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by Brigitte Pace

I’ve written this book, it is full of rhymes

Poetry to keep you up with the times

Everything that I have written to date

has been my pleasure to create!

From humor to suspense

It is really quite intense!

I don’t write old poetry, my rhyming is modern, that is why I wrote this book

For you to read my thrillers and to find out how I catch the crook

Children will laugh at my funny stories in rhyme

Adults will love my stories about crime

I hope you’ll enjoy what I have written

And you too are smitten!

Corey the Christmas Calf (Corey the Calf)

by Patty Johnson

Corey the Christmas Calf tells of Corey’s first Christmas. This spunky little calf can’t wait to see what gifts are his under the Christmas triee, but soon finds out that Christmas isn’t only about getting, but about giving as well. Corey spends Christmas Eve looking for the perfect gift to give, but unexpected obstacles him getting in the way. Unable to find any gifts to give, Corey wakes up Christmas morning to a lesson about Christmas he will never forget.

Piddles the Penguin – A funny wee ebook for kids

by Otto Fishblanket

One afternoon, at half past four,

A penguin knocked on my front door.

“My name is Piddles,” he said to me,

“Let me in. I need a pee!”

Another charming rhyming tale from the bestselling pen of International Poet and Part Time Cheesemonger, Otto Fishblanket. This is sure to delight children everywhere with it’s copious references to “wee”, “piddle” and “widdle”. Unfortunately, it is illustrated by Gerald Hawksley, but you can’t have everything.

“Twenty Two Stars! This is the best book I have ever read in my entire life!” – Olivia Fishblanket.

“Thanks, Mom!” – Otto Fishblanket

“Well, I haven’t really read it, but I am sure it is very good.” – Olivia Fishblanket

Call of the Dragon (Dragon Stone Trilogy)

by Karen Elizabeth Brown

A young man is chosen by a magnificent dragon to become a dragon rider with the mission to save the kingdom of Mar. But the task has difficulties, because the prince of Mar has been kidnapped and replaced with a look-a-like. An evil mage is bent on making sure the prince disappears forever so he can rule Mar. Can all be restored and the evil mage deposed? On his journey the young man meets some interesting characters who help with his quest and become his lasting friends. Will he succeed? Can he create a riddle hard enough to stump an angry faerie that has his dragon chained in magic bonds? It’s up to one young man and his dragon to restore peace and order in the kingdom.

A Path Toward Home (The Annals of Avonea)

by Heather Lorenz

A Path Toward Home

Constance waited eagerly for her mother’s vivid bedtime stories. They were truly children’s literature in action and told so convincingly of a magical land that Constance could almost believe her mother had been there and returned. If they had been put in writing, there is no doubt they would be children’s classics. By age 6 Constance was living with her Aunt and Uncle in Canada and struggles for a time. Travel adventures are not her lot as uncle is a very contented homebody.

A teenager now, she no longer reads children’s fantasy books for kids. By age 9-12 she had in fact given up believing in fairy tales and fantasies. Life in Saltwater is routine and boring when her best friend moves away.One day she was swinging on her mother’s old swingâ?¦..when suddenly it was dark with whispering voices in the background.

When she next opened her eyes, where in the world was she? Living In some children’s adventure books? By age 9 12 she had put such thoughts behind her. Now she wasn’t so sure. Soon she meets her rescuers who concoct a plan to take her home. Will it be successful and what about her uncle? He must be frantic with worry. Meanwhile there are things to do and places to go.

Prince Drinian and his trusty mentor Woodphere are determined to help her return to her world. Barely into the journey, Constance encounters a young man who says an alternate route which will be much faster. Who should she believe? Constance learns that even close friends may disagree especially when they are exposed to the harsh realities of nature. They are able to resolve their difficulties and forge ahead. Soon she finds herself in a competition not of her choosing.

Scary terrain, a near fatal injury and a mysterious manor lie ahead. What secrets are behind those doors and can the secretive old man give them the answers they seek? Just ahead lies enemy territory and a princess with an attitude. A close encounter with thieves and robbers hastens their departure to the young prince’s boyhood home.

But for Constance the journey is not finished. Join her and her newfound friends as they embark for their destination: The Circle of Return.


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School for Adventurers: The First Fight

by Jennifer Young

High school drama meets fantasy adventure in this fun, whimsical series, School for Adventurers!

At Eastridge Academy, the realm’s best and brightest learn fighting, magic, and even thieving–in short, all of the skills needed to become a great hero.

And even the best heroes start somewhere… Or at least that’s what the Eastridge first-years like to tell themselves…

Princess Averi, the fourth daughter of the Emperor, can’t stand to stay on the sidelines; as a new first-year, she’s determined to become the best in the class, even if that means braving dangerous combat classes and scandalizing the nobility.

Fierce, stubborn, and usually hostile when approached, Wisteria Ling is the best Combat Caster in her year. But while magic comes easy to her, socializing never has.

Rai Ravin is desperate to escape his family, even if it means breaking all the rules. But one of these days he’s going to get himself into trouble that he can’t charm his way out of…

And orphan Fell Farmington never thought he’d have the chance to leave his work on the farm to become a Warrior and soldier of legend, but getting accepted to Eastridge is about to change his life.

Together, these four will learn how to work together, how to fight, and how to survive… Especially when the closeness of war threatens their kingdom.

Children’s Book – Alphabet Cards

by Joy Findlay

Teach your children the alphabet with this set of Alphabet Cards, filled with lovely, colourful photographs to stimulate learning. An ebook set of photo cards to teach the alphabet. Ages 3-6.

The Lonely Christmas Tree

by Shannon Glenn

A short bedtime story full of Christmas magic. A lonely tree stands in an empty field on Christmas Eve. Will the Christmas star grant his only wish? Written for children, but enjoyed by all. 
New for 2012: A fully illustrated version is now available.  Just search “The Lonely Christmas Tree (Illustrated)”.

Hilbert’s Funny Day (Illustrated Joke Book)

by The Rat Dog Pack

Dozens of funny jokes – dog jokes, cat jokes, math jokes and others. All illustrated with photo illustrations of Hilbert.

Stinky The Christmas Skunk

by Marjorie Savoie

Stinky the Christmas Skunk is a delightful story of a little skunk who awakes one night to the sound of singing, and embarks on a trashcan tipping mission to find a piece of pumpkin pie for a very special baby’s birthday!

Little Noel

by Kurt Zimmerman

Little Noel could sing. He sang loudly, and with feeling, never missing a word… and that was just about everything good you could say about his singing.

He sounded terrible!

Join your little reader in this hilarious look at Little Noel, the mysterious little singing man!

Spontaneous Family Games: 28 Prop-Free Games to Play with Your Kids on the Spur of the Moment (for Adults Playing with Kids from 5 to 11+)

by Linda Schneider

A Fast Fun Fix for the Whole Family!

This is an idea book…full of clever ways to engage your family on the spur of the moment without having to plan ahead or get organized. These games are all indoor games–for in the car, at the dinner table, in the living room, in a waiting room, before bed, etc. Of course, you can play them outside, too.

You will know some of these games alreadyâ??maybe you played them as a kid. But there will be some you don’t know, and many you haven’t thought about in a few years. The book offers the convenience of having a collection all in one place, where you can pull ideas quickly.

Unlike encyclopedias of 100’s of games, these are the 28 best, fastest, and easiest ways to play with your family spontaneously! These games require no planning, no deciding what to do, no long explanation of rules.

For my kids, spontaneous works best because then there’s no discussion or argument, no chance for busy kids to say no. Each game can last as little as 3 minutes or as long as 30 minutes…enough time to engage your busy family, if only for a few precious moments!

The Owl That Didn’t Say Who

by Michael Mitchell

The Owl That Didn’t Say Who

Sit down and relax.
Lay down if you wish, while I tell you a story –
while I’ll tell you this.

Not long ago and not far away, lived a little owl in the forest
and that’s where he stayed.

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An End to The Finish

by Andrei D Proca

This is the exceptional adventure of a 12 year old Earthling that has to go through intense training and learning, fight a war that he does not understand, make comrades with all kinds of weird creatures, travel through different worlds and times, all these to find out if he is indeed the *Chosen One*, the hero who is expected to fulfill the ancient prophecy.

Toddler’s book: Beary Cute Baby Bears (Cute Baby Animals)

by Roni Shwartz

Take your toddlers on a fun pictorial journey to the land of the bears, where they can meet cute baby bears of different species and see how their daily lives look like…

Your toddler will learn that baby bears, just like human babies, like to play, to explore the world around them, to be naughty and have fun and, of course, to hug mommy!

My name is Roni Shwartz, and I’m a travel consultant and writer who specializes in family travel. I spent more than 15 years in Africa and Australia, where I visited many of the world’s most amazing parks and watched some of the world’s most fascinating animals from close by…

In my new series of picture books for toddlers, “Cute Baby Animals”, your small kids will be able to meet the different baby animals of our planet and appreciate how valuable they are for all of us…

Enjoy the reading!

La La the Ladybug

by J.J. Beavis

Page length: 35 pages   Age group: 3-6   Grade: k-3                                                                 Meet La La the ladybug. She has a broken leg.She lives in a jar. Pepper is the five year old girl who takes care of her. Life is good for La La until the day when Pepper’s older brother dumps the jar into the backyard garden. La La cannot walk and she is scared that Pepper will never find her.
This charming story has important lessons on friendship and taking care of pets.

Good Answers to Tough Questions About Stepfamilies

by Joy Berry

Recommended for ages 6-12

The creation of a stepfamily can be a confusing time for children. Dealing with stepparents, stepbrothers and sisters, and the addition of new membersâ??half-brothers or sisters can cause a whole range of feelings. With her usual sensitivity, Joy Berry takes on this subject in a way kids will understand and appreciate. Joy stresses that there are good and bad parts of any situation and in this book she gives the child the tools to make it work.

The combination of cartoons and text makes this book something your child will both enjoy and find very helpful.

Topics covered include:
– terms that relate to stepfamilies,
– feelings stepchildren might experience,
– disadvantages of being part of a stepfamily,
– advantages of being part of a stepfamily, and
– recommended things for stepchildren to avoid.

The Good Answers to Tough Questions series includes 13 books. Each takes on a difficult situation and handles it with the sensitivity Joy Berry is known for. The titles in the series are:

Good Answers to Tough Questions About Death
Good Answers to Tough Questions About Dependence and Separation
Good Answers to Tough Questions About Disasters
Good Answers to Tough Questions About Divorce
Good Answers to Tough Questions About Physical Disabilities
Good Answers to Tough Questions About Stepfamilies
Good Answers to Tough Questions About Change and Moving
Good Answers to Tough Questions About Substance Abuse
Good Answers to Tough Questions About Traumatic Experiences
Good Answers to Tough Questions About Weight Problems and Eating Disorders

A sub-series within Good Answers to Tough Questions is called Danger Zone. These three books deal with important issues in an extremely sensitive way and convey vital information that every child should have. The 3 books are:

Alerting Kids to the Danger Zones of Abuse and Neglect
Alerting Kids to the Danger Zones of Sexual Abuse
Alerting Kids to the Danger Zones of Kidnapping

As an educator, human developmentalist, and the “Inventor of Living Skills Books for Kids,” Joy Berry knows kids. Her books teach children about taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. With sales of over 85 million books, Joy has helped millions of parents and their children.

Fart-O-Christmas Ho Ho Ho Epic Christmas Farts

by Timmie Guzzmann


Here’s what readers are saying about this hilarious Fart Book series:

“I got this for my niece, who splits her likes between boy & girl genres. She loved it! I adore hearing her giggles when I read to her. This is a good kid’s book for the 5-10 year old age group. Good illustrations, very cute. Your kids will enjoy it!”

It’s been a crazy holiday for Timmie Guzzmann because recently so many stable factors of his life have been changing for him.

He just recently found out about his own fart powers (yes he somehow turned from a normal boy into a fart boy!) that somehow must have been transmitted over to him via some weird transformation technologies, aliens, or some other extraterrestrial and/or unhuman powers.

Timmie assumes that this event is somehow connected to his winning streak during the fart skateboard competition where El Ninjo, his farty dog, was still the one who made the skateboarding powered by Ninja Farts a reality.

They won the skateboard competition around the globe because of El Ninjo’s Ninja Fart Powers.

Timmie remembers a weird dream that he experienced during this competition and somehow his dreams became reality.

Who knows maybe El Ninjo is transmitting the powers over to him which is a pretty scary thought because that would make

El Ninjo a non unearthly dog!

All Timmie knows is that this must have happened in China or Tokio where the universal energies of Martial Arts kept hitting him the most.

Anyways, this is material is reserved for a future fart story because all Timmie Guzzmann can think about right now is

the urge to countdown to Christmas day the coolest way he can think of and with his new fart powers.

It is not up to him to fully undertand what has happened to him, but he knows that he can control his own destiny with farts for now and this is enough reason to get creative.

All he cares for right now is that some invisible powers must have heard his prayers and made his dreams and wishes become a crazy reality for him.

Timmie is now the farting star and this fact is all he is really interested in.

What better time than Christmas is there to finally be able to share his farty fantasies and disastrous Christmas fart


Timing is perfect and Timmie is letting all his creative fart fantasies out of the sack.

In this holiday edition, he is turning his creativity into a cheerful holiday fart spirit sparkle that is loaded and packed with funny, disgusting, deadly, disastrous, lethal, epic, pungent, devilish, and hellish Christmas fart moments and recipes.

Don’t worry he has even stuffed some real sweeeeeeet and sugar coated Christmas fart surprises in Santa’s sack as well!

The funniest thing about these Christmas Countdown fart surprises is this. As Christmas day approaches, Timmie is

intensifying and tuning up the quality of his fart results (in terms of smelliness and sound!)

Even a newcomer to farts will get it and know that Christmas actually hit!

Timmie won’t give you more hints because he does not want to ruin the fun for everybody:

Here is just a short snapshot of the fart doors that you’ll want to open on each new December day and as you are counting down to Christmas day!

You’ll laugh as you discover the following count down to Christmas day moments:

* Christmas Countdown Fart 7: Not For The Faint Of Heart

* Christmas Countdown Fart 9: Pumpernickel Pungent Fart Recipe

* Christmas Countdown Fart 11: Ziplock Bag Fart Recipe

* Christmas Countdown Fart 22: Epic Sorbitol Christmas Mints

* Christmas Countdown Fart 24: The Pringle Timebomb

and 20 more…

This holiday countdown calendar contains 25 hilarious illustrations and a sparkle of bottom burping Christmas fart surprises. You and your kids will laugh your Christmas stockings off!

Buy today because you’ll never know when the prize will go up!

Click the big button at the top of the page to start counting down to Christm

Alphabet Book for Kids: Help Your Child Learn the Alphabet, Learn Numbers, and Colors With This Entertaining ABC Book for Kids

by John Gerard

The Alphabet Book for Kids is a fun, educational book that helps young children learn the alphabet, learn colors, and learn numbers 1 through 10 in a very entertaining way. Colorful images are combined with funny rhymes to assist children in learning the alphabet, colors, and numbers through repetition.

The Alphabet Book for Kids is much more than a typical abc book for kids. In addition to helping your child learn alphabet letters from A to Z, your child will learn colors on every page. Funny rhymes and attractive pictures help keep a child’s attention for longer periods of time and will have your child asking you to read this book over and over.

In addition to being one of the nicest alphabet books for children, The Alphabet Book for Kids will help your child learn numbers as well. The concept of learning numbers can be a difficult one for some children, but using colorful, funny pictures keeps children interested and focused. And this increase in attention and focus is a great learning aid that can help children learn numbers more quickly.

So, if you are looking for 1 book that is entertaining, educational, and teaches children several different concepts, The Alphabet Book for Kids is an excellent choice. It is:

A fun alphabet book for kids.

A good book to help your child learn colors.

A great alphabet book for preschoolers.

An entertaining abc book of rhymes.

A nice book to help your child learn numbers.

A great abc book for toddlers.

An excellent number book for toddlers.

A fun book of alphabet rhymes.

A good abc book for kids.

An excellent book to help your child learn the alphabet.

A great alphabet book for children.

An excellent educational picture book for kids 3-8.


A Fun Book To Read!

The Alphabet Book for Kids contains 30 pages and is suitable for children between the ages of 6 months and 7 years old.

Happy End (Fishy Tales)

by Anastasya Shepherd

A classic tale of a prince being turned into a frog – and how it is not necessarily a bad thing. This is a picture book aimed at amusing young children and their parents. There are pictures, adventures, magic, psychological profiles, some jokes and several loud Booms! You can find more information and books by the same author at

Siege of Ignottia (Ignottia saga)

by D Mendonca

Ever wonder where Vampires, Witches and Werewolves come from? In a world called Ignottia, a world that mirrors our own, those legendary creatures and more are proven to exist.

Owen and his friend Raven find this out the hard way. They enter this fantastic world and begin to interact with all the creatures that they were told their whole lives never existed. Now they, along with their friend Clara must travel throughout Ignottia to find a way to stop the corrupt and tainted ruler Vera. Will they succeed in their task, or will all of Ignottia be left to suffer at her hand?

Sammy’s Day at the Circus (Illustrated)

by Teresa Ng

Sammy was four years old when he had his very first day at the circus. By extraordinary luck, he and all the members of his family there were invited to lead the circus parade. The author being the fond grandmother was inspired to record the exciting event, with a short verse and seventeen colorful illustrations. Inside the pages are all the fantastic scenes of the performing circus: cowboys on horses; tumbling clowns; trapeze artists; butterfly dancers; high wire walkers; tigers and elephants. This picture book will delight young children from preschoolers to 8 year olds; or anyone who is young at heart!

Jaime in the Kingdom of Flowers (Illustrated)

by Teresa Ng

This delightful story mirrors every little girl’s dream of being a princess. Young Jaime in our tale had the fantastic adventure of being a fairy princess in the Kingdom of Flowers. She was kidnapped and rescued by chivalrous knights, with help from the most unusual friends! This vividly illustrated book, with twenty-two short chapters; is suitable for Young Readers from 5 to 8 year olds and up.

The Adventure of Paws, Bowtie, and Grizzliest

by Susan Lundy

The Adventure of Paws, Bowtie, and Grizzliest is a short story about three friends that get through any circumstances together.

A Gypsy’s Tale (Tale series – book 2)

by Julie Sandilands

A Gypsy’s Tale

Late Autumn 1967. After being banished from Tyndale by the angry villagers, the Gypsies head north and set up camp in Appleby, traditionally a safe haven for the Travelling community, especially in the summer.

Ryan befriends Hawkeye, a local gamekeeper, and is quickly made aware that something sinister lurks in the countryside surrounding the quiet town. Forming an unlikely alliance with Ed and Ollie, (two local badgers), the boys find themselves lost in a world of intrigue and suspense.

Between them, the group have to uncover the true mystery behind the evil, and, even worse, try to stop it before it threatens not just the countryside, but the inhabitants of Appleby itself.

A Gypsy’s Tale is a gripping story that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Keep Out Parents!

by Ruth I. Rubin

Life for kids can be difficult, stressful, and weird. Kids have so much to do these days; homework, chores, sports, and activities of all kinds. These poems express some of the true feelings and attitudes kids have — but sometimes do not share with others.

New School Truck Driving

by David J Waugh

Learn about the major fantastic changes in the “New School” types of trucks!

Technology has changed so dramatically lately that new transport trucks are very well equipped. This book also shows the great benefits of driving across North America and seeing how beautiful our country is! This is a great book to learn about everything that is done to transport goods all over the United States of America and Canada. You may end up pleasantly surprised to find out how nice it can be earning a very decent living and exploring the USA.

This book also shows that most truck drivers are very nice people with good families.

If you like this book then just wait and see a wild and crazy volume 2……coming soon.

All pictures used in this volume are shots taken in recent trips to the USA and Canada.

Bitsy Brannigan and the Incredible Transformation of Miss Broomstick

by J. C. Long

Bitsy is ready to start back to school until her dad notices that Beatrice Brannigan’s fourth grade teacher will beâ?¦MISS BROOMSTICK!!!!! AAAARRRRG!!

Goodknyght! (Tales of the Dark Forest)

by Steve Barlow

The Dark Forest is a mythical world of trees and scattered cities. Hundreds of strange beings inhabit this world: humans, highwaywolves, dragons, boggarts, gobblings, trolls, wizzards and many, many more. It’s a whole new world of comic adventureâ?¦

Will’s dreams of becoming a Knyght of the City of Dun Indewood seem doomed to failure; but that’s before he meets Humfrey the Boggart, Luigi the Pastafarian and The Runemaster. It seems that all his wishes are coming trueâ?¦ But then, an unknown assailant leaves The Runemaster for dead. To save the City, Will must find the attacker and recover the City’s greatest treasure. His only assets are a mouthy Harp, a hobgoblin that looks like a horse and a girl who can make a ravening wolf flee for its life. And this in a world where dragons can talk, and a sandwitch isn’t something you eat, it’s something that eats you! Will isn’t out of the woods yetâ?¦

Garry Plotter V- Enter Daphne An unauthorized Harry Potter Parody

by Michael Smulkowski

“And you thought Peggy was hot”

The Legend of the Thorny Rose

by Sherrie Dolby

This series of children’s stories is not only meant for their entertainment but to help them learn new vocabulary and morals as well. Vocabulary words will be in italics and in red. Their definitions can be found at the end of the story in The Glossary. Each word is clickable and will take you right to the Glossary. The moral of the story will be in bold and green. I hope you and your child find these books as fun and entertaining as me and my children do.

Happy Reading!

Youngest Daughter and the Frog Prince

by Corbeau Cagouille

Youngest Daughter and the Frog Prince, a mash-up of fairy tales and riddles, is a retelling of The Frog King.

Will Youngest Daughter come to Frog Prince’s rescue? Will evil triumph? Is it all just a hoax? Read to find out.

Doppelganger Tragedy: A Short Horror Story

by Michael Hunter

“The beginning of what looked to be a particularly good dream was just starting when the tapping sound echoed through the room again. He was awake just enough to hear the direction it came from this time though. It was coming from the hallway. Possibly the front doorâ?¦”

Reflective surfaces are everywhere but nobody ever really pays attention to them. The whole world just takes them for granted that they will always be there; but what if our reflective doubles were actually plotting against us the whole time? Watching and waiting until that perfect moment when we are close and our guard is down. Then they pounce! Time is up. One reflection is tired of just being the other side of the same coin, tired of being ignored and taken for granted. He wants to be the only side.

Christmas with Uncle Nick and The Sugarplum Fairies

by Pamela M. Richter

A mysterious relative called Uncle Nick comes to babysit on Christmas Eve. The children, Bobby and Cindy, are surprised because they didn’t even know they had an uncle. When the lights go out, Uncle Nick starts telling them wonderful Christmas tales and fantasies. (The entire Night Before Christmas poem and a recipe for Sugarplum candy is included.)

Adam and the Kingdom of Nuts!

by Christine Godail

Adam is a young boy who feels very sad and lonely because his brothers say that he’s nuts and because he can’t help doing stupid things. Fortunately, one day he meets the fairy Candy who will change his life forever…..This book may be ideal for young kids but also enjoyable for the whole family as well!

Book One in the Vale of Teiloraat Fantasy series: The worlds of the elves and humans have co-existed peacefully for hundreds of years (The Vale of Teiloraat Series)

by Sebastian Kay

The worlds of the elves and humans have co-existed peacefully for hundreds of years peacefully due heavily in part with the success of the Vale of Teiloraat. But after so many years of use, the Vale has become unstable and unreliable. A council of humans, elves and dragons have joined together to decide the fate of those involved to determine the best possible solution to save to lives of those tied to its consequence.

Charlie and the Triclop

by Annie Allways

Poor old Charlie is such a weak boy until he becomes engrossed in a bedtime story that his father reads to him.

As the story of the monstrous beast and the raven beauty unfolds, Charlie’s imagination whisks him into the story and gradually over the course of the tale his health and confidence grows.

The monster is a ‘Triclop’ which is a huge nasty beast with three eyes; yes, three eyes, which mysteriously appears and disappears seemingly at will and creates havoc in the mountain village of ‘Tranoli.

All seems lost and doomed to the villagers until a young, strong, brave and handsome man called ‘Charlie’ appears and promises to rid the Nollites (villagers) of their problem.

During the ensuing fight and chaos, their saviour Charlie, falls for the beautiful raven haired ‘Panasha’ who returns his love.

Charlie the young lad on hearing all of the brave exploits imagines himself as the hero and the two Charlie’s do seem to become entwined.

All eventually ends well and both Charlie’s find the love of their lives.

This is a very endearing tale of bravery, hope and love which triumphs over all adversity.

A story that warms the heart.

Children’s Stories of Hope, Love, and Peace

by Susan Ripley Rodgers

Anthology of three children’s stories dealing with the good things in life – like hope, love, and peace.

Coolest Xmas Gift (Xmas Series)

by S.O. Issachar

Not sure what book to get for your loved ones as a gift for this Christmas? Try this. Xmas Series consists of 8 humorous books. I’m sure they will bring a smile…or a swearing.

Want the coolest gift for this Christmas? Try Book 2 of Xmas Series- Coolest Xmas Gift.

“It’s time for simple yet not necessary easy message.”- S.O. Issachar

Dad not mad – Girl of schizophrenic by Lorraine Dey – 2013

by Lorraine Dey

This autobiographical kindle book of Lorraine Dey, offers us an empathetic look at schizophrenia, dissociating the man of his mental suffering. It chronicles the struggle of a family adopting Lady Madness. But he also denounced abuse inflicted on patients in psychiatry. You can now find him on kindle amazon store.

Time where D.S.M-5 defines us all as mentally ill possible, this book warns against marketing of woe where we become all potential clients, this e book in pdf will advice you to the risk.

It is also a journey into the heart of schizophrenia through the diary of Bruno Dey I was mad”, written in 1979. Year of remission and a double birth: birth of a daughter and renaissance of a father.

This book is my story, that of a relationship between
a schizophrenic father and his daughter. The story of a boundless love,
beyond prejudices, insults, from the violence of the mad father, to
reach the man, the father, accept him and finally to love him. I am the
witness of a possible identity construction, whose paternal pathology
was a force, a fight. A different construction of course, out of the
classic family representations and with the only weapons the patience,
tolerance and love. I’ll be his spokesman, the witness of his suffering.
I’ll travel to the heart of schizophrenia with his diary “I was mad”. I
sincerely hope, help families of patients to make their way and perhaps
succeed, someday, to break this mental shell. But let’s be clear, this
barrier is made of titanium and it be hidden behind is such an animal
frightened, fragile and moving. This one grow to be a best seller ebook.
This ebook in pdf is available too in kindle fire.

KOOKIE MEETS SANTA: A Short Christmassy Bedtime Story

by Susan A Grant

This is a short story continuing Kookie’s search for the ‘Golden Bone’. This bone is magic and can grant the wishes of the owner.Kookie was given his name because of his love of cookie biscuits.He hopes to find this bone and magic himself loads of cookies. His searches take him all over the world. In this book he travels to Lapland, hoping to meet Santa Claus and perhaps find the ‘Golden Bone’.

Marianne the Mermaid (Book 6) – Mermaid’s Christmas

by Viv Rosser

Once again Marianne and her sisters are called to the rescue. This time it is Father Christmas who needs their help. The ice cap has started melting and his sleigh has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Only the mermaids can rescue it in time for Santa to deliver all the presents to the children. But even they need some help… who will help them?

Another colourful 28 page picture storybook for children of all ages but mostly the younger ones. Designed for kindle-fire and can be used on any tablet PC or laptop, children will love the message of working together and helping each other that this story tells.

Marigold Brightbutton and the Rose Grow (Marigold Brightbutton’s Adventures)

by Heather Sylvawood

About Marigold’s Adventures – Marigold Brightbutton and the Rose Grow

Marigold Brightbutton is not what you’d call bright. For example, in this adventure she drinks an unknown liquid called Rose Grow. It makes Marigold grow so tall she reaches the clouds. When her parents discover the calamity they resort to some equally alarming behaviour.

In the end everything turns out all right, but not before Marigold has created mayhem and hysteria in the town. In that respect, she is the spitting image of her father, as you will find out in Marigold Brightbutton’s Birth Day.

Marigold Brightbutton’s adventures came about when a teacher mentioned to me that she could not find any stories that described Golden Rules of behaviour. Although Marigold was not quite what she had in mind, each adventure has been fashioned around a Golden Rule.

The adventures are designed to be read to the child by an adult (perhaps a grandparent or teacher) because the stories contain many ‘asides’ directly addressing the listeners. The adult reader can then explain or elaborate on the preposterous events that happen to Marigold and her family.

Watch out for these other Marigold Brightbutton Adventures:

>>Marigold Brightbutton’s Birth Day

>>Marigold Brightbutton and the Rose Grow

>>Marigold Brightbutton and the Fireworks

>>Marigold Brightbutton and the Missing Shed

>>Marigold Brightbutton Goes Shopping

>>Marigold Brightbutton Learns to Cook

If you enjoyed these stories about Marigold Brightbutton please leave a comment as a review on the book’s page. We would both really appreciate your feedback.

About the author

Heather Sylvawood is a mother, grandmother and former teacher who now spends her time writing, short stories for adults and children. She is also a prolific blogger at: Real

Estate Rollercoaster, and Sylvawood Under the Stars.

Books also written by Heather include:

Real Estate Rollercoaster – a book exploring how we can end up making bad choices in real estate due to our lack of knowledge and understanding how we operate around housing. Based on personal experience in investment in New Zealand.

Searing Heat – The first in a series of tales about high country farming in New Zealand, based 40-60 years ago.

About the illustrator

Mary Vertulfo is a student at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR, USA completing an art major. Her web page is “”. Mary’s whimsical style suits the stories of Marigold Brightbutton perfectly.

Owls! A Childrens Book About Owls, Including Fun Owl Facts, Colorful Pictures and Exciting Information On Owls

by Catherine Wilder

Are Your Kids Interested in Owls?

This Owls for kids book by nature author Catherine Wilder is filled with 40 colorful photographs, that will teach kids about these winged wonders! The easy to understand information is written in short blocks of text so children can easily read the book on their own or with the help of an adult. This book is suited for children ages 7 to 12 years or younger with an adult to help out!

This is the prefect book for them! This book will help kids learn about:

Owl Species

Owl Habitat

Owl Food

Owl Bodies

Owl Eyes

And Lots More!

The included pictures are wonderful whether looking from a black and white or in full color on all Kindles, iPads, PCs, and smartphones.

Pick up this wonderful book today, and discover the world of Owls!

Ralph the Robot Monkey (Illustrated Children’s Book)

by Jay Newton

Ralph the Robot Monkey toils away in the big city but feels something is missing inside. He asks other animal robots if they feel the same but they cannot help him so Ralph goes on a journey of discovery and finds the jungle as well as the real animals that live within.

Rocks And Minerals For Kids! BIG Photos Fun Facts, Silly Jokes (60+ pages Fun Facts and Photos about Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones, Geology and SO MUCH MORE!)

by Martin J. Walters

Ever wonder about that rock you picked up and put in your pocket?

Ever think about how it was made or where it came from?

In this book you’ll find great facts that will help you answer those questions!

Martin J. Walters’ newest book is filled with 60+ high quality color photos and diagrams, each with a caption as well as additional facts. The book explains rocks, minerals and many other things relating to Geology.

It also contains some silly, kid appropriate jokes just for a giggle or two!

In this book you’ll also find information about the structure of Earth and how rocks are formed. It also covers Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks.

Here you’ll also find an explanation of Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness and so much more!

Want to know more about gemstones like rubies, sapphires and diamonds?

Maybe you want to learn about some of the buildings and structures around the world that have been built from rocks and minerals. You’ll find all that information in this well formatted book.

This book is written for children in the 6-9 age range but younger kids will also enjoy it as they follow along with the big colorful photos while you read to them.

Here you’ll also find enough fact checked information so it’s a good source to use for writing a school report or doing a project.

Are you ready to learn a lot of cool facts about rocks and minerals?

Today’s the day to grab your copy at the introductory price of $2.99.

Twitch’s First Christmas (The Adventures of Twitch)

by Chaz E. Arnold

Twitch’s First Christmas is the endearing and sweet tale of Twitch Lop, a young rabbit who discovers the joy of Christmas. Fully illustrated, young children will love the story of Twitch at bedtime and older children of all ages will enjoy reading this festive adventure, the first in a series of anticipated Twitch tales.

In a green field by the shiny blue sea,

Next to the hedge, set under a tree,

A young rabbit lives, his name is Twitch Lop.

He loves to leap and he loves to hop.

WEATHER Extreme! Awesome! Fascinating! BIG Photos, Fun Facts, Silly Jokes For KIDS! (80+ pages Water Cycle, Clouds, Rain, Snow, Hurricanes, Tornados,and MORE!)

by Martin J. Walters

Weather for Kids: Extreme! Awesome! Fascinating with Big Photos Fun Facts &Silly Jokes by children’s book author Martin J. Walters is a fun filled, fact filled book with 70+ photos about all the different types of weather we experience here on Earth!

This book will answer many questions about our weather in simple, easy to understand language.

If you like discovering new things about Earth’s environment, nature and weather, then this is the weather book for you!

Have you ever wanted to see real close up pictures of snowflakes or learn the difference between a snow storm and a blizzard?

Perhaps you’ve been in a thunder shower and wondered how close it was or what you should do to stay safe? You’ll find those answers and more in this book!

Would you like to discover the difference between a hurricane and a cyclone? It’s in here too!

If you have many questions about our weather such as what the water cycle is and how it works, why it rains, how rainbows form, why the wind blows, how clouds form, why we have seasons and an explanation of El Niño and La Niña you’ll find all those answers and more here!

There are over 70 beautiful pictures and diagrams in this book. It’s a great resource for entertaining kid’s but it’s also very useful if information for a school report or project is needed.

In this book you’ll also find a few silly jokes that are appropriate for kids of all ages

This well formatted book offers an interactive Table of Contents so when you put it down and return later, you can go right back to where you left off.

If you’re looking for a clear concise, kid friendly explanation of our weather and how it works, this is the book for you!

Pick up your copy today at the special, introductory price of only $2.99.

Whale Life Funny & Weird Marine Mammals – Learn with Amazing Photos and Fun Facts About Whales and Marine Mammals (Funny & Weird Animals Series)

by P. T. Hersom

Discover Whales from Around the World with Funny Whale Pictures and Weird Whale Facts

Learning new things can be fun and humorous, join bestselling children’s book author P. T. Hersom as he uncovers funny whale facts and sometimes weird whale behavior, with stunning full color photos with descriptions of the marine mammals, what they like to eat, where they live and their behavior.

Explore parts of the world to find the Blue Whale the largest animal that ever lived, or the show off Beluga Whale that entertains thousands, or a favorite of whale watchers the Humpback Whale. See mystical sea creatures such as the unicorn Narwhal Whale, the deep diving Pilot Whale or Moby Dick the albino whale!

Funny & Weird Animals Series

Part of the Funny & Weird Animals Series, Dolphin Life, will keep your young readers interested in reading this whales children’s book over and over again. Descriptions in the large text make it easy for early readers, or for a child to be guided through with a parent or family member.

As with all books in this series, it is designed to be a learning tool too. The author combines humor with facts to make the learning fun and memorable for the kids. Additionally, with “What did You Learn Today” fun questions and answers at the books end.

The Following Whales are Featured:

  • The talking Beluga Whale
  • The giant Blue Whale
  • The blubbery Bowhead Whale
  • The speedy Fin Whale
  • The funny Gray Whale
  • The tumbling Humpback Whale
  • The hunting Killer Whale
  • The stinky Minke Whale
  • The unicorn Narwhal Whale
  • The snoring Pilot Whale
  • The tiny Pygmy Sperm Whale
  • The weird Right Whale
  • The diving Sperm Whale
  • The scary Moby Dick

These are Real Whales and the Pictures have not been Altered

In my research for this book I discovered many whales I had never heard of before, let alone ever seen.Some whales may appear to be unreal or the pictures altered, because of how unusual the whale may look. However,all the whales in this book are real and alive today.

Click on the Look Inside feature before you buy.

If you enjoyed “Whales: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature” by Kay de Silva
and Laura Marsh’s “National Geographic Readers: Dolphins” then you will like this too.

If you enjoy dolphin facts like those shared by IP Factly’s in “Killer Whales! the World’s Most Powerful Predators!
Incredible Facts, Photos and video Links to Orca Whales.” and Laura Marsh’s”National Geographic Readers: Weird Sea Creatures” then you’ll enjoy this also.


by Philip West

Dwelling among the warm bloods, on the edge of society, live the Spirit Folk. Petal , a young spirit folk fairy, unknowingly becomes a pawn in a tale of greed,revenge,shape shifting, young love,friendship, jealously, trolls and goblins. For the Spirit Kingdom to survive, the righteous must prevail over the evildoers.

Civil War Stories

by Derik Dell

The Civil War was a paramount time in American History. This ebook contains some of the most important and often forgotten stories from the Civil War. This is a fun ebook for the history buff, the individual interested in learning more about American history, or the child preparing to learn about the Civil War.

Dolphins: an interactive guide to dolphins for kids

by Mindy Gregg

Learning about dolphins has never been more fun and easy. This ebook contains fun facts and images of these friendly little creatures. Your child will love looking through this ebook as they learn about animals and view these loving little dolphins up close.

**Borrow for free with Amazon Prime**

With amazing facts about dolphins your child will be entertained as they learn.

Legend of Herobrine 2: Herobrine’s Revenge- A Minecraft Novel (Based On True Story)

by Gamerlife Publishing

The Best Selling Sequel is Finally Here!

Is Herobrine back?

Every Minecraft player knows about the Legend of Herobrine. Many people say he is invincible and cannot be destroyed.

Others say that he doesn’t exist. This story will make you think otherwiseâ?¦

This book is the second collection of real Minecraft player’s experiences with Herobrine. These accounts are based on a true story!

Follow the journeys of these players as they try to solve the mystery of Herobrine once and for all!


by Peter Collier

This is the story of a small town and how it is influenced in silly ways by twin brothers. It also includes a gang of goofy criminals and a theme of baseball on the side. Some stories are just impossible to explain. It has all the kinds of elements readers have come to expect from my stories.

Just for fun, it is enjoyable to read. A bit longer than most of my children stories, it is a 25 to 30 minute reading to children at bedtime, or 15 minutes stretched over 2 nights.

My stories are designed for both the reader and the listener.

Children will request parents to re-read, over and over again, a story that has caught their imagination.

If not in rhyme, these stories will quickly become dull and a burden to read.

When written in free-rhyming prose, a story is both a delight to read and to hear.

The reader feels accomplished when reading my stories and, in the act of story telling, begins exaggerating tone, inflection, and mood.

When constructed in free-rhyming prose, while reading along, children quickly begin to retain portions of each story.

Once the child begins reading independently, these stories act as memory assisting templates to guide the beginning reader through their first reading selections.

The reading successes of a child will fuel additional comprehension activities and help to jump start reading skills that greatly motivate the young reader.

For the adult reader these stories are always a treat.

I understand the necessity to include a readers interests and needs as part of the story telling activities.

If you liked reading it, which I hope you will, don’t miss “The Immovable Rock”, “The Fishing Derby”, “The Very Last Apple” or “Foggy Daze”. All these are similar and ideal for bedtime or anytime reading.

Wheels, Motors, Oars and Rotors

by Ed Ping

Join a horse, duck, cow and sheep as they set off of a rhyming adventure with bright pictures. A lonely set of wheels start on a journey as they animals help them on their way adding doors, oars, rotors and motors. Ed Ping’s clear rhyme and rhythm make this a story your children will want to read again and again.

The Little Lost Mouse (The Mouse Tale Series)

by Jan Schmedek

Kelli Mouse was part of the Mouse Family. There was Timothy Mouse, Maggie Mouse and her brother Michael Mouse. The Mouse Family spent summers at their country house and the cold winters in the city. This story is about their journey back to the city at the end of summer.

Kelli Mouse had a habit of day dreaming and getting distracted sometimes. Typically her daydreams usually resulted in some interesting situations. This story is about Kelli Mouse and the adventure that develops as a result of her distractions on the way back from her country house.

Your kids will be entertained by this wonderful tale. “The Little Lost Mouse” is just one of the Mouse Family Storybook Series.

Find outâ?¦.
How Kelli Mouse Got Lost in the first place?
Who will help Kelli Mouse find her way?
Who takes Kelli Mouse under their wing?
Will Kelli Mouse ever see her family again?

Click on purchase now to get all the answers. You and your child will enjoy this whimsical tale.

The Finders

by Connie Cook

A story for puzzle-lovers…or a puzzle for story-lovers

“IF YOU NEED IT, WE CAN FIND IT. Specializing in wooden figurines. Prices negotiable. Direct all inquiries to ‘The Finders’…”

…the advertisement in the newspaper read. When she saw it, Clorrie believed her luck might be changing for the better. How odd that the advertisement should appear on the very day she happened to be looking for one particular wooden figurine! But things that appear to be coincidence often aren’t, and what Clorrie found with The Finders was an adventure she never could have imagined.

Eleven mysterious figurines hold the clues to eleven puzzles for eleven-year-old Clorrie to solve. You can solve the puzzles along with Clorrie, and when you do, you’ll be able to decipher the poem that started her off on the adventure of her life.

“In the bright mundite of the afternoon,

Or when all are asleep under light of the wune,

When the chaves of the linnits reach the sand of the scowers,

There it will be you shall see their powers.

Twice there will be in one turn of the purth,

That the mort is the first; the jong five times its worth.

When the fands of kime meet and clasp as lun,

There you will find that your search is done.”

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