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Author’s Quick Guide to Creating a Killer Non-Fiction Book Title

by Kristen Eckstein

A killer non-fiction book title gives you more than just an enticing hook for your audience, it also gives you a clearly defined focus for your project. If you find yourself writing content outside the range of your title, your title will draw you back inâ??off the rabbit trailâ??to your primary message.

In this e-book, you’ll discover:

– The most popular types of titles and when and where to use them – How to keep integrity with your book title

– My personal step-by-step title creation formula

– How to use keywords in your book title

– And more!

By the end of this Author’s Quick Guide, you’ll have everything you need to create that killer book title for your non-fiction masterpiece!

Work from Home as a Freelance Copywriter

by Reno Charlton

Do you have a passion and flair for writing? Would you like to put this passion and flair to good use?

Freelance copywriting is a service that is always in demand, with businesses around the world always on the lookout for good copywriters to work with. As a freelance copywriter you could find yourself creating all sorts of copy, from website content and articles to press releases, direct mail letters, slogans, press advertisements and more.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I want to escape the 9-5 rat race and work for myself from the comfort of home?

Do I want to enjoy the chance to earn more money by being in control of the work that I take on and setting my own prices?

Would I be able to put my creative skills to good use by producing high quality copy for a global client base?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then freelance copywriting could be the perfect career for you.

I have been working as a successful freelance copywriter for over eight years, having gone from being a receptionist to writing for clients all around the world in less than ten months. Many people have asked me how I broke into this career over the years and have been hugely surprised at how simple the process actually was.

This guide provides you with details of how I became a successful copywriter, enabling you to chart and follow the steps that I took in order to break into this competitive field. Although you will find a number of guides on the market offering advice on how to break into a career in freelance writing, many are based purely on research that has been carried out online. This guide is based on personal experience, which means that you can be confident that the information provided to you really can help you to become a successful freelance copywriter.

Simple Dutch for Novices

by David S. Luton

True. When it comes to Dutch, I’m a novice. But fortunately, my friend and co-author Marco is NOT a novice, but rather a native of the Netherlands who has also lived in the U.S. for several years and is fluent in both English and Dutch. In this book, the novice will find phrases useful in daily life, important vocabulary, pronunciation and basic grammatical explanations and verb forms, all bilingual in English and Dutch. This book is also available in PAPERBACK.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Pronunciation

3. In the Classroom

4. Greetings and Farewells

5. People and Introductions

6. Countries/Cities/Telling Age

7. People and Clothing

8. Days, Months, Seasons

9. Telling Time

10. The Home

11. The Weather

12. The Human Body

13. Food and Drinks

14. Basic Grammar

15. Verbs and Verb Forms

16. Adjectives and Comparisons

17. Quick Reference Verbs (English/Dutch)

18. Quick Reference Verbs (Dutch/English)

19. About the Authors

Pass The New Citizenship Test Questions And Answers English-Spanish Edition

by Angelo Tropea

Same content as paperback edition!

Pass the citizenship test!

This book provides the official 100 questions and answers and presents them in both English and Spanish (in both question and answer style and in flash card style).
In the flash card format each page has one question and the following page provides the answer – an excellent way to study.

The book also provides:
1. a list of important web addresses (Immigration, Naturalization and State Representatives),
2. all of the English writing words asked on the test, AND practice writing sentences!
3. all the English reading words asked on the test, AND practice reading sentences.
4. a list of the State and Territory capitals.

First Week of School – Activities and strategies to prepare yourself, your room, and your students for your most successful year ever (Classroom Management Series)

by Wayne Sheldrick Phd

Your students are going to give you two days to convince them that they want to be in your class!

FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL contains all the activities, strategies and procedures you will need to get you through the first week of school

FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL discusses in detail what you need to do to prepare yourself, your classroom, and your students for the first day of school. As a teacher in elementary or high school there are things that you can do to insure a successful year with your students.

In First Week of School you will:

– learn how to get the procedures you need in place to make you class run smoothly.

– find activities to help your students become more unified and supportive as a group. Teachers are always faced with discipline problems.

– discover strategies that you can employ in the first week that will help you to have a classroom with minimal discipline issues, and procedures in place to deal with them without having major confrontations and losing valuable teaching time.

The first week in the classroom is not just the first of many potentially difficult weeks with your students; it is the week when you set the tone for the entire year. The activities outlined in First Week of School will prepare you and your students for the best school year ever.

To your success,

Wayne Sheldrick

Shocking Unknown Facts: Do You Know These Shocking Unknown Facts?

by Adam Anderson

Looking for something interesting to read to pass the time? Are you ready to discover shocking facts that you are not aware of?

â??’Shocking Unknown Facts: Do You Know These Shocking Unknown Facts?” list down surprising facts that may be new to you. Some of the facts may amuse you while others will astound you.

Get a copy of this book now and discover what these facts are all about.

57 Cheaper, Smarter, and More Profitable Alternatives to College

by Karim Boubker

Discover How to Make More Money, Develop Better Skills, and Live a More Meaningful Life than Any College Education Could Ever Give You. 57 Cheaper, Smarter, and More Profitable Alternatives to College is the controversial book that uncovers one of the biggest scams in America, and gives you a sea of better alternatives to choose from.

STORY’S TRIUMPH: Mining Your Creative Writing for Its Deepest Riches (The Write Up! Series)

by Jeffrey Hillard

Story lives!

Novels, short stories, poems, and creative nonfiction bear light in the world.

As a writer at any skill level, you want to cultivate your imagination, knowledge, and experiences to the maximum. Story’s Triumph – the first book in The Write Up! Series – empowers you to face writing more boldly and confidently, and to write fiction, poems, or creative nonfiction in fresh ways.

Story’s Triumph transcends a typical standard how-to approach. This compact book explores ways that you can both begin writing creatively with realistic promise and, if you’re a published writer, sharpen and enrich those skills by practicing or adopting specific powerful techniques.

And there’s a FREE Bonus article, “The Irrepressible Line,” at

Story’s Triumph covers a number of areas, including:

– Showing how your imagination can unleash new depth in your writing

– Guiding you to discover and build upon areas in your writing previously unnoticed

– Discussing fresh tactics that allow you to gain more writing confidence

– Illuminating ways your writing can achieve more genuine appeal

– Providing experiments and exercises at the end of the chapters

Twenty-seven years of teaching and 35 years of professional writing, publishing, and editing enable me to offer key exercises designed to improve any subject matter. The chapters and experiments reveal how risk-taking can lead to improved development. They show how you can take command over ideas and brainstorming methods. Focusing largely on poetry, I show how elements crossover to equally enrich fiction or creative nonfiction.

Be not fearful. Let your writing triumph.


Jeffrey Hillard teaches literature and creative writing at the College of Mount St Joseph. He’s received awards and grants for his teaching, writing, and publishing. The author of four books of poems and a chapbook of fiction, he has also edited several anthologies of fiction and poetry. He co-founded Cincinnati Writers’ Project in 1988, and has directed community writing workshops as well as workshops in incarceration facilities. For seven years he was associate editor and editor of the former Cincinnati Poetry Review. Currently, he is editor and publisher of the blog/website RED! the breakthrough â??zine (

Forthcoming books in The Write Up! Series include Story’s Oblivion: Building Characters in Your Creative Writing; Story’s Mansion: Mastering Setting in Your Creative Writing; Story’s Paradise: Enriching Setting & Atmosphere in Your Creative Writing; and Story’s Symphony: Engaging Voice & Style in Your Creative Writing.

Ideas For Naughty Fun Extended Edition

by Tim A Rowland

This book contains even more naughty games, thoughts, and ideas… including “Horny Zombie Attack” created by me… Tim A Rowland. The official handbook for the game is coming soon. You will want to see the what’s inside this book…if you enjoy your naughty streak.

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