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Midlife Crisis Survival Guide

by Chapman Deering

Midlife is just what it is. Life in the middle. Past are all those youthful expectations of anything is possible. Looming ahead are all those unknowns of what will happen to me as I grow old? It can be a very scary time. The Midllife Crisis Survival Guide offers a new perspective on those critical issues of money, health and happiness that confront every person, male or female who feels stuck in a midlife crisis.

ADHD In the Schools: Five Secrets Your School Won’t Tell You and What You Can Do

by James Forgan

Dr. Jim Forgan, parent of a child with ADHD and licensed school psychologist, shares insider educational secrets about what public schools don’t often tell parents of kids with ADHD. In this Forgan Parent Support Systems special report, parents get a first hand look at insider information about what many school have as their unwritten rules about kids with ADHD. In addition to revealing the five secrets, Dr. Forgan provides parents with strategies to address each area. This information can help parents understand how to obtain a quality educational plan for their child.

Dr. Forgan believes in providing parents with authentic advice that can help them advocate for their child with ADHD. He provides information to help others learn to help our kids with ADHD.

Child Abuse: The Ripple Effect (Acting Not Reacting)

by Nicholas Wilkinson

Child Abuse: The Ripple Effect takes a look at what it’s like to survive child abuse and how that abuse can cause long lasting issues later in life. Forming relationships, self respect & esteem, are just a few areas in the life of abuse survivors that Nick Wilkinson takes a look at while discussing his own abuse and recovery.

Nice Guys No Longer Finish Last

by Art Langton

“Nice Guys Always Finish Last!”

This seems to be the visible order of the social dating world. How can it be logical, one wonders? You – an intelligent, nice, albeit shy or even geeky guy who has a sense of respect for the opposite sex – are completely side-stepped for the imbecilic and male chauvinist moron of a man who will treat a woman like complete trash. And, by the weirdest logic possible, they – women – are actually attracted to this! Back in college, I decided that I had to counter this appalling travesty.

I understand this frustration because I was, and still am, a proud nerd and a certified ‘nice guy’ at heart. I no longer believe, as I did in the past, that I need to change the person that I am and put on some kind of front in order to go out with an attractive woman. I no longer have a morbid fear of rejection that makes me unable to approach an attractive stranger. All this is because I have, over the years, managed to break the whole ‘getting a date’ thing into a workable science – a real life theoretical model on how to land a date (or multiples dates) with attractive women. This model relies on the underlying principles of mathematical Foraging Theory, which I happened to research in college.

Consequently, this guide lays down a framework for us geeks and nice guys to implement once we understand the basic principles of my science, which I have laid out in a fun and easy to understand manner. Once those are established, the theory is implemented in 5 distinct phases. This has the advantage of narrowing your focus to immediate, achievable objectives with each of your “pursuits” – women you desire – so that grandiose expectations do not interfere to cloud your actions.

Please bear in mind that this guide is NOT some “get laid tonight” sham that offers you lame instant sexual gratification how-to’s with women. No! This is a scientific approach to a date-getting strategy for the reserved and docile (and smart) personalities out there – one that I have generated using proposition, observation, reiteration, and finally, validation via personal results.

Do refer to the Table of Contents, Preface, and the “Overview” sections in the Amazon preview above to read more and to see an outline of the 5 phases of implementation.

With this guide, ‘Nice Guys No Longer Finish Last!’

From Dad to Daughter: A Practical Guide to Dating

by Benjamin Marsh

Following up on the surprising success of “The Rules for Dating my Daughter,” this is the simple, no-nonsense guide to dating every dad wishes he could give his daughter. This book is easy to read, short enough for teenage attention spans, and quite memorable. “From Dad to Daughter” will tackle the subjects you might not feel comfortable addressing or did not know how to talk about with your daughter.

This is the second book by Benjamin Marsh.

Miracle At Christmas (Short Story)

by Don De Lene

“A Miracle at Christmas”. Duh, another fairy story revolving around Santa, right?
This is a tale about synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences. Inexplicable occurrences that can never be planned by us mere mortals, or even conjured up in our wildest imaginations.
The events described really happened.

In His Presence: Moment By Moment (Restore My Soul Edition)

by Margo Thompson

This book initialized, in part, as a series of e-mails that I was composing a couple times a week as an attempt to share my struggles and triumphs with those who may be (or have) experienced the same feelings. I found it therapeutic as I journeyed through my soul and released the unnecessary â??junk’ that was keeping me stagnant. I came to realize, as I unloaded my â??junk’, that God has a great purpose for my life.

By restoring your soul, you bring your emotions, your will and your mind in line with the Word of God. This is important as it determines your feelings, choices and thoughts in regards to your direction in life – Destiny or destruction? Left or right? Up or down? This book will help you to understand how and why our soul becomes damaged and corrupted based on your experiences, choices and observations. Through my narrative and experiences, it is my hope that this book will provoke you to examine your own life and purify your emotions, will and thoughts as you free your soul.



by Anne Stephens


This is really the manual of Prophetic Sayings for everyone that give guidance for all our live.

English Translation and audio (coming soon separetly inshAllah) of 372 Subjects with 2000 Subtitles in 1000 pages

Please do us a favor “Fi Sabeelillah”, tell your friends about our production and also write a nice review in kindle under the title you have, don’t forget we have over 350 titles for you enjoy we have only less than 5 sales so far and we are underfunded due to no help from GOV nor private ORGs.

Compiled by Imam Nawawi (676H -1277AC) and translated and presented by Ahmad Darwish, Khadeijah Abdullah Darwish aka Anne Stephens, and daughter NorKhadijah Ahmad Darwish
The Founders of and

In this translation of the rendering of “The Teachings of Prophet Muhammad” and its English audio, we have for the easement of understanding of the Prophet’s sayings, inserted explanatory words between a set of brackets which are read. For example, “Indeed, deeds are (judged) only by the intention”.

Al Hamdulillah, this edition comes to you with approximately 2000 subtitles under its main 372 chapters.

In addition to the English production, Sister Siti Nadriyah of Surabaya, Indonesia is currently translating “The Teachings of Prophet Muhammad” together with our other English productions into the Indonesian language.

After having collected over 34000 authentic statements of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, from 1850 references amongst which are the renowned 6 and 9 famous books including those of Bukhari and Muslim, Shaykh Ahmad Darwish has been blessed to remove the duplicated narrations and compile these authentic statements into a single Arabic reference.

In conjunction with Shaykh Darwish’s collection of hadith he produced the first Arabic Dictionary of Hadith. This dictionary is the first of its kind and lists over 48000 words used by the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him.

After all this Hadith breath-taking work, praise be to Allah, the authors still consider that this book of Imam Nawawi is the best for every one, even for Hadith scholars.

Worldwide ©2011 Ahmed Kamel Husayn Darwish, Khadeijah Abdullah Darwish, Norkhadejah Ahmad Darwish and Siti Nadriyah Mansyur.

Against All Odds: An Intimate Journey through the Trials of Miscarriage

by Ann Pasko

Against All Odds is the story of Ann, a wife and mother of two, and the eight miscarriages she suffered between 1979 & 1986. A story of tragedy and triumph, the pages within recount the personal experiences of a woman determined to bring new life into the world, despite her poor chances of success. Throughout her struggles, the author kept a journal, recording her every thought and feeling. The result is both a heartwarming and heartbreaking tale by which readers will be both moved and inspired.

How to Get the Spark Back in Your Marriage – A Complete Guide for Women to get the Love back in Your Marriage(marriage counseling,marriage help)

by Ruby Rose

Get the Spark Back in Your Marriage Today!!

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Learning to communicate more effectively
  • Picking Which Battles to Fight
  • How to Get Him to make More of an Effort
  • Non-Verbal Cues
  • Marriage Help
  • Nurturing Marital Bliss
  • How to Take the Initiative
  • How to Stop the Petty Arguments and Make Time for Each Other
  • Much, much more!

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How To Save Your Marriage: A Proven Simple And Easy Method To Saving Your Relationship And Clearing Up Resentment!

by Leslie Johnston

Are You looking to save your marriage?…Well if you are than this is the book for

you!!….In “How to save your marriage:practical steps to saving your relationship

and making it work!…You will not only learn proven steps to rekindle the fire in

you relationship, but you will also learn:

1..How do you know if your marriage is worth saving?

2..Should you try to save your marriage after an affair?

3.. How do you save your marriage when you dont want to lose it,over a stupid fight etc?

4..How To save your marriage from Infedelity?

5..How do you know if its time to give up trying to save your marriage in the first place?

And Much, Much More!!

You deserve the best, and it gets no better than, “How To save Your Marriage:

Practical Steps To Saving Your Relationship And Making It Work!

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