Free fiction Kindle books for 14 Dec 13

Tales for Christmas: Free festive tasters to warm your heart

by Katie Flynn

Free festive tasters to warm your heart from three bestselling authors.

Read samples from the following books:

In Time for Christmas by Katie Flynn

In the maelstrom of war, sisters Addy and Prue both fall for Giles, a pilot in the RAF. When his plane goes down, the sisters must put aside their differences and pray he comes back in time for Christmas.

The Ragged Heiress by Dilly Court

On a bitter winter’s day, an unnamed girl lies dangerously ill in hospital. When two coarse, rough-speaking individuals come to claim her, she can remember nothing.

It’s a Vet’s Life by Cathy Woodman

Alex and Maz are due to get married at Christmas. But as busy country vets, there’s little time for each other, let alone arranging a wedding. It’s going to take a Christmas miracle to get these two down the aisle.

The Proposition: A Sexy Bisexual Threesome Short Story

by Natasha Braithwaite

From the moment Nick Marten met Henry Caldwell, he saw something he wanted. Even Christie, Nick’s girlfriend felt it, a power neither of them could resist. Henry’s wealth, benevolence and flawlessness cannot hide his inner pain, the result of a damaged childhood, a mirror of Nick’s own childhood.

Defying societal rules of sexuality, Nick and Christie surrender to the exquisite pleasure of Henry’s masculine power and virility. Henry ignites feelings within Nick he’d never experienced beforeâ??a burning desire and dark hungerâ??that only Henry could satisfy.

Warning: Graphic sexual content. Contains M/M/F sexual encounters and gay sex.

Nameless, Blameless Reproduction


When I get the call, I just know. Can I just answer barely awake and go back to sleep or do I need to be up in a flash? Some of it is the intuition that comes with getting calls in the dead of the night over many years. It’s the languid pace of a person’s voice with a bothersome question, the timid entry phrase, “I’m sorry to bother you with thisâ?¦” Or it’s the fear and panic in the voice of the person on the other end of the line, the short demands with panting in between.

The phone rings at three a.m. The caller says, “We need you in OR four, NOW!” I don’t bother to ask. I just slam down the phone and I’m awake. In an instant, I’m in OR four.

I’m called to assist with a cesarean delivery. In forty seconds, the baby is delivered. The other obstetrician and I close without saying much. We close and inspect every layer in detail. There’s a steady flow to closing the patient’s abdomen. I’m a little tired, but each step prompts another and before long we are at the skin. Afterwards, the doctor thanks me for helping because it can be hard to find help on a case, “You know given the mother’s condition.” I just nod. This doctor is known to take the moms with HIV.


Shortly after surgery, when the mom dies leaving no verifiable next of kin for her newborn daughter, the baby becomes an orphan. Sensing an opportunity to do something in a situation far greater than herself, the ob-gyn, engaged in her own battle with infertility and undiagnosed depression, endeavors to adopt the little girl.

A gay man who lost his partner to HIV, the ob-gyn’s brother connects her with an attorney specializing in adoption for non-traditional families. Desperate and driven, the ob-gyn fosters the infant and names her Hope. The brother moves in to assist in welcoming her new baby home. Hope soon becomes ill, giving her new mother and uncle what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle. With not much to go on but the slimmest of chances,the siblings move ever forward, determined to see that the newest edition to their family lives. In so doing, they open up a healing process that just may save their own lives as well.

Intentionally refraining from naming her main characters, JACH MD’s debut explores this highly charged, emotional terrain without labels. In doing so, she precludes the blame and judgment so often associated both socially and personally with issues like this and instead puts her laser focus on this transformative human journeyâ??and does so to stunning effect. Transcending stereotypes and ascending to a higher plane of understanding and acceptance, Nameless, Blameless Reproduction is a miraculous tale of healing that is as spellbinding as it is inspiring.


by M. M. Zip Zimmerman

This lesbian love story presents a young woman’s struggle with abuse throughout her life. She receives help from a woman who owns an agency called We Care, and they find their mutual attraction surprising and enlightening.

Confessions of a Predatory Lender

by Irma Fritz

Meet Christy. She’s all about Palouse. She was born in the town of Palouse, in the Palouse region of Washington State. Her family name is Palus, and her father is a descendant of the Palouse tribe. Watered down to a few drops. Still, it’s something she is proud of. If someone had told her that she will become a predatory lender, betray her best friend, fall in love with a thief, and help her bosses bust up the bank she works for, she would have laughed out loud. This is the summer of 2006, and everyone knows you can make a killing in mortgage lending. Christy and her BFF Megan moved to the big city of Seattle to do just that. While Megan is already dreaming of hot cars and designer clothes, “good girl” Christy’s ambitions are more modest. At first! So how is it her fault that she lands in the world of subprime lending; you know, the stuff that lost families their homes and wrecked our economy? When Christy is accepted into loan officer training, she realizes quickly that she doesn’t have the job unless she can pass. But before the class ends, Big Lou turns everything upside down. A new day has come to mortgage banking, and every American family deserves to own a home. With the real estate market “hotter than a hot air balloon,” how can homeowners lose? Or the bank, for that matter? Hello, NINJA loans! Leaving Megan behind, Christy climbs the corporate ladder, all the way to her very own corner office. Watch her squirm, attempting to hold on to what’s right while being assaulted morally from every direction. And when the bubble bursts, her world comes crashing down! Is Christy the predatory lender?

The Sorrow of Sisters (The Undercliff Novels (1))

by Wendy K Harris

‘I was aware of a profound feeling that I couldn’t put a name to. It wasn’t anything like joy or sorrow. It was something different, as if there existed inside me a place I had never known.’

Forty-nine year old Jane sits in her comfortable, glass-walled designer home, tapping out lucrative novels. But the bequest of a cottage on the wild southern shore of the Isle of Wight by a woman unknown to her is about to shift the whole equilibrium of her life and relationships.

For a while, nothing is what it has seemed to be. Jane is brought up against shocking revelations of violence and deceit that cause her to question the assumptions she has grown up with about her past. Driven to pursue her own search for truth and identity, Jane uncovers a trail that leads her to reconnect with extraordinary relatives she never knew she had, and eventually to her own reconciliation and inspiration.

This is the first book in The Undercliff Novels series and can be read as a stand-alone book.

The Naughty List

by Daniel Pearson

When your little brother is all you have and help is scarce, how do you give him the best Christmas ever? Fifteen year old Jack tries to find a balance between his devotion to his brother and their new place in the world.

Detective John Drover is dealing with a string of strange, holiday-themed crimes. But the biggest mystery of all is asleep at home in his crib. As his son becomes the center of his life John is driven to ponder a wider perspective of family and community.

Both Jack and John’s journeys are flavored by the mix of weird and wonderful characters they meet along the way.

And anything is possible when Christmas is in the air.

Mrs. Ghopal & Madam Zharinsky

by J.K. Forster-Walmsley

Yash is offered the chance to be in a film, but his grandmother, who has more academic ambitions for him, is reluctant to let him take part. However, eventually, she gives in and the chance meetings that result from being in a Bolllywood film studio resurrect a secret past for Mrs. Ghopal, and uncover, for both of them, some exotic and mysterious connections.

Narrow Daylight: A Short Story Collection

by Phil Trenfield

A collection of five short stories from Phil Trenfield. Featuring Narrow Daylight, Diamonds Aren’t A Girls Best Friend, Red Sky At Night, I’m Not Your P.A. And I’ll Cry If I Want To and Trawler Trash. All told with Phil’s unique humour and voice. If you enjoy authors like Sophie Kinsella, Cecelia Ahern and Marian Keyes you will love Phil’s writing style.


“A light, amusing, book of contemporary short stories by an up and coming writer (note the name you’ll see it again) who has captured the occasionally ridiculous but always entertaining nuances of modern society. The perfect indulgence to divert you when travelling or you just don’t have the time, concentration or energy to begin a long novel” Catrin Collier. Best-Selling author (Hearts Of Gold).

Killing Tiger

by Craig Decent

When your career in the music business is stalled and your money is all gone, is there are quick solution? A way to make enough to make up for the laziness and arrogance that has brought you to this point?

Tye Garr and Brett Jackson think they’ve found the answer; the ultimate career move – Kill Tye Garr.

How far are they prepared to go and what are the consequences?

The Artist’s Paradise

by Pamela Wetterman

Angie Rhodes dreams of a romantic evening with her husband, Jonathan, to celebrate their eighth anniversary. But Jonathon fails to come home. Once again, his career demands capture first place on his list of priorities. Angie faces the haunting truth. Her husband no longer loves her.

She must break free from his overpowering personality or forever remain in the role of trophy wife. Realizing her concession to forsake her personal dreams is robbing her of an independent identity. She reestablishes her pursuit of the arts.

Against Jonathan’s wishes, Angie departs for an intensive watercolor study at the University of Tennessee. She soon falls under the influence of her new mentor, Professor James Turner. With demanding class rules, Turner prepares Angie for what she believes will be a successful career in the arts.

But the professor has an agenda of his own. Will she realize the threat Turner poses? Can the romance she and Jonathan once shared be rekindled in time to save their marriage?

Christmas in Ashton

by Kendall H. Williams

In this heart-warming tale of family and self-discovery, a young woman finds herself stranded in a snow storm on Christmas Eve with nothing but her broken heart and her two children. Along with a handful of other snow-bound travelers, she and her children are rescued by a kind old man and his family living in a forgotten town off the main road. The kind yet mysterious townsfolk of Ashton band together to provide the young mother and her children with everything they need, including compassion and support. She soon finds that Ashton holds more for her than just the kindness of strangers, it reunites her with a family that she never knew.

Struggles, A Pair of Short Stories

by Phillip Kurz

Two Stories, each about a man looking to escape.

One, from a repressive regime, a story that is certain to ignite the passions of any on either end of the political spectrum.

The other about a man seeking peace, even momentarily, in his personal forest kingdom. Sure to be enjoyed by anyone who ever owned a dog or simply snapped a twig walking through the forest.

Identity Cards (Spawater Chronicles)

by Barry Tighe

A frightened government has decided to force the entire population to carry Identification Cards at all times. As a trial they introduce them to Spawater. Should the ID cards and their controlling National Database be successfully implemented in Spawater they will be imposed nationwide. Book two of the seven-part Spawater Chronicles recounts the effects of ID cards on the town. Joanna opposes them on principle and joins the National Campaign against Identity Cards, Jady is also against, but sees in them an excellent moneymaking opportunity. Hanif, the computer expert, supports them and is employed to run the local trial by the senior civil servant, Mr. Dauntliffe, thus causing friction in the gang’s social lives. Michael, a good-natured Austrian – Germany lite – master criminal, sees ID cards as the perfect cover to commit an audacious crime in the middle of town, under the noses of Inspector Brewe and her disloyal assistant. Can the Masked Pimpernel, that anonymous campaigner against paranoid government control freaks, save the day?

Over two thousand years ago the Romans came, saw and conquered Britain.
They stayed for a few hundred years, give or take, until rising Villa prices, the ferociousness of the local lions and the quality of home brewed wine convinced them to take all roads back to Rome.
No Romans remained. Britain, both sides of Hadrian’s Wall, became a Roman-free zone.
There was one little town where the Roman bugle-song anthem of retreat, ‘Legitus Quickitus’, was not heard. One town where the Romans and the locals, ears full of soap, were so busy splashing around together they missed the thunder of the departing last night chariots of fire. And as there were no cabs due for another 15 hundred years – and that’s if you believe the cab office – the town’s Romans decided to stay.
The town grew, thriving on the naturally occurring spa waters, nurtured by the river Fons and hardened by the combination of original Brits and Roman bath lovers. The last bastion of the Roman Empire, it is now a mighty town indeed.
The town’s name? Spawater, home of the legendary Spawater Baths.
The Spawater Chronicles are the tales of its citizens, and how they take on the world and win.

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