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The A-Z of Punishment and Torture

by Irene Thompson

“Splendidly written and illustrated a gruesome but enjoyable journey through the history of pain and punishment. I was hooked from A to Z.” – James Herbert

Who were the Maccabees? A pop group? Or a mother and her seven sons who suffered racking, skinning, burning, amputation and having their tongues pulled out and fried?

And what was foot roasting? A way of keeping warm in the winter? Or a technique from the Spanish Inquisition that involved coating the prisoner’s feet in fat and toasting them over hot coals?

From Amputation to Zero Tolerance, â??The A-Z of Punishment & Torture’ is a grisly yet mesmerising compendium of the horrors inflicted on the human body over the centuries.

A fascinating social history, it provides as a wealth of weird folklore, such as the power of the hanged man’s hand; astounding tales, like Mary Hamilton, the cross-dressing 14-times bigamist; to more recent outrages, such as the use of â??squassation’ at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

“Fascinating from beginning to end.” – Robert Foster, best-selling author of â??The Lunar Code’.

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Henderson Kinney: Mobile Steamboat Captain

by Joe Davis

This referenced work tells about the life and tragic death of Captain Henderson Kinney of Mobile, Alabama. It also gives information about several of the steamboats he owned.

The W. W. Fry: Mobile’s First Iron-Hull Steamboat

by Joe Davis

This documented work discusses the history of steamboats in South Alabama, the Construction of the W.W. Fry, the years of service it provided on Alabama rivers, the annual operation costs for steamboats, the registration of ships, and the decline of steamboats.


by Miranda Mac


Hebrew Books: ×?×?×?×?ת ×?×?ם ×?×?×?פ×?ר×?ם: 40 שנ×? א×?ר×? ×?×?ק א (Yom Kippur War)

×?×?×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?ת×?×?םâ?­ â?¬×?ספרâ?­ â?¬×?×?â?­ ,â?¬×?×?קר×?םâ?­ â?¬×?×?×?×¢×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?×?× ×?â?­ ,â?¬×?×?×?ר×?â?­ ,â?¬×?×?ס×?×?ר×?×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?×?תâ?­ â?¬×?צ×?א×?תâ?­ .â?¬×?×?םâ?­ :â?¬×¤×¨×?פâ?­ ‘â?¬×?×?×?â?­ â?¬×©×?×?םâ?­, â?¬×¤×¨×?פâ?­ ‘â?¬×©×?×?×?â?­ â?¬××?ר×?נס×?×?â?­ ,â?¬×¤×¨×?פâ?­ ‘â?¬××¨× ×?×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?פ×?×?â?­ ,â?¬×¤×¨×?פâ?­ ‘â?¬××?ר×?â?­ â?¬×?רâ?­ â?¬×?×?סףâ?­ ,â?¬×¤×¨×?פâ?­ ‘â?¬××¨×?×?â?­ â?¬× ××?רâ?­ ,â?¬×¤×¨×?פâ?­ ‘â?¬×¢×?×?â?­ â?¬××?×?×?×?â?­ ,â?¬×?â?­”â?¬×¨â?­ â?¬×?×?×¢×?â?­ â?¬×?×?× ×?×?קâ?­, â?¬×?â?­”â?¬×¨â?­ â?¬×?ת×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?×?×?â?­, â?¬×?â?­”â?¬×¨â?­ â?¬×?×?ר×?×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?×?× ×?â?­, â?¬×ª×â?­”â?¬×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?â?­. â?¬×?â?­”â?¬×¨â?­ â?¬××¨×?×?â?­ â?¬×¨×?× ×?â?­, â?¬××?â?­”â?¬×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?â?­. â?¬×?â?­”â?¬×¨â?­ â?¬×?×?×?×?×?â?­ â?¬××?ר×?â?­, â?¬×¨×¡â?­”â?¬× â?­ â?¬×?×?×?â?­. â?¬×?â?­”â?¬×¨â?­ â?¬×¢×?×?רםâ?­ â?¬××?×?×?â?­, â?¬××?â?­”â?¬×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?â?­. â?¬×?â?­”â?¬×¨â?­ â?¬×©×?×?א×?â?­ â?¬×?×?ר×?×?×?â?­, â?¬××?×?×£â?­ â?¬×?×?×?â?­. â?¬××?×?×¢×?רâ?­ â?¬×?ער×?â?­, â?¬××?â?­”â?¬×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?â?­. â?¬×¤×¡×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?×?× ×?â?­, â?¬×¡×â?­”â?¬×?â?­ â?¬×?×?×?â?­. â?¬××?ר×?םâ?­ â?¬×?×?רâ?­, â?¬×©×?×?א×?â?­ â?¬×?ר×?נפ×?×?â?­, â?¬××©×¨××£â?­ â?¬×?×?סנ×?â?­ â?¬×?קא×?×?רâ?­ â?¬×?א×?×?קםâ?­ â?¬××?ר×?â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬â?¬.

See a Man about a Dog.

by Philip West

A warmhearted tale of friendship between a boy and a man and his dog, contrasted with the horrors of war and captivity experienced in south east Asia during the second world war.

It’s the summer of 1971 and Petey Carlow and his friends are enjoying the long sunny carefree days of childhood while widower Eric Newman lives a simple life with his dog Paddy, suppressing, but not forgetting the horrors of WWII while trying to maintain a civil relationship with his son and daughter. One day Petey comes crashing into Eric and Paddy’s life and sets in motion a tale filled with joy, laughter, humour and heartbreak.

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