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by Adam Light

Greg is having a bad morning. He overslept and now he is going to be late for work. He can’t even seem to get himself dressed, and all he really wants is a good strong cup of joe. He’s not going to get it. And things are going to go from bad to worse before the day is over.

Of Christmas Present

by Thomm Quackenbush

Nick, a Salvation Army Santa and alcoholic divorcee, wakes drowning in pickle brine. This is the high point of his day. The Krampus – a demon in the service of the real Santa – lies in wait for him to take up the mantle of the Jolly Old Elf or die trying.

Paula [A Ghost Story. A Love Story. A Nightmare]

by Lyn Murray

Paula is a Ghost Story. A Love Story. A Sweet Nightmare!

When a shocking tragedy brings the residence of a small Southern town even closer than before – they learn that death is just a word, the fleeting mist of dreams; and that love lasts – forever!

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Infernal Illusion (The Adam Kadmon Series)

by Anthony Jones

Immortals have come to earth in search of a mythical being. A great war has gone on for centuries between angels and demons. The only problem is, the secret lies inside a high school boy who may or may not remember his own past. Heaven only knows its secrets. But then again, does Heaven even have a clue?

Gwenerno Salbo From Hell to New York

by Alta Pridi

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A strange and shocking case is sweeping the world. A 23-year-old billionaire to premature aging and then make him depressed. He doesn’t want to socialize anymore whether to be interviewed by the media. When he was asked if this is because of plastic surgery, this billionaire said that he has never had plastic surgery. This case also occurred in the USA, Italy, Russia, and Monaco as well. What make the world a stir is that this case does not only pose a potential epidemic that may be deadly, but also to know how fast this premature aging happens.

Premature aging occurs usually takes many years, but in this case only occurs in a few hours. Premature aging can also be caused by poor lifestyle or genetic disorders. In United States, especially in New York, found a similar case in which the patient experienced premature aging when they are younger age between 20 to 25 years old.

Men named Bob or Mark are the next victims. They are not drug’s addicted or criminal, or even have a poor lifestyle. They never even do plastic surgery. It happens really fast as the other countries did, let’s say when you sleep at night and then you wake up in the morning, suddenly everything has changed. You turned into a 75 years old grandfather or grandmother. And a few days later, the report state that there are people missing, over and over again.

The experts and scientists urgently investigated the case as well as to anticipate whether this incident has the potential to spread harmful to others, and worst, the extinction of humans. Emerge from NYPD Police station Detective Sloan has taken his part. He decides to choose the other way rather than approving what experts or scientists said.

Sloan argues that this premature aging is caused by “something” instead of natural damage or disease. Although he considered as irrational or smell heresy, Detective Sloan continues his investigation in the midst of controversy. Will Sloan to be succeeded to uncover this case or he just another detective who failed his job?

Glasses Glasses [A Horror Story]

by Lyn Murray

Glasses – most of us will wear eyeglasses at one time or other in our lives. It’s inevitable!

And, more than likely, we’ll need another pair – when we lose or break the ones we have.

It’s inevitable!

But some things can’t be destroyed. They come back!

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