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Children’s book: Stars’ Message

by Linisha

The stars in the sky have always marveled at how radiant the colorful rainbow looks when they look from the vast dark space. One day they decide to meet her and compliment her. They are faced with practical roadblocks – or should we say spaceblocks. What are those difficulties? Are they able to meet the Rainbow who’s only seen at daytime? Who all help them? This story is an imaginary journey based on real natural phenomena. Its simple language and colorful pictures encourages beginner readers and fascinates the little listeners. This book would make a perfect bedtime or story time read.

Children’s books: The Snowman (Children’s books for kindle – Children’s Picture Book – Bedtime stories for children)

by Beata Noemi Balint

Children’s books: The Snowman

Cold wind whooshed between the gigantic mountains drifting along the little oak’s last brown leaf. Forests threw off their shabby clothes and the frost wove them lace dresses from snow instead. All the birds flew away and took the heat of the summer with them. Bears hid in their warm caves. Every animal was looking for a home to accommodate them through the harsh winter.

Deep in the mountains, on the tiny little farm that I will tell you about, life started just now. Three little children were skating on the frozen lake. The whooshing wind amidst the mighty mountains carried far away the sound of their jolly laughter. Soon, the first snowflakes appeared, descending slowly, happily towards the cheerfully skating children. Shortly the entire landscape was covered in snow.

The children left the lake and started to form big snowballs. The snowballs grew bigger and bigger and by the time the children rolled them all the way down the hillock they turned into a gigantic snowman.

He got a huge carrot nose, eyes of two pieces of coal and its smile was tailored quite jolly, too. With a hat on his head and a scarf around the neck, no wonder that the snowman felt truly important. Days were passing by and the snowman was living his happy, everyday life.

But one day……

Children’s Book: Farm Animals – Kids Bedtime Story Picture Book Ages 1 to 5 (Toddlers & Tots) – Great Xmas Present / Gift (Picture Books For Curious Tots)

by Amy Rogers

“A parent herself, it’s obvious that Amy Rogers knows how to pique the interest of her pint-sized consumers.”Fran Gail

I recommend this book for anyone with young children who are working
on increasing their vocabulary and learning about animals. The kids
will love it!”

Pictures of farm animals have been loved by tots and young children for generations. This book of stunning photos of farm animals brings the farmyard right into your child’s bedroom. The high quality of these images show the animals in their natural settings.

With the wide availability of children’s picture books online, providing your tots with the kind of books they deserve is easier than ever before.

All of the farm animals illustrated in this book are accompanied by age appropriate comments to increase your child’s knowledge in a subtle way.

If you are passionate about stimulating your children’s curiosity and increasing their knowledge in a fun and interesting way then my “Pictures of Farm Animals” is the right ‘picture book for you.

Tarsier Man: Crime of Time

by Pat Hatt

Tarsier Man is back. This time a new foe goes on the attack. Timer is his name and messing with time is his game. Something Tarsier Man finds out rather fast when a giant robot and a dinosaur come from future and past.

Even old foes come into play. Tarsier Man is going to have a very bad day. Will he win this time? Will Timer get away with his crime? You will just have to see for yourself by adding Tarsier Man’s sixth adventure from Pat Hatt to your book shelf.

Tarsier Man: Hero to Zero

by Pat Hatt

Tarsier Man is back for book number four. But this time he is not going on tour. For everyone wants him dead. They even throw a spoon at his head.

But what happened to cause it? Tarsier Man was such a hit. Could it be an old foe that is still mad over his toe?

Join Tarsier Man and hear his battle cry. Did you know he now can fly? See if he can be loved again or squashed flat, with this next adventure from Pat Hatt.

Adventures in Cutie Patootie Land and The Enchanted Lipstick (the hilarious adventure for children ages 7-12)

by Starrie Sky


A hilarious adventure for children ages 7-12

Age Level: 7 and up | Grade Level: 4 and up

Join Heidi, Arika, and Olga on another wild and crazy adventure as they team up once again, to rescue Cutie Patootie Land from the sinister plots of Mr. Zonk.

In the Enchanted Lipstick

It’s another fun-filled day in Cutie Patootie Land. Heidi and Olga have flown the spaceship to visit Arika on the set of her photo shoot for Teen Cutie Patootie Magazine. But what the girls don’t know is that the terrible Mr. Zonk has plans of his own to take over the world, and that entails sneaking an Enchanted Lipstick into Arika’s makeup drawer.

OH NO!! What is that mean Mr. Zonk going to do now!?

When the Enchanted Lipstick comes to life and tries to color over all of Cutie Patootie Land in the most awful shade of red, what will Heidi, Arika, and Olga do?

  • Can Heidi and the girls come up with a plan in time to stop Mr. Zonk’s evil plot?
  • Will Mr. Zonk actually take over the world?
  • Will Cutie Patootie Land be forever doomed in the most awful shade of red?

Ë?Ë?Ë? Find out in this next hilarious Adventure In Cutie Patootie Land!

A new wild and wacky adventure – The Enchanted Lipstick

Ë?Ë?Ë? What Others Are Saying:

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, radically cool, cute book July 15, 2013 By Soleil “This book was lively and fun. It was full of vibrant colors in the pictures, and cool characters. I AM TELLING YOU NOW GET THIS BOOK!!!!!”

5.0 out of 5 stars The Cutest Book Ever May 30, 2013 By Trina Nguyen -“I’m an adult who finds this book an absolute delight to read. The story and illustrations are exciting, fun and so entertaining. A must read for all girls! I can’t wait to read another book by this creative and unknown writer.”

5.0 out of 5 stars FUN STORY! July 30, 2013 By Joyce L. Mitchell – “FUN story on a super cute planet called Cutie Patootie Face. Very creative and the illustrations are adorable. Kids at my house loved it, especially the ten-year old.”

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Tarsier Man: The Face of Space

by Pat Hatt

Tarsier Man was in his secret lair watching TV without a care, when the TV was hijacked by The Astronaut all over Earth. He wanted money so he could find an alien of worth.

Tarsier Man would not take this, TV shows everywhere people would miss. He set out to stop The Astronaut’s evil plan. So he could go get a tan.

Does Tarsier Man win or will The Astronaut do him in? Find out in the fifth Tarsier Man tale from Pat Hatt that has set sail.

Christmas books: Christmas Gift For Everyone! – The True Story of Christmas (Children’s christmas books; Little Christian)

by Bee Faith

Christmas books: Christmas Gift For Everyone! – The True Story of Christmas

â??I wish it was always Christmas!’ said the children. It was as if some secret power would have changed the people. They faced the hardships of life with a happier and a more hopeful attitude. The ding-dong of the bells reminded them of an angels’ choir. The wind carried this majestic music far away; it was as if thousands of angels would have heralded the approach of something special.

Monica was still standing at the window and the bells’ song did not resound in her heart. Her thoughts were not revolving around sweets, pretty dolls or toy cars. She was holding a letter addressed to Jesus. There were only a few days till Christmas, but the paper was still empty. If it hadn’t been for this homework, she might have not written to Jesus at all this year. But since everyone was expected to hand in the letter before Christmas, she had no choice. She had to write it. Her teacher even said that the best letter to Jesus will be read out aloud as part of the Christmas celebration.

â??I wish Grandpa would be here. He could help me.’

She sat down with the paper and started to write:

â??Dear Jesus,

I was a very good girl, my grades are excellent and I always listen to my parents’ advice. I would like for Christmas â?¦’

â??I would like for Christmas â?¦’ the pen stopped in Monica’s hand. She was sadly searching for the right words but her wish list remained empty. Monica didn’t want dolls. She had a lot of them and she was too old to play with dolls anyway. She had never been fond of sweets either; plus, no chocolate could surpass Grandma’s cakes and cookies.

â??Maybe I could ask for a dress’ she thought. â??Oh, no â?¦ the new things get old, and by tomorrow it will be only a piece of junk like everything else I’ve gotten for the last Christmases.’

Monica wasn’t excited about Christmas at all; she just wanted to make her homework. Finally, Grandma’s sweet voice put an end to these gloomy thoughts: â??Monica, dinnerâ?¦’

The table was flooded by candlelight and the crackling fire in the fireplace filled with warmth the little house, banishing far away the coldness of winter. Her mother was humming while she was serving up the delicious meals prepared for the Advent Dinner. The air of the room was engulfed with her happiness and humming. Monica’s eyes were fixed on the burning firewood. Grandpa’s rocking-chair was resting in in the light of the fire. It was empty. ‘


Holly and the Magic Star – A Christmas Story Picture Book for Children (Holly’s Adventures)

by Marianne Mineo

Holly and the Magic Star – A Christmas Story Picture Book for Children

Join Holly, a merry little lamb, and the adventures that follow as she relives some of the well-loved classic stories from the Bible.

The Holly series were created as a fun way to present Bible stories to young children. The simple yet engaging text can also serve as a great tool for early readers to practice their skills while enjoying these timeless tales.

In “Holly and the Magic Star”, Holly takes part in what is perhaps the most memorable of these events: a simple birth that would eventually transform into the celebration that leaves adults and children alike filled with the magic called Christmas.

The Battle of Brandywine Creek (The Timepiece Chronicles)

by Kevin P. Sheridan

If you could go back in time and change one thing…don’t. Fourteen year-old Jeff Williams thought about using the Timepiece to stop his dad from going to China so he wouldn’t die. Instead, Professor Ferguson steals the watch and goes back in time to kill George Washington, leaving Jeff in a new war-torn present. The United States has become the Colonies of North America, and the CNA is at the center of the third world war. Jeff and his best friend Ben have no choice but to find Professor Ferguson and stop him from killing our first president in the largest land battle of the revolutionary war: the Battle of Brandywine Creek.

Boo and The Backyard Zoo

by Pat Hatt

Every day Boo floats about his haunt having everything he could ever want. He ignores the evil Nugget and his Flashy Parakeets who think they rule the streets.

That is until Nugget captures Grape Face then it becomes quite the race. For Boo brings with him The Backyard Zoo to help in his quest. Will they be able to free Grape Face from Nugget’s nest? Or will Nugget win? To find out just add this new book by Pat Hatt to your bin.

Christmas Dogs – A Christmas Picture Book For Kids

by Rachael Poole

Christmas Dogs is a Christmas picture book for kids celebrating the love of dogs and the holiday season. Christmas Dogs was created for kids who love dogs and delight in looking at cute and funny dog pictures.

This cheerful Christmas picture book for Kindle features 60 full-color, adorable dogs dressed up for Christmas and is sure to bring a little holiday cheer to your day.

Charlie Odd and The House Without a Door (Charlie Odd-Ventures)

by Tom Morrissey

Free ParTay Super Free Friday!  For One Day Only, Dec. 13th, Charlie Odd and The House Without a Door will be FREE! If you like Charlie Odd and The House Without a Door you might also like these other FREE books:The Diver – The Snake Charmer, A successful entrepreneur and his wife’s best friend battle their secrets. By Holden Gerrig.    The Ghost Pirate’s Treasure – Mystery of the Jaguar Warrior, All I want for Christmas is a ghost pirate, Thor, and a leaky pooch. By Barbara Ivie Green. The Ultimate Romance Box Set, Heart-stopping and heart-melting romance sweeps across continents and history. By Various Authors.   Blue Christmas, Even Blue Christmases can be Red HOT! By Taylor Lee.    Autumn Masquerade, Anna’s message for her boss is from his deceased wife. By Gemma Juliana.    To enter to win a Kindle and $25 worth of Amazon gift cards, simply visit and sign up for our newsletter! Long ago, in a timeless land, a house appeared one day from out of nowhere. It was a lovely home, welcoming in every way, except for one thing, it had no door! There was a wall where the door should have been. How strange, and what made it even more strange was the mysterious mystic, Claudio, who appeared with it. He told the people of the kingdom that there was definitely a reason for this house having no door and that reason was hidden in a riddle. Now if anyone could follow the clues and learn the reason there was no door, then that person would be handsomely rewarded.
A boy named Charlie Odd, and his best friend Harry S Garry, heard Claudio’s words and they decide to solve the riddle which will take them on an exciting, wondrous and sometimes dangerous journey. They travel through several different lands populated by the strange and unusual characters they meet along the way.
Come along with Charlie and Harry as they try their best to solve the riddle. They can always use your help and there is a good chance that you will long remember this amazing odd-venture.
“Was it such a silly house, because it had no door?”

Praise for Charlie Odd and The House Without a Door …Book 1 in the of exciting and imaginative stories for the children of all ages, The Charlie Odd-Venture SeriesPraise for Charlie Odd and The House Without a Door:“Tom Morrissey’s whimsical writing style is evident again in his new children’s book  “Charlie Odd and The House Without a Door” as he introduces brave characters involved in a mysterious and exciting adventure as they race to solve a riddle which can dramatically change people’s lives for the better. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to become part of the action. A new way to tell a story… a classic in the making.” Fool on the HillPSSSSSST-And then there’s something for all the grown up kids in Tom Morrissey’s Metaphysical Thriller Series: #1 in The Metaphysical Fiction Genres is “In Search of the Sacred Word

In the top 10 of the Metaphysical Fiction Genres is “In Search of the Sacred Music”You might ask yourself, “what is it in the dark that makes me so unsettled?”  

Worse Than Death (An Epic Fantasy Short Story)

by David J Normoyle

3400 words

Prince Adan is fighting a desperate last stand against the maurauding saurians. He’s no stranger to death but, until now, he’s never met an apparition of Death. And when the apparition offers Adan a chance for his life to be spared, it revives his hope for the future.

But some things are WORSE THAN DEATH.

Cassie and The Wild Cat: Meet and Greet

by Pat Hatt

Cassie found she had a wonderful life, until this spotted wild cat entered and caused her strife. She was not about to give up without a fight and would be rid of him by night.

Follow Cassie as she tries to rid herself of the Wild Cat and sweep him under the mat. From the freezer to the loo, will she chase the Wild Cat from view? Find out as you read another rhyming story from Pat Hatt starring Cassie and the Wild Cat.

Free As A Leelee Bird

by Aimee Perry

The purpose of this book is to give parents a fanciful yet practical story of forgiveness that resonates with children, and demonstrates the blessings of living a life of forgiveness.

The Bizarre Superstar

by Pat Hatt

Dunderhead was just trying to get to sleep. But as he started counting sheep, a light shined through the night. So he hopped in his big toe and took flight.

Before long everything goes wrong and Dunderhead is full of dread. For now in a strange place he has joined The Bizarre Superstar race.

Will Dunderhead survive? Or will the bush with the tush thrive? Find out who gets squashed flat with another book from Pat Hatt.

The Father Christmas Freak-Out!

by Rat Johnson


1) Father Christmas is TAKING presents back rather than leaving them under the tree.

2) Rudolph is wearing dark sunglasses, and

3) Children are flying to the North Pole, mind-your-own-business class…

Freddy and Fidelia are about to meet a different kind of fat man in a red suit. A Santa thrown out of his own secret Grotto by mysterious and faceless forces… a Father Christmas fighting to keep the true spirit of December the 25th alive.

Will they help him?

Heartfelt and hilarious, Spike Milligan meets Scrooge, THE FATHER CHRISTMAS FREAK-OUT! is another smash hit for children from Rat Johnson & Pops Potter.

Actually, it’s their first smash hit. It’s the funniest D-book (D for dangerous) uploaded to Amazon in the last 47 minutes. It’s Star Wars only without the boring bits and all those tricky casting issues. It’s a Noel-themed hostage crisis for naughty children of all ages… but mainly for children of, y’know, child-like ages.


“Please by this book.” – Mrs Rat. (Spelling champ.)

“Hugely entertaining. Touching, believable… ok, we got our copy for free!” – the Daily Weekly (Monthly edition.)

“Brings the magic of the season back. Yo. Big time.” MC Tinsel & Puff Mistletoe

The Amazing World Of Tigers – Interactive Reader

by Betty O’Boylan

A fantastic book for young readers. Using the latest Kindle technology, this book has been made as fun and as interactive as possible for the young reader, 5 to 8 years old. Filled with big pictures that will magnify for closer inspection of these amazing animals. Plus a nice selection of interactivity to keep them interested.

Included in this special-made, interactive book:

Fun Learning Facts about Tigers.

Interactive Tiger Quiz

Interactive Tiger Word Search

Interactive Tiger Vocabulary

Interactive Tiger Galleries

Tiger Jokes

Your child will get a real kick from reading this special-made book over and over again. All the while learning fascinating facts about the amazing world of tigers.

Christmas Cats – A Christmas Picture Book For Kids

by Rachael Poole

Christmas Cats is a Christmas picture book for kids celebrating the love of cats and the holiday season. Christmas Cats was created for kids who love cats and delight in looking at cute and funny cat pictures.

This cheerful Christmas picture book for Kindle features 55 full-color, adorable cats celebrating Christmas and is sure to bring a little holiday cheer to your day.

The Secret Portal (The Secret Portal Series)

by Reno Charlton

Room Thirteen might be the smallest bedroom at Earls Boarding School, but newcomers Jack and Simon soon discover that there’s far more to their new room than meets the eye when they discover a hidden portal – a portal which leads to another school in the fifth dimension!

The boys quickly find themselves involved in a variety of wonderful and exciting adventures when they start using the portal and meet some of the other-worldly students who are studying there. They make many new and unusual friends including an inept witch, a student from Venus, two ghosts, a nutty gnome and even an angel.

However, things take an unexpected – and frightening – turn when a ruthless and bloodthirsty vampire from the alternative universe also discovers the portal and threatens to bring terror to the human race. It is left to Jack, Simon and their new friends to find a way of saving the world from the wrath of the vampire, the fearsome Gladstone Gore.

Yet how will they manage…when the invisibility potion is running dry, the apprentice Witch spells disaster by turning friends into mice, and trainee shape shifters just can’t seem to master their skills? And on top of all this the two resident bullies at Earls are constantly prowling the corridors!

Reno Charlton casts a spell that will leave you breathless from suspense on one page and from laughter on the next.

Zombie Man: Feared To Cheered

by Pat Hatt

The newest hero on the block is causing crowds to flock. At first they wanted to chop of his head. But when he became the super undead, stopping crime and not expecting a dime, Zombie Man was no longer feared. He was actually cheered.

Become a fan of Zombie Man. His adventures have only just begun. He will even stop a corrupt nun. Zombie Man strikes a blow to criminals everywhere, even if he still raises your neck hair.

Zombie Man is a new superhero from Pat Hatt that you will love. But he is recommended for ten and above.

Where is Santa? – A bilingual Greek Christmas Picture book for Children

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a lovely and cheerful Greek Christmas picture book for Toddlers!

A sweet little child and his pet Reindeer experience their very first Christmas.

The book begins a day or so before Christmas. See the family build up Christmas cheer, and celebrate the joyous occasion.

It is a great book in Greek to introduce children to the concept of Christmas.

Bright, humorous and full-length pictures in each page will have your child asking for more!

Ask your child to spot Santa(s) hidden in each page. There are other objects related to Christmas to find too!

All the illustrations are based on the Christmas theme.

Early beginner readers in Greek can read the simple, yet, interesting Greek sentences in the book.

Merry Christmas!

Minecraft: CRUCIAL Survival Ideas on your First Day & Beyond (Minecraft books)

by Minecraft Books

WHAT TO EXPECT…inside the “CRUCIAL Survival Ideas…”

From the Bestselling Author of Minecraft Art of War & 101 Minecraft Tricks

Here we will be discovering how to survive starting from the very first few minutes to your first few days. Here are some of the essential Tips and Tricks in Minecraft which is the most important to New Minecraft gamers.

Discover How to Start your game, build important and live-saving structures and learn how to defend against strong Mobs.

These Tips will help you access some of the most popular Tricks, cool functions, awesome gadgets and incredible cheats in Minecraft with awesome traps & Sneaky skillsâ?¦

Each Minecraft Survivalcraft here is extremely CRUCIAL to each player.

The brilliant images and screen captures in this book will tap into your natural instinct to build epic and mind-boggling structures , well you might need to take weeks if not months of playing just to solve some of the common survival issues which I’m about to share with you here today.

“Click to LOOK INSIDE” the book to find out more on what you can Discover by Downloading this book!

This Kindle Guide aims to do for you just that. Save you weeks and months of boredom. Not only will you be able to keep this information for your own use, I’ll be including some of my personal notes to help you in your quest to show off to your friends your new found Facts and Tricks. Have fun and use the knowledge wisely 😉

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The Galactics

by Everett Peacock

“I got this!” Eme whispers as she leads a teenage crew of would-be rescuers into the NSA controlled Area 51.

Their mission: to rescue the Galactics being held there; their friends, relatives – the ones exactly like them!

BONUS: 20 Images of Galactic Art

Where is Santa? – A bilingual Russian Christmas Picture book for Children

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a lovely and cheerful Russian Christmas picture book for Toddlers!

A sweet little child and his pet Reindeer experience their very first Christmas.

The book begins a day or so before Christmas. See the family build up Christmas cheer, and celebrate the joyous occasion.

It is a great book in Russian to introduce children to the concept of Christmas.

Bright, humorous and full-length pictures in each page will have your child asking for more!

Ask your child to spot Santa(s) hidden in each page. There are other objects related to Christmas to find too!

All the illustrations are based on the Christmas theme.

Early beginner readers in Russian can read the simple, yet, interesting Russian sentences in the book.

Merry Christmas!

Ten Pigs on Ice

by Steve Tangen

Would you look twice, at ten pigs on ice?

After you read this charming, delightfully illustrated rhyming, counting book, I am sure you will. Large text and fully colored illustrations make this book ideal for children and young readers ages 3 to 8 and a great book to read to children.

Running In The Blue

by Ben Badgett

See the future.  Change it.

When Fifteen year old Mbele falls into a poisonous river from his shantytown home on the Brooklyn Bridge, he emerges marked for life with blue skin and mathematical visions. Those visions lead him and his four year old sister into danger and start them on a search for answers.  Along the way he befriends a charming con artist, a girl who creates new skins for people, and a mentor who is not quite what he seems. Together, they discover a much more dangerous threat than he ran away from – an enemy that lives “in the blue.”

Gdzie jest Å?wiÄ?ty Mikolaj? – A Polish Christmas picture book for Children (Spot It)

by Sujatha Lalgudi

KsiÄ?żeczka zawiera cudownÄ?, wesoÅ?Ä? i ilustrowana opowieÅ?Ä? o Å?wiÄ?tach Bożego Narodzenia dla Maluchów!

SÅ?odki Dziecia czek i jego Renifer po raz pierwszy obchodzÄ? Å?wiÄ?ta Bożego Narodzenia.

Historia zaczyna siÄ? w wieczór przed Å?wiÄ?tami. Zobacz jak rodzina dekoruje choinkÄ? i cieszy siÄ? radosnÄ? chwilÄ?.

Ta wspaniaÅ?a ksiÄ?żeczka w prosty sposób przedstawia Dzieciakom zarys Å?wiat Bożego Narodzenia.

Na każdej stronie Maluchy znajda duże obrazki peÅ?ne humoru i na pewno zapytajÄ? o kolejne!

PoproÅ? swoje MaleÅ?stwo aby na każdej stronie odnalazÅ?o MikoÅ?aja. A także inne przedmioty zwiÄ?zane ze Å?wiÄ?tami!

Wszystkie ilustracje opowiadajÄ? o Å?wiÄ?tach.

Każde dziecko uczÄ?ce siÄ? czytaÄ? znajdzie tutaj proste i bardzo interesujÄ?ce zdania.

WesoÅ?ych Å?wiat!

The Vampire Returns (The Secret Portal Series)

by Reno Charlton

The New Year at Earls Boarding School starts well for Jack and his friends but danger lurks behinds the seemingly innocent face of Gerry Fellowes.

Gerry, a former school bully, has been infected by a vampire who escaped from the Human Race Studies Academy after Jack and his friends accidentally opened a secret portal between the two worlds. With their memories of the alternate universe having been erased, the boys have no recollection of the vampire and no hint of the horrors ahead.

However, when their other-worldly friends from the fifth dimension are sent to monitor the problem, the boys find themselves on a rollercoaster ride where magical surprises, thrills and shocks seem to be waiting around every corner.

Can Jack and his allies trap and defeat the vampire before he manages to break free of the confines of Gerry’s body, leaving the whole world at risk of being taken over by vampires?

This is the thrilling sequel to The Secret Portal in which Reno Charlton takes her readers on a whole new journey into another dimension
eBook Reviews Weekly Review
Mysterious guardians on another side: angels, vampires, witches and school boys. How to prevent a vampire from resurrecting in the human world, and to keep people from finding out and panicking, if the truth got out? This sequel book is an excellent read. There was enough detail mentioned so that someone who hasn’t read the first part can move right on into the story. The pace was just right and there were not so many characters that you would lose the thread of the story.

Traci Pederson, Reviewer
eBook Reviews Weekly

The Out Of Tune Moon

by Pat Hatt

Each and every day as the sun rises over Sparkling Ridge’s bay, Rusty Troll watches the bridge and collects a toll. But that is not the dream he longs for. He wants to hear the crowd shout for an encore. Rusty Troll simply wants to play Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Thanks to Rusty Troll’s dreaming of a tune, Loopy Martian brings down the moon. He takes control of it with his magic spoon and even captures the man in the moon.

Can Rusty Troll save his town? Will he ever get his Rock ‘n’ Roll crown? Find out how things go by adding another book from Pat Hatt to your show.

Loss De Plott & The Colour Red: 1 (The Book of Dreams)

by Stephan J Myers

Christmas will never be the same again as the magic of colour is brought to life for children everywhere in The Colour Red. A fantastical Christmas adventure as Loss discovers a book of dreams that transports her to a place where snowmen play. A rhapsody of images and words for reader’s young and old that will linger long after the last page is turned. Timeless in its telling The Colour Red forever captures the magic of childhood dreams in a book you will want to read over and over again.

Praise for Stephan J Myers

“Myers’ fairy tale is a rhapsody of colours, musicality and clever rhyming â?¦… Each picture, with its vivid colours and soft lines, is a narrative statement of its own…so brilliant it should be framed!”

“This is definitely a book that will be treasured and read again and again. The thing I still remember about my favourite childhood reads is the illustrations. There is so much detail on every page, I’m sure these will be remembered by generations to come.”

“As far as writing and illustration go this is what dreams are made of. Immaculately written and illustrated.”

“A truly charming & magical story by the very talented Stephen J Myers. As for the illustrations, they are simply stunning! I would highly recommend this book. A delightful read for all ages.”


by A.D. Hawkins

They retire their operatives early at the Space Intelligence Agency. Sometimes they just eliminate them.
There is a prose poem which says: You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars. You have a right to be here. Unfortunately, there are forces at work that think otherwise.
Forty-two children aboard a space shuttle are kidnapped and about to die. Somewhere in the universe there is a micro chip the size of a pinhead. It alone holds the key to saving the children, the earth and the new frontiers of space from evil domination.
You think you have it all planned, a beach house, a stretch of one of the last unpolluted diving reefs on earth, a pension before you’re thirty. Then you get a Masertext.
It is the year 2050 in an age of corruption, deception and a depleted earth. Space Intelligence agent Cornelius Ross is quitting to run his Caribbean dive school but he has one last mission. He and Mistral, the beautiful daughter of a resistance leader, are drawn together with a notorious space pirate in a desperate fight to save Humankind from the holocaust about to be unleashed.

LYDIA ANN and SCRAGGLES (Tales of Florida)


LYDIA ANN and SCRAGGLES is a children’s story that engages their imagination with the adventure of a girl and her dog. It also teaches kindness and respect for the environment. Lydia Ann and her rescue dog go to the beach and find a magical shell that leads them on an exciting journey into an undersea world with creatures of a coral reef and Gerta, a green sea turtle.

Children of many ages enjoy this book.

The author is a retired pediatric nurse, a certified dog trainer, and she volunteers with the Halifax Humane Society as well as belonging to several groups dedicated to the preservation of sea turtles.

Daphne and the Silver Ash: A Fairy Tale

by Joseph Robert Lewis

When a young shoemaker is summoned to sing for a panicking phoenix afraid of its fiery rebirth, she is swept up in a thousand-year-old struggle for survival between immortal spirits.

Endowed with the phoenix’s powers of air and fire, as well as the creature’s beautiful golden skin and ruby feathers, Daphne explores the city of Trevell to unravel the mystery of the Silver Ash in a race against time to save a dying tree from an ancient beast and to stop an invading army from destroying her home before the phoenix’s fire consumes her mortal heart.

Keywords: fairy tale, fantasy, adventure, romance, mystery, mythology

Gawk of The Mohawk

by Pat Hatt

Cyclone Sky is home to those different from you or I. The cyclops clan live there as one until on a certain day a Wacky Wizard ruined their fun. Now it’s up to Grutty to save the day with maybe a few extra eyes on display. But can he overcome Wacky Wizard and survive his blizzard? Find out if Grutty can squash Wacky Wizard flat by reading another tale from Pat Hatt.

Clash With The Lash

by Pat Hatt

Poo worked all day never getting any time to play. The Viking kept him hard at work cleaning each tire insert. Until one day when Lashes Lovebug came into his view. She offered to free Poo.

Away they drove exploring each city alley and grove. But The Viking did not want to let Poo go. He found them and dirtied up Lashes Lovebug’s glow.

Will they get away? Will Poo ever be free of his car cleaning bay? Find out today by adding another book from Pat Hatt to your reading tray.

Santa’s Super Rescue: How Beezle T. Claus Tried to Steal Christmas

by Bruce Thomason

While Santa Claus is making his rounds on Christmas Eve, his evil second cousin, Beezle T. Claus, and three giant elves, Spike, Tiny, and Gumball Goober, kidnap him and steal all the toys. Just when it appears Christmas will be ruined forever, three children with unique super powers come to the rescue and save Christmas.

Golbo the Spider’s Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure

by Faiz Kermani

Vacuum cleaners… What could be more dangerous? The threat from these evil machines had been drilled into Golbo the Spider at an early age, ever since his Uncle Snotkrunch had been sucked into one while going for a stroll after a family meal. Sure, dodging vacuum cleaners was Golbo’s second nature, but one day something went wrong. Horribly wrong. And yet, Golbo the spider was about to embark on the most extraordinary adventure of his lifeâ?¦

The Kitten’s Meow: Children’s Picture Book (The Amazing Adventures of Frankie & J.J.)

by Kristen Freethy

If your child loves getting wrapped up in the books by Mo Williems, Aaron Zenz, Hellen Hetteman and Sandra Boynton, they are sure to fall in love with Book #1 in the popular series, The Adventures of Frankie & J.J.: The Kitten’s Meow, by Kristen Freethy

With fun rhymes and colorful illustrations, this entertaining and interactive story will take you to Red Apple Farm, where a tiny kitten named J.J. is on a journey to find his brother. In a story that teaches children to never give up, you’ll be laughing all the way, meeting a wide range of farm animals and learning the different sounds they make. Before long you’ll be “moo-ing, meow-ing, bahhh-ing, and cockadoodledo-ing”. Will the small kitten ever find his brother? You’ll have to read to find out!

Repetition makes this the perfect book for children just learning to read, and teaches preschool and early elementary school children new ways of problem solving.

Recommended for ages 1-6

Where is Santa? – A bilingual Bulgarian Christmas Picture book for Children

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a lovely and cheerful Bulgarian Christmas picture book for Toddlers!

A sweet little child and his pet Reindeer experience their very first Christmas.

The book begins a day or so before Christmas. See the family build up Christmas cheer, and celebrate the joyous occasion.

It is a great book in Bulgarian to introduce children to the concept of Christmas.

Bright, humorous and full-length pictures in each page will have your child asking for more!

Ask your child to spot Santa(s) hidden in each page. There are other objects related to Christmas to find too!

All the illustrations are based on the Christmas theme.

Early beginner readers in Bulgarian can read the simple, yet, interesting Bulgarian sentences in the book.

Merry Christmas!

Hercubear Vs Pusseidon

by Lesley Williams

The bears of Crete are hungry and frightened. Pusseidon, the Greek Cat God of the Sea, is in pain and taking it out on the bears.
Only Hercubear can help them
Hooray for Hercubear!

Thanks | Gracias: Bilingual English and Spanish Edition

by Luciana Reis

The aim of this book is to awaken gratitude in children, inviting them to find something to be thankful for every day among the things that surround them in their daily lives. We suggest reading it at bedtime, as a little ritual before sleep, closing the day’s activities.
Children who can’t read without the help of a loved one will add the word “Thanks” to the description of each of the pictures. After a while, even if they can’t read yet, they’ll be able to “read” the book to themselves.
For children who can read on their own, we suggest that, as well as understanding the picture on each page, they should think of other reasons for saying “thank you”, with the help of some of the suggested phrases. The aim is to add as many reasons to be grateful as can possibly be imagined.
Considering how beneficial gratitude is for people, we believe that the sooner we can introduce this beneficial habit to children the better, thus ensuring that their lives will be happier.

El objetivo de este libro es despertar la gratitud en los niños, invitándoles a encontrar cada día, algo que agradecer entre las cosas que les rodean en su vida cotidiana. Proponemos su lectura al acostarse, como un pequeño ritual antes de dormir, cerrando las actividades del día.
Los niños no alfabetizados añadirán la palabra “Gracias” al significado de cada una de las imágenes. Con el tiempo, a pesar de no disponer de capacidad lectora, podrán “leer” el libro de forma independiente.
Para niños que ya leen de forma autónoma, proponemos que además de agradecer con la imagen que encontrarán en cada página, piensen en otros motivos por los cuales agradecer, con la ayuda de algunas frases que aparecen como sugerencia. El objetivo es añadir tantos motivos que agradecer como uno sea capaz de imaginar.
Teniendo en cuenta los beneficios de la gratitud en las personas, creemos que cuanto antes podamos introducir este beneficioso hábito entre los más pequeños, estaremos asegurándoles un futuro más feliz.

Sara’s Big Jump

by Kennith Brown

Join two year old Sara as she conquers jumping off the diving board and swimming on her own. Illustrated with real pictures, this book helps children overcome their fear of swimming while reassuring them everything will be okay. If Sara can do it, then so can you!

Bunny Gets Sick and Liz-beth Finds a New Friend (Bunny in the House series)

by Enly Dia Ray

Bunny and Liz-beth are planning to write a fairy tale play the next day. In the middle of the night, Bunny gets sick. Liz-beth reads about about Nurses, and takes his temperature, and gives him medicine, and a popsicle.
When he is feeling better, he gets up and sees Liz-beth talking to a new rag doll, that he has never seen before.
Bunny is worried that Liz-beth has a new best friend.
Bunny meets Becky Longstocking, the new little rag doll with black hair, and skin the color of snow.

Energy Force (Realms of the Multiverse)

by G.A. Carter

An ill equipped back street paranormal experiment spirals out of control. It leads to the discovery of a parallel universe and a world inhabited by the unimaginable. Man is thrust into a conflict between immortals; Gods that have been at war since the beginning of time. An evil God rules a beast with a lust for living flesh which is unleashed upon the finest of an elite fighting force. Brave men know that when death arrives and even though they pray for it, it may not bring an end to their suffering. They valiantly risk such an agonising fate as Mankind face more than mere extinction. If the war is lost Mankind may never have existed.

Where is Santa? – A bilingual Chinese Christmas Picture book for Children

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a lovely and cheerful Chinese Christmas picture book for Toddlers!

A sweet little child and his pet Reindeer experience their very first Christmas.

The book begins a day or so before Christmas. See the family build up Christmas cheer, and celebrate the joyous occasion.

It is a great book in Chinese to introduce children to the concept of Christmas.

Bright, humorous and full-length pictures in each page will have your child asking for more!

Ask your child to spot Santa(s) hidden in each page. There are other objects related to Christmas to find too!

All the illustrations are based on the Christmas theme.

Early beginner readers in Chinese can read the simple, yet, interesting Chinese sentences in the book.

Merry Christmas!

121 Oak Street

by Roger Grubbs

A mystery has been discovered at 121 Oak Street. This secret has been harbored for more than eighty years, and its exposure is about to have a profound effect upon the entire community. The story begins under an old oak tree in a normal setting much like any you would see. An elderly gentleman with snow white hair, wearing a flannel shirt and khaki pants, sits in a rocker as he transforms his front porch into a theatre. But, this is not just any theatre, for its audience travels back in time. Not only do they hear the stories, they live them, feel them, and sense all the emotions connected with the experience. In the beginning it seems there is a lonely old man who needs someone to listen to him. However, as the tales come to life, it is the audience who needs the kind gentleman. As they beg for more, the wise old man says, “If you want to hear more, you’ll have to come back next Saturday at one o’clock. If I am able, I will be right here in my rocker.” The crowds grow and grow. Now not only are the children fascinated and wanting more, the parents eagerly anticipate the end of the story. Finally the much anticipated day arrives for the secret of 121 Oak Street to be revealed. Why not join us as the mystery unfolds? You will be glad you did, and that’s a promise.

Lucius and the Christmas Star

by Jim Long

A delightful story about a camel named Lucius who takes an adventure with three wise men to meet the young Jesus.

The Amazing World Of Bears – Interactive Reader

by Betty O’Boylan

A fantastic book for young readers. Using “Tap To Zoom,” this book has been made as interesting and active as possible for your child. Filled with big pictures that they can zoom up for closer inspection of these amazing animals. Plus a nice selection of interactive fun to keep them interested.

Included in this special-made book:

Fun Learning Facts about Bears.

Interactive Bear Quiz

Bear Vocabulary Words

Zooming Bear Galleries

Fun Bear Jokes

Your child will get a real kick from reading this special-made book over and over again. All the while learning fascinating facts about the “Amazing World of Bears.”

Autumn Silks (Shadow Watchers)

by Cyrille Mendes

Around the humble village of Bron, leaves Old Sylve, adorned with a bronze appearance. The old aunt Célian, Ysaëlle had pulled his time to spin wool, to his nephew principal supply of wood from the forester who kept his house behind the village, at the edge of the Old Sylve, for cold days come.

Throughout the village, we hastened to crops, boldest enjoying the last sunny days to return any game or berries, granted by the Old Forest.
The simple life was back to normal in these woodlands, with autumn night sky studded with stars. The afternoon and late into the evening, young and old gathered around outbreaks where under the ashes, chestnuts explode like the gossip of the villagers, between the flue pipe and the sweet aroma of teapots, lamps and candles illuminating the shadows of their golden glow, imbuing them with a serene slumber …

Beauty and the Beast

by K.M. Shea

Once upon a time Elle made a mistake. A small miscalculation sends her through the roof of an enchanted chateau. Stranded until her broken leg mends, Elle is forced to rely on the good will of the sour chateau owner â??the cursed Prince Severin.

Prince Severinâ??the commanding general and staunch supporter of his brother the crown princeâ??is cursed to look like a beast until a maiden falls in love with him. However, he has given up all hope of shattering the curse after several painful and failed attempts to break it. As such he has only disdain for Elle, leaving her to the devices of his bossy servants. This suits Elle perfectly as she dislikes the entire royal family, Severin included.

Unfortunately for the unsuspecting pair, the chateau servants are determined to break the curse and spend the majority of their time pushing Elle and Severin together. After bonding over gardens, animals, and terrifying squirrels Elle and Severin show signs of friendship, and perhaps something moreâ?¦

But not all love stories can end that easily. After all, Elle is not what she seems, and Severin’s life is placed in danger when hostilities flare between his brother and the monarchs of a neighboring country.

If they really want the love of a lifetime Elle, a loyal liar, and Severin, an indifferent beast, will have to use every trick they know to survive.

Butterfly Princess ( Counts to Ten )

If you want to be a Butterfly Princess, you must be able to count to ten. this is a fun way to get your little princess to count to ten.

children’s story ebook – Three colors, Or maybe more – HEBREW

by Sigalit

See how Tamar, Ohad and Ariel discovered new colors

children’s story ebook – A Fun way for young kids to learn and recognize colors

and color mixing.

Horses for Kids: Beautiful Pictures and Fun Horse Facts

by Julie Crystal

Your host, Emily, will tell you everything she knows about horses in this book that will delight all the horse lovers in your family. Designed to be easy to read, Horses for Kids: Beautiful Pictures and Fun Horse Facts shares all kinds of interesting facts about horses that will make it fun to learn while reading together. The book covers facts about the horse’s characteristics, their life span, even their intelligence. And much, much more.

For anyone who loves horses, this is a great book. Each section uses the information that science has to offer on these magnificent creatures that have been an important part of human history. Your young readers will enjoy learning facts while they read about their favorite animal. Emily will make sure they have fun along the way as well.

Be sure to get this great, accessible, and totally up-to-date book to start learning all about horses with your kids today.

I Made My Sister Drink My Snot (Disgusting Derek)

by Kylie Horsfall

Disgusting Derek’s mother won’t let him have a pet. So he makes his own model animals out of…SNOT! That’s right – he uses his boogers to make “snotimals”. But one day things go horribly wrong and his finger gets stuck up his nose, maybe forever…
A story for children aged 5-12.

A Kind Heart

by B.J.K. Brown

Can a random act of kindness brighten Christmas for a little girl from very humble circumstances? Read this touching story and decide for yourself.

Mother Earth (The Girl God)

by Trista Hendren

A loving tribute to Mother Earth and a call to action for children, their parents and grandparents.

This book contains gorgeous illustrations by Elisabeth Slettnes as well as inspiring quotes from Vandana Shiva, Raffi Cavoukian, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Winona LaDuke, Kathleen Dean Moore, Vicki Noble, Andrew Gurevich, Ursula K. Le Guin, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Audre Lorde, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, and many more.

Please note, due to formatting constraints, the Kindle version does not contain all the same quotes as the printed version of the book.

The Naughty Christmas Elf (Nana Stories)

by Didier Richaud

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I always loved when my Nana read bedtime stories to me. For those of you who like stories read to you, I have created a FREE AUDIOBOOK for you.

Nana bedtime stories are always the best!

Admit it! Sometimes, childrenâ??s “great ideas” are simply bad ideas. Imagine if one Christmas they decided to stay awake on Christmas eve, hiding behind the couch or Christmas tree, waiting for Santa Claus. And worse, that whilst Santa was happily eating his cookies that they quietly looked into his bag to take the biggest toy ever. That sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

I’m sure your children wouldnâ??t even dream of a plan like this but, well, James did. And thankfully, Nana was there to give him some good advice. She told him the story of Lenny, a bold elf, who had the exact same idea. But as you can imagine, it didn’t turn out quite as he had planned!

This beautifully illustrated 16 page book is the best way to create the magic of Christmas and will delight the whole family, Nanas included!

The Naughty Christmas Elf is the first book in the Nana Stories collection and I hope you will enjoy it. As everybody says, Nana bedtime stories are just the best!

So grab your copy of “The Naughty Christmas Elf” right now and don’t forget your FREE audiobook!

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Oh No Santa’s Nose.

by Kay Siddall

Oh dear what will happen to Christmas?

Santa Claus has his nose stuck on Christmas Eve. Find out what happens in this festive children’s picture book when everyone tries to help. Young readers will enjoy the solutions to Santa’s dilemma in this fun, colourful EBook.

Son of Time: A Fantasy Christmas Adventure for 9-11 Year Olds

by Goddard Nublick

Have you ever wondered whose job it really is to protect the Earth? What the creatures from other universes look like? What it might feel like to have more power than exists in all the galaxies? Come with Alfie on a voyage that takes in the icy plains of the North Pole, the sweltering heat of India. Soar beyond the boundaries of the cosmos – you will never look at the world in the same way again.

The Time Box Chronicles Book 1: A Witch In Time

by Katherine E. Warner

Sara is a girl with a boring life, a dysfunctional family, and no hot chocolate waiting for her after school. Her life is gray and dull, until she ventures down to her inventor father’s basement workroom and discovers a mysterious metal box that can do something amazing!

After being transported to colonial America, Sara finds that life as she knew it before was paradise compared with trying to blend into a strict and pious community without all the modern day conveniences that she had taken for granted. Along with a kind old woman and a happy dog, she soon realizes how hard it is to fit in, and how dangerous the consequences of being found out can be. Can Sara survive being accused of witchcraft?

Twink & Little Squirrel: A Story About Helping (Children’s Bedtime Stories Series)

by Christina Johnson

A Great Bedtime Story About the Rewards of Helping Others!

One clear night, a star named Twink looked down to the forest below and saw a squirrel that had lost his mother. Twink decided to fall to the earth to help Little Squirrel find her, but discovered that he needed help too when the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the forest frightened him. Will Twink overcome his fear? Will Little Squirrel find his mother? Read more about Twink and Little Squirrel’s forest adventure in the illustrated children’s book, “Twink & Little Squirrel: A Story About Helping”. 545 words.

Where is Santa? – A bilingual Romanian Christmas Picture book for Children

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a lovely and cheerful Romanian Christmas picture book for Toddlers!

A sweet little child and his pet Reindeer experience their very first Christmas.

The book begins a day or so before Christmas. See the family build up Christmas cheer, and celebrate the joyous occasion.

It is a great book in Romanian to introduce children to the concept of Christmas.

Bright, humorous and full-length pictures in each page will have your child asking for more!

Ask your child to spot Santa(s) hidden in each page. There are other objects related to Christmas to find too!

All the illustrations are based on the Christmas theme.

Early beginner readers in Romanian can read the simple, yet, interesting Romanian sentences in the book.

Merry Christmas!

Where is Santa? – A bilingual Ukrainian Christmas Picture book for Children

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a lovely and cheerful Ukrainian Christmas picture book for Toddlers!

A sweet little child and his pet Reindeer experience their very first Christmas.

The book begins a day or so before Christmas. See the family build up Christmas cheer, and celebrate the joyous occasion.

It is a great book in Ukrainian to introduce children to the concept of Christmas.

Bright, humorous and full-length pictures in each page will have your child asking for more!

Ask your child to spot Santa(s) hidden in each page. There are other objects related to Christmas to find too!

All the illustrations are based on the Christmas theme.

Early beginner readers in Ukrainian can read the simple, yet, interesting Ukrainian sentences in the book.

Merry Christmas!

A Cloud On The Ground

by Ed Ping

What you would do if you found a cloud on the ground? A delightful, short rhyming story for young children about finding a cloud while while on walk with wonderfully simple pictures.

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Earthquake: Pictures and Information

by Tom Orick

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If your little one has read about or experienced an earthquake they are probably very interested in earthquakes. If they would like to know more about what an earthquake is or what causes it this is a great resource for them. Earthquakes in the news always remind us of the incredible power of earthquakes. Download today for all the information you want to know about this powerful act of nature.

Recess Rules

by Jill Vialet

About Recess Rules

After losing her parents in a car crash at age 8, life just hasn’t been the same for Cassie Murphy. Now a fifth grader at Magruder Elementary, Cassie and her three friends, Zee, Toni and Bryant, have been trying to make the best of the same old routine of school, but somehow all the fun has been sucked out of it, and especially at recess. Between a dwindling number of students on the blacktop and Marcus Mackey’s need to bully away any games that might be had, Cassie and her crew are on the verge of giving up on their formerly beloved recess. The four friends get help from an unexpected place when an “angel-on-probation” named Clarence is sent to earth to help them fix recess. Clarence’s crusade gains new importance along the way, as Cassie learns that it’s alright to take the risk and care enough to try to change things for the better.

Recess is just starting to be fun again when the Superintendent visits and unveils his plan to eliminate recess altogether. Cassie and her friends are devastated, but they realize they have just one shot to convince the Superintendent that recess is important. Will Cassie and her friends be able to convince the Superintendent that it’s worth the risk to care about recess, too?

About the Author

Jill Vialet is the CEO and founder of Playworks. Jill has won a number of awards for her work with Playworks, including the Ashoka Fellowship. Jill grew up in Washington, DC where she played in epic games of Capture the Flag as a child. She now lives in Oakland, California with her family. Recess Rules is her first book.

Ticky Tack The Littlest Reindeer – A Christmas Book for Children (Christmas Stories For Kids)

by Ironpower Publishing

In this delightfully heartwarming Christmas story you will learn about Ticky Tack, a tiny reindeer, who helps Santa and Shortbread the Elf deliver a little disabled boy’s present on Christmas Eve. It’s such a fun and uplifting read, and the 40+ wonderfully cute cartoon-like illustrations are absolutely adorable. It is based on the work of Walt Kelly and has been digitally enhanced and updated by IRONPOWER PUBLISHING. Walt Kelly worked as an artist for Walt Disney in the 1930’s, and later Dell comics, and was creator of the famous Pogo comic strips. Children will love this book, and will love you for getting it for them.

The terrible neck pain of Sunny the Sunflower

by Victoria Novillo Saravia

This is the hilarious story of how Sunny the Sunflower got healed from his terrible neck pain. It is also a tender tale that highlights the importance of friendship, team-working and perseverance, as well as community values.

The original Spanish version of the book, “La terrible tortícolis de Ramón el Girasol”, won the Monte Ávila Editores prize at the 1998 Juan Rulfo literary contest.

Victoria Novillo Saravia is an industrial engineer who loves reading and writing. Together with her sister Maria, they founded BEAUTeBOOK, where they design book covers and enjoy doing books with authors from all around the World.

This tale is illustrated by Florencia Márquez. Florencia is Victoria and María’s cousin. She has inherited from her mom her artistic talent, and from her dad, her crazy creativity, which she displays at her blog

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