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Be inspired by the travel adventures of four intrepid motorcyclists who rode their Kawasaki KLR 650’s from their home town-Cape Town (South Africa) to Singapore, combining their own sense of adventure with a fundraiser for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. Despite many challenges and nail biting moments, they achieved their goal, covering 17 countries, 3 continents, (Africa, Europe, and Asia) and over 23,000 km. in just over 4 months, with many a hilarious moment to keep the reader amused. A unique aspect of the trip was that the group was comprised of a father, son, and daughter, and a friend who completed the quartet of bikers. Read on to find out what would move a man to marry his sister! Even if you are not a motorbike rider you will enjoy this book. You will however need a sense of fun, and a sense of adventure.

Because this is a travel book, we chose to include many photos. While regular Kindle viewers will not have the full advantage of colour, the pictures are clear. Other tablets or readers will give you that bonus.

Rosco Goes To Santa Fe

by Diane Sayer

Children’s travel book visiting Santa Fe with Rosco. Santa Fe is small in size, but big in history. Rosco shows kids some of his favorite places. Fun for all the family.

Asoke Cat The Cat On Asoke Station Sky Train

by John.D. Miller

Asoke Cat ,The Cat On Asoke Station Sky Train Bangkok,Thailand.

Dhaka to Dakar: Europe : Chapter Fourteen – Vienna, Olomouc, Zakopane and Budapest

by Andrew Boland

The final part of the European leg. I discover the beauty and music of Vienna, a rarely visited town in the Czech Republic, see how much my heart and knee can take in Poland before finishing in one of Europe’s truly magnificent cities – Budapest.
Enjoy the highs and lows of backpacker travel as my journey to reach Dakar, Senegal, from Dhaka, Bangladesh progresses. Next stop – Ghana!

101 Travel Tips: That WILL save you money & make travel easy

by Tom Williams

Do you want to travel cheaper & easier?

Do you want to… Find the cheapest route from A to B? Get free stuff? Avoid getting food poisoning? Get more sleep when staying in hotels/hostels? Get into major attractions for half price?

It’s all in here, and a lot, lot more… So what are you waiting for?

* This book will not only save you money but also outlines simple tips to improve your travel experience and links to plenty of additional online resources.

* Read about the truth behind expensive “Volunteer” Programmes and how you could end up getting deported if you don’t follow the rules.

* We’ve tried to make the tips as generalised as possible so they will apply to travellers on different budgets and travelling to many different countries, but our focus is mainly for independent travellers – although there are plenty of gems in here for any tourist too.

Why trust our tips?

We’ve been international travellers for many years and have currently visited and/or lived in over 60 countries world-wide and counting!

We are currently nomads living on a tiny budget, so saving money and making travel as effortless as possible, as well as staying safe, is a major priority!

Postcards From Frankfurt

Where do the locals eat in Frankfurt? Where are the best places to stay? And what are the hidden gems that other tourists have never heard of?

The รข??Postcards From’ series is a collection of five short essays on different elements of a destination. Our travel writers look for interesting and unusual elements to a city, composing a collection of portraits that will introduce the reader to some of the least known aspects of the destination. These collections are essential reading for the would-be traveller. Each book is around 7,500 words in length.

Ellora Caves: Guide and Pictures

by Brian May

The Ellora Caves are some of the most fascinating ruins in the modern world. These caves draw in millions of visitors are year. Located in India, these caves are a true archaeological wonder.

Parthenon: Facts, Images, Travel Guide

by Brian Mays

For those planning a trip to the Parthenon or who have recently been, this is the perfect book for you. With travel information regarding how to get there, the cost, and the best time to visit this ebook will provide you with everything you need to know to have the perfect vacation to this historical site.

Petra: History, Travel Guide, and Pictures

by Brian May

Petra is one of the most fascinating historical sites in the world. This book describes the history of this amazing place. Within this book you will find information on visiting Petra, how to get there, and the costs associated with visiting.

Top 10 Bangkok by Foot

by Top 10 by Foot

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. This ebook contains the top 10 tourist destinations with images, web resources, and descriptions of the cost, how to get there, and the best time to visit. Includes; the Wat Arun , The Grand Palace, The Golden Mount, Lumpini Park, and much more. This travel guide is a must have for anyone traveling to Singapore and will help you the best spots and make the most of your vacation.

Top 10 Dubai by Foot

by Top 10 by Foot

Dubai is consider one of the best places to live in the Middle East. This incredible city is a true tourist destination. This ebook outlines the top 10 tourist destinations in Dubai with details on cost, location, history, and the best time to visit. Includes: the Dubai mall, the Dubai Aquarium, the Dubai fountain, Burj Khalifa, and many more. With color images and internet resources this book is a must have for the Dubai traveler.

Top 10 Hong Kong by Foot

by Top 10 by Foot

Hong Kong is a tantalizing Asian city. This full color ebook provides an easy to follow tour guide to Hong Kong. With a visual and written description of the top ten sites around the city. You will find information on cost, directions, and best times to travel as well as history.

Top 10 London by Foot

by Top 10 by Foot

London is home to Big Ben, the Globe Theater, Milineum Wheel, Tower Bridge and much more. This ebook provides the smart traveler with information on the best times to visit each site, the cost, and visitor tips. With this travel guide to London you will be able to plan the perfect vacation.

Top 10 New York by Foot

by Top 10 by Foot

The Big Apple is an incredible city and many tourists have lost their heart in this fantastic city. New York is home to some of the worlds most famous sites like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and more. This travel guide provides information on these sites and more with details of the costs, best times to visit, and how to get to each site. Perfect for the tourist planning the perfect vacation to New York.

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