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The Constant Agent: 32 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Build into Your Business Daily

by Linda Schneider

Are you always asking yourself, “What else can I be doing to get more real estate leads?” You’ll find answers in The Constant Agent: 32 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Build into Your Business Daily. This list contains only proven tactics that have generated real leads for real agents working everyday, just like you.

While you might call these “guerrilla” marketing because they leverage your limited resources, they are not silly, sneaky, or unworkable. On the contrary, while they can be fun or even “no-brainers,” they are also supremely effective.

From the simplest of things (wear your name tag everywhere) to the most powerful listing tactic of all (door-to-door canvasing), you’ll find 32 specific, motivating, and workable answers to the question of what you can be doing everyday to generate more leads, along with stories and examples of how they’ve worked to generate business in the real world.

INTJ: Harness Your Gifts, Utilize Your Strengths, Find Success and Thrive as The Unstoppable Mastermind (Unlock Your True Potential, Discover Your Myers … In Your Work, Happiness and Relationships)

by Dan Johnston

This Book Is For The Millions of INTJs Who Know They’re Capable Of Amazing Achievements and Want An Upper Hand In Living An Extraordinary Life

This book is for all the INTJs who want to become their best selves at work and at home. It’s also for friends, family, dates and bosses who want to understand INTJs in a new way. If you’re someone who wants to make the most of yourself and create the most fulfilling relationships possible then you must indulge yourself in this book. 

When you buy this book you’ll discover the most comprehensive guide in existence to succeeding as an INTJ.

Sex, Love and Relationships

-How to find your perfect mate and build a relationship that works

-How to avoid conflict and positively express your feelings

-Discover how to overcome the most common relationship challenges as an INTJ

-Are you dating an INTJ? Learn how avoid the most common INTJ “traps”, minimize fights, maximize love and avoid heartbreak.

Discover Your Perfect Career

It’s not enough to know what careers an INTJ could do, you want to know where an INTJ will thrive and be able to achieve financial success, happiness and fulfillment. That’s what you’ll find here.

Thrive At Work and Reap The Financial Rewards

Discover the strategies used by successful INTJs to thrive at work and answer questions like:

-As an INTJ, what career is right for me?

-As an INTJ, why do I hate this job? Why is my boss such an idiot?

-As an INTJ, why am I so bored at work?

-How can I earn more money as an INTJ?

-As an INTJ, how can I be happier at work?

INTJ Secret Weapons Revealed (aka Your Strengths)

-Discover your natural gifts and how to apply them to work and social situations.

-Learn what INTJs can do that no other type is as capable of.

-How to harness your strengths and make yourself priceless to friends, lovers and bosses.

INTJ Kryptonite (aka Your Weak Spots)

-Discover why many INTJs have trouble with their tempers.

-Understand where your weaknesses come from and how to easily overcome them.

-Why so many INTJs suffer from ridged thinking? Why are INTJs so critical of other people? Most importantly, how do you cure yourself of it?  

Also Inside:

-10 Strategies For Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness as an INTJ

-Following Giants: Discover what famous INTJs have in common and what you can learn from them.

-An Introduction To Myers-Briggs and Personality Psychology: Finally understand what those 4 letters mean and how different types relate.

-The Four Groups – There are 16 personality types but these types can actually be broken down into just 4 groups. Understanding these groups can save you hours and allow you to quickly understand the core personality of those around you and how the two of you will relate.

The Difference Between “Getting By” and Thriving

Abraham Maslow put the desire for “self-actualization” at the top of his famous pyramid of human needs. Maslow taught us that we will never really be complete, happy, or satisfied unless we are striving for our full potential. That is why I wrote this book. This book is about thriving as your best self. It’s about thriving in a world where so many people settle for average.

Other books on personality types include brief descriptions of each type, sometimes with a few tips. This book goes deeper than any other book, website or guide and includes the reasoning behind the strategies so you can truly understand the INTJ.

Sparking Change Around the Globe: 5 ways to make your difference in the world

by Barbara Edie

In Sparking Change Around the Globe, top leaders of transformation and non-profit organizations share their stories, wisdom and insights on making their vision a realityâ?¦ and how they achieved what others considered “impossible” to create the change in the world they wished to see. You’ll discover five common practices these visionary change-makers share, and how you can find your own fire to spark to ignite change in the world–or in your own life.

Whether it’s an Italian teacher and Buddhist revolutionizing education in India, a fiery transformational leader helping kids and teens discover their passions and change their destinies, an American mom empowering girls and women in Uganda, an international yoga instructor teaching yoga from a wheelchair, or a remarkable young professor bringing online education to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, all of these change-makers share practices and principles that enable them to align their passion and purpose to bring their vision to fruition. They are not only change-makers, they are world-changers.

Learn how you too can apply these practices to inspire change in your world or community. You don’t have to go global to be noble. In many cases, these leaders started out where you might beâ??as teachers, journalists, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and momsâ??but with a dream to do something “bigger.” With deep commitment and extraordinary vision they’ve created programs and organizations that are not only transforming the world and the lives of thousands, but also their own lives.

The Alpha Interface: Empirical Research on The Financial Markets. Book Two: Twenty-Four Trading Strategies Based on Scientific Findings About Technical Analysis

by Jeffrey Mishlove PhD

“My vote for the best trading books of the year (likely the decade).” Dr. Ron Blackburn, trader

Trading or investing without being aware of the scientific research in this field is like driving a car with one eye closed.

Learn what empirical science has discovered about the predictive value of technical analysis. When is it the most accurate? When is it of little value?

Learn about the trend following algorithm that yielded researchers an annual return of greater than 400%

If you have traded securities without knowing the latest scientific research on technical analysis, have you been doing your homework? Books for traders and investors are full of untested lore. But, what does rigorous scientific experimentation tell us?

Until now, this information has been hidden in obscure, academic journals. Now it is made available to traders and investors in plain, straightforward language.

The series, of which this is the second book, is titled The Alpha Interface:
Empirical Research on the Financial Markets.

Book Two is titled Twenty-Four Trading Strategies Based on Scientific Findings About Technical Analysis.

“This set of tools can help both ordinary and professional investors alike to re-think and re-vitalize their stock picking, timing and methods. A young, aspiring Warren Buffet could put this book to good use.”

James P. Driscoll, PhD, investor

Make Money Blogging in 2014 and Beyond: Earn Profits With Your Blog

by Corey Frankosky

About Me:

I am Corey Frankosky and I have 5 years of experience with SEO, affiliate marketing, and blogging. A year ago, I graduated from college with a degree in Information Systems and decided to go for my MBA. In August of 2013, I graduated from college with my Masters in Business Administration.

About this book:

This book is helpful for blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, internet marketing, and affiliate marketing success. I will teach you about how to build a WordPress blog that helps you make money. You will learn how to create content, promote your blog, build website traffic, and earn profits online.

What You Will Learn:

You will first learn how to set-up a hosting and a WordPress blog. In the case you already have hosting and a blog, you can jump right into Chapter 7 about creating content. There you will learn how to create content that draws in traffic and keeps your blog visitors entertained. You will then learn how to promote your blog so you can build traffic fast. Once you learn how to build traffic, you will be able to monetize your traffic so you can make money blogging.

Who this book is for:

This is book is written for the beginning blogger but there are definitely advanced tips. If you want to blog or if you are struggling with your blog then this book is for you. I will teach you how to build a blog from the ground up and how to earn profits once your blog becomes popular.

Win More, Compromise Less: A Better Alternative To The Win-Win Approach (Leadership and Management series)

by Asaf Shani

Have you ever felt like you’re on the losing end of the bargain after compromising? Do you wish there was something else you could have done instead?

Well, there’s good news for you. There is something else you could have done, something else that you can do so you you won’t have to feel bad about compromising ever again.

In this book, Asaf Shani bravely points out the flaws of the classic Win-Win approach, which is what leads to compromise, and gives you a new, more practical and universal approach on how you can truly win. Asaf Shani is an internationally renowned consultant on negotiation and conflicts and draws from his extensive 16 years of experience in economics, accountancy, law and analytical philosophy to offer a field hands-on guide for dealing with conflicts.

Each flaw has its own section, explained in detail and in words that are easy to understand, accompanied by illustrations and examples everyone can relate to and in the last chapter, you’ll get a clear idea how to deal with each using Shani’s modern ‘I win’ approach, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to apply the ‘I win’ approach to every conflict you get caught up in.

In this way, the next time you get caught in the midst of conflict, you won’t feel out of options or out of touch with yourself. You can grab hold of the situation and in the end, triumphantly say ‘I win’!

Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle

by Rick Hart

Businesses spend lots of money getting people to their websites but often they spend little turning those visitors into customers.

Too bad. They are missing out on lots of new customers â?? not to mention wasting money.

Rick Hart finally talks about this important aspect of online marketing in his book Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle.

Yes, getting people to your website is a challenge. But the only thing that’s worse is watching those hard-earned visitors leave in the first few seconds because they didn’t find what they are looking for. That’s what happens on most websites.

So What Is The Sales Cycle?

It’s the decision making process that everyone goes through before they buy a product or service. Everyone needs some important questions answered before they will buy…

  • “What is my problem and why do I need to solve it?”
  • “What solutions are available?”
  • “How will I feel once I solve this problem?”
  • “Is this solution the best of all available solutions?”
  • “How do I learn more about my problem and the solutions?”
  • “Why should I buy now?”
  • “How do I buy?”

And the beauty of online marketing is, once you get your website setup correctly, you can turn visitors into customers automatically, 24/7.

But there’s more to getting your website ready for business than just talking about yourself. Until you can communicate the benefits of your solution clearly, you won’t even get your visitor’s attention let alone their business. They’ll be gone in just a few seconds, as over 70% of website visitors do.

And communicating these benefits is something you’ll need to do on all your touchpoints â?? on all the online locations where you might meet your prospects.

Here’s what you will learn in Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle

  • How to identify where someone is in the Sales Cycle.
  • What questions you need to ask to turn a suspect into a prospect.
  • How to identify your market’s problem/solution profile.
  • What are the most important Most Wanted Responses you want from your visitors.
  • What is the most important stage in the Sales Cycle (hint: it’s about emotions).
  • How to setup your Sales Pages for maximum conversion.
  • Why your navigation may be driving away customers.
  • Why Social Media Marketing requires an entirely different mindset.
  • Why you need a Call to Action on every page.

And once you understand YOUR Sales Cycle you can begin to setup your Sales Funnel and leverage every visitor to your site no matter where they are in that Sales Cycle. You’ll begin to build that lifetime relationship with your customer that every business needs to succeed.

Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle will teach you the secret sauce of conversion, the real holy grail of online marketing.

Getting new customers is not an art. It’s a science. And once you know how to push the right buttons, your website can finally do its job of bringing you more customers. A conversion increase of just 1% can mean the difference between a business succeeding or failing.

Converting visitors into customers online is not an accident. It’s a process that can be tracked, tested and tweaked as few other marketing tactics can. And Rick teaches the basics of how to setup up your website’s tracking so you know where a visitor comes from, what they do on your site, and whether they respond to your Call To Actions â?? or not.

Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle is the book that will finally teach you how to make your website work â?? a

40 Ways to Use QR Codes For Mobile Marketing (Mobile Matters)

by Jeff A. Hamilton

Download this guide ONLY if you want to super-charge your marketing to mobile device owners using the power of QR codes.

Quick Response, or QR Codes, are one of THE hottest ways to market to Smartphone users, regardless of whether you have an online business or a bricks and mortar one.

In this handy guide, learn how to get started marketing like a pro with QR codes.

You will discover:

+what QR codes are;
+how to create them for free;
+the best ways to structure your QR code campaigns;
+how to track the effectiveness of each QR code campaign.

You will also learn:

+how to find and use some of the top free QR code creation sites online; +how to create mobile optimized landing pages at your site for your QR code campaigns;
+40 of the top ways to use QR codes no matter what niche you are in.

If you are looking for more traffic, customers and profits for your business, download this guide today, start crating QR codes and campaigns, and and reap the rewards.

40 Ways to Use QR Codes For Mobile Marketing



Jeff Hamilton, from an academic family, has climbed the corporate ladder to become a director of technology at a Fortune 100 firm. He is the author of several popular titles on finance and technology and contributes regularly to a variety of websites, including the Technology-Leadership blog.

Andrew P. Simon has worked in some of the top financial houses and technology-focused companies in the world for over a decade. He is one of the leading consultants at and is currently working to expand the capabilities of Android-based Smartphones.

Joan Mullally has worked in print publishing for over 20 years and digital publishing for sixteen. She has worked in online marketing full-time for over a decade and has served as one of the top marketing consultants for Accent Marketing Group Inc.

Joan’s emphasis is on using technology and her extensive marketing experience to help start-up businesses launch, expand and grow successfully. Her ability to analyze websites and then metrics also enables her to turn around companies that are not making the most of their online presence, and help them improve their conversion rates.

Martial Art Marketing – Building Your Brand

by Aaron Perry

Why do some Martial Arts Schools thrive while others struggle to get by? Because success is not just a result of working hard but also smart.

Learning Marketing is the same as learning a Martial Art, you need to learn the right techniques and use them at the right time or you risk getting kicked in the face time after time.

The No B.S. Guide To Making Money While Building Your Brand explains where and when to focus your energy to maximize your rewards and minimize any costs.

Building your Business into a recognized and respected Brand will separate you from the pack and lead you into becoming the Authority in your area.

Discover exactly what you need to do to Brand your Business the right way for Instant and Long Term Rewards

Generate additional profits and massively increase your advertising reach while building a close knit family with your students.

Branding Yourself and Your Martial Arts School allows you to charge higher fees, be more selective about who you take on as students and it opens up a lot of opportunities including public speaking, guest appearances, expert interviews, free media coverage and more.

This book is the first in the Martial Art Marketing series, be sure to collect the other titles in the set as they are released.

Aaron J. Perry is the Chairman of Martial Art Marketing, the creator of Martial Games for Kids and has helped hundreds of Martial Arts School Owners to grow their student numbers, increase profits and have fun doing it since 2005.

Facebook Marketing: 111 Great Tips and Ideas Proven to Kick-Start Your Facebook Marketing

by Meir Liraz

In this book you’ll discover 101 great tips and ideas proven to kick-start your Facebook marketing.

Special Bonus included Within This Book:

The Simple Strategy That Made Me an Internet Millionaire

There is a special breed of Online-Millionaires that are making money on the internet like crazy. You’ve probably never heard of them. They keep themselves and their activities under the radar. Why? because they follow a certain simple strategy and they don’t want you or anyone else to discover it. This strategy has created more millionaires than you could ever think possible.

How do I know? I am one of those Millionaires, and I’m going to reveal to you in this special bonus guide each and every component of this incredible strategy.

My name is Meir Liraz. You may have stumble on my name on the internet, probably in relation to my activities as a writer and publisher of business guides. This is just one side of me, the visible one. There has been another side to my online presence, a concealed one, as a leading player in the internet marketing arena.

I’ve been an active internet marketer since the first days of the Internet, back then the reigning search engines where dinosaurs bearing names like Alta-Vista, Infoseek and Lycos, while Google was just a vague idea in the minds of two brilliant Stanford students.

As I don’t believe in theories and opinions, I’ve tested dozens of ways and strategies of making money online. Some proved to be successful while others bombed (and served me well as learning experiences). I must’ve been doing something right as I’ve managed to accumulate along the way a seven figure fortune. The bottom line is that I’ve come up with a simple most effective strategy of making money online, as a matter of fact this strategy made me a millionaire – in the bonus section included within this book I’ll show you exactly how it works so that you too will be able to make tons of money online.

Why reveal my methods now? Well, I’m semi retired and I’ve made enough money so that my kids do not have to work one more day in their lives (if they so desire). I’ve had my blessings and now I want to help others succeed as well, this is my way to give back.

Now look, 99% of the folks who try to make it on the Internet follow the same rout, the same set of activities. They all move in one big herd. Listen, In the highly competitive internet business arena, when you do the same things as anyone else you don’t stand a chance to succeed – you are doomed.

In order to make money online you must go off the beaten path, you need to do something different, you need a competitive edge – and that is where the strategy presented in this section bonus comes into play. This guide will give you that “unfair advantage” to boost your sales, pile up profits and leave your competitors in the dust.

The strategy I show you in this guide is the easiest, fastest, most effective way to make money online fast. While you are reading this hundreds of people on the Internet are making money like crazy. Why not you?

It doesn’t require “brains” or education, anyone can do it! As a matter of fact I know of a high school dropout that is making tons of money with this strategy.

All you have to do is follow my easy to understand step by step instructions. Once you complete the 4 easy to grasp steps you can just sit back and see the money keeps pouring into your bank account day in, day out, for years to come.

Are you ready to make loads of money online now? just click on the “Buy” button above!

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The DBA Formula (A Step by Step Series for creating a profit in your small business)

by Donna Amos

Discover how to include the three elements in your business that are critical to your success. You can become a successful solopreneur /small business owner. This information can assist you to ensure that you don’t experience a lot of roadblocks along the way. You are going to work hard, and that hard work can really be empowering when you are passionate and experiencing results.

GENERATION Z | The Global Revolution

by Morgan Kennedy

Generation Z, The Global Revolution is an e-book about an entire generation utilizing the power of information to take back a future stolen by corruption and greed. A radical departure from the mainstream, Generation Z takes a fresh look at many of today’s most pressing political and social issues and presents a new viewpoint far removed from the bounds of typical Left and Right rhetoric and special interests.

Written by a young rogue marketer fed up with the false choices of today’s global political landscape, Generation Z is about an unstoppable idea whose time has come. A Revolution is taking place before our eyes and is changing people’s minds about the proper role of government the world over. While voting some of our corrupt politicians out of office is a start, a real Revolution is only possible when we dismantle the institutions that have only proven to be the means of our suffering.

In Generation Z you will learn:

– Why the Occupy Wall Street Movement is gaining ground and why the protestors have taken to the streets.
– How today’s youth is footing the final bill for 100 years of American Empire.
– Why our Entitlement systems are reaching a breaking point and why they will be impossible to continue in the very near future.
– Why we are witnessing a Global Economic Meltdown. And why it will get worse, especially in America.
– Why hyperinflation of the dollar is a forgone conclusion at this point and how to protect yourself from its devastating effects.
– Who really benefits from the Business of War and practical ways to put them out of business for good.
– How a True Intellectual Revolution is building and changing peoples minds the world over.
– Who the leaders of the Second American Revolution are and where they spread their message of freedom today.
– The Principles necessary to take this country back and once again defend Liberty for yourself and your fellow Americans in the tough years ahead.

As more people around the world lose everything and are pushed into poverty because of our leaders, we are reaching a point where all we are left with is a choice. For the youth of the world the choice is easy; keep allowing the political process to serve multinational corporations and a self-serving elite or take back what is rightfully ours and put the realm of politics back in the realm of the people.

With over 100 extremely relevant quotes from great thinkers ranging from Thomas Jefferson and Plato to Martin Luther King Jr. and Tupac Shakur, Generation Z is sure to hit home no matter where your political loyalties lie. If you are tired of the same old scare tactics and bullying from the establishment, if you know in your heart that something is terribly amiss, or if you simply believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, then Generation Z is for you.

Can we transform ourselves from Generation Whatever into Generation Whatever It Takes?

I certainly hope so, though I don’t claim to know how this will all shake out.

All I know is that it begins when you Stand Up.

So if you’ve had enough, put your fist in the air and join us.

We are Generation Z.

We are what’s next.

Get Your Business into Shape! America’s Top Business Consultants Tell You Why a Business Coach Can Help Your Business!

by Marek McKenna

Why Should You Hire a Business Coach?

A business coach assists business owners, managers and individuals to evaluate their weaknesses and strengths so that they can improve on them. Most businesses that hire coaches are passionate about succeeding, improving and implementing new strategies, and accepting change. A business coach will help you to create a great marketing plan, regain focus on your goals or priorities, find means of turning your business into a more profitable venture and develop a superior management team. In addition, a business coach will bring in fresh ideas to your firm.

Many critics dismiss business coaches because they operate in an industry that is not regulated by ay authority. However, latest objective studies show that the industry is here to stay. Additionally, the studies have proved that coaching is one of the most efficient means of polishing your business skills and professional edge. Findings from a study conducted by Fast Company Magazine show that about 40% of Fortune 500 companies engage business coaches to develop their businesses. The firms could not be hiring the services of business coaches if the returns on investment were not good.

What’s It Mean – Shifting To Green? (Sustainable Intelligence)

by Kathryn Alexander

If you care about business & you care about the state of our planet, then you have had more than a passing interest in sustainability. You may find you self frustrated, confused or even discouraged about the current state of things, yet at the same time unclear about what else to do.

This book offers some fresh thinking about sustainability. The introduction to the three stages of sustainability will help clarify the journey while the Sustainable Values Set® provides a path. Exploring economics, leadership, ethics & other aspects of our world from this perspective, grounds concepts and ideas in practical applications. By thinking in wholes & understanding the implications & long-term consequences of our decisions, new opportunities open up.

Business has an enormous amount of leverage to make changes & shift consciousness. This is the role business has played for the past 200 years as business explored planned obsolescence – to increase sales, immediate gratification – to increase sales, time management – to get more out of expendable workers, and so on. Business has had a major impact on our world & how we understand our world. Nature has been here to allow us to fulfill our dreams, & we have used her that way!

Now we are beginning to see the consequences of acting as if only we mattered. Now we have an opportunity to turn around 180 degrees & see what kind of world we can create when we become both partners & co-creators with Mother Nature. Given her preference for bounty & abundance, this may prove to be an eye-opening experience as we engage in a collaborative relationship instead of an adversarial one.

As humans we are beginning to understand that collaboration works within the human family. We are still shaky on that belief & rather unskilled in making collaboration a reality, but we now have tools, methods & processes to make real collaboration happen. As we make collaboration the norm, then the possibility that we will commit to spread that kind of relationship into our interactions with the rest of the living beings on the planet.

While the shift from human centric to Earth centric decision-making is huge, it is also closer to hand than you might think. The urgency, the mandatory integrity, & the need for coherence between our ideals & our actions all require a discipline & fierce love that few other commitments have mandated. It is the application of sustainable intelligence to everyday decisions that make this such an achievable task.

We all want a healthy planet, but we fear that will mean a dramatic change in life style. That we will have to reduce our standard of living & be without some of the conveniences we have learned to love. It is the attitude & belief that we will lose something that stops us before we even start. The truth is that while things may look different & some things may change, life will actually get better!

A person recovering from a heart attack may complain about not being able to eat those juicy burgers, but once that hurdle has been overcome the healthy life style that follows is a joy. This is a good simile for the changes we need to make. Much of our current way of living is not joyous, not healthy, & puts off into the future the life we want as a means of justifying the pain we live with everyday. Changing this is NOT a sacrifice! It is a challenge, but a good one!

This book is the first in a series that explores how to make this bold change in a manner that is congruent with our values & our real, heartfelt desires. The Sustainable Values Set® offers a path through the fog of desire into the sunshine. The values are not new, but seeing them as part of a system allows for new insights into how we both help & hinder the achievement of our goals. The three stages of sustainability make clear the benefits at each stage. This is not a linear path, but one that can be started from any stage – it is congruence & persistence that will get us there. This book points the w

A Compelling Social Issue

by Jennifer Brown

This is an essay I wrote in the summer of 2008 for a college English assignment. We were to pick a social issue to write an advocacy essay on. Originally I choose to write about the future possibility of electing Obama for president. This was just a few months before, what ended up as President Obama’s first term.

I was forbidden to write about Obama, by my professor. (I found out later my professor was a Communist.) He begged me to conform with everyone else, and just write about something like GMO’s, or Climate Change, or something normal like that. But I was determined.

I managed to write about the social issue that concerned me, without mentioning the forbidden name of Obama. And this is the result of that essay, which by the way, earned me an A-, even after I was told I would fail the class if I wrote about this topic.

Webster Seeks A Job From Santa

by Beatrix S. Tambunan

 #5 Amazon Bestsellers Children’s Career Books! 12/21/2012

All fishing jobs in the South Pole were gone since all of them went to fast Penguins.

Webster is a small penguin who decides to leave the South Pole to look for a toymaking job from Santa. Family, friends, and a stranger said he was wasting his time and Santa only used elves.

Was Webster wasting his time? Was everyone right? Did Webster get hired?

10 Sims for Teachers

by Shilo Morlang

A collection of 10 interactive classroom exercises for student engagement.

No Brand Is an Island

by Robert D. Smith

It’s all on you.

That’s how it feels, right? Whether you’re trying to be an author, speaker, or any kind of entrepreneur, you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things you need to get done.

Newsflash: You’ll never get all the things you need to get done if you’re spending half of your time focusing on things other people should be doing for you.

This means that…

  • If you’re a writer, you should be writing.
  • If you’re a speaker, you should be speaking and working on material.
  • If you’re a musician, you should be practicing, performing, writing, etc.

You get the idea. Meanwhile, you should not be…

  • Coding your own website
  • Booking your own events
  • Negotiating your own contracts
  • Creating your own marketing plans
  • Designing your own artwork

The bottom line is that your one duty as a brand should be focusing on your art–on that talent that makes you special.

No Brand Is an Island
is the ultimate guide to finding the team of people that will focus on all those other important tasks on which you shouldn’t be spending time.

NOTE: Inside this eBook, you will find a link to download the audio version for free, as well as other exclusive bonuses!

BIG Profits from a small list – Maximize your profits from ANY mailing list… no matter how small!

by Charlie Page

How to make â?¦ BIG Profits from a small mailing list

Big Profits is a short book with a clear message that makes a powerful impact on your business. Read it in an afternoon and feel the impact for years to come.

Are you a “natural born” sales person? Most of us are not. In fact, the “natural born” salesperson is myth.

We must all learn the art of persuasion.

The art of persuasion in email marketing is a skill, not a gift. And it’s a skill you can learn quickly.

The good news is this — it doesn’t take begging, tricks or high pressure tactics to sell online using email.

Don’t let the merchants of hype fool you, you can sell like a king using nothing more than common sense and sharing your honest opinion about the products and services you recommend.

Inside Big Profits you will learn to sell without selling by using the age-old principles of trust and transparency.

Your list can be your greatest asset, or a source of untapped potential. The only difference is how you communicate and ask for them to take action.

Let Big Profits be your guide and watch yourself sell more than ever without resorting to high pressure, false scarcity or other forms of manipulation.

Learn to build your list no matter where you stand now. Whether you have a list of 100 or 10,000, you want to make the maximum profit from that list.

Big Profits will show you how to grow your list AND grow your income as well!

Using the resources you have now you will learn how to get more subscribers and how to help those subscribers get to know you, like you, trust you and, yes, buy from you!

Whether you have a product to sell or you want to make money as an affiliate marketer, growing and developing your list is the key to your future success.

Learn how it’s done inside Big Profits.

Stephen Covey wisely said to “begin with the end in mind”. And that’s exactly how we begin Big Profits. 

In the introduction and overview you will see that we will follow a very specific (and proven) game plan for both building your list and profiting from that list. 

Although the path we will follow is a proven one, it’s not a rigid one. There will be plenty of places for you to personalize the experience of building and developing your list. After all, this is YOUR list and YOUR business. 

Next we focus on list building. Some readers will be starting with no list at all while others may have a small list (or even several small lists) already. No matter where you stand this section is going to help you get traction, fast! 

You will learn how to get more of your current visitors than ever to subscribe to your list.

No visitors now? No problem! We will cover both how to drive traffic to your site and how to convert that traffic to subscribers as well. 

In Big Profits I cover five powerful ways to begin building your list no matter your budget or level of experience online. 

Sooner than you realize you will have a list. Now it’s time to begin developing that list into the cash generating machine you’ve always wanted. 

Inside Big Profits I will teach you my KLTB formula for getting your subscribers to take the actions you want them to take. And that includes buying products you recommend!

In addition to all of this, you will learn what you need to know to manage your list like a pro. Formatting email messages, when and how to use plain text (vs. HTML) formatting, ideal message length and more will all be revealed.

Far from manipulation, this is Golden Rule marketing. You will be giving value to your readers. They will reciprocate with feedback, loyalty and orders.

Everybody wins with Big Profits! 

Easy Communication Skills (New Year, New You)

by Michele McGrath

Talk your way to success!

Discover the factors that stop you.

Afraid of making mistakes? Never seem to win a discussion? This book will help you to convey your point of view to other people.

By analysing communication and the barriers to effectiveness, it provides insight and techniques on how to improve your conversations.

It is useful at work and at home. There is a section on meetings.

It is an easy and non threatening way to improve your communication skills.

This book includes:

  • An analysis of communication
  • Methods of Communication
  • Non-verbal and verbal communication
  • Listening, questioning and building rapport
  • Communicating with different personalities

Ë?Ë?Ë? The author was a senior manager and is also a trained life coach

She runs training courses on Communication Skills.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Michele’s philosophy is KISS

(Keep it simple, stupid)

Ë?Ë?Ë? This book is included in the compendium, Change your Life in 2014

Download a copy today.

Great Tips To Help You Save Money And Get Out Of Debt – Money saving tips (a debt-free book)

by Mike C. Adams

In this book, you will find out all the different ways that you can live your life, while staying financially smart. These proven tips are designed to help you through the tough moments that you encounter, while ensuring that when a rainy day comes, you will have some extra money set aside to handle a financial problem. This is done in a manner that doesn’t focus on hype or unproven techniques. Instead, there is a genuine focus on helping with each tip that is listed.

In fact, each of these tips is explained in a manner that is simple to understand and useful. Most readers will find that this adds some genuine value and that will allow them to better use the information as it is presented. In fact, the sensible approach for most people is the best way to handle any problem head on and to learn and grow from it.

Some of the things touch on in this book of tips includes:

Saving money on grocery shopping

Smarter ways to cut down your monthly costs.

Determning between needs and wants

Alternatives to your coffee

What you are going to find is that the complete set of tips will truly make sense when you are looking at improving your financial situation. Take the time to check out this book and use the contents to help you take the first steps to financial freedom. While it will take a little time and effort on your part, having this book as an ally to you will help to ensure that you do end up being successful.

Remember, your financial success is possible. Take a moment to pick up a copy of this book today and start benefiting from all of the financial tips that we have listed in it for you.

House Flipping Master Class: How to start investing in real estate flips to maximize profits today

by Deep Cove Publishing

Start Your Real Estate Investing Business Today
Have you ever dreamed of investing in real estate? If you’re like most people, real estate is something that you pour your life savings into, and at the end of the day all you have to show for it is a roof over your head. 

What if I told you that amateur investors exactly like you have found a way to flip houses, making tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in revenue? Would that interest you? Would you want to hear more?

Well that’s exactly what you have in your hands right now. You’re holding the very first piece of material in your future house flipping career. Buckle up, because you’re in for a wild ride. 

What Will I Learn In This Book?
You might be wondering how this book is different from all the other real estate investing books out there. Fair question. Think of this eBook as your field guide for house flipping. Here are some of the things we’ll cover in these pages: 

  • How to build a winning team of professionals
  • How to find the best buyers and sellers for max profit
  • Evaluating property values like a pro
  • Making an offer the smart way
  • Negotiating ninja skills
  • Contract essentials
  • Marketing your project for maximum visibility
  • Getting to close quickly

This Book Was Written For Beginners
I’ve been where you are right now. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and I made a thousand and one mistakes along the way. Most of my mistakes are avoidable, and with the help of this book you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars and months of delays by avoiding them. 

Still Want To Be A Real Estate Investor?
If you’re serious about building substantial amounts of wealth in the house flipping business, start by investing in your education today. By buying this book, you’ll be setting yourself up on solid ground and arming yourself with the tools that will help make you successful from the very first project. 

Real estate investment can be intimidating, but don’t worry. You’ll quickly see that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and the sky is the limit when it comes to annual profits. 

Are you ready to start making money? 

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Bitcoin Bubble – Learn to Buy, Protect and the Future of Bitcoin Mining

by Nigel Bishop

Bitcoins! Bitcoin Wallets! Bitcoin Mining!

It Ñ?ееmÑ? Ñ?оu саnnоt evade thÑ?Ñ? phenomenon Ñ?f you’re online. Frоm Facebook tо Twitter, frоm LinkedIn tо articles Ñ?n WIRED magazine, Bitcoin Ñ?Ñ? аll thе rage!

Whаt Ñ?f Ñ?оu соuld store аnd transfer money safely, securely, cheaply аnd quickly аnÑ?whеrе Ñ?n thе world yourself, wÑ?thоut relying оn аnÑ?оnе else?

Bitcoin Ñ?Ñ? а nеw technology thаt hаÑ? thе potential оf supplanting mаnÑ? оf оur contemporary banking аnd money transfer services (at lеаÑ?t Ñ?n thе online economy). JuÑ?t lÑ?kе thе оld days, whеn Gold аnd Silver hаd tо bе mined frоm thе mountains аnd rivers, Bitcoin Ñ?Ñ? аlÑ?о mined, albeit digitally.

Bitcoin hаÑ? brought thе gold rush bасk tо life, аÑ? а modern gold miner Ñ?оu саn sit bасk аnd relax whÑ?lе Ñ?оur hardware digs through thе digital mines fоr gold. Fоr а long time, Bitcoin hаÑ? bееn Ñ?ееn аÑ? а nerdy project. Now, аÑ? mоrе аnd mоrе services evovle аrоund Bitcoin, thе vаluе оf thе mined Bitcoins hаÑ? sky rocketed. Of late, wÑ?th Bitcoins breaking US $1,000 barrier Ñ?еr coin, nоw еvеrÑ?оnе Ñ?Ñ? wondering Ñ?f thеÑ? missed thе boat Ñ?n investing (consider this, Ñ?t wаÑ? а fеw measly Dollars Ñ?еr BTC Ñ?n January оf 2013).

All you need to know about Bitcoin

Bitcoin Bubble wÑ?ll describe:

  • The Origination of Bitcoin
  • How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet
  • How to Secure a Bitcoin Wallet
  • How You Can Make Money with Bitcoin Mining
  • How to Connect to a Bitcoin Mining Pool with Step by Step Instructions
  • Techniques to Improve Bitcoin Mining Speed
  • ASIC Processors and Why They Are So Important to Bitcoin Mining
  • The Future of Bitcoin Mining – Bitcoin Cloud Mining aka Cloud Hashing
  • Myths and Misconceptions About Bitcoin
  • and more!

Educate yourself about Bitcoin and don’t miss you on the next internet gold rush!

Future-Proof Careers: Expert Advice To Help You Guide Your Young Adult Towards Life/Work Success

by Beth Campbell Duke

I’m a former high school teacher turned career coach. I often work with adults who struggle to make sense of the changes in the world of work. There’s a lot of confusion about how to create life/work success in a changing world – especially given the amount and type of career guidance many of us had ‘back in the day’.

But as a former teacher, I know that not a lot has changed with respect to the career education many of our kids are getting. There are a lot of reasons for this, but our kids just can’t wait for the educational institution to bring itself more fully into the 21st century.

Fortunately, there ARE things that parents can do to better prepare their young adults for success in today’s world of work. You don’t need to be a career expert to help!

I interviewed a number of experts in the area of careers, education and psychology to get their input and advice on just how things have changed in the last 5-10 years and what we can do to increase our own capacity to create life/work success – and to pass it along to our kids.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.