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The Impossible Stairwell

by S. Douglas Johnson

Returning to school after Golden Week, Etsugoya Jun’ichi begins noticing strange things. A note left in his shoe locker tells him the sequence of cards dealt from a deck. People act strangely toward him, as if he has interacted with them before, even though he has not. The architectural drawings of his school show a mysterious stairwell that no one seems to have noticed before tucked away on the third floor.

Investigating the stairwell with his classmate Tsubakihara Amaya, Etsugoya discovers that his school has a secret, and it is connected to both his past and his future, which may be the same thing.

Fate: Prelude to War (Part 0)

by Christopher Evans

In this prelude to the upcoming Fate series, Adrian Berk is the leader of a vast hidden metropolis of unimaginable technology. No longer satisfied with watching and protecting the world he is hidden away from, Adrian Berk begins to see the whole of creation as his to control. Taking action to reshape the world in his image, he plunges the world into an endless bitter war. That will set the end of all things and mankind’s final fate into motion.

Black Hawks From a Blue Sun (Angry Ghosts)

by F. Allen Farnham

Over one thousand years have passed since humans breathed terrestrial air.

Burned from Earth and the colonies by a ruthless enemy, mankind is believed extinct. Yet two pockets of humanity still cling to life. One is a colonist expedition, plodding through space with the thinnest hope of finding a new world to settle. The other is the remnant of a black budget genetic research facilityâ??a Cadre of stoic and fanatical soldiers preying upon the blue-skinned enemy which decimated them.

After a bloody introduction, the Cadre and the Colonists discover they are as alien to one another as the hated Blueskins. Only the remarkable insights of the colonist Counselor bridge the cultural rifts, permitting the groups to lay aside their greater shares of fear and suspicion. But true integration proves elusive.

Wearied by centuries of travel, the Colonists dream of returning home. The Cadre, its entire history lost to the pragmatism of now, is eager to reclaim its legacy and deliver a shocking blow to the enemy. Therein, the two groups find the commonality to join in common purpose: resettling Earth. First, they must knowâ??are the Blueskins still there?

Cadre soldiers Argo, Beckert, and Thompson are rigorously trained and dispatched on a one way reconnaissance mission to Earth. Their standing orders are to discover enemy strength, to determine possibility of assault, and to sow destruction until killed. Their arrival is the beginning of a planetary stormâ??the falling leaf which seeds the hurricane.


by C. A. Solis

Organizing a large team of scientists, Theoretical Medical Physicist Wyatt Caron finds the door to eternity and meets the most unpredictable of guests on the other side.

Death is conquered not by the sword but by the human mind.

This Time Around (Station One)

by Justin McLachlan

Dr. Van Jacobs gave his life to save the universe… or so he thought. Instead, he awakes half-way across the world, floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean on an iceberg when he should’ve been dead. He’s rescued by the team at Station One, but when he finds out what they’ve been working on, and their plans for the future, he realizes they might fighting on the same side any longer. A Station One series book.

Lunar One

by Rick Phipps

This novella is a cross between 1984 and Escape from Alcatraz. It is a story of what is happening today in our country. It is about the future and the most escape proof prison ever created which is located on the moon. It is controlled remotely by use of robotic equipment. It is the story of an invisible man who is not really invisible but might as well be. In it there is nano-botic drugs, space elevators, the one world order, corpracracy (government by corporation). It is about the resurgence of freedom, love and spirituality.


by Ty Walsh Trez

POWERTRIP is for mature readers due to content that includes Violence, Adult Language, Racist Comments. Three astronauts are on thier way back home after a long, exhausting mission. Cabin fever has set in and when they discover that they are off course – all hell is about to break loose. This story comes from the collection of short stories by Dr. Ty Walsh Trez entitled:
Dr. Ty’s Strange Fiction Volume I & 2


by Ty Walsh Trez

        Han Byul is the last living human on the planet. Robots have already started to rebuild the cities, clean up and recycle the debris. Now Han Byul must find a way to live with what he’s done as he alone is responsible for what has happened. Thinking he will remain in solitude for the remainder of his life, he accepts his fate until the skies fill with ships…
*This short story is taken from the series of Ty Walsh Trez collections entitled, ‘Dr. Ty’s Strange Fiction’.
Dr. Ty Walsh Trez and Daydreamer Knight Books present: ‘HAN-BYUL’
This FANTASTIC ODYSSEY is a thrill ride!! Read the story that will make you tingle all over with excitement, chew your fingernails, and jump for joy! This page-turner novelette was taken from ‘DR. TY’S STRANGE FICTION’ – a series of short story collections also available for Kindle.
Dr. Ty says: “I take my writing and my storytelling very seriously while having more fun than most humans should have writing stories at 3 am on a laptop. Much of what I write is edited and rewritten numerous times before deeming it worthy of publication. For me, it starts out as a skeleton that I jotted down on a McDonald’s napkin, then pondered over the muscles, then the skin, then the hair… I encourage you to write and enjoy the writing of others; there is nothing like being transported to and through new and interesting times and places either within one’s self either by one’s self or through the imagination of someone else. Journeying souls know what I mean! Everything you ever loved about science fiction and fantasy is right here – perhaps a bit more! Please tell your friends and let me know personally if there is any problem with your reading experience. If you had a pleasant experience – please be sure to talk Trez about me all over the place! Five Star ratings bring good luck to those that rate me! Thank you!”
Best wishes, Ty

Beast of Nepal (Realms of the Multiverse)

by G.A. Carter

When the commander of a British Army outpost in Nepal sends reports back to his superiors of a huge beast that is devouring the locals it creates a shock wave that engulfs the research team. Jason and his team leave immediately and almost upon arrival their telepathic companion from Moyatia, a world located within a parallel universe, picks up the scent. The Beast that terrorised Moyatia has arrived. It must be hunted down and eradicated but the forces of evil that created it and then transported it to our world have other ideas. A fighting force made up of the best men the military can muster, along with three metre tall Moyans, are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice; little did they know that such as sacrifice would be surpassed by something worse than death.

The Fifth Mind-leap

by Trevor Palmer

This is a story of two universes and six geniuses, five from our own universe. The strange reason why these made the mind-leap to genius is explored and our history has already highlighted the brilliant insights of two of these. Far into the future, however, the inevitable conflict of great minds looms as our fifth genius to have experienced the mind-leap finds that he is on a collision course with an intruder from a another universe. Which one will prevail?

Stroke Patient Zero

by Ty Walsh Trez

Ty Walsh Trez proudly presents: ‘ Stroke Patient Zero ‘
When an older widowed woman suffers from a stroke, she agrees to leave Baltimore for Washington to allow a Top Secret facility to test a new treatment that they hope will cure her of her symptoms. The results are astounding. (Science Fiction)

The Dome

by E.L. Lemmon

The Dome is a story of a woman who learns of a plan to release a virus. This virus is designed to kill off a certain part of the population that officials of the Universal Health Organization deem undesirableâ?¦

Light Bringer (Realms of the Multiverse)

by G.A. Carter

With the discovery of a planet in a parallel universe that is rich in mineral resources a research team are sent in to investigate. When they find intelligent life they attempt to leave but are compelled to assist a dying race. A man fights for justice in a place which is not only a foreign land; it’s an alien world where guilt is guaranteed. Win or lose, war is inevitable as Reptilian warriors and warlords of another world demand the right to fight for their honour and their freedom. Nothing could have prepared the courageous military men for the evil force that surrounds them. As the vicious and the vile unleash their fury rivers of blood flood the lands. The leaders of men can only pray that their losses are not in vain.

The Protocol Saga Book 1: Innocence (Part 1)

by James D. Marcus

The world as we know it has come to an end. It is the year 2127 and after the second Nuclear World War mankind was forced to band together to prevent such atrocities from ever happening again. An organization known as Protocol was formed to unite all peoples under one common goal: Survival! Now, not long after Protocol’s formation Earth is invaded by a deadly alien threat, the Trojan. The Protocol Saga is a twisted tale of conspiracy, brotherhood, love, deceit, betrayal and redemption as it takes you beyond the white linens and perfect image that Protocol has cultivated and into a deeper and darker vision of the future. What horrors lie beyond the confines of the Sectors? What exactly are the Trojan? Following Protocol will lead you to the answers, but who can you trust?

With supplies short and tempers rising Jax leads his team of mercenaries, the Alpha-males, on a recovery mission. What will Jax find in the wasteland, will it be the goods that his people so desperately need? Or will Jax find something else, something far more valuable than just food and water.

Growing up as young prospects in Protocol isn’t as easy as it looks. Arc Sampson, Atticus Jack, Angelica White and Ashley Abrams are all training to be future members and soldiers of Protocol. With their first Squad Challenge coming up the four must learn to work together and put old rivalries aside in order to make a name for themselves.

This first volume is one half of the first book in the Protocol Saga: Innocence

Tyger 9 in Time

by Ty Walsh Trez

Ty Walsh Trez proudly presents: Tyger 9 in Time

In the not-so-distant future, Toby – a starving artist that just got out of the hospital from a leg injury – decides to do a favor for his older brother Alex. Living in an ancient castle with a genetically engineered housecat and an android butler, he is visited by an old friend from college – an alien. Meanwhile, the castle holds a secret that will take Toby on an adventure through time! Prepare yourself for Tyger 9 in Time!

*watch for bonus material

The Hunter’s Daughter – A C-Shapes Novel

by Matthew Fish

7 years after a virus has left half of the population of the world mentally unstable, a sixteen year old girl named Chloe must decide between a life of simplicity, the enjoyment of nature instilled upon her by her deceased mother, or the life her father has laid out for her as a Hunter–A person who kills Unstables when they turn aggressive.

Space Weasels

by Edward M. Grant

Vicious, congenitally bureaucratic, and proud of their resplendent flame-red uniforms which give them a five minute life expectancy in combat, the Flaming Space Weasels wiped out most of Dirk Beretta’s fellow space marines at the battle of Din Bin Foo… then served them for lunch with a nice Merlot.

In the aftermath, Dirk quits his job as poster boy for the space marines, to drown his sorrow in cheap booze and cheaper women. But when a gang of pirate Weasels come hunting fresh meat for the kibble factories, his brand of pig-headed determination and excessive violence may offer the chance for redemption… and revenge.

A 7,000 word science fiction short story.

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