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Money Is King

by Nicety

A good man is hard to find, especially one with a paycheck who’s faithful to his woman. Cesar is not only sexy but he’s a rare and hot commodity who’s every woman’s dream. But he’s taken by Mink, a selfish trick who doesn’t deserve him and loves money more than her own snatch. When his back’s against the wall, Cesar struggles to keep his hands clean. His pride won’t allow him not to take care of his son, the one thing tying he and Mink together. Will Mink suck him dry before its all said and done or does Cesar have other tricks up his sleeve?

Ten Days of Perfect (November Blue #1)

by Andrea Randall

This is the first book in the November Blue series.

Scars from her first love, and the reckless lifestyle of her parents force Ember Harris to chart a new course. She favors practicality over spontaneity, and rules over a broken heart.

An encounter with a musician at a local pub forces Ember into making a decision between letting go or holding on for dear life as passions are unlocked and deceptions revealed.

R.I.P. Van Winkle Part II

by Joseph Coley

Part II in an ongoing serial novel.

After waking in a world ruled by the undead, Rip tries to get some questions answered and gain a sense of normalcy. He is taken in by a family who tries to explain the world as it is now, but he has a hard time believing it, and an even harder time figuring out what the voices in his head want…

Overcoming Betrayal (Lesbian Loves)

by M. M. Zip Zimmerman

This suggested “adult only” fictional romance story is about a straight woman coming out and to terms about her sexual identity after a passion filled night with her sister’s latest drinking partner and love interest. The descriptive love making, sister rivalry, and street justice for a child abuser will pull the reader in and have them asking for more.

Doctor, Doctor (Groves’ Anatomy)

by Scarlet Cox

With a demanding wife and trouble between the sheets, Theo Newton is finding it impossible to get an erection any more. Facing scorn at home, he seeks help from hunky Doctor Groves.

Groves’ methods are unorthodox, but the British doctor knows exactly what he’s doing, and he isn’t willing to give up on a patient.

Can Theo find a cure, or will all the good doctor’s efforts be for nothing?

EXPLICIT CONTENT: This 5,500 word short story features steamy oral and anal sex, rimming, humiliation and BDSM. Not for the faint-hearted!


“Hm. Any history of high blood pressure in the family?” Groves’ hand carefully rolled Theo’s balls in his palm, and his grip on Theo’s shaft tightened faintly.

“I don’t…” Theo’s eyelids fluttered. Fuck… That felt so good… “I don’t think so…”

“Good.” Groves’ breath was hot, rolling over Theo’s groin as he spoke, and Theo felt his cock stir to life.

Oh shit. Not now!

“This is going to feel somewhat cold, I’m afraid,” Groves murmured. “I just need to listen to the blood flow in the area.”

Theo yelped at the sudden touch of metal against his inner thigh, right in the crease of his groin. Another glance showed his semi-erect cock beside Groves’ face as the doctor held the diaphragm of his stethoscope against Theo’s skin.

He felt almost overcome by the sight. Groves’ brow was furrowed in concentration, tongue poking slightly between his lips, and Theo’s stiffening member was inches from his mouth.

Fuck, he wanted those lips on his cock.

Theo tried counting the ceiling tiles. He tried imagining the hell he’d get from his brother if he ever so much as mentioned he’d fantasized about some hot British doctor during an examination. He even tried thinking of the look his wife had taken to giving him lately.

His cock just kept getting harder, heat throbbing through his shaft as it strained against Groves’ hand.

The Day Miriam Hirsch Disappeared (Ellie Foreman Series Prequel)

by Libby Fischer Hellmann

In 1938 sixteen year old Jake Foreman spends his free time with his friend Barney Teitleman in Lawndale, a prosperous Jewish community on Chicago’s near west side. Jake develops a crush on Miriam Hirsch, an actress in the Yiddish theater who lives at the Teitleman’s boarding house, but Miriam only has eyes for Skull, who might or might not be a gangster. THE DAY MIRIAM HIRSCH DISAPPEARED was the first short story I wrote. Little did I know then that the story would become the “prequel” to my Ellie Foreman series. Or that the Ellie Foreman series would be the prequel to the Georgia Davis series. The story, which won the Bouchercon short story contest in 1999, was first published in the Bouchercon Program book. It was later published in ANTHOLOGY TODAY, where it also won a contest, and in the now defunct FUTURES MAGAZINE.

My Bahamian Monkey Lives in the Kitchen

by Wally White

Traditional thinking says that memories fade over time, but James Whitaker’s experience says otherwise. While packing to move, he simultaneously unpacks old memories and emotions. His things travel less than five miles from one apartment to the next, but during that short journey James’ mind carries him from Los Angeles to New York, from New Jersey to the Bahamas. He walks through a life that never came true while finding his way to a pretty happy present reality.


by Reno Charlton

“A split-second choice all too often leads to lifelong consequences…” – A.K Gray

How far would you go to impress your peers and fit in? When Ethan Knight heads out for the afternoon with a group of other young lads he is keen to impress and shake off his boring image. But the boys take things too far and Ethan learns a tragic and horrific lesson in how everything we do has consequences…

This is a thought provoking short story by an award winning author

(Approx 12 pages)

Five Stitches

by Jason Donnelly

A coming-of-age psychological clusterfuck. Murder, credit card fraud, love, and a scary figment of Sebastian’s imagination. Five Stitches is a much darker book than my first novel, Gripped. This is where I came from.
Five Stitches is fiction. 

Jerry’s Folly

by Holly Greenfield

Jerry’s found the perfect birthday present for Mrs Mulligan, the stout Irish woman who likes to speak her mind. But first Jerry has to actually ‘obtain’ this present – and that might prove harder than he thinks…

A Global Warming Comedy: Norman and the Ark

by Lidia LoPinto


Can geeks save humanity from the coming flood? Possibly, in this new play!If you thought IT tech support was boring, take a look at what these guys get involved in!

Norman, a schizophrenic, hears  a voice that tells him he has to build a new genetic Ark to save the planet from the coming great flood. He struggles to get a grip on reality and regain his sanity, but he is told by sexy Jane that his hallucinations might be real. He hears voices, and is visited by Darwin and Einstein who are excited about our newest Internet gadgets, want to help him fight an evil TV evangelist, and refuse to leave him alone. On top of this, he is stuck working in the IT support department with his friend Gupta, who likes to spend his time watching porn and avoiding his parents in India.

This is romantic comedy drama that is fast moving and features imaginative characters. It’s about global warming, great floods, self appointed evangelists, interplanetary messages, and computer geeks, all mashed up into a great and fun read. For the price, you can’t really go wrong. 
—————-How to get the standard format——————–This environmental comedy about global warming has some serious messages. It is an ideal play for theater groups, and fund raising.  The play comes with the standard three-act treatment at the end of the document file, to present this to your producers. Contact us if you wish to produce this play for full license rights by calling us on the number on the front page and we can send you the standard formatted script for an additional cost per copy.  

Way UP High

by Karen Cammarata

“Way Up High” is a children’s rhyme that explores the beautiful world of a bird’s life. With images from NASA to simple illustrations, “Way Up High” will be sure to delight all readers!

The Footprint (The Boyhood Adventure)

by Nathanael Green

Samuel follows the footprints of a dangerous creature that does not belong in Michigan. When his friends refuse to join him, Samuel must pursue his discovery on his own.

The Thatcher Years Reenactment Society and Other Fictions

by Julian Jackson

If you like Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, these short stories will be your cup of bile.

Spend the day with part-time Viking Asgrim,

and laugh at his vengeance…

Hear the pronouncements of the Easter Island government as it authorises

citizens to chop down trees and indulge in cannibalism, “It is particularly

important for health reasons that persons should be fully cooked-through,

not consumed rare. Grandmothers can also stick annoyingly between your

teeth unless well-marinaded first.”

If you like grotesque black humour, surreal invention, and lively characters

then this book of short stories will keep you laughing through gritted teeth.

“Bring Me the Head of Enver Hoxha” tells the story of a care-in-the-community hostel run like an East European dictatorship by its crazy proprietor…

Many unusual but vivid characters populate the stories: fat Arnold, who

enters an eating contest, but finds his main rival is a diminutive student

Krysia – nicknamed Jaws – who needs the money – will romance bloom

in these unlikely circumstances? How will callous Professor Augustine

Mach justify psychopathy? Will gorgeous but vulnerable popstar Echo fall

for a vain male model and what will happen if he rejects her?

Who are the Thatcher Years Reenactment Society?

Read this book to find out.

Finally, if you are planning imperialism and global domination,

you need “Your Deluxe Bumper Mark 99 Empire: Instructions and Warranty” to ensure you get the maximum return from your conquests.

The Foreign Exchange

by Sean Kerns

A case of mistaken identity turns a bad situation worse.

Mychal Ayscue had a dream life: scholar, black belt, successful author and professor at one of New York’s best colleges. Her illusion of a perfect life only hides the fact that Mychal is a woman in real trouble. Her only lifeline is the foreign exchange position she has taken in beautiful Madrid. Mychal heads to her new life in a new country hoping to leave her past and problems behind.

When the new foreign exchange professor arrives and it is not the “man” that was hired, Richard García-Torres is infuriated! Once his initial shock wears off, Richard’s attraction to Mychal is immediate. His attempts to make the best out of a bad situation set in motion events that cause him fall hard for the passionate and mystery woman he wanted to kick out on her first day. As Richard contemplates a future with Mychal, their situation is besieged not only by the arrival of his ex-girlfriend and the terrible secret that followed Mychal to Spain, but also a new unexpected twist that could change her very life as well as the lives of those around her.

Can their love survive or will all Mychal’s secrets and deceptions threaten this foreign exchange?

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