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Nick’s Guides – 50 States for Kids – Fun Facts and Learning on Our Great 50 States

by Nick Pelloni

Elementary student and lover of learning, Nick Pelloni, presents flags, facts and trivia on the great 50 states. Ideal for kids 4-10 but kids of all ages can learn something.

Each page includes:

State Map

State Initials

State Bird

State Tree

State Motto

State Fish

State Bird

and much, much more!

Hebrew Books: Nivim, Idiomatic Expressions for Hebrew Learners (Learning Hebrew)

by Edna Lauden

This workbook is designed for readers whose Hebrew is their second language.

Hebrew holds many idiomatic expressions that are used regularly. “NIVIM” explains many of these popular expressions used in every day settings.

× ×?×?×?ם – פנ×?× ×? ×?×?× ×? ×?ש×?× ×?×?ם ×?×?א ספר ×?×?×?×?×¢×? ×?×?×?×?×?×? ×¢×?ר×?ת ×?שפ×? שנ×?×?×? ×?×?שפ×? × ×?ספת, ×?אף ×?×?×?×?ר×? ×¢×?ר×?ת ×?×?×?×?×?ם, ת×?×?×?×?×? ת×?×?×?×? ×?א×?ר×?ם, ×?×?×¢×?× ×?×?× ×?ם ×?×?עש×?ר את ×?ש×?נם ×?שפ×? א×?×?×?×?×?×?×?ת. ×?שפ×? ×?×¢×?ר×?ת ×?×?×?×?ת ×?ת×?×?×? × ×?×?×?ם, פת×?×?×?ם, ×?×?ת×?×?ם ×?×?×?×?×¢×?ת ×?ש×?×?, ×?×?צ×?רפ×?ם ×?ספר ת×?ת ×?שם ×?×?×?×?×?× ×? ×?×?×?×?×?×?ם. ×?-120 ×?×?ם × ×?×?ר×? ×¢×? פ×? ש×?×?×?×?ת ×?ש×?×?×?ש ×?×?ם ×?ש×?×? ×?×¢×?ש×?×?×?, ×?×?ת×?×? ×?×?×?Ö¸×?×?ר, ×?×?×? ×¢×?-פ×? ×?×?×?ת ×?תא×?תם ×?×?×?×¢ ×?×?ש×?× ×?, ×?×?קס×?ק×?×? ×?×?×?×?× ×?, ×?× ×?רש ×?×?×?×?×?×? ×¢×?ר×?ת ×?ר×?×?ת ×?ש×?× ×?ת.

Self-publishing Made Simple: A How-to Guide for the Non-tech-savvy Among Us

by Melinda Clayton

Self-Publishing Made Simple is a plainspoken, nuts and bolts instruction booklet to help guide learning, non-tech-savvy authors through a maze of confusing information. Written in everyday language for those who, in the author’s words, “…grew up with sporadic access to a rusty old Royal typewriter (with an ‘e’ that always typed midway up the line) and a gummy bottle of Liquid Paper,” Self-Publishing Made Simple was designed for those who were born well before public use of the term “online.”

The information provided within is based on steps the author took as she transitioned from traditional publishing to self-publishing, and includes not only the following topics:

– Avoiding questionable publishers

– Registering for an Employee Identification Number

– Choosing a business identity

– Buying ISBNs

– Registering copyrights

– Choosing publishing and distribution venues: Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords and affiliates, Lulu, CreateSpace, Lightning

Source, Google Play, AllRomance/Omnilit, and Penguin’s Book Country are discussed in detail.

But also these:

– Simplified, step-by-step manuscript formatting instructions for Kindle Direct Publishing

– Simplified, step-by-step manuscript formatting instructions for Smashwords (including requirements for Premium Catalogue


– Formatting tips, clarification, and links to free templates to use in preparing a manuscript for CreateSpace

– Formatting for Google Play and AllRomance/Omnilit

The author is working in Microsoft Word 2010, so formatting instructions are specific to that program. If you’re working in an earlier version of Word the terms and commands will be the same, but the locations on the toolbar may be different. If you’re working in HTML code or using a Mac, the chapters on formatting your document may not be very helpful to you.

Helpful links are provided throughout the manual for easy online access to the sites and directions discussed within.

Classical Education

by Jennifer Brown

In a Classical Education, seventy decades of history unfold before the child’s eyes in four years. Then the sequence begins again, so that, by the time the child is in twelfth grade he will have lived through the entire history three times.

The Basics of Article Publishing for Print Magazines & Online Magazines (Boot Camp for Christian Writers)

by Carolyn Tomlin

Section I “Getting Started in the Magazine Market”

In the first part of this book, I’ll show you how you can start writing for magazines. I’ll answer questions, such as: “How can I make my time count?” “How can I use writing to inform, educate, inspire and entertain readers?” “How and where can I find ideas?” “What are some common hindrances to writing?” “How can I use my God-given creativity to generate article ideas?” “Can I use my ‘reason to write’ as a ministry?” These ideas work for me. They’ll work for you, also. Personally, I’ve published over 4,000 magazine articles and worked with hundreds of editors.

Section II “The Magazine Market–Tools of the Trade”
In the second section of this book, I’ll focus on over 3,500 secular and 1,200 Christian markets that need writers to fill their pages. New markets appear each year and many companies are going to online publications. I will discuss, “Exploring the Christian and secular market, explain common symbols and basic information.” “What are the steps to publishing in these markets?” “Do photos make a difference in obtaining a contract?” “Query letters: catching an editor’s attention.” Let me help you learn the basics of writing for magazines and realize the passion of putting words on paper while getting paid.

Section III “How to Identify Your Audience”
In the third section of this book, I’ll share two critical points for being published. Knowing the audience/reader of each magazine and understanding the focus of each publication makes a difference in receiving a rejection letter or a contract. Learn how to: “Recognize the social, educational, and economic level of the audience.” “What information can a writer learn from the articles, advertisements, and photos about the magazine?” “Article titles that sell.” And, “Writing tips that bring success.” Let me share my love for writing and introduce you to a career that can change your life! Section IV “Knowing the Magazine” Section IV, includes a vital part of successful writing-to-publish. Knowing the magazine for which you write is vital to receiving a contract. With many magazines online, it’s easy to research back copies in the archives. Check the table of contents. If a topic has been used in the last several years, the editor will not use it again. However, be creative and suggest a different slant. Some editors say they do not repeat a topic within 10 years; other 6. Check to be sure. Look at the format, photos, sidebars, question and answer articles. Use these as guidelines to write your own article.

As an added bonus, I have included enrichment activities you can do at home or with a writing friend. Practice these activities and develop your skills as a writer. The book also has pages to write down your thoughts and ideas. I believe that writing is a gift given by God. He gives us this talent and it’s up to us to learn the mechanics of putting words on paper.

A Bible verse that has given me hope is Isaiah 40:31: “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Libra Love Sign Bundle Set: 3 Astrology Love Sign Books In One – Great Value! (Love Relationship Books)

by Rosemary Breen

**SAVE 33% OFF FULL PRICE! This Libra Bundle Series is For YOU if You’re a Libra Looking for love; a Libra in Love; or You’re in Love with a Libra.** See What Others Say About all THREE Bundle Books: Longing For Love: Libra (List Price $2.99) PLUS Horoscope Compatibility For All The Zodiac Signs (List Price $2.99) PLUS Your Personal Horoscope Predictions (For All The Star Signs) 2013 – 2017 (List Price $2.99)

  1. “Good for understanding any Libra relationship” Sa1nt412; “I was impressed at the phrases that kept popping out at me when reading!” Elaine Lockard; “Quick, informative and to the point, Breen does not waste time with frivolousness and gets straight to the point in a humorous way” Sharon L. Wyeth
  2. “I’m not the type of person to buy Horoscope books, but after reading the excerpt I was intrigued with the book … I would recommend this book to anyone.” Mario Soto; “This book is addictive. And my girlfriend loved it. Two thumbs up!” Rony Barnes; “I am an almost compulsive buyer of horoscope books. And this one was a gem of a find.” Chloe Stevens
  3. Absolutely worth the download. In 2017, you’ll look back and definitely have Rosemary Breen’s Personal Horoscope Predictions to thank.” Sproutfinch

If You’re a Libra LONGING FOR LOVE are You:

  • Tired of the same old dating advice and emotional dead-ends?
  • Sick of looking for Mr Perfect or Miss Wonderful, always accepting second best, or ending up alone?
  • Feeling frustrated because of all the time, money and effort you waste looking for your soulmate?
  • Are you looking for more excitement in your relationships? If so, should you go for a Capricorn, a Scorpio, or a Gemini?
  • Do you feel it’s time to change? If so, should you be on the lookout for a Libra or a Capricorn? And what about Cancer and Virgo? Will dating these astrology signs bring you pain or give you passion?

The intriguing answers to these questions and more are in these kindle astrology book.

If You’re IN LOVE WITH a Libra:

  • Do you understand what it takes to win your partner over completely, and seduce them the way they like best?
  • Do you know how to keep your lover satisfied and happy?
  • Are you aware of the risks and dangers of loving a true Libra?
  • Or are you becoming more friends than lovers?

If You’re a Libra Who’s FALLEN IN LOVE How Well Do You Know Yourself and What to Expect from Your Relationship?
There’s always more to know when it comes to love, romance and relationships so download this box set series now and find out what you’ve been missing.

  • Have you fallen in love with one of the best star signs for you?
  • How well do you know yourself?

Many readers have already discovered things about themselves that they’d never even thought of before, and you’ll probably be the same.

In the Libra zodiac dating guide you’ll discover:

  • How to seduce the star sign you want
  • What to expect from your relationship
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign match
  • What to do when the time comes to say goodbye
  • How to deal with your ex if you become more friends than lovers
  • All 12 love-match combinations for your star sign.

PLUS: Horoscope Compatibility for All the Zodiac Signs Book You’ll Discover how each of the 12 zodiac signs complement each other – or not!

PLUS: Your Personal Horoscope Predictions (for All the Star Signs) 2013-2017

So, are you ready to try something new? Are you ready for some fun and intrigue? Grab your copy of this no-nonsense set of kindle bundle books now, and really start having some more fun in your relationships.

All these Single Books in the Longing For Love Series by Rosemary Breen are also Available on this Site:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces
  • Horoscope Compatibility For All The Zodiac Signs
  • Your Personal Horoscope Predictions 2013 – 2017

The fastest and most economical way to get your degree….guaranteed!

by Edward Ragner

This book is about a little known technique that I used to get college credit that allowed me to get my 4 year degree in as little as 2 1/2 years, you can probably do it faster than that if you are truly motivated. In addition, this book will also teach you other techniques to cut the cost of getting college credit and your degree by 85%, guaranteed.

I have used these techniques very successfully in attaining enough college credit for my 4 year degree, very cheaply, and in some cases, free! I have used techniques and I believe anyone who reads and follows the instructons given in the book can do the same.

All resources needed to get college credit accomplish all of your education goals are also given in the book. This is the absolute fastest and most economical way to get your degree……guaranteed!

Guatemalan Spanish: Speak like a Native!

by Lee Jamison

Don’t settle for generic Spanish! Put away the stale phrasebooks and learn to speak just like the natives! Join us as we explore the most common expressions used in the “Land of Eternal Spring.” What is a mish? Is it different from a chucho? What if you ask someone how he’s doing and the response is “Dos que tres.” Why the numbers? Find out the real meaning behind the words. You’ll save money at the market and even make new friends. Start learning Spanishâ?¦ one country at a time.

ABT Guide to medico legal reports

by Alan Moran

This is a guide for the average Irish GP to help them write the most instructive report for the patient and for the solicitor in personal injury cases. I am relying on my experience in producing reports for over 20 years, sometimes bad, but more recently I am of the opinion they are much better. I hope to enable the doctor to stay out of court, yet inform the various parties, not just the legal teams but also the other medical people reading the reports about what they feel is happening to the patient.

Kindle Publishing Secret – Kindle Formatting Formula – 7 Quick Formatting Tips to Success (Kindle Tricks)

by Rosa Suen

To become successful in Kindle Publishing, you need to be able to format your books properly and professionally. I have been doing Kindle Formatting Service for hundreds of clients in 2012. From my year of experience, I have now put together a quick Kindle Formatting Formula so that you can quickly format your books accurately to get your books accepted by Amazon right away.

I use these 7 Step Formula to train up all my team members.

I am going to hand over the complete Kindle Formatting Skill to you using some easy to remember Kindle Formatting Formula (KFF).

1. You get the details of the 7 Quick Step Kindle Formatting Formula:








2, All the Easy Steps are laid out for you in screenshots

3. No more frustrations with formatting issues

4. No more time wasted on the nitty gritty issues by learning some Great Formatting Tips

5. No more rejections from Amazon

6. No more high outsourcing fees to get them formatted

7. Your Kindle Book is going to look great for all your buyers.

Table of Contents:

Introduction – Stories of success

KFF Formula 1: 7QT – 7 Quick Tips on How To Prepare your Document

KFF Formula 2: 6M – 6 Must in a Professional Kindle Book!

KFF Formula 3: TOC – 2 Quick Steps To Create Clickable Table of Content

KFF Formula 4: KPS – 3 Quick Steps to Set Up Kindle Page Size

KFF Formula 5: HTML – Easy Step To Get HTML File

KFF Formula 6: PRC – 4 Quick Steps to Build A Kindle Book

KFF Formula 7: KDP – View & Upload Kindle Book onto Kindle Direct Publishing

Have fun,


The Reality of Independent Writing

by Steve Roach

Forget everything you’ve read or heard about independent publishing – it’s most definitely not a fast-track to literary success. Self-publishing a book may be an easy process but if your book isn’t up to snuff there’s an army of angry readers ready to tear you, and your book, to pieces.

This 15,000 word essay will present you with a number of hard truths regarding the position of an independent writer in this new, global market – it’s highly probable that your book won’t sell, will be badly reviewed and will sink without a trace. I will explain why this is, and will offer you some help and advice on how to avoid complete failure.

There are hundreds of books out there telling you how marvellous self-publishing is, and how you are just moments away from becoming famous and wealthy. It’s all bullshit. These books are selling you a false dream. I won’t do that. My book will make grim reading but it’s better that you know the ugly stuff now, rather than learning it the hard way later.

This e-book will share many similarities with YOUR book:

It couldn’t be submitted to a mainstream publisher (see why in section 2).

It won’t sell very many copies (see section 5).

My friends and family won’t like it, or even read it (see section 7).

A few idiots will review it badly for all the wrong reasons (see section 11).

Mentioning it on the Amazon forums will invariably bring a stream of abuse (see section 8).

Some of the chapters in this book first appeared on my blog. Which nobody saw (see section 9).

If you are an independent writer you NEED to read this.

If you are a reader, this will help you to understand more about independent writers.

New Word A Day

by E Carruthers

Improve your vocabulary with a word a day!

365 words in a calendar format help you to learn one new word a day.

Memory tricks and riddles make it fun and easy.

Phonetic and simple explanations help you to use the words in daily conversation.

Enjoyable and entertaining!

Hit a Home Run in AP US History on Day One

by Daniel Paul D’Aniello

Are you a high school student enrolled in AP US History?

Are you looking to get a leg up on your competition?

Want to make a great impression on your instructor and set yourself up for a productive and successful course?

Then Hit a Home Run in AP US History is just for you!

A former AP US History teacher, Daniel Paul D’Aniello’s micro ebook is aimed at motivated high school students taking AP US History. Students looking to make a fantastic and memorable impression should read and deploy the tips in this ebook. By following five principles, students can make lasting first impressions that set the tone for the semester. But that’s not all. The same principles, once mastered, can form the road map leading you to success in your course and ultimately on the AP Exam itself.

The Seven R’s of Great Group Work (The Alphabet Sevens Series)

by Sue Cowley

In this book, Sue Cowley offers teachers a practical and easy to read guide to the subject of group work. She explains a variety of strategies that teachers can use immediately in their classrooms, to help all their students work more effectively in groups. Sue offers advice on using group work for the right reasons and on helping students take on different roles within groups. She examines the rights and responsibilities required for great group work, offers routines and structures for helping group work run smoothly, and shows you how to give your students the richest possible learning experience. This book will help you gain a fresh insight into a key teaching technique. You will learn how to use groups more effectively and, through doing so, enhance learning for all your students.

This mini guide is written in Sue’s much-loved honest and straight talking style. No theory, no jargon, just down to earth techniques that really work. Whatever the age of students or the subject you teach, your classroom practice will benefit from the strategies and techniques that she reveals here. Read Sue’s concise guide now and find out how to get all your students learning well in groups.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.