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Subway Surfers Game Player’s Guide

by Gerone Adams

â??Subway Surfers’ is an arcade/action game developed especially for android and iOS devices by a Denmark based private company Kiloo and SYBO Games. This game is an endless running game just like Temple Run where the player will have to help Jake outrun the inspector and his mad pit bull who caught him during graffiti. While running, Jake will have to avoid the various obstacles coming towards him and also collect coins on the rail road.

Once Jake collides with any of the obstacles the inspector will be able to catch him and the game is over. Apart from Jake there are many more characters which the player can buy with coins, and there are many goals and missions to complete. The more distance you run and the more coins you collect, the higher you score. If you complete the missions and daily challenges, you will be rewarded as well.

Byron’s Prepper Humor and Survival Guide

by Matt Byron

Do you consider lead a precious metal? Do your favorite numbers include 5.56 or 7.62? Do you chop down trees with your survival knife? Then you might be a prepper.

Byron’s Prepper Humor and Survival Guide takes a strategic and positive approach to prepping. It provides specific short-term and long-term goals for your Personal Prepping Plan. It promotes physical fitness, learning new skills, creating community, and reconnecting with nature. It covers the basics of Kalashnikovs and armored cars too.

Byron’s Prepper Humor and Survival Guide is for people who want to enjoy a couple laughs with their prepping hobby.

Dinner at the Vomitropolis

by Jesse Wheeler

Do you like gravy on your potatoes?

Do you like dressing on your salads?

Do fast-food commercials force you to leave your mattress, in search of processed meat?

If yes….


Unless you need a Dietary supplement that is purely literary.

Join gross-out author Jesse Wheeler as he hosts his very first literary feast for Strangehouse books. Dinner at the Vomitropolis is a three course meal sure to make even the most hardened gore hound sick to his stomach!

Movie Guide to Romantic Comedies: 100 Chick Flicks That Make You Laugh and Feel Happy Ever After

by Cathie Glenn Jennings

As Sleepless in Seattle co-writer Delia Ephron points out, “Once you’ve fallen in love, the only place you fall in love again is the movies. You get to re-experience, through someone else’s experience on screen, all the feelings you had when you first fell in love.

Movie Guide to Romantic Comedies: 100 Chick Flicks That Make You Laugh and Feel Happy Ever After ponders the timeless riddle of why we love, who we love, and when we love. This comprehensive movie guide is designed to be used whenever you need to find the perfect movie to fit your mood – whether you need to laugh because you’re sad, cry because you need to or inspire yourself to keep singing in the rain. You can find it all in this movie guide to romantic comedies.

Whether it is a summer blockbuster, an independent film or a everlasting classic, the Movie Guide to Romantic Comedies: 100 Chick Flicks That Make You Laugh and Feel Happy Ever After covers the finest, funniest romantic comedy films ever made. This brand-new 2013 edition lists 100 of the world’s most famous chick flicks for you to choose from, complete with all of the essential information that you could ask for on each movie.

Written by Cathie Glenn Jennings, not only an avid movie lover but a movie advocate, each and every romantic comedy was hand-selected by her. The guide explores:

– How to find movies that perfectly fit your mood

– How to use the power of romantic comedy to feel better

– How to employ movies as “emotional yardsticks” of your own romantic evolution

– How to identify your own story among the seven stories of love

– What makes a movie timeless and the amazing benefits of watching a movie over and over again

– Where to find romantic comedies you and your partner will both enjoy

– Why the music score can shift the way you feel as much as the story

If you are ready for laughs and insight into your own relationships, you’ll love discovering the 100 romantic comedies in Movie Guide to Romantic Comedies. And who knows, you might just feel happy ever after!

Are you interested in exploring new movies or checking out a new twist on your old fan favorite? Be sure to take a look around her site.

This book is the perfect companion to date night or girl’s night in, as it helps you hand select the perfect movie to fit your mood. Far more than your ordinary movie guide, this impactful guide book also explores the theory of how to use movies as emotional yardsticks for your relationship and how today’s changing gender roles effect romantic relationships.

As you flip through the pages of this book, you’ll also be brought into the theory of the seven stories of love, which most of us play out through our lives. By learning to recognize and understand these patterns of love, we understand the hidden meanings, be involved in more satisfying romantic relationships and avoid potential heartache.

This is an indispensable addition to any romantic comedy fan’s home library. We like to think of this guidebook as the comfort food for your movie lover’s soul.

Table of Contents


1: New Rules for 21st Century Romance

2: What Makes a Movie Timeless?

3: Using Movies as Emotional Yardsticks

4: Love Romantic Comedy – No Apologies

5: The Seven Stories of Love

6: The Difference Between a Movie Lover and a Movie Critic

7: Rating Movies by How You Feel After Viewing

8: Why Men Like Action and Women Like Romance

9: Why Feel Guilty about Feeling Good?

10: How to Graze for Movie Comfort Food

11: Don’t Forget the Music

12: 100 Romantic Comedies Summary

13: 100 Movie Descriptions

Appendix A: Movie Club Tips and Tricks

Appendix B: Why Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Bio: Cathie Glenn Jennings

Do You Love Your Team? A Quiz Book for Man United Fans

by Colin Merton

Do you love Manchester United? This book will test your knowledge, with questions about all the big games, and all the big names, from United’s glorious history . Questions range from easy to tough – and many will provide an exciting challenge for even the biggest fan. Next time you’re talking United with your friends, you’ll be the one with the knowledge to challenge them.

Who did United beat to win their first European Cup? Who was Sparky? Which club did Javier Hernandez sign from? Which manager released a Christmas song? Know the answers – or want to find out? What are you waiting for? Let’s see just how much you love your team.


We produce the best quiz books created especially for the Kindle. With a paper book, you can flick back and forth to questions and answers easily, something that is difficult with an ebook, BUT not this one! This ebook is specially formatted to make quizzing a pleasure on your Kindle or Kindle mobile app.

– Fully functioning table of contents.
– Bookmarks for each section (so you can use the forward and back arrows to navigate quickly).
– Answers available after each set of questions (not hundreds of ‘clicks’ away at the back of the book).
– Option to easily skip answer sections.
– The answers sections have the questions repeated to make it easier to read. (No more lists full of answers like “109. None” – that leave you trying to remember what the question was!)

Passport to Postal Peculiarities

by Cindy Glaze

Get ready to laugh as you join Cindy on a lighthearted journey through recent postal history as told from her perspective. Get a behind the scenes look at postal work, and you may never again view your mailman in the same light. The author worked for the U. S. Postal Service for thirty-five years in various capacities, and she is well acquainted with the postal bizarre.

Jeremiah Hudgejaw: America’s First Gay Wedding

by Marten Weber

Sometime at the beginning of the last century, Jeremiah Hudgejaw, American business magnate and socialite, is returning from England with his daughter Vivian. A boisterous monomaniac, he has a few peculiarities that guarantee a humorous crossing aboard the RMS Noricum: for one, he is a moralist, and nothing rails him more than the lavender menaceâ??an interesting quirk for someone with an inability to distinguish between genders. At the same time, he fights for women’s equality and despises the English class system.

Joining him on this highly entertaining voyage are a young Australian and his father, an Austrian psychiatrist and his colleagues, a Swiss doctor with wife and mistress, a Scottish museum curator and his male companion, and finally, shipmates Jack and Jimmy, who enjoy nothing more than each other’s companyâ??and each other’s bodies.

“A highly entertaining historical satire that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at topics which are very relevant a century on.”
“Surreal and refreshingly funny!”


by Don Taylor

This is a first-hand account of the strange world of an international undercover agent
True or false?
Who know who knows?

300 Christmas Jokes to Have Fun with Your Family and Friends

by Beverly Adams

Christmas Jokes and Christmas Laughter Makes for a Merry Heart

Christmas Jokes and Christmas Laughter Makes for a Merry Heart, indeed ! So won’t you come along on this Christmas journey into the wonderful world of laughter and humor. Santa, Mrs. Clause, and the Elves got together, and even the reindeer to put these lighthearted short funny jokes together. Santa was telling his family, “You know what I think the Earth needs for Christmas this year?” And Mrs. Clause and the elves, and even the Reindeer said they surely did not know. Its a riddle indeed, what does the whole Earth need? What would everyone be happy with? Santa found the secret, everyone would be happy if they learn to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, you know.

Some Benefits of Laughing

Laughter helps you to feel warm and cozy inside.

Laughter and merriment brings people together, but be careful because it is catching.

Laughing helps you to forget your problems.

Laughing people have a tendency to be healthy, its good for the heart muscles especially.

Laughing makes you more like Santa Clause, and Santa is the Merry King of Laughter.

Christmas Jokes with Tidings of Good Joy !

So Santa, Mrs. Clause, the Elves and the Reindeer decided to give you the best Christmas gift ever, the gift of laughter and exceeding joy. They packaged their laughter each into a little joke of its own. So won’t you go along with us and let yourself explode with a hearty Ho!Ho!Ho! These jokes are just what the North Pole ordered.


Santa got in his sleigh and decided to follow the dogs heading west in the wagging train.

Mrs. Clause said the reindeer had a terrible fall. She was really hoping he would have a better winter.

How is the letter Z like a reindeer’s tale? Its at the end of the reindeer.

What was it called when Santa was telling a sad story? A North Woe.

Whats the best way to cure fleas on a reindeer? It depends on whats wrong with them.

Where did frosty the Snowman take his wife for an evening out? The Snow Ball.

What did Frosty the snowman’s wife do when she got mad at him? She gave him the cold shoulder.

What is Santa Clause wearing after going down the chimney? A Santa Clause soot.

What did the snowman say when all the other snowmen were teasing him? Snow what!

What did the snowman say after hearing a tall tale? Snow way!

Christmas is really magic, it makes all my money disappear.

Candy Crush Saga – How to get Infinite lives and boosts !

by Edwin Martin

Candy Crush Saga is a very addictive game. Payers love it but get annoyed when the lives gets over. Now get infinite lives and boots for Candy Crush Saga game on your Facebook account, tablet or iPad.

Frank at the Bat

by Leonard Stegmann

Leonard was sure the game was won. After all, it was the bottom of the ninth, two outs and Frank was up. And Frank always struck out. Always. (Humor Nostalgia/700 words)

Google Spanish for Zombies

by Jennifer Hyndman

Since English is so hard for a zombie to pronounce, J Hyndman has created the ultimate zombie survival guide. Not only is Google Spanish easy to say, Google Spanish is easy to learn! No need to invest in costly language programs, Google Spanish is simply a search bar away.

“It’s only a flesh wound. You’ve got red on you. Your mother ate my dog. I can’t eat your brains if you keep running away.” -and many more! Or, mix and match words into phrases to create your own assortment of Google Spanish communication.

Google Spanish, it’s the new Spanish.

How I Survived An Apocalypse And Jury Duty

by Rock Ram

Read the humorous book How I Survived An Apocalypse And Jury Duty and you may never look at The End Of The World or Jury Duty the same again!

Minecraft Home Building for Beginners

by Miner Dave

Want to build a house in Minecraft, but you’re a Newbie? This book shows you step by step how to build a house in Minecraft. Start with a single room house and finish the book with a modern mansion with a pool. Simple and easy to understand instructions teach you home building from the ground up:

* Build a beach front cottage

* Create multi-room homes

* Learn about materials

* Build a house with a basement and upstairs room

* Add a swimming pool and fireplace

* Build a treehouse

* Learn how to spruce up your house with designer floors and interior decorating

Sudoku Game-Player’s Guide

by Gerone Adams

Sudoku Game Guide

For the longest time, the popular puzzles that we know are the word puzzles like the crossword puzzle and the word search puzzle. But as time passed, a logic puzzles became popular and a lot of people became attracted to these types of puzzles. Logic puzzle games draw a lot of players because of the way it teases your brain and the feeling of fulfillment when you solve it. One of the most popular logic games known worldwide is the game Sudoku. Although numbers are involved, you do not need any mathematical skill to solve it.

Sudoku involves a solving a 9×9 grid where you have to fill in the every row, column and block with the numbers 1 to 9 and making sure that a number only appears once in a row, column and block. It may sound easy and look simple but solving a Sudoku puzzle needs a bit of knowledge and this is where we can help you.

The Sudoku game guide has everything you need to know in solving a Sudoku puzzle. Inside this guide are the basics of the game, terminologies and several strategies on how you can effectively solve a Sudoku puzzle. If you want to be a Sudoku expert, then this guide will definitely help you in developing your skills.



This is the book women have been waiting a lifetime for. They have always wanted to know things about men and now you may possibly have found the one book that may answer your questions. Have you ever asked yourself:

1. What makes him tick?
2. Why does he think like that?
3. What does he mean when he says, “So-so”?
4. What gift(s) should I give him and when?
5. Does he really love me?

These are just a few of the questions that could possibly be and maybe might be answered. I have delved into the mind of a man and between these pages are what I found out. He has tendencies we may never know. Man is a complicated machine, unlike women they have strange and different ways of looking at things.

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