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KOMAINU Photo Album 1 : Japanease shrine guardians

by Tomoharu Hikoda

Komainu are statue pairs of animal figures guarding the entrance to the shrine and are supposed to ward off the evil spirits.

Please enjoy Komainu of 10 famous or obscure Japanese shrines.


Hakone Shrine

Hakone Motomiya Shrine

Mitsumine Shrine

Togakushi Chu-sha Shrine(Middle Shrine)

Togakushi Oku-sha Shrine(Deep Sanctuary)

Togakushi Kuzuryu-sha Shrine(Shrine of the Nine-headed Dragon)

Togakushi Hoko-sha Shrine(Treasure of Light)

Miho Shrine

Kamemaro Shrine

Maruko-Sannoh-Hie Shrine

Legend of the Candy Cane (SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS)

by Bernard J Muzeen

Santa delves into myth, tradition and his personal observations over the ages to explain the รข??Legend of the Candy Cane’. They were symbols of Kingship in the time of the Pharaohs. Do share the legend regarding the shape, colors, and spirit of the Candy Cane with the Children of the 21st Century.

A collection of true, charming and insightful stories inspired by children and adolescents, ages 3 to 12, written by SANTA .


Bernard J. Muzeen, P.Mgr.


Stephen Sammon

Kids in the Biz: A Hollywood Handbook for Parents

by Troy A Rutter

Troy Rutter has laid out a road map for parents who know they must never stop the process of learning about the business their child finds so appealing. – Paul Petersen, President and Founder of A Minor Consideration

You’ve heard the horror stories about stage parents fumbling away their child’s career through ill-informed decisions or alienating their children from the industry by being behind-the-scenes tyrants. So how do you avoid becoming that stage parent while keeping your child happy, healthy, and working?

Troy Rutter has helped establish some of Hollywood’s best-known child actors, and in Kids in the Biz, he tells you exactly how to concentrate on getting your kid that big break without breaking up your family life.Kids in the Biz walks you through the entire process of building your youngsters acting career – from local commercial work, to getting an agent, to getting into Hollywood. Each step of the way Rutter gives you industry-smart advice and psychological insights to help you make decisions that build a resume and avoid burnout. Perhaps most important of all, he focuses a chapter on the often tricky financial workings of the acting business, giving you real-world facts and figures about how much your child can really expect to make in show business and how you can safeguard their earnings by avoiding scams. Plus, he includes examples of all the forms, contracts, letters, and other documents you’ll need to get going, make connections, and support your child’s career.

So whether you think that your sons smile would be perfect for television or that Hollywood should bronze your daughters star for the Walk of Fame today, read Kids in the Biz before your family takes that first step into the world of child acting.

Flowers & Gardens – A First Digital SLR Handbook (How to Improve Your Photography)

by Michael J. Hadfield

A beginners guide to digital SLR photography. This volume teaches you how to create professional flower and garden images that you will be proud to own and display.

The Christian

by Donald Scott

Henry’s lifelong dream is to sail the world single-handed. Attempting to live a normal life and out of the public eye, the best-selling author doesn’t get far before he meets his soul mate and embarks on a supernatural globetrotting adventure as he’s taken hostage while sailing with his new family in hostile waters. Henry is offered up his freedom by his captors, a radical religious group from Pakistan, in exchange for the release of three of their prisoners held by the United States.
The importance of knowing historical world facts and events as compared to Christian Biblical teachings and dire warnings, taught and prophesied by the Master Teacher, is fundamental to Henry’s beliefs. Although his beliefs are extremely contrary to current Christian teachings, he lives his life by what he has discovered in his research and as he spreads his message of the importance of understanding God’s established Kingdom, miraculous events take place reaffirming his beliefs – to himself and to everyone around him. Henry is by no means perfect, but his beliefs and determination help him to accept the situations and consequences he faces.
Will the terrorists get what they want, or will God divinely protect Henry and his new family, or will the United States Navy succeed in finding and rescuing Henry first? After the United States President stands on historical policy of no negotiations with terrorists, the Pakistani Taliban endeavor to kill Henry on live television and the Internet as the world watches with bated breath.

The First Master of the Seconda Pratica

by Jennifer Brown

An essay examining the “Lagrime of San Petro” by Orlando Lassus

Kennst du das Land?

by Jennifer Brown

Composers began finding comfort in the nature poems of Goethe. Among Goethe’s poetry is Kennst du das Land. This poem is from a cycle of poems titled Willhelm Meisters Wanderjahre written in 1795. The poem is about a young girl named Mignon, who has apparently left her home, possibly abandoned and arrives at the doorstep of Willhelm. She sings of a place she seems to have been to, “Kennst du das Land?”

Among the numerous composers who composed art songs, Beethoven is credited with fathering the new Art Song, Schubert created the Modern Art Song, and Wolf is considered the Master of the Art Song. The purpose of this analysis is to compare Kennst du das Land, composed by Beethoven, Schubert, and Wolf to the characteristics of Classicism and Romanticism in an effort to determine to what extent the Romantic Era constituted a break with the past.

Man Sketches Volume 2

A collection of sketches of the male nude in classical art school style.

The Parthenon: A Children’s Guide

A brief book meant to teach children about ancient Greek architecture, specifically the Parthenon.

South East Australian Beaches

by Corey Hamilton

This fixed format book contains 60 full page pictures from recent 5000 kilometre circuit trip around South East Australian coast, including Great Ocean Road, Limestone Coast and more. To view the narrative and photo details, click/ double tap on the right side of the picture.

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