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A Marriage West (A Mail Order Romance Novel)

by Claire Charlins

~~Welcome to the Mail Order Bride romance series! These are full length, stand alone novels that follow women as they make the tough decision to travel west to become wives and fall in love. These books don’t have to be read in order, but please enjoy the entire series!~~ 
 A Marriage West  

A Mail Order Romance Novel

Emma Thoms is no stranger to tragedy. She lost her mother at a young age, and consoled her best friend when she lost her brother in battle. Now after losing her father in a Vermont flood, Emma’s insensitive aunt shows up and forces her to Massachusetts to become a mail order bride. Set on not waiting long for the fear of being abused by her aunt, Emma answers the first letter she reads.
Upon arriving in Kansas, Emma’s husband-to-be doesn’t show. She’s then robbed of her money, her faith, and her spirit. On the brink of death herself, she is saved by a kind man with strong hands.
* Samuel Calle offers Emma his home while he helps her locate the man she is supposed to marry. But time spent together teaches both Emma and Samuel something – love can happen anywhere, anytime. But with her hand already promised to another man, Emma and Samuel agree to only marry once they know the true fate of Emma’s husband-to-be. *
Will Emma be swept away by the man who left her to die or will she stay with the generous, caring man that the entire town relies on? This is where love and faith will be put to the test in the newest book in this bestselling western romance series.

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Claire Charlins is the pen name for New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author, Karolyn James. Be sure to stay up to date with all of Karolyn’s releases, including more books under the Claire Charlins name:  @KarolynWrites up to date with Karolyn’s mailing list!

The Young Jaguar (Pre-Aztec Trilogy, Book 1)

by Zoe Saadia

You can also enjoy AT ROAD’S END, the prequel, and THE JAGUAR WARRIOR, the 2nd book in the PRE-AZTEC trilogy, for only 99 cents.
Having achieved the exalted position of a Chief Warlord, Tecpatl was content, happy with his career and his family. Even his refusal to take an additional wife, a necessary thing for a man of his status, especially if his woman was a barbarian imported from the distant lands of Anasazi, did nothing to hinder his progress up the Tepanec military ladder.  He was too successful as a War Leader to care about the opinions of others.

Yet, when the old Emperor dies, leaving two dominant heirs to struggle for succession, Tecpatl suddenly finds it difficult to follow the edicts of the dead ruler. With Atolli, his elder son and a very promising but hotheaded youth, getting caught in the political turmoil, everything changes. Tecpatl is forced to choose between his duty and his family, while his wife takes her own non-traditional paths to deal with the crisis.

My Name is Martha Brown

by Nicola Thorne

Based on a true story, a captivating tale of passionate love and violent death in 1850s Dorset.

In 1856, Martha Brown was hanged for the murder of her husband. Among those who witnessed her death was a sixteen-year-old local lad, and the memory of her execution haunted him for the rest of his life. Writing many years later, he said: â??I remember what a fine figure she showed against the sky as she hung in the misty rain, and how the tight black silk gown set off her shape as she wheeled half-round and back.’ The writer was Thomas Hardy.

Martha Brown, one of a large family, was an ordinary woman of humble parentage, her father an itinerant dairyman. Very little is known about her tragic life, and she remains tantalising and elusive. It is not whether or not she did kill her husband that intrigues so much as the mystery of her origins, the tragic circumstances of her life, the injustice of her rushed trial and subsequent execution.

According to contemporary accounts Martha was â??a wonderful-looking woman with beautiful curls’, who had a propensity for choosing the wrong husband. Her first husband Bernard was twenty years her senior. Her second, John Brown, twenty years younger. Marriage to a handsome younger man could perhaps release her, a lonely widow, from a life of tedium and drudgery. But why did John Brown marry Martha? Some said it was for her money, but did the age difference which eventually led him into the arms of a much younger woman, pretty flirtatious Mary Davis, precipitate jealousy that resulted in murder if murder it was?

This fine compelling novel, as well as vividly recapturing the setting of nineteenth century rural Dorset, attempts to reconstruct the story of a woman whose sad life and tragic death have much of the overtones of a Hardy heroine.

Finding the Carol: A Charles Dickens’ Christmas Story

by Michael Seeley

Christmas is approaching fast in Victorian London. The snow is falling, carolers bustle about the streets, and all the while, Charles Dickens — England’s greatest author — slaves away over A Christmas Carol, his new masterpiece. The story will be his tour de force against the evils of poverty in England. Surely, it will force the rich to look at the beggars with pity and honor the Christmas spirit, he thinks. But when Dickens loses the manuscript amid the snowfall, he has a thing or two to learn about Christmas himself . . .

This edition contains nearly 5,000 words of extra features from Seeley’s upcoming other genres!


Preview of the first three chapters of The Faith: Book I of the Uprising Trilogy

Nathaniel Fletcher and Viscount Logan Harling are two young Englishmen on their Grand Tour through Europe. But when they stumble into a plot to kill the King of Riktenburg, it’s all they can do to stay alive.

A ruthless secret society known only as The Faith butchers the king, ending the monarchy that has betrayed the divine right of kings. The radicals replace him with a master imposter and order the execution of the dead king’s twin brother.

 Logan and Nathaniel are the only ones who can stop Riktenburg from descending into tyranny. But how can they save the kingdom and their own lives when they’re being chased by The Faith?

The Faith is the action-packed opening to the Uprising Trilogy!

Days Gone By: Homage to Barnaby Conrad’s Santa Barbara Writers Conference

by Marla Miller

Barnaby Conrad, founder of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, passed on in early 2013. Some writers may wonder, why attend a writers conference? In these two scenes extracted from a novel I have not yet published, my protagonist answers that question by sharing her ‘first time’ experience at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. Though this ebook is a work of fiction, the feelings that inspired this novel are rooted in fact.

For almost 25 years, I have been in association with the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, first as a ‘newby writer’ and now as a workshop leader.

The 2013 S.B.W.C. commences soon, the first one without our founder, Barnaby Conrad.
Write on, Barny.
Write on.

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