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Gracie’s Inheritance with Part 2 Lydia’s Legacy

by Augustine

A story with a Gothic touch that will leave you feeling a little haunted. Love and family are the most important things in life, and Gracie Lawson feels cheated by both. When she reluctantly goes home to Nebraska for her grandmother’s funeral, she is surprised to find an inheritanceâ??a plantation in Georgia, where the history of her family is buried in a web of lies, deceit, and angry spirits. As she uncovers her family’s elusive past, she finds love and acceptance in the small Georgia town that she claims as her home. Newly revised.

Part 2- Lydia’s Legacy- The continuing story with Jeanette Galeman. Jeanette begins to settle into the nice quiet community of Swanson when Alfred comes back with a vengeance. This time the entire town is his playground and it is up to Jeanette to stop him.

Newly revised on 12-7-13

The Journey Home

by Reno Charlton

Unlucky in love, Hannah meets the perfect man on the long coach journey home to visit her parents for Christmas. But, as they race towards their destination in the storm, fate has something else in store for them and their brief time together is destined to stick in Hannah’s mind forever…

This is an award-winning short supernatural tale

(Approx 8 pages)

Demon Shadows

by Mike Sirota

November 18, Tuesday â?? The snow was deep; we couldn’t make it through the pass. Only the Lord knows if we will be able to cross these Sierra mountains.
January 2, Friday â?? Ada Krueger died. Ate our children’s dog, as there is nothing else. George Stillwell said we should think about eating the flesh of our dead. God in heaven help us if this is our only hope!
January 4, Sunday â?? Jordy Fry said he saw a figure through the trees in the direction of the pass. Maybe our Salvation is near . . .

Bestselling author Paul Fleming has writer’s block. The past few months have been hell. Four weeks at the prestigious Thorburn Colony, a writers’ and artists’ retreat in the high Sierras, seems to be the perfect cure. Until an ancient horror returns to collect on an old debtâ??and make Paul realize that he had no idea what hell really is.

The University of Perdition (An EBook Horror Series)


College students who dare to attend The University of Perdition can earn five precious credits if they are willing to brave an independent study course entitled, Abnormal Behavior 101.

Examine for yourself the case study files that explore how courageous and curious students learn there is nothing in life that is impossible or unbelievable.

The University of Perdition, An Ebook Horror Series – Case Study #59, THE MONSTER UNDER MING’S BED

by Julie Williams

Many children fear there is a monster under their bed when the lights go out at night. What happens when that childish fear becomes reality?

Agile Sin Book One

by Alburn Passion

Agile Sin comes from another time, another world that exits in a parallel universe…….she exits as a vampire and a seeker of adventure. The end of the world is what she awakens to, a deadly virus that threatens to extinguish mankind. Along the way she meets Coy as he lays sick and at deaths door. She salvages what is left of his young life for the priests that inhabit the world of dreams. Will he fullfill a destiny that is umnbidden and at the edge of the world or will he be the sole survivor of the plague. Join Agile and Coy as they explore the world together through perils and nightmares.

The Handymen

by Sean Patrick Bridges

A deadly gathering at a diner in the dead of night.

Short Horror Stories

by David Kelso

Three short stories of horror. Enjoy the stories.

Dead Planet

by Bryan DiTolvo

Four thousand word short story. A sinister rogue planet is changing the people of earth into zombies.

Droit du Seigneur (A Short Story)

by Derrick Heisey

Clark Garson had it all in high school. He was part of the social elite, on the varsity football team, and got any girl he wanted. But he also has a secret. Fifteen years after a fateful October night, his past comes back to haunt him. “Droit du Seigneur” is a chilling ghost story about choices and revenge.

More Than Just Friends: A Tale of Horror

by Lilly Male

What happens when only one side of a relationship accepts it as romantic and the other side is unwilling to let the emotions go? In this disturbing story from Lilly Male, the dark possibilities are explored in terrifying and sickening ways.

Warning: this horror story contains extremely graphic and disturbing bloody imagery. It is intended only for adults.

Here is a preview:

I felt like an idiot. He was right, he never told me those things, but I assumed them. Don’t get me wrong, I know that sex is sex, but you cannot hide the affection that you have for the other person, you just fucking cant! I calmed down and left his place and walked home. That was the longest walk I had ever had in my life, but I knew I had to do something; there was no way in hell I was going to lose him! I would do everything it took, and if he didn’t want me, he would regret it.

Psycho Vet

by Bryan DiTolvo

Four thousand word short story about a damaged Marine who returns from the war only to discover that his country has changed for the worse and that the true battle has just begun.

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