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The Meaning of Life in Movies

by Michael Lister

“‘The Meaning of Life in Movies’ is a Rashomon ride. Michael Lister’s perceptions of film and the life it captures are guaranteed to be unique and intriguing. He sees things you just don’t see and leaves you scratching your head as to why you didn’t. Read this book and you won’t be disappointed.” —Michael Connelly

Chess Books For the Rest of Us: Single Pawn Endgames

by T.E. Klemm

Part of T.E. Klemm’s extremely popular “Chess Books for the Rest of Us” series now comes his first book dedicated solely to single pawn endgames (the initial starting point for any player’s endgame knowledge). Designed for the chess playing masses, the book — like Klemm’s other books — is authored strictly with intermediate and amateur chess players in mind. Filled with hundreds of diagrams and detailed narratives, the book walks the reader through all the important concepts and ideas surrounding this most fundamental of chess endgames.

The book is a “must” for any player looking to instantly improve his or her score and to better understand chess endgames in general.

Minecraft Combat Guide: How to Win Every Fight, Dominate Your Enemies, and Survive in Minecraft!

by Minecraft Combat Guide

Whether you’re fighting hostile mobs or other players in multiplayer, in order to be successful at Minecraft you need to master the art of combat.

With this Minecraft combat guide, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about to defeat your enemies and rule the world of Minecraft!


The Element of Surprise: Comic Relief Series, Volume One

by Luke Alistar

Warning: The recommended dose of these stories is four or five in one sitting, or possibly more if you are a very stoic person. Overdosing may cause such side effects as dizziness, chest and abdominal pains, shortness of breath, watery eyes, and extensive laughter. Reactions will vary depending on your sense of humor and possibly your body weight, though I can’t see how that would affect anything significantly.

From the humorist who unofficially dubbed himself an â??emulator of the inimitable style of Patrick McManus’ comes a premier collection of short stories. Forty delightful and insightful anecdotes about life in general fill these pages, told through the eyes of a cynical, witty, and outdoors-loving country hick writer named Matt Lauser. His friends liven things up, a colorful bunch of characters ranging from the smart-alecky young Stretch Wheenie to the obtuse older Stretch Wheenie he becomes. And you can never forget Jesse Sawyer, an odorous mountain man who introduces the loveable hero to hunting, fishing, and camping. Matt’s rough country ways clash with the finer manners of city-dwellers in amusing conflicts, and his time in school is anything but boring, despite what he might tell you.

The contents of this book should be taken like aspirinâ?¦a few at a time to relieve the occasional stress-induced headache. Comic Relief should be instant.

This Kindle Edition contains two bonus stories from the second volume, which is still in progress.

You’ve Gotta Laugh – A Dozen Short Stories

by Don De Lene

The funny thing about the short stories in this book, is that they’re all based on real events. Maybe poetic license has kicked in occasionally and the truth has been stretched a smidgen here and there. However, as many journos making a living in the media industry would say: “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!”
Be that as it may, each of the 12 stories in this book revolves around some of the foibles and absurdity of human behavior as observed by me in my nearly 70 years on the planet. Quite often, some of these observations were made by simply looking into the mirror.
Whether we’re young and stupid, old and idiotic, or somewhere in between – no professional comedian or comedy writer can even go close to matching in their wildest imaginations the true life, hilarious everyday antics of us ego-driven individuals.

7 Sleepless Nights

by G Sloh

A collection of seven terribly terrifying and twisted tales to keep you up at night. Step into the world of the often weird and sometimes supernatural – just don’t read before bed!!!

Meet Dennis, a ‘man’ reliving the end of his life each night in his dreams.

Join two sisters whose mother just won’t leave them alone; even in death.

How about having an interview for a job working in a factory; with the undead?

Find out what happens when dreams come true.

I won’t tell you anymore. I don’t want to spoil your dreams too much.

Candy Crush Saga Game Guide:Tips, Tricks and Walkthroughs

by Tim Turner

Candy Crush Saga is an addictive game that has been played by millions of people. Whether you play on an i-device, android or Facebook, the game has the same tricky and seemingly impossible levels. It has been known to be an incredibly addictive game; releasing new levels almost every week.

Whether you have found yourself breezing through the game or stuck for months on the same level it is always handy to have some tips, tricks, and walkthroughs to help you through. ” Candy Crush Saga Game Guide:Tips, Tricks and Walkthroughs” gives you the strategies and hints to get you cruising through this sweet and exciting game.

Score high, be on the leader board and never get stuck in any level again with this game guide! Hurry and get a copy today.

Good Americans (The Human Tragedy)

by Tejas Desai

In the tradition of Mark Twain, Sinclair Lewis, and William Faulkner, this groundbreaking short story collection paints an uncompromising portrait of a contemporary America filled with liars and buffoons, racists and swindlers, hypocritical ideologues and emotional manipulators.

An Italian-American racist receives his comeuppance from a ghetto Hispanic teenager; a blonde runaway from Florida is forced into prostitution on her road from the South to North; a Dominican-American professor is embroiled in academic intrigue; a scarred white war veteran stalks a black stripper; an ambitious Midwestern journalist pursues a mysterious Indian-American lawyer.

Good Americans is a “grand assault” against the fiction of our time, delivering a mind-blowing diversity of voices, subjects and effects. By turns thought-provoking, disturbing, hilarious and deeply moving, Good Americans is the first selection in The Human Tragedy, a panorama of our society that The New Wei will bring out over the coming years.

Spaceship Over Vancouver

by Alan Dean

A humorous but dark portrayal of politics & politicians in a crisis. Spaceship over Vancouver is an offbeat eco-political satire set in a world of environmental neglect, political ineptitude, and spiritual bankruptcy. The ensuing, often bizarre, interplay between an alien presence, political chaos, the discovery of a long forgotten ancient place of worship and an awakening of long dormant natural forces provides a fast-paced work of mystery and humor that stretches the imagination at every twist and turn of a story that you will find hard to put down. This is a page-turner for a 21st century in global crisis.

The read an interview with the alien known as Chepi –

Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas

by Charles Frankhauser

Flamboyant Captain Alberto Dicer was a garlic picker in Madrid, a girl’s playmate in a garden, a thief of a silver spoon, a soldier of Spain, a cook on a galleon, a pirate aboard El Dreadful, and a prisoner at St. Augustine, Florida during the reign of King Phillip II of Spain.

Alberto learns how to fire a cannon, cook Spanish rice, duel, sail, and plunder galleons of the King’s Treasure Fleet.

Rush Limbaugh Vs Flying Mexican Demons (Rush Limbaugh Chronicles)

by Thomas Whitney

In the hellish badlands of West Texas, the brash broadcaster faces off against the minions of the underworld.

To read other Thomas Whitney stories (such cherished tales as Rush Limbaugh, Zombie Slayer), please click on the Thomas Whitney Author Page below.

The Letter: A Satirical Look at Becoming a Lawyer

by Jamie Cuticchia

A man experiencing his mid-life crisis decides to go to law school in the evenings. Having been a professional for over two decades we see the process of becoming a lawyer through his eyes. This is a satirical look at the legal education system. A good read for law students, lawyers, or people thinking about becoming a lawyer.

The 25 Days Of An Aussie Christmas

by Chezza Mackenzie

A send up of the 12 days of Christmas – Aussie style

Funny Foot Stories and Healthy Feet Tips

This priceless collection of humorous feet stories will delight the whole familyâ??not only during the holidays, but the whole year through. Grandparents to grandkids will savor the humor and timeless value of heartwarming short stories. Enjoy with a hot cup of cocoa, by the hearth with those you treasure. Edited and illustrated by Linda Dunn, Reflexologist, who shares her own humorous foot storyâ??and gives easy, quick tips to create happy feet. Also enjoy research highlights on how laughter benefits health.

Table of Contents

– Introductionâ??Laughter & Health

– No Feet On The Table

– Cuticle Chaos

– Mid-Toe Crisis

– Father’s Footsteps

– Old Twinkle Toes

– Arc d’ amour

– Footsies

– My Skunk Encounter (and Feet)

– Happy Feet Tips

Grab your copy todayâ??for quality value/foot.

50% of proceeds go to compassionate, charitable causes.

How to install an N64 Emulator and play N64 ROMS on your Android Device

by Neil Damani

This e-book will show you how to download an N64 Emulator on your android device and will also show you how to find ROMS to play for it.

I’m Surprised Your Eyes Aren’t Brown

by Chris Carson

An often humorous guide to successful relationships for assaholics and the women who attempt to love them, this little book uses true-life incidents to illustrate the kinds of unacceptable behavior that will have women referring to you as an “assaholic” unless you mend your wicked ways. . .

In Humor Most Odd: The Collected Silliness of Alan Loewen

by Alan Loewen

A collection of 14 vignettes, essays, and stories collected from Alan Loewen’s blog writings over the years. This slim volume explores the odd worlds of magical anime girls, evil overlords, weak female literary characters, a mad scientist convention, hardboiled “clergy noir,” and other topics that demonstrate why the author does not own nice things.

Kindle Worst Xmas Gift (Xmas Series)

by S.O. Issachar

Not sure what book to get for your loved ones as a gift for this Christmas? Try this. Xmas Series consists of 8 humorous books. I’m sure they will bring a smile…or a swearing.

Book 6 of Xmas Series- Kindle Worst Xmas Gift, well you may not want this, I understand. However, this might be fun to send to your…..

“It’s time for simple yet not necessary easy message.”- S.O. Issachar

Nirvana Bleach

by Alan Paterson

If Bill Bryson and Lynne Truss had a literary love-child, it might look a bit like this: a lightweight humorous book that brings together nuggets of ‘wordy whimsy’ to engage, amuse and perhaps even, to the tiniest possible extent, enlighten. If Eats, Shoots and Neither Here Nor There are the nutritious meals, Nirvana Bleach is the tastiest of snacks. Enjoy!

Twilight of the Star Vampires (Book2): A Parody of the Twilight Saga, Star Wars and Star Trek

by Paula Sunsong

What happens when Twilight Saga vampire Edward Cullen meets Darth Vader meets Vulcan Spock? That question is answered in this parody of the Twilight Saga, Star Wars and Star Trek. The book contains space fights, vampire bites and romantic nights with a Jedi Knight, Vulcan and Vampire love triangle.

This is a New Adult Paranormal and Science Fiction Parody based on #1 Bestselling series

“Open the door to Princess Lela’s cell,” said Cater to the guard. Cater stomped loudly in. On the bunk sat Princess Lela, carefully coiling her hair into bun shapes on each side of her head. Cater shook his head. Kids these days with their fad hairstyles.

“I hope you find our accommodations adequate,” snickered Cater as he stood towering over Lela.

“Yes, thank you.” Princess Lela said with no hint of sarcasm. “The guards have been very kind.”

“Really? You like eating cold mush three meals a day?”

“I was sick of my low carbohydrate diet.”

“You like sleeping on a rock hard bed.”

“It’s good for my back.”

“You don’t mind the 24 hour security camera focused on you.”

“Oh, I did that before, for my webcast. It got high ratings.”

“Hmm, maybe I should move in here if it’s so comfortable,” said Cater putting his chin in his hand, and looking around the cell. He could add some comfy throw pillows and a breakfast nook. Plus, he could store his action figure collection above the security camera. Cater shook his head and focused on the task at hand. He leaned menacing over Lela.

“Tell me where the rebel base is, or I will force you to move from this great prison cell to a luxury apartment with a soft bed.”

“Tempting, but no,” said Lela.

“Come now, Lela. If you don’t tell me, Darkin will use electricity on your legs.”

“I’ve already done that to get rid of leg hair,” said Lela.

Cater looked surprised. “Does that work?” He looked down at his legs. Would VQ, Villain Quarterly, like his legs better if they were bald? It might work better with his Roman mini tunic outfit.

Returning to the interrogation, Cater looked back at Lela. “Well, if you’re used to electricity on your legs, then Darkin will use electricity on your face!”

“I already do that for wrinkles. Haven’t you heard of Suzanne Somers’ Facemaster?”

“No, but I use her Thighmaster.

“I can tell.”

“Thanks.” Cater swelled with pride. It was worth it to spend hours working on his inner thighs. “Okay then, if the electricity doesn’t work, then Darkin will pour hot wax over you. You’ll talk when it hits your crotch.”

Lela started to say something.

“Wait, let me guess,” said Cater. “You’ve already done that.”

“To clean up my bikini line. Bathing suits are so tiny nowadays.”

“I know,” said Cater going dreamy eyed inside of his mask.

“Lord Cater,” said the guard. “Darkin texted us a message asking if you have the location of the rebel base.”

Cater turned to the guard outside. “She is stubborn, bring in the Convince-o-droid!”

“Not the Convince-o-droid, sir, it’s too terrible,” said the guard going pale. “She’s a lady.”

“Send the droid in, or else I’ll use it on you.”

“Yes, sir, immediately.”

A strange humming noise echoed down the corridor, and became louder as it came closer. Lela looked towards her cell door. A hovering round metal robot floated in. Lela’s eyes zoomed in on the huge syringe in its cruel metal hand.

“Intimidating, isn’t it,” said Cater. “Now tell me where the rebel base is or feel the droid’s sting.”

Lela backed away from the syringe, until she was against the cold cell wall. She could go no further.

“I don’t know where the rebel base is!”

“Inject!” yelled Cater to the Convince-o-droid. The droid rushed towards Lela.

Cheese Signs: What Your Cheese Says About You

by Renee Nicholson

We all may begin as Curds drifting in the “whey” of life, but it’s what happens after that that defines our cheese personality. Falling within the tradition of the Western and Chinese Zodiacs and their attendant signs, Cheese Signs balances a taxonomy of personality types represented by a wheel of cheeses, serving a flavorful examination of people that is much easier to swallow. Peel back the wax wrapper and fling it to the wind — and discover the humorous insight that comes from finding your Cheese Sign.

The Childress Children’s Book Collection

by Geryn Childress

This is a collection of stories from the first edition of the Childress Children Books Series. Best selling author Geryn Childress has a very unique way of telling stories that kids around the world find fascinating, entertaining, and down right funny. His books are classics that will be enjoyed by your kids for many years to come.

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