altogether, she is feeling very lost and uncertain. Only Arys seems to breed within her a level of confidence.

But Arys has grown more distant since they arrived in his world, a place that was once rich with jewels and treasures. There is much hidden about his life here, and Sarah wants to get to the bottom of it, but first she needs to find her brother Adam. As the journey becomes even more treacherous with their guides turning against them, and Sarah being trapped in the center of a lava-filled mountain, there is not much hope that her journey will prove successful. However, Arys and Harry both manage to aid her along the way, though neither are particularly happy about sharing her attention.

When Arys is confronted by a foe from the past, he must overcome his own master in order to rescue Adam, and he hopes also, his daughter Letia. Sarah is overjoyed to finally be reunited with Adam, but Arys is crushed to discover that his daughter is nowhere to be found. Adam is relieved to be free, but he is holding a deep grudge against Arys, that only serves to make Sarah wonder if she has trusted him too quickly.

The situation becomes much more complicated when they are unable to find their way out of the mountain and must rely on the guidance of a strange creature with a less than pleasant demeanor. Sarah is questioning herself constantly as to who she should trust, and feels herself pulled between Harry’s affections and Arys’ strong and undefinable draw.

In the midst of all of this she cannot forget that her mother is still imprisoned by the Queen, and that it is only a matter of time before they will be forced to face the formidable woman, who Sarah has come to fear. As they travel between realms in an attempt to rescue Letia will Adam and Arys be able to put the issues between them to rest? Will Sarah be able to figure out who to trust? Will the young girl trapped in the middle of all of this chaos, ever be rescued from the Queen’s wicked grasp? Perhaps the most important question, that Sarah does not even know to ask, is just who is Sarah? With mysteries only growing, and the conflict between what she feels and what her logical mind tells her constantly expanding, Sarah is faced with an entirely new challenge: Can she even trust her own brother?

The Kings of Cantium

by Erica Olson

In the Iron Age, the world is changing.

At night, Isa Uliac lays down her scythe and dances by the fire, her reward for long hours in the fields. The land of June never changes – until the Remi come.

These strangers solve problems that should have taken years to unravel. Soon they build roads through the fields and demand tribute. The people of June no longer dance and sing. When the Remi nearly kill Isa’s brother, she knows that she must act.

She sets off for Cantium, an old ally of June that no one has visited for generations. Only this legendary kingdom could defeat the Remi. But Cantium isn’t what Isa expected. Can she overcome her horror at what she finds there and convince the Cantians to help June, before it’s too late?

Fiction / Fantasy / Historical

Approximately 27,000 words (Novella)

Book 1 of The Kings of Cantium quartet


Cantium, though fictionalized here, was a real place: the present-day county of Kent in southeast England. I took the name from Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars, which mentions four kings of Cantium who ruled at the time of Caesar’s expedition to Britain in 54 BC.

These were Iron Age kings, each ruling from a hill-fort – a fortified center of population, production, and culture. Of all the British tribes, Caesar says, the Cantians were the most civilized.

The Remi in The Kings of Cantium are rather like the Romans: foreign invaders with superior weapons and equipment and more systematized ways of doing things. Rome had conquered Iron Age Britain by the end of the first century AD.

The real-life Remi were a people of northeastern Gaul (modern France). Allying themselves with Julius Caesar, they fought other Gallic tribes when most of the tribes rebelled against Rome. The Remi were a warlike people, famous for their horses. Later, after they were absorbed into the Roman Empire, Remi troops fought in many of Rome’s campaigns, including, probably, the conquest of Britain.

The events of this book, though, are entirely of my own invention. I could have written a strictly historical novel, but wanted to allow my imagination free room to play.

All Points Bulletin (The Next Stage)

by James Wadley

Chapter 1 of 4: Bryyan Jacksson,a self-styled vigilante dedicated to over-coming his handicaps and fighting crime and corruption. Lynnea Misaki,a young office administrator with a proficiency in magnetic control, her normal every-day life is disrupted by an unforgivable act of violence that drives her to revenge. These two strangers mutually discover the dark price for the illusion of utopia.

Set in the distant future, human-kind has evolved by 1% and super-human abilities such as flight,telepathy, and energy projection are as common as our 5 other senses. Enter Bryyan Jacksson and Lynnea Misaki, two strangers who mutually discover that the all-powerful upper-class families that control the politics and economics of the new global market are corrupted and self-serving beyond the level of criminal. Caught between the power struggles between the Orchards, the Risollos, the Langleys, and the Hallmarks, Bryyan and Lynnea randomly encounter each other as kindred victims of the mafia-style class warfare. They agree to join forces, his hi-tech weapons and gadgets and her ability to control magnetic fields, to stop a single criminal, the utterly insane free-lance hit-man known only as Phoe, and expose the under-world dealings that are supposedly necessary to keep the social structure working.

A Christmas Fling: A Magical Tale of Romance and Adventure

by Beth Barany

A new story of romance and adventure by award-winning author, Beth Barany.

What if falling in love put the life you cherished in jeopardy?

Dahlia, a Santa’s Elf, has 21 days left before Christmas to create the best toy in the world without using magic or revealing her true identity. Stuck on how to complete the prototype, and working as a temp in San Francisco’s financial district with no time for love, will her Christmas fling get her unstuck, or will she turn her back on her beloved career for her heart?

Liam, an up-and-coming financial analyst, swore off women after getting dumped by the love of his life. He just found out his ex is going to the company Christmas party with his rival Michael Hendricks. Up for promotion against Hendricks, Liam has to win the favor of his boss. His best bet is to invite the vivacious secretary Dahlia to the party. Will Dahlia be a welcome distraction, or will she turn his life upside down?

Beth Barany writes magical tales of romance and adventure to transport readers to new worlds where anything is possible.

Local Hero Press 2013 Sampler

by Ian Thomas Healy

A sampler containing excerpts from five Local Hero Press novels, plus a bonus short story! Included in this collection are the following excerpts:

-The Milkman

When Liza, an intrepid reporter, stakes her career on an interview with a milkman named Blake, things go from weird to worse when they are abducted by aliens. After finding out the real reason aliens anally probe their abductees, the two heroes have no choice but to recruit a makeshift army of genius bikers to take the fight to the aliens and save the world!

-Blood on the Ice

When a talented new player joins the perennially-losing sub-minor-league hockey team, the Fighting Aardvarks, it marks the beginning of a winning tradition. But things aren’t as they seem, and players begin to change. First line center Hammie learns the truth: the Aardvarks are becoming vampires, and it’s up to him to stop them before the infestation spreads beyond just the team.


Times are tough in the economic downturn of the late 2040s. Angel, an ex-prostitute-turned-assassin, has just killed her ex-boyfriend without making a dime on it. Camaro, a courier, is wanted by the Feds for smuggling coffee and evading pursuit. And Haiwee, once the greatest hacker on the planet, has ruined her body with the drugs used to enhance her reflexes and is destitute with no reputation left to cash in upon. So when a billionaire offers them a big paycheck to retrieve one of three collectible bottles and destroy the other two, the three young mercenaries don’t ask questions. In pursuit of their contract they travel to central Australia to face a local crime lord, to Brazil where they must deal with a pedophile Bishop of the United Catholic Church, to the flooded waterways of London, and even to the King’s palace of Borlovia, all in pursuit of the elusive TIS bottles.


Once, John Irish was a legend in the porn industry, partying with the likes of John Holmes, Peter North, Nina Hartley, and Seka, but now he’s on the far side of fifty, and Ron Jeremy won’t even return his phone calls. Desperate for any kind of paying work, he’s sunk to the level of bit roles in grade-Z porn and is even considering applying to work at Wal-Mart, when hot-blooded starlet Mindy Copperhead comes into his life. He quickly discovers she’s far more than a simple blowjob artist, but is in fact an advance scout for a distant alien race, sent to Earth to find…him. Her race is embroiled in an interstellar war and losing badly. Her Queen became enamored with a movie in which John appeared, called Starfucker, and sent her scout to find him and bring him back to her, ostensibly to help her repopulate their dying planet. Thus John finds himself mixed up in a crazy, sexy adventure which makes even the most gonzo porn seem tame by comparison. In a civilization where skills can be learned via injections, danger lurks around every corner, and intrigue is as common as breakfast, John must get to the bottom of the mystery behind the war, as long as it doesn’t kill him first, or at least break a hip.


The fifth book in the popular Just Cause Universe superhero novels will release in Spring 2014. When the God of Rabbits recruits high school student JJ to save the world from an invasion of interstellar cockroaches, it seems like it might be a pretty cool gig. Maybe he could lose his new status as social outcast and win back his girl. Unfortunately, in the spectrum of god-like abilities, rabbits rank pretty low, and JJ receives the ability to make snarky wisecracks, jump real high, andâ?¦ that’s about all.

-“The Ghost in the Barbershop”

A new Muddy Creek short story, set in the Weird Wild West.


by Porphyro

A sorcerer is tricked by fairies into giving away his wife. Now cursed with perfect memory, he tries to get her back while traveling around with a group of enchanted idiots.

The Morning Star (A Prelude to Guardians & The Lost Paradise)

by Michael Abayomi

He was stripped of his rank and powers. He was banished from the heavenly kingdom. He was made to wander the earth without purpose. He was forced to live like a mere mortal. Now Lucifer seeks to exact his vengeance.


by Elena Horas San Martin

In a small town of Germany there was once the largest and most fascinating toy shop that has ever existed. Among the endless toys on display, there was a beautiful teddy bear that a girl longed to have. But she was extremely poor and had no possibility of ever being able to buy it. “The Teddy Bear” is a charming and moving short story that will delight both children and adults.

TRI – Chapter one: The Prophecy

by Lorena Laurenti

Predestination, destiny, fate.

To open your eyes and to realize you are in a desert. What’s the first thing you would think?

That’s what happened to Saira, a sixteen years old girl used to the hectic and comfortable modern life.

A recurring dream. An ancient past. A world where free will doesn’t exist.

A nightmare which doesn’t seem to end. A soul deprived of its love and seeking revenge.

Can a feeling outlive the ages?

He pulled out a thick candle which he instantly lit on, with a simple gesture.

“How did you do that?”

“Magic”, he replied smiling.

“I don’t believe in magic.”

“You should”, he said curtly.

My guilt wasn’t letting me go, but at the same time I was foolishly happy to be out there, with him. It was weird, unreal, yet extremely pleasant.

“Finish the book, please.” It was the first time he added please to a request, I was quite astounded.

Zombie Dawn Beginnings – Kendall (Zombie Dawn – Beginnings)

by Tamara Smith

A 20 year old college student with a micro-managing mother, a cancer ridden father and a 16 year old sister who borders on schizophrenia, Kendall Reese already has enough on her plate. When she walks in on her sister eating the family dog, Kendall is thrown into the post-Morte Virus world, and forced to survive on her own.

Impossible Life

by Michelle Campbell

Impossible Life is a young adult story that merges reality and the impossible. Megan, the heroine, is a genius scientist who has lived in Alaska on a research station all her life. She and her best friend Pierre, a vampire born in the year 1550 have joined a group of other vampires and werewolves who seek out mythical creatures in an effort to learn about them and protect them from human interference. Megan is not a people person, but shares everything with her mother, who lives on a research station in Antarctica, and Pierre, who lives in a remote area in Alaska. Megan finds friendship from an unlikely source when she is forced to share her quarters with Tyler, a shy and timid man who feels as comfortable around humans as she does.

Young Mutants in Love

by William D. Dickerson

When there is danger, heroes often arise from the masses.

One night while stargazing, Cacy and Gavin witness an astronomical phenomenon that changes their lives. Their bodies change, and they discover that they can access super human abilities, but only when they switch bodies.

Shortly after this, they move to New York City to fight crime only to discover a threat from another world who is armed with monsters, robots, and other diabolical creations at his disposal.

Karis-It’s always nice to be able to fly and be invulnerable, but Gavin still isn’t sure it’s worth the price of being in Cacy’s body

Diz-It’s hard to take the world seriously when you’re so much faster than life. That doesn keep him from using his incredible speed to protect the world.

Mornigan-His people used to conquer worlds and Mornigan has decided that Earth is the perfect place to return his people to their past.

The Epic Of Eternity

by Anthony Young

A king and his kingdom and two heirs to the throne who will rule?

This is the story of a young prince that is mistreated by his father; the king after suffering the greatest betrayl by his father he leaves the kingdom vowing never to return! He ventures out on a quest that wll mold and shape him in to the man he is suppose to be. His home; The Kingdom Of Eternity is on the brink of war and death and destruction are sure to follow in its wake! The citizens of Eternity are praying for a savior to come and abolish all evil from the land. Will this hero come or will it be just myth? Will he succeed or will he fail? Will his home The Kingdom Of Eternity fall to ruin? Will all its people forced into slavery never to rise to a great nation again?

The Trinity of Heroes (I Will Protect You)

by Jared Mason

Honor – Courage – Loyalty

The honor of a son following in the footsteps of his father…

Though Veronicia has flourished in the twenty years of peace since legendary Knight Jerreth Sanctus defeated the evil Necromancer Ghast, the next generation of Knights enters their training utterly unaware of the unprecedented adversaries that will attempt to engulf the lands in war.

The courage of a sorcerer laboring to clear his disgraced name…

His recent embarrassing defeat drove Galvan Gabrielle to exile. But the return of a powerful dark sorcerer threatens the very existence of Galvan’s homeland. Veronicia’s only hope is that Galvan can discover his true potential and face his greatest demons.

The loyalty of a once-good man turned to the ultimate evil…

Evil stirs and writhes beneath Veronicia’s long peace, twisting the hearts and souls of those who should be her staunchest defenders into the vilest enemies she has ever faced. Led by a corrupted Knight, a dark and hideous army rises to consume the lands in darkness forever.

Self-published to preserve its creative integrity, The Trinity of Heroes marks the first book in a new, uncompromising vision in epic fantasy. Brave in scope, the novel is available now in a completely uncut author’s special edition. The unflinching narrative, the poignant story, the tragic characters all come together in a story free from the constraints and restrictions of traditional publishers to create a deeply emotional and moving read rarely found in the genre today.

Gripping, stunning, and deeply moving, The Trinity of Heroes is the first book in the I Will Protect You series from authors Jared and Justin Mason. This enchanting fantasy epic blends elements of knighthood and sorcery together, intertwining multiple characters and stories to take readers on a journey into the world of Veronicia.

A Whisper Of Angels (SLUMBERLAND)

by D. Louis

What if your dreams came true everyday.

A Whisper of Angels is the first volume in the Slumberland series that unites the Seven Slumberers for a destiny sworn of our age. It is the story of Nealand Mosey’s awakening while he searches for a missing friend and discovers that the feats he willfully executes in lucid dreams are beginning to manifest in the waking world but with real time trials and unexpected side effects along the way as he whets his new talents.

The search for his missing friend finds Nealand, accompanied by Karma Dervisher and Rushan Shinwari, taking steps into a world hidden out in the open and that of true myth and epic fantasy as a faint voice guides him from beyond the veil of assumed reality.

Their journey leads to encounters with legendary beasts of yore, esoteric government agents, a rogue crew of tugboat misfits, and the underground world of Steemhaven, home to the Netherkin people who long ago traveled deep within the Bellows Caverns guided by divine decree and once protected by the highest order of angels.

Follow the Slumberland series as Nealand and his friends rediscover the very real and ancient magic belonging to all of humanity albeit hidden from us for centuries.

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