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by Aaron Rath

Featuring awkwardly bad dates, crazy-talented friends, tongue-twisting word play, and confused, beer-soaked soul-searching, Chicagoland is part humorous and heartbreaking coming-of-age novel, part travel log, and one-hundred-percent un-put-down-able.

After eking out a physics degree from a small liberal arts college, Scott Duluoz finds himself in Chicagoland, where he tries to adjust to a grown-up, 9-to-5, earn-more-than-you-spend lifestyle. Looming college debts, bumper-to-bumper commutes, and lousy pay try to keep Scott’s dreams from becoming reality. But Scott knows there’s adventure waiting for himâ??if only he can figure out how to start.

A Pile of Words: Short Stories

by Elias Christopher

A Pile of Words is a collection of short stories that run with the themes of love, writing and trying to understand the self.

Excerpt: Her eyes lit up when she saw the red velvet walls. She glanced to the parasols hanging from the chandeliers. A new breath of life took hold of her. A life she has never seen. She stared the way a child stares while on a bus passing large store windows in the short distance.

She soaked in every picture that decorated the walls, but she was feeling awkward– I could tell. She was not use to such beauty however, she absorbed all. Her hands were trembling when she picked up the menu, they hinted at a soft fear. She was unsure what to order, the red velvet walls distracted her. I winked at her to let her know it was all right. She said she will never forget this place. I believe her with all my faith and soul.

Her eyes danced from one wall to the other, the red velvet made her glow. It brought the child out of her, which was followed by the woman who was simmering in a slow seduction!

The band began to play; a jazz piano pounded its eighty-eight, the bass had a wailing and zydeco filled the air. She broke another smile, her large eyes drifted from the plush red velvet to the band.

Swiss Misfortune: A Short Story

by Bruce Gatenby

“Remember, it’s not just a school, it’s a way of life.”

More like a life sentence. Switzerland, the land of chocolate and cuckoo clocks, is also home to the cuckoos at the Dr. Caligari School of Hotel Management, the Worst School in the World. When our 30-something Millennial Gen narrator takes a job there, how bad could it really be? Worse than unemployment? Worse than not paying down 30K in student loans? Worse than a Friday Night Faculty Slave Auction? And then there’s Dizzi Londrina, from the Zona Sul in Rio de Janeiro, with her proclivity for setting fires, both metaphorically and literally. What Un-Magic Mountain has he stumbled upon? As he boards the last funicular for the slow, steep climb toward the frozen Alpine hell of Dr. Caligari, that’s where his Swiss misfortune begins…but not where it ends.

Tackling The Imago

by Anyer Feanix

Gina is on the cusp of adulthood, passionately studies English as a second language, and her excessive libido is only one of her problems. Others are loneliness, unhealthy ambition, self-sabotage, and details of a family tragedy that has been a half-solved mystery for years. Due to a lifelong conflict with her mother, Gina has a grand plan of moving away after graduation, and nothing will stop her.

Could an obnoxious professor be a stumbling block? Strangely, he is a vomit-inducing inspiration whose intentions are unclear. All she knows is that a relationship is not a priority, not here and now.

She was born and raised in Poland, but the hilly terrains she regularly explores are not part of the country’s landscape. She experiences bliss and ecstasy that are not real, but they could easily be. She doesn’t take herself seriously, so who else would? She is scared, but she will never confess it to anyone. She is skilled at keeping herself amused, but she has her limitations.

How easy is it to fight guilt, low self-esteem, and an overwhelming need for attention? How does one fight obsessive amorous feelings, aside from writing crude poetry? What to do with a long-kept secret when it is finally revealed? Is it easier to abandon or be abandoned? Does either have to happen?

Perhaps more kitschy than artistic, this often cringeworthy story is an unexpected combination of the two. Warning: this might be the silliest and most primitive novel you have ever read.

About the author

Anyer Feanix is a former teacher of English who has gone into hiding after suffering extreme trauma in her course of work and – consequently – quitting the profession. She is a tiny bit OCD and loves nature, scientific curiosities, globetrotting, and fellow weirdos.

Holly James Finds Love on The Ranch: Western Romance Book

by Amanda Hodges

Holly James Western Romance Book

Holly had gained confidence from growing up in the city and knew that she made a pretty picture. Her black hair glistened like shining silk and she had hazel coloured eyes and a pale, delicate looking skin. The cheekbones she inherited from her stylish mother would stay with her into old age and ensure that she kept those looks for a very long time. Add the expensive attire and the huge array of cases, trunks and other pieces of luggage and Holly James was all set for a western romance.

Paisley trim from hem to knee western style

Today she was wearing a light blue travelling suit that had been tailor made for her. It had the fashionable wide lapels tight waist and slight leg of mutton sleeves. Over this she could throw a dark blue velvet cape if need be. Her mother was wearing a black woollen day dress with green wool Paisley trim from hem to knee over which she had a black silk velvet cape. Mrs James never travelled light and as her daughter was staying at the ranch out west, she seemed to have brought most of Dallas with her.

The last twenty years

“I was saying.” Mrs James repeated.” There was none of these railroads when your father first started the ranch. The last twenty years it seems everyone is racing to lay as much track as possible.” She paused. “Mind it is preferable to travelling by stage coach.”Holly smiled. “I know. It took you one and a half days to cover thirty miles in the old days and that included a night’s stop over.” Her mother had the grace an a western romance smile for her daughter.

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