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Have You Ever

by Justin Cheatham

A short poem about living among your dreams

Seeing Life Along the Glass

by Greg Kilberger

To me, poetry is emotion. You can express emotion through the writing of poetry. You can convey emotion to others through the reading or reciting of poetry. You can discover and feel emotion by reading or listening to poetry. What is beautiful about this process is that these emotions do not have to be the same for the creator as they are for the recipient. Poetry is, often times, open to interpretation. This is why poetry can be enjoyed by so many people for years and years. Otherwise, only a scant few could derive any meaning from it.
Contained in this book are poems that have leapt from my brain over the years. Many are the result of situations or people that I have experienced, but not all. Some are from nothing more than my fancy. I hope that these works of poetry find emotion in you. Anger, sorrow or joy, all are welcome. Come, step inside.

Words of a Woman

by Solmaz Hafezi

My name is Solmaz Hafezi and I am a poet and have been living in New York City for a few years now. I like to travel and capture the memory in words, preferably poems and the spoken word. This is my first published book of poems I hope you enjoy.

Hey Seventeen

by Wilhelmina McFadden

Wilhelmina McFadden writes poems, short stories and kick butt music. Hey Seventeen is her new book of poems.


by Nigel Walker

Rose Petals for Josephine is the sequel to Secret Diaries of Jean Batiste. Jean takes a woman from the multitude, Josephine, and places her on personal public display. Chronicling the trials of love and loss, as well as its ups and downs, Jean Batiste desperately seeks an answer to his questionable romantic endeavors as he plucks Rose Petals for Josephine.

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Nigel Walker, a.k.a. Jean Batiste, is an artist that revives the notion of rhythm and poetry as he combines his extraordinary poetic talent with some of the most innovative young producers that has turned him into a cross-over hip hop artist that is gaining the respect of many. Dating back to his middle school years, Jean Batiste began putting together metaphors and imagery, becoming an established poet at an early age. Being one who comes from the housing projects of Alabama in a single-parent family of eight, his content is deeply rooted in the struggles of life and identity; giving him a cultural experience that has connected him and introduced him to the themes that are so commonly found in the hip hop and rap community. Jean Batiste is the answer to what hip hop needs to make sure that it continues to thrive as a major attribute to the lives and culture to all.

Jean Batiste is the author of “Secret Diaries of Jean Batiste” and “Rose Petals for Josephine”. He is an exciting performer and has opened up for hip-hop stars such as C-Lo and Stess the Emcee. Jean Batiste is originally from Eufaula, AL, but now resides in LaGrange, GA. He graduated from LaGrange College with a B.S. and a Masters in Education.


She crept into my memory like silk stalkings;

Smooth and without much effort;

Flaunting a sexual attitude that was never subtle;

And without rebuttal,

I stayed in silence and played into the sway that shaped her slow motion approach;

I tried to show no intimidation,

But her presence made the very nature of my existence unstable;

If there is a smile that can launch a thousand ships,

Hers has the power to lead them home;

I felt all alone in a world that spun out of control as she strolled within a whisper’s distance.

It was this instance that changed me;

For I never knew that my heart could be stolen so easily;

But I could hear the beat fade as she proceeded to pass me by;

She then looks back with a passionate sparkle in her eyes,

Glowing in the acknowledgement of knowing that she was in control of meâ?¦


She was a sophisticated lady with a natural beauty

Straight from the motherland;

With a genuine complexion, smooth as the sandy surface of glorious shores;

And a smile to cue the heavens to chorus.

Sexuality accented her vocabulary,

Balanced with similar substance in her stroll;

A physical wonder of the world and indeed a fitting mold;

Filled to the edge of perfection with no room for defect and I beg of her toâ?¦

“Please come my way!”


We sit side by sideâ??

No words are said;

We barely make eye contact;

But in the back of our minds

We can both see ourselves

Connected to each other

In some fantastic manner;


But satisfying;

In a moment unrealized;

And hard to describe

Because in the blink of an eye,

Nothing is there.

© 2007 by Nigel Walker

Excerpt from “Rose Petals for Josephine”

Expecting Poems

by Bill Tibbitts

This collection of love poems, written to the author’s wife while she was pregnant, is a celebration of the quiet moments that make family and marriage so joyful. Poetic forms used in this collection include haiku, tanka, syllabics and free verse.


Hiking under clouds singing silly songs alone with my son

he tells me about robots, computer

games and how much he

loves his mother. Would you like to know how much he loves her? More

than rockets or cars

or dinosaurs in

space ships floating off

through the universe. Almost, very close,

as much as I do.


by jon elbourne

Book of Australian poetry.

The Love Poet of Vermont

by William Graham

This volume of poems celebrates loveâ??both its joy and heartacheâ??by drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Vermont. In verse that expresses universal emotions, poet William Graham has given his readers a valentine from Vermont.

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