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Cupid’s Guide to Online Dating – A Practical Guide to Finding Love in the Modern World

by R.C. Lane

It’s hard to believe that in a society with 1 in 4 relationships starting online, there are so few guidebooks to online dating. You don’t have to settle for being alone anymore when the answers to finding your soulmate are accurately, yet humorously covered in Cupid’s Guide to Online Dating. From setting up your profile to mastering the first date, if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to successfully find love online, Cupid’s Guide to Online Dating is for you.

The Art of Raising a Maltese Puppy: From Puppyhood to Adult Dog (The Art of Raising Puppies From Puppyhood to Adult Dog)

by Abigail Dow

For the millions of people every year who consider bringing a puppy into their lives-our series “The Art of Raising a Maltese Puppy: From Puppyhood to Adult Dog”, and other books by Abigail Dow, guide you through key factors to consider before you buy your puppy.

Whether you’re planning to adopt a Maltese puppy or already welcomed one home, this guide can help you understand the art of raising a Maltese; covering everything from their history, traits, temperament, strengths and weaknesses, diet, socialization, puppy training, and more.

Maltese dogs have a heartwarming and loyal personality, intuitive desire to please their owners, snuggle, play hard, and always seem to be happy. Family-friendly, and easily trainable, they make a wonderful family pet. Inside you’ll learn how to get your Maltese puppy on the right path and build a loving, trusting relationship together. You’ll learn why socialization is especially important for the Maltese breed, how to avoid common health problems, and what makes this tiny and gentle-mannered breed so special.

Is a Maltese puppy right for your family? Are you ready to choose a Maltese? Find out all the ins and outs, fun facts and special considerations that come with this breed. Download “The Art of Raising a Maltese Puppy: From Puppyhood to Adult Dog” and find out now.

Children’s Book: Daniel the Irascible (A Fun Illustrated Children’s Picture eBook) (Perfect Bedtime Story for Ages 2-8) (Children’s Books Collection)

by Yael Aharoni

Daniel the Irascible

“Friends are like diamonds”

“Daniel the Irascible” is a short and inspiring story written to depict how being nasty to your friends, whether verbally or physically, has a lasting impact.

“Daniel the Irascible” seeks to gain his friend’s trust back and allow him to play with them again.

This short story is both encouraging and thought-provoking.

How to be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to a Rich Life Without Worrying About Money

by Chuck Rylant

Are you sick and tired of worrying about money?

Fights about money are the number one cause of divorce. 

And it makes no difference how much money you make–the impact is the same–money ruins more lives than anything. 

Today’s fast paced world is darn right scary, but tomorrow is even more uncertain. 

You don’t know what the next financial crisis will be… but it’s coming. 

No matter if it’s something minor like your car breaking down or something major like a serious family illness that you give up everything to save them. 

With bills piling up, credit cards and taxes, there’s never enough left over to feel secure. 

It’s no surprise you feel trapped.

Doing nothing is ruining your life, but doing the wrong thing can be catastrophic. 

Money and investing is treacherous, with sharks lurking, waiting in the shadows to take advantage of you while you’re stressed, overwhelmed and confused.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? 

What if everything they’re telling you is wrong and you never have to worry about money again? 

What if you could easily take control of your money and truly can become rich? 

I’m not talking about buying yachts or islands. 
I’m talking about living the full and rewarding life you dream about. 

For me it is traveling to surf, scuba dive and showing my kids adventures all around the world.

But it’s also the little things, like having a house keeper to relieve stress for my wife.

For you it may be something different. 

Your definition of rich is all that matters and you can get there more easily than you think.

In fact… it can be downright fun. 

That’s what “How to be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to a Rich Life Without Worrying About Money” is all about

It’s NOT just another book about personal finance.
It’s not a how to get rich quick scheme either. 

In an entertaining fable, you will discover:

* How to stop fighting about money
* Secrets many financial advisors don’t want you to know
* Why budgeting doesn’t work and what you can easily do instead
* How to set your finances on autopilot so you can stop worrying them
* 5 Steps to easily and quickly kill credit card debt
* Immediately increase your paycheck with a simple tax planning strategy 
* How much money you should be saving–it’s not what you’ve been told
* Why investing too much in the stock market can be devastating
* How much to put in stocks, bonds, and other investments
* How to stop worrying about money

How To Stain Concrete Floors

by Chris Dreyer

This how to guide covers everything from A-Z when it comes to staining your concrete floors. Here is a small taste of exactly what you can hope to find inside:

  • Is Your Concrete Floor a Good Candidate for Staining: An overview of how concrete is made up in different forms, how to determine what type of concrete you have, and what you will have to do to prepare for staining.
  • Materials, Protective Wear, and Tools: One of my biggest mistakes was not knowing what materials I would need before starting my project. This chapter contains a comprehensive list (and how to get said items).
  • Choosing Color and Design: Commitment phobes may fear this section; but I will help you get past your fear and choose what will work for your home.
  • Stained Concrete Floor Ideas: An overview of a few different things you can do with your concrete floors depending on your personal situation. This section alone can help you solidify your decision from chapter 3.
  • Choosing the Best Stain for Your Floor: Different types of concrete will react differently with certain types of stain. This section will help you figure out exactly which type of stain you need.
  • Eco Friendly Options and Water Based Concrete Stains: Are you really feeling this “Green Movement?” Water based stains will help you stain your floors in an environmentally friendly way, and can also open up a different color palette to use.
  • Common Problems and How to Avoid Them: This section is essentially the story of everything I did wrong on my first try. My examples will help you avoid the same fate.
  • Preparing Concrete for Staining: Once all of the preliminary work is done, you are ready to get to the down and dirty of staining your floors. Up first is your concrete and how to ensure it is ready to become a canvas for your art.
  • Removing Tough Stains: As a porous material, concrete is apt to accumulate stains over time. Fortunately they are removable and I will tell you how to get rid of them.
  • Applying the Stain (One Step at a Time): Rushing through this part almost ruined my floors. You won’t suffer the same fate if you follow these steps.
  • Maintaining Your Floors: Once complete, your concrete floors are almost set for life. These tasks (performed once in a while) will ensure it looks showroom new for decades to come.
  • FAQ: The things I wished I had asked before starting my first project.

This book will help you create beautiful stained concrete floors.  It will prevent you from making mistakes that may cost you a lot of money.

Courage: Your Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Fear and Developing Heroic Courage For Life! (Courage, Overcoming Fear, Courageous)

by Derek Stanzma

Courage: Your Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Fear and Developing Heroic Courage For Life!

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to move out of a place of fear and pain towards a place of power and fulfillment. The concepts, strategies and techniques discussed in this book aim to make you realize that you have an enormous power within you that waits to be tapped so you can achieve happiness, success and abundance in your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • You’ll learn about your “inner power” and how one can access it!
  • You’ll learn about the different levels of fear and how they can handicap you!
  • You’ll learn the five key truths about fear and how you can overcome it!
  • You’ll learn how you can turn pain into power!
  • You’ll learn how you can finally empower yourself!
  • Finally you’ll learn how to take responsibility for your own life and do whatever it is that you desire!
  • Plus much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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You Can Attain Your Goals! A Winning Skills Book

by Joy Berry

Recommended for ages 11 and up.

You Can Attain Your Goals is a highly entertaining, easy-to-read, cartoon-illustrated book from Joy Berry’s best-selling WINNING SKILLS series of books for young people.

Getting what you want out of life is not difficult but it requires planning and a willingness to work. Even if you are not afraid to work for what you want, it may be futile unless you have a plan. To achieve your goals there are certain principles you must understand and some practical steps you need to follow.

In this book Joy will help you understand
– desires and goals,
– four steps to achieving goals,
– eight obstacles to achieving goals,
– ten qualities of achievers, and
– how to become an achiever.

Every page contains a cartoon that will both drive home the point and capture the reader’s attention.

Teaching these vital skills to young people has never been so easy and so much fun!

The entire Winning Skills series includes these 18 volumes:

You Can Be a Winner!
You Can Have a Great Future!
You Can Be a Star!
You Can Be Happy!
You Can Be Liked!
You Can Be Beautiful!
You Can Break Bad Habits!
You Can Handle Tough Situations!
You Can Handle Rude People!
You Can Handle Criticism and Rejection!
You Can Handle Stress!
You Can Overcome Fear!
You Can Attain Your Goals!
You Can Get Organized!
You Can Be in Control!
You Can Be Assertive!
You Can Be Creative!
You Can Be Smart!

Gardening Challenges & Solutions (Gardening Briefs for Beginners)

by Kathy Burns-Millyard

This beginner gardening brief is an excerpt from Vegetable Gardening 101. In about 20 pages, we cover common problems that home gardeners face each year and we look at easy, inexpensive ways to solve those problems without using toxic chemicals and pesticides. Topics include:

– Diseases
– Too much/little water
o Drainage
o Irrigation
– Bugs
– Critters
– Climate /temps

– Water Harvesting
o Rainwater
o Gray Water
o Runoff

– Strategic Planting
o Companions
o Intercropping
(Extended article, approximately 3000 words)

Quick, Easy, and Effective Strength Training For Women at Home

by Jessica Kiernan

In this book I’ve covered exercises in the following 12 areas: Warm-up, Stretching, Chest, Back, Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps, Quadriceps & Calf, Gluteus & Hamstring, Core, and Total Body & Cardiovascular. Eight of the chapters (from 3-10) deal with working on specific body areas. Chapters 1 & 2 deal with pre-workout exercises; and chapters 11 & 12 deal with exercises for the whole body, including cardiovascular workouts.

The book is structured just as your workout should be, with warm-up & stretching exercises first & then targeted strength exercises as well as whole body workouts & then a section devoted to cardio training.

The chapters that follow deal with nutritional information, hydration, basic workout procedures, supplements, reading & understanding labels, shopping smart & serving sizes (portions). There is also a section on how to maintain a proper nutrition plan while traveling.

You should look at the nutrition guidelines to determine how many grams of each macro-nutrient you should be consuming per day based on your age, sex & exercise routine. This section also discusses micro-nutrients such as vitamins & minerals that your body needs to remain healthy. Calories are explained as well as cholesterol & fats–things you should avoid.

Key points in this section are: Macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, cholesterol, saturated fats & Trans fats. Also be sure to check out the Food Guide Pyramid at the links provided.

Workout basics describe how to get the most from your workout. Proper warm-up procedure is shown as well as proper breathing & clothing choice depending on temperature & type of workout performed. Key points here are: Inhalation, exhalation, breath-holding & staying cool.

Proper hydration procedures are given to ensure your body always has enough water distributed to its cells, especially when working out–and how to properly replenish water after losing it as perspiration during exercise. Symptoms of dehydration are listed as well as the proper fluids to drink to replenish lost water. Key points here are: When & what to drink & how to recognize & determine your hydration needs.

A section on supplements is included & you are given honest, proper information on these popular pills & powders. The general recommendation is not to take them or to look for natural substitutes.

Reading labels properly is important so a section on how to understand the information given on calories, fat, protein, etc. is included. Formula to calculate the proper percentages for you as an individual are given. Key points here are: Calories, Fat. Cholesterol & Sodium, Carbohydrates, Protein & servings per container. A Daily Value (DV) formula is given to assist you.

In the shopping section you will find information on how to properly prepare shopping lists as well as what foods to include. Tips are given on how to be prepared to shop as well as what areas of the grocery to go to in order, so that you will be sure to fill up your cart with healthy food & any food that needs to be kept cool remains frozen or chilled. One key thing to remember here is: Never shop when you’re hungry.

Portion control is an important part of any nutrition plan & some everyday object comparisons are given to make it easy & quick to estimate portion size without weighing every single food item.

Ways & means as well as tips are given in the Eating While Traveling section to ensure that you don’t break your nutrition plan just because you have to eat what is available at restaurants in airports, etc. Methods on how to find (or pack) healthy food so that you remain eating healthy are given. This section also encourages you to eat healthy (and super tasty) seafood when on a cruise ship. Even airline food offers you choices, and the need for water often is stressed again.

Finally, a link to find your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) & a target heart rate chart are given as well as a typical activity chart to help you determine your caloric needs.


by Jan Vivian

In Fields of Gold an English couple open their home to a young girl from Belarus, an area affected by fallout from the Chernobyl reactor explosion many years before she was born. Her stay will offer restorative care in an environment of untainted natural beauty. One of her hosts falls ill; in an allegorical dream he experiences a natural disaster that, on waking, helps him to contrast comfortable circumstances with those that the young girl has to contend with.

Events unfold in Together, For Better and For Worse. A busy mother brings her children home from a gymkhana. Her boisterous sons break a display case that holds the treasured family picture of a soldier from the Great War and his devoted wife. She cuts her fingers on the shattered glass and faints. In a dream, she imagines the lives led by her great grandparents as their love for each other helps them, each in their own way, to overcome the serious wounds that the soldier, a Royal Horse Artillery serviceman, suffers in action.

Following her divorce, a successful businesswoman spends Christmas and New Year alone in her new home overlooking the Thames. Her husband has denied her the chance of motherhood; he’s had the ‘snip’. Distracted, she resorts to a fling with a female work colleague but this is not the future. A city deal-maker asks her to accompany him to a New Year’s Eve party of mutual clients; she learns that his wife has left him; they are childless and he, she infers, is to blame. Behind the Mirror Image contrasts the private lives of the characters with what the world sees of them.

FIERCE ABS: Your Jump Start Guide To Sculpt, Tighten & Tone Your Abs

by Jessica Kiernan

Fierce – (adjective) characterized by the intensity of the force, activity, or participants involved; synonyms: stern, furious, intense, strong, powerful, turbulent, forceful, aggressive, ardent, passionate.

This one word is the sum total of this book. Each chapter is power-packed with ardent information on your body and stern nutrition advice geared to jump start, you, the participant’s, lifestyle and get you to a level of activity and intense attitude and turn you into the aggressor in the battle of the bulge. The path will be turbulent and at times you may feel infuriated; but to earn your fierce abs you have to be passionate, but even more than that you have to be what? Say that again. FIERCE! There you go.

The book begins by introducing you to all six of your abdominal muscles, what they are called and what it is that they do exactly. Understanding them better will show you their importance and give you a new-found respect for them, leading, hopefully, to a better working relationship between you and The Six.

Speaking of the elusive Six, did you know that your Six (including the one of them that becomes a “6 pack” are probably more developed than you think? These are muscles that are used every day for almost every activity, including breathing, so you’re not off to a bad start. When you stand in front of the mirror and suck in your gut, straighten your back and shoulders and pose with your chest out (we all do it) you’re engaging those powerful abdominal muscles you already have. All you need to do now is tone them so they can keep that nice pose all on their lonesome and shed that surface layer of unhealthy fat so that your six pack (the most visible of The Six) can shine through. No diet or exercise plan alone will do this for you. You need three things: proper nutrition, proper exercise and proper…what was that word again? Yes, Fierceness. You’ve gotta eat fierce, work out fierce and become fierce in general for this to work out for you.

There is a chapter in the book that will help you determine your general body type and the exercises that are the most fierce for you. You will also get help determining your optimal calorie consumption and essential balances such as protein, carbs, fat (macro-nutrients) with a special section on sodium. The right balance of macro-nutrients will help get you lean and fierce, fierce being a synonym of mean as well. You will be able to calculate your required protein intake so you can adjust your nutrition plan to make sure you get enough of this essential macro-nutrient to build lean, healthy muscle in your abdominal region and anywhere else you want. Meat is not the only source of protein so don’t worry if you’re vegan. Combining the proper exercise for your body type with proper general and specific nutrition is key to those fierce abs. The other key is attitude.

You will have to make a lifestyle change to get and maintain fierce abs. Don’t worry, a fierce lifestyle isn’t difficult; it’s like anything else in life. If you are committed and set and meet your goals properly, you’ll accomplish what you aim for.

You will get the best advice on exercise as well as free videos so you’re sure you are performing the workouts for optimum benefit. There is a chapter on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which can cut hours off your cardio workout time and even give you better results. There are chapters on staying focused and motivated as well as how to avoid “plateaus” where your body adjusts to your nutrition plan and exercise routine. Avoiding “burn out”, boredom and these plateaus are essential for your fierce plan to succeed.

The best and worst foods and drinks to consume are given for you as well as a shopping list. You’ll be surprised how many tasty dishes can be made with your new food cupboard and refrigerator contents! Special sections on workout boosters like smoothies–what to put in them and what not to–will be found towards the end of the book.

The Quick Guide on Business Loans: What You Must Know Before Talking to a Bank

by David SPARKS

With businesses on the receiving end of much closer financial scrutiny than before, many struggle to get their hands on finance. Banks, with less money available to lend, are forced to choose which business propositions meet their tighter risk criteria. In the current back-to-basics era, a compelling business case for finance is now a â??must have’ before meeting a bank. This book is an essential guide to what any business must know before talking to their bank about finance in these changing times.

In this book you will discover: what kind of businesses banks actually like to lend to; how much finance you should ask for; how a bank decides on your credit rating; why banks don’t just lend the money because you offer security; what a bank is really interested in knowing about your business; what ROE is and why it matters; how many business forecasts you should show your bank; how many banking relationships your business should have; what sensitivity analysis is and why you need to know; and a whole lot more!

David Sparks worked in business banking for over twenty years in the UK, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Subsequently he established a successful training and consulting business with a particular focus on teaching bank managers how to evaluate business customers for credit. In The Quick Guide on Business Loans, David Sparks reveals the mindset of a commercial bank manager when assessing a business for credit.

“If finance is not your thing, then this book is for you! In less than 90 minutes, you’ll be up to speed on what matters and what’s needed to make a persuasive case for finance for your business. An excellent straight- talking read; I defy anyone to go through this book and not come away with a â??to do’ list that will improve their business case for finance.” Joe Browne, Executive Chairman, SRXGlobal, Sydney, Australia.

“I think we all know this stuff but never think about it from the banks perspective. We still deliver our business plans and wonder why banks don’t seem to get it! A well written, informative guide to how the guys with the money think and what we as entrepreneurs need to focus on when looking for funding.” Ian Searle, Managing Director, Talkis Limited, West Sussex, UK.

“As a first time successful owner of an SME for three and a half years this book is like reading déjà vu. A great reference guide on understanding how to analyse your business model, develop a persuasive case for finance and ensure success in securing funds for business growth in a new financial era.” Steve Satherley, Owner, S & K Liquor, Wellington, New Zealand.

“If you want to have a meaningful conversation about finance with your bank, you need to talk their language. Take the time out to read this book and you’ll be well equipped to have that conversation. A must-read for any business preparing its case for finance before meeting with their bank.” Julio de Quesada, Independent Financial Services Professional; formerly Executive Vice President and Country Head, Citibank Mexico.

“An excellent roadmap for any business on how to develop and maintain an empathic relationship with its bankâ?¦.written in a style which is easy to understand and offers valuable insights into the mindset of lending institutions.” Eamonn Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Hermitage Medical Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.

Create your Holistic Wellness Spa at Home. Part2: Wellness Treatments for Body&Mind Relaxation, Health, Beauty and Balance (Holistic Wellness Spa, Natural … Holistic Therapies for Wellness, Spa)

by Marta Tuchowska

Holistic Wellness Spa Ideas To De-Stress and Revitalise Inexpensively From The Comfort Of Your Home! Learn More About Natural Wellness Therapies and Rejuvenate With Aromatherapy, Relaxation Techniques, Mindfullness, Detoxifying Diet And Facial Holistic Massages!

You’re about to discover the wonderful world of aromas, natural therapies and holistic relaxation. â??Create your Holistic Wellness Spa at Home’ will teach you some very effective and easy-to-perform techniques based on the science and art of aromatherapy and other natural treatments for you to de-stress and revitalise.

Wellness is a great sensation of feeling stress-free, with optimal energy levels and free from disease. There is a healthy balance of the body, mind and spirit that results in happiness and feeling connected with the â??’here and now”.

In order to maintain health and balance, many ancient doctors and healers, such as Hippocrates, strongly advocated the use of therapeutic plants and herbs as well as their healing essences. According to Hippocrates, to enjoy a strong and healthy life one should bathe in aromatic waters regularly and treat oneself to a daily massage with scented oils. Today, with the popularity of spas and spa treatments, aromatherapy massage is highly recognized and widely practiced. Unfortunately, many spa treatments are very expensive and so following Hippocrates’ teachings of having a daily aromatherapy massage can be quite expensive. This book offers a different approach: learn which oils suit you best and treat yourself to a daily massage at your home spa!

The author of this book, Marta, is a certified Massage Therapist( Amacvi Dharma Metta- Barcelona, Spain and SNHS/ICHM- London, UK), certified Aromatherapist(SNHS/ICHM/Pranar) as well as Natural Therapies Coach(SNHS/ICHM) and Nutritionist(SNHS/ICHM). She is committed to helping and inspiring others to achieve ultimate wellness through natural spa treatments. She is the creator of Holistic Wellness Project, Qiarta Body&Mind and Holistic Wellness Books.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn from â??Create your Holistic Wellness Spa at home’:

  • The Holistic View of Aromatherapy and Aromatherapy Treatments
  • How To Combine Different Natural Methods To Fight Stress Effectively
  • How To Mix Vegetable And Essential Oils For Pleasurable and Highly Therapeutic Treatments
  • How To Use Aromatherapy To Fight Various Stress-Related Imbalances
  • How To Do A Facial Massage Based On Swedish Massage, Pressure Points Therapy and Neurosedative Massage
  • How To Prepare Yourself For a Healthy and Delicious Body&Mind Diet Without Torturing Yourself
  • The Benefits Of Various Essential Oils For Personalized Blends
  • How Balance Your Mind And Emotions: Holistic Relaxation Techniques
  • How To Create A Truly Relaxing Atmosphere At Your Home Spa
  • Much, much more!

    If you are an advanced aromatherapist/spa therapist/ massage therapist or holistic health practitioner, you may find this book a bit basic. However, the author hopes that it will still inspire you in a way and give you some new and fresh ideas!

    This book is for:

  • Anyone getting started on aromatherapy or natural spa treatments
  • Spa lovers
  • Anyone interested in wellness
  • Anyone wishing to increase their quality of life

    Give Yourself a GIFT and learn how to relax and enjoy the ultimate holistic wellness experience! Just like at the most luxurious spa!

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    LOSE WEIGHT FAST – For Women – Detox Your Metabolism Naturally (Eat Your Fat Away)

    by Mark Schwarz

    A renowned German cardiologist explains in 10 steps how little changes of our daily life can prevent fat storage, shrink unsightly bulges, and reverse health problems.

    This report shows breakthrough tips proven to help women LOSE WEIGHT FAST â?¦ where they need to most â?¦ and keep it off for good.

    ATTENTION: This report does NOT apply to men and is ONLY FOR WOMEN that want to lose at LEAST ten (10) pounds

    Hi, I’m Mark Schwarz

    I’m a nationally known diet freak and expert on nutrition, physiology and biology who’s helped tens-of-thousands of people to lose weight fast and get the body of their dreams . . .

    And I’m here to tell you that there are some simple, easy-to-remember facts that you should know to finally get into your favorite skinny jeans . . .and stay in them, even if you enjoy eating donuts and watching your favorite TV show every night. . .

    Even better, this simple, powerful method has been proven again and again to work on almost ANY body (no matter how crazy their metabolism is or how quickly they gain weight just from “looking at candy”.). . .

    Now . . .

    If you’ve been looking for a way to lose stubborn pounds and inches. . .

    If you think you’ve tried everything to flatten your tummy, slim your thighs, firm your butt, and tone those jiggly arms (Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be healthy as an apple that looks so delicious even a carnivore would want to eat you). . .

    If you’ve had it up to here with exhausting, boring exercise that eats up time you don’t have and leaves you sore and achy. . .

    And if you feel uncomfortable at job interviews because you are over weight and you know that the person in front of you will not hire you simply because of the fact that you are not “fitting” the job description. . .

    Then I´ve got great news for you. This short report is nothing but the raw, powerful, step-by-step information you need to lose weight fast.

    Here’s just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover in this astonishing report . . .

    • You will use breakthrough tips that have been used by thousands of women to banish unwanted body fat fast and you can use it to do the same, by dramatically increasing your female metabolism.
    • Access to a free and unusual video on a very rare diet that has been proven to work like magic.
    • If you begin using these somewhat unusual tips in the video starting today you can literally expect a drop of up to 3 dress sizes within a week. Which I know might sound crazy, but it has been done by thousands of women before.
    • You will also learn in the video how these unusual tips will let you eat the food you desire most and still experience the slimmest, sexiest waste line of your life. Plus you will learn which common foods, called as “healthy”, will NOT lose you a single weight, virtually impossible for women.
    • You will literally be able to eat your fat away!
    • You will learn how to enjoy non-stop energy, banish tension and anxiety, sleep better than you have in years and soothe everyday aches and pains.
    • How you EASILY get quick and long lasting results immediately . . . the 3 secret changes that will boost your metabolism even when you do not change anything else. (page 4)
    • Why Natural Help is the best choice . . . and how it has a long term effect helping you keep your dream body until you are ready to leave for good.
    • And much, much more.

    All packed into some lean and devastating pages and for less than you’d pay for a coffee at Starbucks.

    Download your copy today!

    Click the button to the right to get the ultimate tips to Losing Weight Fast. I’ll see you inside!

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    Dating Tips For Men: How To Meet And Date Beautiful Women

    by Harry House

    Dating Tips for Men:How To Meet and Date Beautiful Women is an unique guide that will share with you the secrets of meeting and dating beautiful women.I will show you the exact steps to be successful with dating and meeting women.

    This dating book is different from most other dating books out there.You will learn what it takes to stand out from most men out there and live the life of your dreams.

    After implementing the unique methods and philosophy of this book into your life you will find that women treat you differently.You will also experience the world differently.

    You will experience what most men never experience and that is abundance with women.

    You will start meeting and dating more women than you would ever imagine.

    This book will truly give you the edge over most guys out there.The best thing is the results from this book is long term and will consistently keep on creating the type of success you want with women and dating.

    OBSERVATION ‘Challenge Your Perception Change Your Life’

    by Gerald Culbert

    When it comes to personal growth we often ignore the truth around us. In fact, development can’t take place without such consciousness. You can only improve what you can evaluate and you can only measure what you understand. In other words, if you want to improve yourself, you need to know why things happen, how you can progress and what the next step is.
    The search can confirm natural law and how it operates in your everyday life. This is the realization of your core beliefs, your true values and your internal dialog. It is taking stock of your current path and adjusting everyday life to correspond with your path. Its awareness of self and those around you who change the energy and vibrations of your existence, it’s finding the truth and oneness with your creator.


    by Paul J Coleman

    Use BOSS CORE in your life before you even buy the book:

    1 – Get massive leverage by thinking in Big Extreme Terms. You aren’t just going to work, you are entering the battlefield. Your daughter has been kidnapped by an enemy. You are going to come through no matter what.

    2 – Use the Power of Myth: Go and buy a poster of a Knight and put it on your wall so that when you wake up it’s the first thing you see. Remember, you are on a mission. This is one for the Ages. Do or Die.

    3 – Take your focus Off You: You have no time to think of yourself when rescuing your daughter. You don’t even exist anymore. All your energy, focus, and passion is connected to getting the job done.

    Now GO and Put this Boss Core method to work in your life. You will be shocked how quickly you can change everything. Then come back here because I have a whole bunch more to show you inside Boss Core.


    Finn And The Magic Chest – Fabulous Finn

    by Barry J McDonald

    Praise for Finn’s first book, Finn And The Magic Chest – Fantastic Finn…

    “This story is so cute and brought back memories of when I was young and imagined I was a superhero or secret agent. Children will love the graphics and the great story when Finn visits his grandparents and the many adventures he can have with dressing up and the magic chest.”

    “Cute story for young to read. Good book for teaching children about imagination too.

    Pictures are simple, but cute. Worth buying.”

    “I loved the magical story and the illustrations. This is one of those lovely stories that can and will be read again and again. It is a terrific, creative story that my grandchildren and I just love. What child could hear this story and not have sweet dreams? We can’t wait to read about more of Finn’s magical adventures. Super job!”

    Meet Finn a little boy who just loves dressing up and having adventures. But little does Finn know, that dressing up can bring him a world of real life adventures. The day he comes across a magic chest in his grandfathers attic.

    In Finn’s third book “Fabulous Finn”, you’re about to discover the fun and adventure Finn had, when he put on a scout costume. Filled with adventure, beautiful illustrations and a wonderful story, this superhero book for kids is a delight to read, and perfect for any child’s bedtime. Scroll up now to download your copy and let the adventure begin.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.