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Coffee Cup Cozies (Christmas Crochet)

by Vicki Becker

Crochet these quick and easy Christmas coffee cup cozies for yourself or to give as a gift. The coffee cozies can be made up in less than an hour and make great last minute gifts. Cheerful and bright in colorful Christmas colors or make them in any color you wish.
The patterns in this book are suitable for beginners but you should already know some basic crochet stitches and terminology before trying them.

The patterns are for coffee mug cozies and coffee sleeves that fit over standard sized coffee mugs. The sleeves fit most coffee cups.

Antioxidants: How Antioxidant Supplements Can Help You With and What Antioxidants Are The Healthiest Supplements

by James Paul

Antioxidants: How Antioxidant Supplements Can Help You With Not Getting Sick and What Antioxidants Are The Healthiest Supplements covers a wide range of tasks that could be detrimental to your health.

Is this book for you? I’m not sure, do you leave your house? If you answered yes, than you need to read this book NOW!

What if everything you knew about not getting sick was wrong? What if what you thought you were doing right, was killing you slowly?

Do you know for a fact that the supplement you are taking is actually benefiting you, and not in turn helping free radicals in your body cause damage?

I cover 20 awesome antioxidants that I have seen the benefit from first hand in a very entertaining and educational read.

The Sleep Disorders Guide: How to Overcome Sleep Disorders, Sleeping Problems Permanently

by Michael E. Reese

Discover The Symptoms and Treatments of Sleeping Problems

Today Only, Get This Amazon Bestseller For Just $0.99. Regularly Priced at $4.99. Read on Your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover the symptoms and treatments of sleep disorders & sleeping problems. Millions of people suffer from sleeping problems. Most people realize how much of a problem this is, but are unable to cure their sleeping problems (insomnia), simply because it’s been a part of their lifestyle for so long.

The truth is, if you are suffering from sleep disorders and haven’t been able to cure, it’s because you are lacking the techniques and an effective strategy. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to alleviate the symptoms of sleep disorders and sleeping problems.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding Sleep Disorders and Sleeping Problems
  • The Most Common Types of Sleep Disorders and Sleeping Problems
  • Sleeping Disorders You Never Knew Existed
  • Techniques and Strategies to Make You Sleep Better
  • Lifestyle and Behavioral Treatments
  • Can Hypnotheraphy Help?
  • Conclusion

Take action right away to overcome your sleep disorders & sleeping problems by downloading this book, “The Sleep Disorders Guide: How to Overcome Sleep Disorders, Sleeping Problems Permanently”, for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

Download Your Copy Today!

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Kindle Guide to Free Content – Free Ebooks, Offline Web Content, Blogs and News Feeds, Files Conversion

by Bonaventura Di Bello

Everything You Need to Feed Your Kindle With the Best Content, Free!

The First Complete Kindle Guide to Quality Free Content For Kindle Users

In a single, concise but detailed practical book all the tips and advice you’ll ever need to deliver the best content of your choice on your Kindle reader.

Three Invaluable Strategies To Fill Your Kindle Reader With Your Favorite Content: Web Article and News, Books and More

Kindle Guide to Collect and Read Web Content Offline

Grab Web articles,Wikipedia pages, Blog and News Feeds and send them automatically to your Kindle reader for offline reading, formatted for the most comfortable reading experience just like any ebook!

Kindle Guide to Finding Any Free Book Available on Amazon and Other Sources

Learn how to spot the best free ebooks available for your Kindle both on the Amazon website and other great websites in any category you want, and keep updated on new freebies daily so you don’t miss a chance!

Kindle Guide to Convert Any Book and File in the Standard Kindle Format

Discover and use all the best resources and tools to convert any file format to the native Kindle one: not just ePub or PDF, convert any old and new digital book and document format to your Kindle quickly and easily!

About the Author

Bonaventura Di Bello is an Italian journalist and author whose articles and books have provided help and advice for thousands of hitech users since the 80s. His passion for digital books and reading devices has reached the climax with the advent of the Kindle, and now he’s hopelessly in love with Amazon’s device, both as a reader and as an author.

Detox, Big Time! Stop fatigue, pain, weight problems…11 guidelines for Boundless health.

by Caroline Benson

Kindle best seller in France.

Why this detox diet is an essential solution against the outside aggressions of the modern world filled with stress and pollution ?

Health: it is a question of choice !

Whether you want:

– An accessible and efficient diet to boost your immune system on a long term basis.

– To lose weight in a healthy way, by taking away pain.

In this guidebook you will find a simple and sound method to get you started.

The ancients knew that it was good to regularly purify oneself by dieting or fasting. The religions have even made this one of their cornerstones. But what is left of it today?

Nowadays however, more than any other time, our bodies are subject to constant aggressions found in the air, water, and food, as well as on a psychological level (repeated stress). Our bodies endlessly accumulate toxins, without being able to eliminate themâ?¦.or not sufficiently.

And if this generalized “clogging” would be the well-known breeding-ground of our civilization’s disease? This is a plausible hypothesis that has been taken over by more and more doctors and researchers from all the countries; they have been alarmed by the exponential expansion of this scourge.

The Spring diet is a well-known diet and certainly the most efficient detox diet. This will be partly covered in this book. Needless to say, the practice of cellular detoxination needs to be integrated in our daily lives.

This is what this book has to offer: a healthy and efficient detox method, that is adjustable to your liking and to the different seasons. This detox diet is based on cutting-edge research on nutrition, and is natural and accessible to all.

Other things you will find in this book, amongst other things:

  • What foods to avoid or to treat yourself with?
  • The huge benefit of food rotation (this is a key element for having a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet).
  • What is the best water that “cleanses” your body, and how to obtain it.
  • How to eliminate stress in 3 minutes ( a not well-known method even though it has been proven scientifically for its benefits).
  • The most useful and accessible supplements ( to regenerate the liver, kidneys, intestines…).
  • A recap chart is presented at the end of this book with numerous examples of recipes and food rotationsâ?¦

Caroline Benson gives you her knowledge and her 15 year experience and research in nutrition and health. This book is an all inclusive manual of well- being at a price of a coffeeâ?¦..

The preface is written by Christine Van Hoof, a dietician and coach.

“Our health is more important than gold” said Caïus Cornelius Gallus in the 1st century BC.

So, what are you waiting for to take responsibility for your health?

MeM Publications – Words that cultivate the World

Flesh and Blood (An Emily O’Brien novel #4)

by M.R. Miller

When Winston Chronicle crime reporter Rosemary Lostant is found beaten to death in her apartment, the police wonder if a story she was working on got her killed or if she had attracted a stalker. So when suspicion instead falls on Kim Whitaker, a sports writer at the same paper, fellow reporter Emily O’Brien is shocked. Determined to prove him innocent, Emily begins an investigation of her own, scouring Rosemary’s notes for evidence and tracking down a recent parolee with an axe to grind.
But her progress is stalled when she has to turn her attention to covering the death of a Winston man who went overboard while with his wife on a cruise. What begins as a simple story quickly turns complicated as Emily realizes his own family, including his wife, may have wanted him dead.
As she attempts to sort out both murders, Emily’s questions attract the attention of a killer, one who has no qualms about making her the next victim.

High Percentage Wellness Steps: Natural, Proven, Everyday Steps to Improve Your Health & Well-being

by M.D. Suneel Dhand

Modern medicine is all about treating illness and disease. But how about promoting wellness instead? Have you ever wondered if there are some simple and natural everyday lifestyle choices that can dramatically improve your health and well-being? Things your doctor should be telling you all the time, but doesn’t. Recommendations based on solid medical science. In High Percentage Wellness Steps, you will be shown some of these easy everyday steps and compelling scientific evidence for incorporating them into your routine. Study results that have higher percentage improvements than many new medications and treatments. From what you are eating to how you are thinking, steps that will leave you feeling healthier, happier and empowered.

All author profit from this book goes to a number of health related charities, including the Red Cross and Make A Wish Foundation.

Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy

by Dorinne S. Davis

Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy details how sound-based therapies play an instrumental role in the successful treatment of the symptoms related to autism, apraxia, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, hyperlexia, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, learning disorders, and is a guide toward achieving one’s maximum potential for development and wellness.

Despite years of practice and the evolution of various versions of sound therapies, the quintessential missing element has been the lack of a set protocol to follow. By distinguishing the differences between sound therapies, Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy sets the framework for the application of an effective therapy program.

Davis’ work is based on data from various scientific fields. Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy begins by reviewing the physics of sound, auditory processing, the details of existing sound therapies and goes on to reflect the personal successes and challenges presented in various cases as documented by several families. The value of its contents is sure to leave both the professional and layperson enlightened and stimulated.

“Davis distills her 35-plus ears of experience, along with independent findings, and some scientific research of the workings of the brain and the ear, into a detailed readable and entirely useful workâ?¦she uses facts and research, and not philosophical rambling to make her point.” – 5-Star Review from Foreword Reviews Magazine

“â?¦your chapter concerning Auditory Integration is absolutely remarkable, and it has been a pleasure for me to discover all that you have found from my work. The tests concerning the acoustic reflex are very interesting; I knew this action but never tried to calculate it.

I agree 100% with your conclusions that AIT has a purely mechanical action, in strengthening the weak muscles of the ears, leading to the structural changesâ?¦the study you highlighted concerning the blood flow in the brain confirms my theory, on which I was working on 20 years ago. Absolutely excellent!” – Dr. Guy Bérard, author of Hearing Equals Behavior and founder of AIT

“In Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy, Dorinne Davis educates us in the essential role of the ear, speech and movement, inspires us with new potentials of sound and music in therapy, and delights us with a wealth of references. No one can any longer deny the power of sound as fundamental and essential for a balanced life.” – Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect

The Party Girl Diet Keep the Party Going…While You Lose the Weight!

by Aprilanne Hurley

The Party Girl Diet by Aprilanne Hurley SFN offers a revolutionary Diet & Lifestyle Plan based on the most current health and nutrition research available to date. The Party Girl Diet is not a “fad diet” – it is a healthy, NEW lifestyle that let’s you “Keep the Party Going…While You Lose the Weight!” At last, a healthy, sustainable diet plan that lets you – Eat Chocolate, Drink Red Wine, and Enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods AND LOSE WEIGHT – While You’re Having the Time of Your Life!” Discover The Party Girl Diet’s weight loss and fitness success formulas that will revolutionize the way you approach diet and weight loss forever! Complete with the Party Girl Diet Workout Guide and 2 weeks of easy, tasty, and nutritious recipes – you’ll be on the road to living a longer, healthier, and happier life, and have a lot of fun doing it!

Tying the Gay Knot: Where and How Same-Sex Couples Can Get Married

by Steve McDonnell

If you’re a gay or lesbian couple who is contemplating or planning a marriage, the book will help you select the right state and follow the correct process to get married in that state. For the first time ever, gay and lesbian couples in the United States have the ability to get married and have their marriages recognized by the federal government. However, only a minority of states permit same-sex marriages, and the procedures for getting married in each state are different. This book describes the steps you need to take to get a marriage license and have a wedding ceremony in every state where same-sex marriage is legal. It also provides live links to state and local websites, forms you need to complete and the marriage laws in each state.

Changes of the Heart

by M.M. Zip Zimmerman

How difficult is it to break into the music world? How far will rising female singers go to advance their passion for performing? Murder, drugs, sex and rape challenge these lesbian characters to balance their personal lives while being in the spotlight for their singing careers . How can we remain friends, often times, very close friends, with many of our exes? Yes, there are villains in the gay world, just as in the straight world. What is a Native American vision quest? What is a Shaman? The author addresses this wide range of topics in book one of Changes of the Heart. You will find yourself rooting for the heroines and begging for justice against the bad gals.

Style My Wedding- Stunning Wedding Decoration Ideas

by Annette Corrie

Style My Wedding Book features inspiring images, ideas, and success tips to styling the wedding of your dreams! In the book you will discover:

– How to make your wedding dreams come to life
– Inspiring ideas and latest wedding styles and themes
– The secret to a breath taking wedding ceremony
– How to create an amazing drop dead gorgeous reception
– How to create the ‘WOW’ factor that will impress your guests
– Stylish colours and wedding decor
– Expert advice on the Wedding Planning Process
– How to create an unforgettable event and a wedding to remember!

Aeroponics Made Simple

by chad peterson

Introduction into the world of aeroponics and indoor gardening. Essential reading for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on the subject.

The 5-Minute Fat Loss Experiment: A Practical Guide To Mastering Fat Loss And Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

by Stefan

The 5-Minute Fat Loss Experiment was born out of the author’s frustration with popular diets. Stefan had gone through many cycles of losing weight only to regain it later. In early 2012 he decided to completely change his approach. He started his own experiment in order to understand and master fat loss. Every day he spent five minutes on keeping a food diary and tracking his weight loss progress. Over time this setup taught him exactly what needed to be done to lose fat effectively. Overall he lost 44 pounds of fat and has kept it off ever since.

The 5-Minute Fat Loss Experiment is the result of refining his system over the course of more than 365 days. It’s a practical guide that is designed to help you understand and master fat loss in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

Every copy of the book comes with four free bonuses:

– Two Full Before & After Case Studies Based On “The 5-Minute Fat Loss Experiment”
– The Goal Physique Calculator – The Ultimate Spreadsheet For Planning Your Weight Loss Goals
– How To Maximize Fat Loss Using A Food Diary (22 pages)
– Frequently Asked Fat Loss Questions (9 pages)

Advanced Aeroponics

by Chad Peterson

This book was written for those wishing to get started in the exciting world of aeroponic gardening. It contains many practical recommendations on settings and tips and tricks from an experienced aeroponic gardener. This will remove the trial and error for many indoor gardeners.

The Lost Orchards of Cantre’r Gwaelod. (Booklet)

by Richard Bambrey

The author invokes the Welsh legend of Cantre’r Gwaelod, a land long since drowned beneath the Irish sea, to help him communicate his passion for apple growing. Assisted by glimpses into a mythological past we are enabled to see into a potential future and the need to produce new varieties of apple. More importantly the need for us all to do this, not leaving it in the hands of faceless ‘experts’. After the inspiration comes the simple ‘How To’ explanations allowing us all to participate in the apple crops of the future by growing apple trees from seeds today.

Year of Action: How to Stop Waiting & Start Living Your BIG, Fabulous Life

by Erin Moran McCormick

One ordinary morning, Erin Moran McCormick tripped over rolled-up posters that had been gathering dust on her floor and her life would never be the same. In that one moment, she decided she wasn’t going to live her life on hold – always waiting and not living. Her Year of Action was born.

This book chronicles her journey from her undergrad days washing dishes at Smith College and scrounging for subway fare in Boston to taking action and following her dreams. She quit her job and bought a one-way ticket to Europe, travelled on her own and had an apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Her journey continues later in life where as the breadwinner and mother of two, she had the courage to quit a toxic job on her 50th birthday in the worst economy in recent history – and she and her family have never been happier.

Her everyday adventures (the good, the bad and the embarrassing), practical advice and Action Steps will show you the secrets of how to see the moments in your life, start believing in the possibilities, and inspire you to take a little step – and then another one – to create your BIG, fabulous life.

How to Reduce Pregnancy Stress Using the Positive Affirmations Technique (My Pregnancy Toolkit Books Collection)

by Einat L. K.

Are you feeling stressed about your pregnancy and the upcoming childbirth? Do you worry that your stress will hurt your baby?  We all want this to be a calm and happy time in our life, but for many women pregnancy is a stressful experience.  Don’t let it get to you. There is a simple and efficient technique that you can use to deal with your stress. 

  • Stress can hurt both you and your baby. While you might struggle with insomnia and depression, your baby could suffer from malnutrition and an increased risk of birth defects. 
  • Stress during pregnancy can even cause preterm labor or a miscarriage. Studies have also shown that babies born to stressed-out mothers tend to follow suit and grow up to be anxiety-ridden adults. 

Your mood is already affecting your baby, so don’t wait to make a change.  Like you, I found pregnancy very stressful. Every day I worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope with my new role as a mother and that my childbirth would be terrifying.  I was constantly worried and anxious. It was then that I began using the positive affirmations technique and I found that my mood improved almost immediately.  
With the positive affirmations technique, you will learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

  • Now you can change worry into reassurance and replace doubts with confidence. 
  • After you have read this book you will be able to put together your own positive affirmations and know how to use them for maximum effect. 
  • You will have a powerful tool to deal with your stress that you can use anywhere and at any time. 

Don’t let fear and doubts take over your pregnancy. Start working on your stress and discover just what a special time in your life this really is.  Have the calm, happy pregnancy that you want â?? starting today.

10 Fun Stories for Boys – Level 2 Reader Collection

by Hannah Grainger

Help your child learn to read with this set of 10 super fun boy’s stories.

Each story has been created around the philosophy of using common words that comprise over 70% of everyday language to assist your child learn to read.

Each level 2 reader story also comes with a set of multiple choice questions that help reinforce new words as your child learns them.

This pack includes the following stories.

1. The Boys of Breck.
2. Birdie
3. Super Heroes I Have Known
4. The Girl
5. Wings
6. The Race
7. Rodeo Days
8. Fishing
9. Desks
10. The Bet

Pick up your copy today!

Hannah Grainger is a former teacher that specializes in early education and helping kids learn to read.

Everyday Natural Remedies – Easy Homemade Recipes and Treatments

by Diane Sommers

Did you know that the cure for almost all of the deseases is found in nature? People used natural treatments and remedies for ages even when there was no technology around and the research to support it.

This Simple Natural Remedies Book is a Collection of Natural Treatments For Various Everyday Health Problems That You Can Find In Your Kitchen Counter.

This natural health remedies book was created and published to be your quick and handy go-to guide for when you need it. No fluff here, and you don’t need to be an expert herbalist to make and use these body recipes, just a little common sense is all that is required. Covering a wide range of essential and trusted herb, root and flower remedies that heal and soothe the body. It is not uncommon for many common health ailments to be quite well treated or even cured with daily/weekly persistence and effort.

Some of the health problems that you can heal naturally an are covered in this book: 
ï?¼ Acne

ï?¼ Arthritis

ï?¼ Colds and Flu

ï?¼ Diarrhea

ï?¼ Headache

ï?¼ High Blood Pressure

ï?¼ Stress

� And many more, all simplified and with multiple ways to treat. 
Learn the methods of using natures abundance to easily treat everyday health problems like headaches, muscle cramps, heartburns and many more. Discover suprising methods that you never heard of and even sound unlikely. These low cost methods are a safe, side effect free and reliable substitute for ove the counter chemicals that are expensive and do you more harm than good. This book is an easy and simple guide to for everyone to use. The health solutions will improve your life and health in more ways than one.

Natural Remedies Have Always Existed and They Are Here For Hundreds Of Years Because Of One Simple Reason, THEY WORK! Buy The Book and Use It For Your Every Day Health.

Scrool Up And Grab Your Copy Now.

The Illegal Wanderlust of Aenii (The Wanderlust Trilogy)

by Lisa Marie McIntire

Aenii will reach her 14th year in three days, and unless a miracle happens – she will be banished to the forest where the other “drecks” live. The law states that if, by a citizen’s 14th birthday, they have not shown a significant talent in one thing – they are labeled a “dreck” and are considered useless.

Unfortunately – all Aenii’s scores are the same, no matter what she does. She is terrified of being abandoned to the forest and believes her only hope is to escape the Valley altogether. Questers are- the only people who are allowed to leave the region, and Aenii believes she quite possibly could convince one to help her. Problem is – no one ever actually sees a Quester.

When infamous Quester, Oliver D. Place returns to the valley, Aenii thinks her problems are solved…but strange deaths arrive in the valley along with him.

Is he truly a Quester…or something sinister?

And what’s more important to Aenii? Escaping Separation or saving the Valley where she has grown up from the mysterious plague?

A drunken and power hungry leader of the people, a motley crew of dashing air pirates, deadly metal spiders, mystery and intrigue…join Aenii in the first of the Wanderlust Trilogy!

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