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Anybody’s Daughter (Angela Evans Series No. 2)

by Pamela Samuels Young

“A fast-paced, well-written thriller that’s grounded in important social issues.”

–Kirkus Reviews

“One of the best thrillers I have read in a long time.”

–Digna Dreibelbis, Autumn Blues Reviews

“I was in tears for most of the book and in shock for the rest! â?¦ This is a 5-star read and every parent needs to pick it up!”

–Ella Curry, BAN Radio Show

Is Anybody’s Daughter Ever Safe?

Based on the real-life horrors faced by thousands of girls, award-winning author Pamela Samuels Young takes readers deep inside the disturbing world of child sex trafficking in a fast-paced thriller that educates as much as it entertains.

Thirteen-year-old Brianna Walker is ecstatic. She’s about to sneak off to meet her first real boyfriendâ??a boyfriend she met on Facebook. But Brianna is in for a horrifying surprise because her boyfriend doesn’t exist. Instead, Brianna unwittingly becomes the captive of a ring of drug dealers- turned-human traffickers who prey on lonely girls from dysfunctional homes. But they’ve made a big mistake in targeting Brianna because she doesn’t meet either of those criteria.

Brianna’s Uncle Dre, a man with his own criminal past, is determined to find the niece who is more like a daughter to him. Rather than sit back and rely on police to bring Brianna home, Dre scours the dark corners of Los Angeles looking for her. He is stunned to learn that the trafficking of children isn’t just happening in other countries. It’s occurring at epidemic levels right in his own backyard.

Dre is not alone in his desperate search. Loretha Johnson knows this world well. A social worker who previously lived “the life,” Loretha now dedicates her time to saving as many young girls as she can find. She turns out to be an invaluable resource for Dre, who ultimately gets a lead on The Shepherd, a mastermind in the trafficking world whose every move is fueled by ego and greed. Dre vows to bring his reign of terror to an end.

While Brianna makes a futile effort to thwart her captors, Dre is getting closer and closer to finding her. The woman he loves, attorney Angela Evans, knows the dangers faced by sexually exploited children because she represents them in juvenile court. Angela lends her moral support and, eventually, an important clue to Brianna’s whereabouts.

As he races against the clock, Dre ultimately comes up with a daring planâ??one that puts many lives in danger, including his own. But will he find Brianna before it’s too late?

The Big Bend

by Gary Showalter

The day begins like any other: Terry Rankin, sole proprietor of Rankin Personal Security Services in Orlando, Florida, accepts a private meeting with a potential client. Sheila Adamson is looking for a bodyguard to protect her from her abusive husband, but Rankin refuses to take the job until she begins divorce proceedings. Moments later, Mrs. Adamson is dead and Rankin is buried beneath the rubble of his house, knocked flat by a car bomb planted in the dead woman’s Jaguar. When he’s questioned by the local police, Rankin learns that Adamson’s attorney has also turned up dead, his Cadillac riddled with bullets. Suspecting there is more to these murders than a domestic dispute, he teams up with Orlando cop Cathy Diamond for a thrillingâ??and treacherousâ??adventure that will lead them deep into the heart of the Everglades and hot on the trail of a dangerous criminal. In Rankin’s sardonic bodyguard-turned-investigator, Gary Showalter has created a new hero for fans of hardboiled mysteries.

City of Beads: Tubby Dubonnet Series #2 (A Hard-Boiled but Humorous New Orleans Mystery) (The Tubby Dubonnet Series)

by Tony Dunbar

The SECOND deliciously sneaky mystery in Anthony- and Edgar-nominated Tony Dunbar’s Tubby Dubonnet series.

Tony Dunbar is the rare author able to make you laugh and shake in your shoes at the same time.

New Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet is bored. He wants to bill enough hours to pay his alimony and keep his daughter in college, with enough left over for an occasional drink and a good meal, but he longs for something different and exciting.

Sure, researching licensing law for the new casino will keep trout meunière on the table, but what could be more tedious? (Unless, of course, the client turns out to be connected.) Meanwhile, there’s the estate of an old friend who controls some dock leases on the wharf. And he agrees to help his daughter’s environmental group stop illegal dumping in the river.

Ho-hum, thinks our hero. But suddenly all three cases begin to converge in an entirely ominous way-the toxic dumping, the dock leases, and the too-good-to-be-true casino job. How is that possible? Could it be Tubby’s been set up as the fall guy in a Mob effort to expand its gambling empire?

Suddenly Tubby IS doing something different and exciting â?? he’s running for his life!


Not far from Mike’s, on a little side street, the Thompsons were having a family barbecue. They had the TV on the front porch tuned in to the Saints game. The home team was playing arch rival Atlanta, which always got the fans keyed up to an emotional high. Thomas and Kip Thompson were outside watching the game and keeping a grill lit in the tiny front yard, which was separated from the sidewalk by a low iron picket fence. The day was special because they were celebrating Thomas’s recruitment to play baseball for the University of Southwestern Louisiana. The recruiter had promised he was going to be offered a scholarship.

They had smoked sausage and hamburgers fired up on the grill and an ice chest full of Old Milwaukee beer and Cokes. Their aunt was inside making her gumbo, soupy green and full of chicken, sausage, garlic, okra, and onions. It smelled so rich and fine that the old men in the neighborhood were starting to pass by to say hello. Their sister Tania, whose house this was, had a half-gallon bottle of Canadian Club and some ice in the living room for anybody who dropped in.

“Hurry up, Auntie,” Kip called. “We’re dying of hunger.”

“Don’t rush me,” came a deep voice from inside. “It takes a long time to make things just right.”

“You better get you one of these before they’re all gone.” Kip waved his beer can at his younger brother.

“Naw, you can do all the drinking for me,” Thomas said. He was in training and so high on the possibilities stretching out before him that Kip, his beer, and even Kip’s shiny Cadillac taxi parked by the curb held no temptations at all.

Kip drove a cab for a living. That was his story, and that’s what Thomas believed.

It was halftime. All the guests were inside sampling the gumbo and mixing drinks from the big bottle. Tania poured some potato chips into a plastic bowl to carry outside to her brothers.

A nothing-special sky-blue car, maybe an old Ford Galaxie, drove slowly past the house. Kip looked toward it, then jerked around to look at his brother.

“Thomas!” he yelled.

Anything else he planned to say got lost in the noise of an automatic pistol firing. Errant lead pellets broke the front windows of the house and sent the old men and women jumping for the floor, splashing gumbo and sweet cocktails over the walls and each other. But several found their target and perforated Kip’s chest and face, knocking him backward onto the porch and into his sister’s arms. She threw the potato chips into the front yard and fell on top of him. Thomas took a bullet in the knee.

The nothing-special car didn’t even speed up. It just made the corner and rolled on.

First there were the wails of the women, then the sirens came.

Darc Murders Collection (The #1 Police Procedural/Hard Boiled Mystery Series)

by Ben Hopkin

Darc Murders Collection includes four short stories and the three full-length novels; 9th Circle, 7th Sin, and 5th Pentagram. A $19.00 value for $5.99!!!

**Warning, this collection includes GRAPHIC crime scenes and taut thrills. Please do not buy this collection unless you have a strong stomach and don’t scare easily!

Praise for the Darc Murders Collection…

“I really really like this series…..not my usual reading, as I normally read paranormal romance/HEA stories… work is a refreshing break for me of my usual reading material. Definitely not for the faint of heart—gory and violence is graphically described, possibly giving you not-so-nice dreams. This is a great deal for all the books included.”


Amazon Reviewer

“This series of books really captivated me. I have always loved murder mysteries and would definitely recommend the Darc Collection to all… delivers 5 Stars in each of these books… has become one of my all time favorite authors, because no matter what book I read by her I am never disappointed!!!”


Amazon Reviewer


The collection includes…

Devious – the prequel short story to 9th Circle

Deceived*exclusive to the collection – another prequel short story to 9th Circle

9th Circle – the #1 Hard Boiled/Police Procedural, full-length novel that started it all

7th Sin*exclusive to the collection – the full-length sequel to 9th Circle

Carnal*exclusive to the collection – the bridge short story between 7th Sin and 5th Pentagram

5th Pentagram – the third book in the Darc Murders Collection

Sinister *exclusive to the collection- the “wrap-up” short story for the Darc Murders trilogy

More Praise for the Darc Murders Collections…

“WOW, just WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a gruesome series of crime scenes! Further knowing each of the scenes were booby trapped, had me cringing and then to read the full spectre of the carnage, left me in equal parts awe and queasiness of the macabre

imaginings of the writers! They pulled out the big guns! There was gore galore! Luckily, I like that in a thriller, it makes the suspense that much higher and the take down of the bad guy that much more satisfying.

What I didn’t expect was to be so enchanted by the characters. I loved the eclectic mix, from the brilliant but emotionally challenged Detective with Aspergers to his laid back empathetic partner plus the razor sharp mind of the child psychologist consultant and the adorable and brave sole survivor, little Janey. All these nuances and traits give a rich tapestry to the book and endear you to the clever writing of… Ben.”


Amazon Reviewer

“I definitely recommend the Darc Murders Collection. The character development is phenomenal, story development is superb– I thoroughly enjoyed reading both 9th Circle and 7th Sin; the story telling entwined with the characteristics of Darc’s aspergers is incredibly entertaining. Not for the faint of heart, lots of gore and suspense, great mysteryseries.”


Amazon Reviewer

If you are a fan of characters such as Alex Cross and Hannibal or movies like 7 and Saw, The Darc Murders Collection is sure to shock and satisfy.

**If you were looking for Hopkin’s latest crime thriller collection, search under The Nursery Rhyme Murders Collection.

**If you were looking for The #1 Police Procedural/Hard Boiled mystery series that includes the blockbuster, Plain Jane search under The Harbinger Collection

Paydown (A Leopold Blake Mystery / Thriller)

by Nick Stephenson

Greed can be murder…

When a high-flying Wall Street investment banker is found brutally killed, what started out as a simple fraud case turns into expert criminologist Leopold Blake’s first ever murder investigation.

Now, with the financial world at the brink of collapse, Blake must put aside his differences and work with NYPD Detective Mary Jordan to find and stop the killer before it’s too late. As the glamor of Wall Street is stripped away by a series of catastrophic discoveries, Leopold will have to decide how much he is prepared to risk in order to uncover the truth – and whether it’s a price he’s willing to pay.

Paydown is a novella of 25,000 words (approx. 95 print pages) set several years before the events detailed in Panic – the first novel in the Leopold Blake series of thrillers.


by Shelly Dickson Carr

RIPPED is a winner in 3 IBPA Ben Franklin Awards:
GOLD: Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book, Fiction
SILVER: Best Mystery/Suspense Book
SILVER: Best New Voice (Children/Young Adult)

Can an American teen leave her i-Phone and Starbucks behind, travel back to 1888 London, and unmask the man who got away with murder again and again?

Jack the Ripper eviscerated his victims and sent body parts to Scotland Yard to taunt the inspectors. Katie has read about the Ripper. Visiting a Jack the Ripper exhibit, she learns the names of his victims and where they were killed. She’s watched her fair share of CSI; surely she knows enough to stop this maniac.

And, luckily, handsome nineteenth-century Toby agrees to help her. Can gutsy Katie and Toby do what Scotland Yard’s finest could not? If she intervenes and changes history, how will that affect her life and those around her? And when it’s time to go back to her own century, can Katie really leave Tobyâ??the one who believed in her, helped her, and really understood her?

With 60 illustrations by Chris Gall. (In color on color devices)

Bingo You’re Dead (Murder Is My Game)

by Lou Fletcher

In Goose Down, Ohio, murder is as rare as an empty bingo hall on a Saturday night. So when Alice Duns, lead kazooist for the Goose Down Senior Citizens Center is found dead in Joe Thom’s hot tub, that’s news. That she had a bingo ball in her mouth, was naked and was strangled with her own 40 DD sized braâ??that’s BIG news.

The small community of Goose Down, Ohio is stunned. Joe is the obvious suspect but he has flown the coop. The killer could be someone hoping to sabotage the Honkers chances of winning the upcoming Midwest Kazoo Competition, speculates Tippi Mulgrew, Alice’s friend and fellow senior center member. After all, she tells Hank Klaber, the prize is an all-expense trip to Cherokee, North Carolinaâ??twenty-four hours of free bingo included.

The headaches for Sheriff Grange and his small department of law enforcement are just beginning as investigations are put on hold when a record-breaking blizzard cripples the town; roads are shut down, power and phone lines, and even cell service is interrupted.

At the senior center, finding themselves trapped by the storm, Tippi, Hank, and a cast of wacky characters decide to party their way through their confinement; there’s plenty of food, a generator, a woodpile big enough to keep them warm for a week and a musical montage provided by kazoos and Perry, The One Man Band.

But a trail of suspicious accidentsâ??and more bingo ballsâ??lead Tippi and Hank to uncover a scheme that could lead to Alice’s killer. Cut off from the outside world, these resilient septuagenarians are in for the fight of their lives proving that age is no barrier to loveâ??or murder.

Bingo day will never be the same.

The Body in the Bungalow (A Divine Detective Agency Mystery Short)

by A.L. Jambor

Fun retro mystery. Nick Dandino is a private detective. Heaven is his beat. He runs a detective agency for lost souls seeking closure. Murder victims come to him to find out who killed them. When newly deceased Dee Morris walks into the agency in July, 1965, Nick is intrigued by her mini skirt and long, brown hair, so he takes her case. She was on vacation in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ with her husband. They had a fight, he left, and the next day she was dead. Nick assures her he’ll find who killed her and takes the elevator from Heaven to the boardwalk to begin his investigation. Nick, who last walked the Earth in the late 1940’s, is an old school detective who likes the short skirts and braless look of the swinging sixties, and he uses his Jersey smarts to hunt down and find Dee’s killer.

Adult language

The Warehouse (The Klumps Mysteries: Season One (Episode 4))

by DL Cook

Episode Four, The Warehouse:

Deputy Commissioner Libby Klump makes a gruesome discovery while looking for a lost pet

Meanwhile, Don Klump and the rest of the police department hunt for a killer nurse after the Medical Examiner finds that poison played a role in a disgraced officer’s death. Don and Libby can’t help thinking that these and their prior cases are related.

A police procedural/family drama/cozy mystery in eight easy to digest episodes. Spend half an hour reading instead of watching TV.

The Klumps Mysteries centers on a bumbling small town police department. They like to eat. They like to sleep. Sometimes their guns fire for no apparent reason. And every once in a while they find a crime that needs solving. They’re the Klumps! Murder, theft, missing pets, food poisoning. It’s all in a day’s work.

Episode One – “Murder at the Diner” OUT NOW

When a body is found behind a diner, inexperienced and hard drinking Police Commissioner Don Klump has his first murder case. He and his team explore the treacherous underbelly of the town. What they find threatens to shake the town to its core.

Is it the dog walker? The victim’s girlfriend? Or someone even closer to him?

Episode Two – “The Painting” OUT NOW

When a painting disappears from a local museum, an inebriated Don Klump makes finding it a department priority. The investigation takes an ominous turn when someone kills the curator.

Who stole the painting? Why? The Klumps brave the seedy world of art to find out.

Episode Three — “The Mole” OUT NOW

A suspect is murdered and evidence goes missing. A cop car is damaged. Worst of all, the Klumps suspect one of their own is responsible.

Is it the forensics assistant? The reporter who is hellbent on bringing down the department?

And who is the mysterious woman pulling the strings?

Episode Four – “The Warehouse” OUT NOW (this episode)

Episode Five – “Counting the Bodies” COMING December 10, 2013

The warehouse investigation continues.

With the crime rate rising faster than gas prices, the Klumps face off with the Town Council about the police budget. Deputy Chalmers must brave Methton alone while ghost-fearing Tom is put in charge of exhuming the body of a suspected murder victim.

Meanwhile, time runs short for two small girls.

What can possibly go wrong?

Episode Six – “Travis and Chester” COMING December 24, 2013

Episode Seven – “Follow the Scent” COMING January 7, 2014

Episode Eight – “Revelations” COMING January 21, 2014

Force of Fire (A Political Thriller) (The Kane Legacy)

by Rosa Turner Boschen

Book 1 of 2 in The Kane Legacy and Prequel to Volcano. Also a stand-alone read.The ebook reissue of the three-time award winner.*A hard-boiled, international espionage thriller, involving a tangled mystery with unexpected twists and turns.
FORCE OF FIRELittle does defense intelligence analyst Mark Neal know that the new “Missing Person Central America” case of Ana Kane is about to change his life — indefinitely. When Defense Department protocol is turned on its head and Mark is sent to Iberia at the behest of his cryptic boss, Mark figures there is more than patriotism at play. As she pieces together mysterious details from her late father’s past, prisoner Ana begins to suspect this, too. When the Basque terrorists who are holding her threaten her life for the exchange of one deadly secret, will the Americans come through? Or is Ana truly as she fears — a worthless Spanish-American pawn?
Winner of the Word Weaving Award for ExcellenceWinner of the Silver AwardA 2001 EPPIE Thriller Finalist
“I had to force myself to stop reading and sleep! Five stars!”Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer
“This novel is excellent. The author’s experience in the State Department, living for a time in Spain, and knowledge of US intelligence really shows. It’s thrilling, an easy read, and is very well done.”Paul Lappen,
Five Stars from Susan Pulsifer, Midnight Scribes Reviews
Five Stars from Steven Lopata, Compuserve Book Reviews
* Third EditionPreviously Published byJacobtye Books, AustraliaPulsar Books, USACopyright 1999

Never Forgotten (An Emily Stone Short Story)

by Jennifer Chase

From the Award-winning Crime Thriller Series:

Vigilante detective Emily Stone has proven her abilities, forensic knowledge, and criminal hunting aptitude in locating serial killers and child abductors. She solves these cases all under the law enforcement radar. Her relentless drive propels her to dedicate her life to this cause.

What was Emily Stone like as a teenager? What changed her life so drastically, which set in motion her fate as a phantom investigator? You might be surprised as Emily embarks on her first investigation that hit close to home. Find out her secrets in NEVER FORGOTTEN.

PLUS: First 3 chapters of DEAD BURN

(Short Story word count: approximately 7,800 words)

The Mask of Anonymity: A Story of the American West

by Preston Malone

“This novel claims not only a spot on my book shelf, but an eternal one within my heart.” Jennifer Allen “Spegelbot”, Goodreads Reviewer

“I was just short of riveted … I think Mr. Malone has quite a future.” Ethan A. Winning, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer
Controversial and groundbreaking. Preston Malone’s beautifully written novel paints the American West with a dark brush – far more violent and depraved than commonly believed.  The view held by most has been distorted by historical misconceptions and popular myths such as the “pioneer spirit” which Malone contends was cover for people fleeing west to avoid the law.

Come along on this fast-paced journey through the authentic Western United States of the 1880’s where the line between justice and vengeance blur as a secretive gunman faces evil threatening his clients.  Although the storyline is highly creative and entertaining, it is the undertones of this book that provide a most powerful literary punch. (Warning: contains graphic violence and sex)

The L Murders (Ted James Mysteries)

by G. R. Henderson

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a Private Eye in Seattle in the 1980’s? Well, it wasn’t quite the same as when Sam Spade was practicing his craft in an earlier era. In this first installment of the Ted James Mystery series, lesbian women are being murdered by someone every few weeks and the Seattle Police seem powerless to find the killer.

Ted is hired by Nicole, the latest victim’s lover, to solve the mystery surrounding her roommate’s death and soon finds himself a target as well. Though he has always prided himself on his detached professionalism in his many years as a private investigator, he eventually allows himself to fall into a relationship with his client who just so happens to be his primary suspect, has openly stated that she “prefers women”, and prefers sex with someone who has a more stylish wardrobe and modern musical tastes. Will Ted survive this professional and personal ordeal and solve the mystery of who killed these lovely women or will his final chapter be written shortly after his first?

Come in from the Seattle rain, light up a cigarette and grab a cheap copy of â??The L Murders’ and find out for yourself. You won’t even need a trenchcoat and a wide brimmed hat to enjoy it

Beastie Stories (Rude Fiction)

by Ken Shakin

Cult writer Ken Shakin offers a collection of rude fiction about love and hate between the species. These are bedtime stories for the grownup beast, full of beings from another world, our own, one where the creatures talk and the civilized devour their neighbors. Five shorts and a beastie novella: How To Tame A Wild Animal, a murder mystery about wine, women, and castration.
See More Beastie Stories for the second book in the series.

From the author:The five stories all deal loosely with the notion of what it is to be the human beast, but in that respect, hard to categorize for the bookshelf. Man, Woman and Beast could be considered a horror story minus the horror. Cock and Pussy seems like something Beatrix Potter would have written for Playboy. The Man With Two Heads could fall under weird fiction. Survival of the Biggest is a true story about rats put to the test. Shelter is about cats and the ladies who love them. And finally How To Tame A Wild Animal is a perversely satirical take on the murder mystery. A bit more wine, women and gelding than you’ll find in the usual who-done-it. More like, who-cut-it-off*. Altogether 34,000 words. Not recommended for people who fear snakes.*In researching the material I was surprised to find out that castration and gender reassignment share a painful history. Though castration is generally thought of as merely the removal of the testicles, amputating penises, if only with a pair of scissors, is a practice dating from ancient times. Quite the trend in capital punishment, and long before South American women instituted it as a fitting revenge for adultery. 

The Blogger’s Regret (Canton County Chronicles Mysteries)

by C.M. Carleton


When assistant prosecutor Kit Babcock gets called to Judge Bellamy’s office, she’s more than a little concerned and surprised to find her boss, Canton County Commonwealth Attorney John Stivers, standing next to the judge’s desk and looking rather irked.

Then Judge Bellamy points to his computer screen.

Kit reads a horrible article about herself, written by Ed Frame, a former prosecutor from another part of the state who now runs his own blog. Frame, who has a very personal grudge against the Attorney Grievance Commission where Kit used to work, knows that Kit is involved in a write-in campaign for Canton Circuit Court Clerk, and the article is quite obviously meant to tarnish Kit’s good name and prevent her election.

And what Frame has written about Kit is a complete lie.

Although Kit actually has nothing to do with the write-in campaign and wants no part of it, she knows she can’t let Frame’s libel of her go unchallenged. Lloyd Peters, an attorney against whom Kit often practiced attorney disciplinary cases, agrees to represent Kit and demand Frame put up a retraction of his libelous statements. But Frame refuses.

Lloyd urges Kit to sue Frame for defamation, but Kit is reluctant to do so. Although she’d like the rumors about her to stop, what she really wants to know is who spread them to Frame in the first instance.

This is the third short story (approx. 6200 words) in the Canton County Chronicles Mysteries Series by C.M. Carleton.

WARNING: Contains some language which some people may find offensive.


Contains Chapter 1 from ELECTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES, a Canton County Chronicles Mystery, the first full-length novel in the series (approximately 69,000 words), now available.

Memoirs of a Red Sock

by Shireen Anthony

Faith Clark is your typical single mother. When she stumbles upon a tragic accident she makes a decision that changes her life forever. Soon she finds herself with a new life and a larger family that she never imagined. Is she truly a red sock? Faith wonders how much truth there is to the description as her past begins to bleed into her present.

When another young life is cut short. Faith steps in and discovers neither tragedy is what it seems. After an attempt is made on her life she finds herself in overly protective witness protection, under the watchful eyes of Chris Mathews. A very attractive and very dangerous Detective. Neither one can seem to escape the feelings they begin to develop.

Will they be able to find out why they are after her and who they actually are? Can Faith and Chris find a way to overcome their pasts and take a chance for a future together? Or when the rinse cycle ends, will she again find herself alone?

Memoirs of a Red Sock is the first of the Red Sock series and is newly revised and edited. The second book Memoirs of a Red Sock and the Glass Slipper is now available. Coming in February 2014, Memoirs of a Red Sock and the Baby Bootie. This book contains mild violence, language, and sexual content. It is intended for mature audiences.


by David McLeod

How does a man, living on borrowed time, correct nearly a century of suppression, threats, litigation, treachery, and murder all having one sole aim: to ensure conventional medicine remains an extremely lucrative business?

Anthony Cain’s cancer will kill him soon; he knows it and so does Elwood, the man contracted to find and bring him back â?? dead or alive. But before he dies, Cain is desperate to put an end to the unforgivable wrongs of the corporation he works for.

Across town, while it’s true young Joshua Costello is no little angel; and it’s also true he’s given his mother, Erin, a fair share of problems recently; she knows her son is not just another runaway â?? despite what the LAPD think. She’s sure there’s something more sinister involved; and she’s also sure there’s only one man who can help to find him â?? Michael Malone.

In a cleverly contrived plot, the reader meets some memorable characters, learns about the dark history of the suppression of alternative medicine’s therapies, all while being led through a number of interwoven kidnap situations that bring us up to date with Michael Malone and his associates we first met in the author’s earlier book, “Christ Clone”.

All in all, a real page-turner with an important story to tell.

Lethal Injection, The Seed

by D.S. Carlisle

A young man comes to terms with the inner demons linked to his father.

Janine, Eggs and Lemons

by Jesamine James

This is a novella.

When Emily Palmer finds herself in the waiting area of the labour ward with an irate mother-to-be, she recounts the story of how she happens to be there, alone, to calm the situation.

Her bizarre courtroom tale, of the oddest custody battle in history, gives her reason to reflect on the outcome of her child’s future happiness on the small decision of her birth name.

Roadside Ripping: Creepy Scary Story

by Michael Hunter

â?¦ This lady was completely off her rocker or really onto something. The deal she was offering sounded more like being some type of distorted indentured servant instead of the guise of queenly statehood she was hiding behind. Then again, the idea of dying wasn’t exactly an attractive one either and if she played it right it could be just as good as she was trying to make it seem, if not better. There had to be some kind of work around for not only her, but her family tooâ?¦.

Roadside attractions are one of America’s favorite pastimes. Driving down the highway and all of a sudden you find yourself coming up on the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine, of course you’re going to stop. Not all attractions are as quaint though. There’s a darker, more sinister side to the American back roads. Things the common man isn’t supposed to and especially not prepared to see. One of those has traveled all the way from Whitechapel and taken up residence in America’s backwoods. What mischief could one of England’s greatest serial killers have gotten up to while here? Better yet, what are his descendants doing all these years later?

Who Watches the Watchers?

by Adam Gaffen

Mysterious bronze orbs appear across the planet Earth. Where do they come from? Who sent them? What are they for? We might not like the answers…

Two of a Kind

by Desmond Webb

Paul Wallace is in deep trouble. He’s been arrested on suspicion of murder. His wife is dead, battered to death with a golf club, and it appears that he was the last person to see her alive. He was the only other person in the house at the time of her murder and there is no sign of a break-in. The murder weapon has been found at the bottom of the stairs and Mr. Wallace has no recollection of ever seeing it.

Detective Chief Inspector Reid believes the case against Wallace is incontrovertible. Wallace’s business was failing and his wife was a wealthy woman with a successful business of her own. Wallace has a great deal to gain from his wife’s demise. But Reid is in for a big surprise when the autopsy results reveal something surprising and the finger of suspicion begins to shift in a completely different direction. His watertight case begins to slip away from him and, although he is convinced that Wallace is the killer, as a police officer he is duty bound to follow the evidence, wherever it may lead. And he must also accept the outcome, no matter how much he believes it is the wrong one.

Borderline – A narco thriller

by Frank Habbe

Borderline – a thrilling journey from the sunny beaches of San Diego into deepest, darkest Mexico.

Always on the go: Claire, investigator with the US Coast Guard, and Diego, ruthless leader of a Mexican drug cartel. Together, though with different motives, they are searching for Dave, Claire’s ex-lover and thief, with 15 million dollars’ worth of diamonds that belong to Diego – a man willing to risk everything to get them back.

Claire is dragged deeper and deeper into a vortex of lies, violence and betrayal, and only starts to figure things out late in the game.

Too late?

A breathtaking novel about the hunt for money, power and revenge.

Dec. 8 2013 – new, completely edited and re-translated version

The Case of the Missing Wife

by Roxanne Dent

Sarah Wyndom, owner of Discreet Private Inquiries is horrified to receive a scribbled note on a torn piece of newspaper from her estranged friend, Pippa begging for help. Pippa’s arrogant husband and unconcerned family insist she is visiting friends in Ireland, but Sarah refuses to believe it. Sarah’s investigation takes her into the sleazy, fog shrouded, back streets of Bath where for a price, an inconvenient woman can be disposed of. When Inspector Grove, an old friend of Sarah’s shows up they join forces to uncover the gruesome truth.

Dust Bowl

by J.P. Lantern

The fabric of society, ripped apart by a horrible war, is rapidly dissolving. Cities collapse, diseases flourish, and brutal gangs control the roads. The Order offers salvation in the form of faster-than-light ships able to travel to new habitable planetsâ??but passage on the ships is only granted for carrying out The Order’s monstrous will. Ward, a grieving young alcoholic, longs to leave the ruined world behind him, along with all his guilt. His choice is simple: survive by joining the monsters in The Order, or face the end of the world alone.

The Georgian House

by Tina Abre

Atmospheric tale with an unexpected twist.

Anna Francis has an almost perfect life, loving husband, beautiful home.

Life for Anna is good. That is until arrival of a mysterious young man who begins stalking her. Her once loving husband becomes cold and distant toward her. Anna in her increasing paranoia and distress begins to suspect that her husband is having an affair, but all is not as it appears.

GUNLAND: Disarmed & Defenseless (A Right to Bear Arms Novel)

by JD Stevens

“Gun control was never about guns. It was about control.”

Welcome to the New United States.

On the heels of the most violent mass shooting in history, The Constitution has been rewritten and the Second Amendment has been repealed.

It’s a dangerous land, where criminals prey on victims in broad daylight, and ordinary citizens are left disarmed and defenseless — ordinary citizens like Jack Devers.

A former military man and a single father, Jack vows to break free and join the resistance in its fight to restore America to the land of the free.

But is he too late?

GUNLAND: Disarmed & Defenseless (A Right to Bear Arms Novel) paints the most frightening future vision since 1984.

***This is a special preview edition that contains the first five chapters. Included in the download is an exclusive promo code for a special offer.***

The full novel will be available December 19.

MATTHEW PRIOR – The Queen’s Pawn

by Alan Butler

Matthew Prior, Elizabethan playwright, poet, drinker, womaniser and man about London, lives in turbulent times. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1, Matthew reluctantly becomes involved in intrigue, spying and danger.

The Queen’s Pawn is the first of the Matthew Prior adventures. His daily life can be followed on

Music For Murder

by Joe Hill

In this third book in the Harry Strong PI mystery series, Harry finds himself immersed in the surreal and hectic world of pop music, celebrity, fast cars and paparazzi as he takes on a case as a favor to an old friend and temporarily becomes the bodyguard of a pop icon whose life has been threatened by a series of vile and vicious poison pen letters.

As the case progresses, the body count starts mounting and Harry finds himself out of his depth against a backdrop of frenzied fans, sinister conspiracies, and satanic aggressors. Harry fights to save the pop diva from death as the clock ticks down to the final scenes of violence, greed, and ruthless murder.

Scream Chamber: A Short Horror Story

by Michael Hunter

â?¦John seemed really close to the edge now. He kept jerking his head in one direction then the next like he was looking around the room for something he couldn’t quite locate. Phillip feared he might be having a relapse of his earlier incident and might possibly even move on to violence if he didn’t calm down. John stayed in his seat though, which Phillip looked upon as good sign. He might be nervous and extremely afraid of something, but he was still trying to maintain what little control he could. For how much longer Phillip didn’t know thoughâ?¦

Angels (suspense crime thriller)

by James Kipling

When buddies Michael and Gabriel came upon a crash scene, they were reluctant to pull the body out of the vehicle, not wanting to get involved, but their conscious couldn’t let them walk away. Little did they know the victim, Daniel Harris, a young attorney, had been shot and was part of a murder hit of mistaken identity that had happened simultaneously across town. Daniel survived, and when the police threw Michael and Gabriel in prison charging them both with the murders of the two men killed across town, Daniel set out to solve the mystery and free the two men that saved his life that were now wrongly imprisoned.

Up against a wealthy businessman involved in a cult called the Angels, can Daniel convince the court of his guilt?

The Way That It Falls (DS Lasser Series)

by Rob Roughley

When a thief steals twenty gold chains from the new jewelers in town. DS Lasser is given the task of tracking him down, ordinarily no big deal. Problem is while making his escape, the man sent an elderly woman crashing to the ground. When it transpires she is related to Callum Green the local drugs baron, Lasser knows he must find the thief before Green does.

However, as the plot unfolds, Green realises he has more pressing concerns; someone is trying to take over his business, someone who has an eye on the bigger prize.

Mr Plymouth has done this kind of work before. Charles Munroe is expanding his drugs empire, and Plymouth is responsible for the smooth transition into new more profitable areas.

As those closest to Green begin to die. Lasser finds himself trapped between the warring factions, trying to catch the guilty, whilst protecting the innocent. Though as winter grips, he realises that in this town, even the innocent have their own agenda.

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