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Revolutionary Alchemy

by John Curl

Collected Poems 1967-2012 of John Curl

From the Foreword by Jack Hirschman, former Poet Laureate of San Francisco:
“I think I can say a few words about what makes American poetry tick…, and by way of that indicate the importance of this book and John Curl in the pantheon of revolutionary poets… it is “transform, transform” that John Curl is forever sounding and resounding with his depth charges… We’re talking about transforming a society totally in which process poetry serves as a beaconing forward. Curl’s signature achievement linguistically, it seems to me, is to have developed a language where lines of images often are contrary to one another and that friction or opposition does more than “surrealize” the lines (Curl knows the techniques of all the avant-garde poetry movements of the 20th century)â??what he is writing is often a poetry of dialectical motion itself. The singular intent behind John’s writing is to actualize in poetry the urgent need for working-class consciousness,… and Curl succeeds in so many poems and in so many imaginings in this book that one realizes that Revolutionary Alchemy is a book of major importance. John Curl… has earned a placeâ??with this book of poemsâ??among the foremost revolutionary American poets since the end of WW2.”

From Sharon Doubiago, National Book Award Nominee:
“John Curl’s Revolutionary Alchemy is a magnificent account of a radical poet’s work, the lifetime of poems, the inner story of an important generation, its psyche, the history. What deep and meaningful pleasure to read this alchemy, mix of love with the bombs. ‘I cried when I heard the war was over and/ when I remember/the war still rages on/ I cry againâ?¦To resolve my pain I/must resolve yoursâ?¦.'”

From Art Goodtimes, Poet Laureate of the Western Slope:
“The procreative force, the cosmic sensibility, the oracular insight Curl brings to the reader is constantly astonishing. These poems help define and give rise to a verse of the surreal poetarian vision of the left. Here unrealism attempts to seize and transform imperialist reality. Curl writes like the lead miner in a pit crew. As such, he is a major poet on the people’s side. There is not a thing to be bought off in his poems, there is only the amazement of truth.”

From Mary Rudge,Mary Rudge, author of Water Planet:
“A Master Poet who uses language in a remarkable, innovative way, he gives us information on contradictions in the evolving state of human consciousness. The tensile lines of these poems are a strong loom holding the strength of an interwoven theme of Social Justice making deliberate design through the poet’s understanding of actions and attitudes. John Curl shows us the undersides of clouds and cultures but also shows immutable order in chaos. He can, in a single poem, give at least 15 ways of changing personal, social, political darkness, including purification by fire. Though some are seemingly surreal, strange and new, your intellect tells you each line is someone’s reality at the core.”

Gathered Leaves: Selected Poems

by William Graham

This volume of poetry contains representative selections from William Graham’s prior works. In addition, previously unpublished verse has been collected under the title “Drifting Downstream.” Graham’s poetry is a controlled explosion of insight and emotion that combines contemporary themes and issues with classic styles such as sonnets and verse narratives. Running through the body of his work is an enduring belief that the power of poetic expression elevates us, if only for a brief moment, out of the grinding world of the mundane into the realm of sparkling serenity, sublimity and solace.

Here I Am: Poems & Prayers

by Diane Zike

Author Diane Zike presents poems and prayers that reflect her personal growth and spirituality and a deepening awareness of her faith in God.

Love’s Lies and Other Deceptions

by Mukesh Chhajer

Love is a subject as old as humanity itself. Countless volumes have been written on love; classifying, categorizing, analyzing and dissecting it. And yet, love remains as incomprehensible as ever.

These poems are my attempt to understand love; a love that is pure and unblemished; a love that is serene yet mischievous, uncompromising yet fluid, unyielding yet caring, exacting yet joyous. These poems are presented in the chronological order they were written.

Love’s promises are always dangerous

Outcomes are perpetually in suspense

The good and the bad, the metric of the world

Invariably loses, its meaning

Cruel is caring, supporting suffocating

Critical is kind, annoying endearing

To judge it by words, devoid of the context

Is to remain unaware, of its true nature

Yoga Sutras of Fidel Castro

by John Curl

John Curl, poet and historian, author of Revolutionary Alchemy and For All The People, offers these fifty-one poem aphorisms distilled from the wisdom of the masters of yoga and socialism, joining concepts spanning the universal borders of consciousness, freedom, peace and justice.

In his blog on June 19, 2012, Fidel Castro wrote, “Yogis do things with the body which are beyond our imagination. There they are, before our eyes, through images arriving instantaneously from vast distances, through Voyage to the Unknown.”

This brief observation from one of the great revolutionaries of the modern era, now a mature thinker in his elder years, led the author to realize the deep connections between yoga and socialist revolution, how both are sciences of human liberation through the raising of consciousness.

The author returned to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written around the year 400 BC, a series of aphorisms which constitute the foundation text of yoga, and found the original Sanskrit along with many translations. This edition has each original Patanjali sutra in Sanskrit and, below it, the corresponding sutra of Fidel.

Yoga Sutras of Fidel Castro brings new insights to the global struggle for social justice and personal liberation, uniting the visions of revolutionary liberation in society and in the inner self.

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