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Helmsmen and Heroes

by William Gosling

When Adam Smith published â??The Wealth of Nations’ in 1776, defining economics as a subject, he also launched the science of control theory. This teaches how to control things to make them change the way you want, or stay the same if that is what you prefer. It sounds easy but it is not.

Great minds studied it, and now it has become a mega-subject, defined by weighty mathematical texts. But the basic ideas underlying classical control theory, explained in this book, are simple and do not require any mathematics.

Control theory is not just autopilots and robots. It explains much about everyday life:
– how we fall in love, or have fights
– why we admire artists and thinkers more than business people, remember them longer yet pay them much less
– how arms races between nations lead to war
– why selling pigs for a living is problematic, and selling silicon chips even worse
– how revolutions collapse into bureaucracy and terror, and why communism failed.
– why England began its industrial revolution in the sixteenth century, Japan in the nineteenth but China not until the late twentieth.

Holding on to the good in life and making what is less good better is a universal motivation, for politicians, bus drivers, entrepreneurs, miners, engineers, mothers and artists, all of us. This easy, entertaining book gives the key to how it can be done.

Cast the Lots: A Civics Dissertation (Homeworker Helper)

by M.D. Jones

This essay was submitted by Flushing High School student M.D. Jones. “Cast the Lots” is a Civics and Government class dissertation. “Cast the Lots” identifies the three key elements in presidential nominations. The purpose of this essay is to show the reader the exceptional impact that age, education, and religion play in voting trends and political nominations.

*All essays published through Homeworker Helper LLC have been published as they were submitted for classes. Grammatical errors may be present to reflect the proper grade of the submitted dissertation. The viewpoints presented in each essay do not necessarily reflect those of Homeworker Helper LLC. It is our hope that such essays will assist fellow students, in brainstorming for literary and English composition courses. Enjoy!

40 by 40 : 40 Stories with less than 40 words (Complete)

by D. Duane Engler

40 by 40 is inspired by creativity, brevity and imagination that allows you to fill in the blanks. The 40 stories in this collection encompass scenes,

thoughts and descriptions that range from grief filled to exciting,

random to hopeless and by design are no more than 40 words long.

I was in awe of Ernest Hemingway’s six-word storyâ??

“For Sale: baby shoes, never worn”

Nonethelessâ?¦.with emphasis on â?¦ â??the less’ a story, let’s begin.

Isn’t every moment a story unfolding….

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