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Learning to Walk in Freedom: A Journey in Five Steps

by Brenna Kate Simonds

We were created for freedom. Our souls cry out for it. Yet even though we know “it is for freedom that Christ set us free,” we don’t seem to be experiencing the abundant life Christ died to give.

After spending years focusing on overcoming life-controlling issues (an eating disorder, self-injury, and same-sex attraction, to name just a few), Brenna Kate Simonds’ heart still longed for more. The issues she still facedâ??self-loathing, despair, doubtâ??were at times far more insidious than what she had already been through.

Is this it, God? She cried out. There must be more than this!

God beckoned Brenna to take a journey with Himâ??a journey toward true freedom. In this book, Brenna shares those five Freedom Steps God revealed as she learned how to walk in freedom.

“LEARNING TO WALK IN FREEDOM is just what is saysâ??a guide to freedom. This booklet says more in its 80 pages than dozens of larger books I’ve read on the subject. It’s practical, field-tested, biblical and Spirit-taught. After working for over 20 years with sexually broken people I can heartily recommend this powerful little resource!”

Russell Willingham, Director of New Creation Ministries and author of Breaking Free: Understanding Sexual Addiction and the Healing Power of Jesus and Relational Masks: Removing the Barriers That Keep Us Apart

“Jesus said in John 8:36, â??So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.’ That verse always gets a great reaction because we all desire to truly walk in freedom! Through 24 years of ministry and 40 years as a Christian I have observed that most Christians struggle to walk in the true freedom that Christ has made possible for us. In this book, Brenna Kate Simonds lays out five insightful and powerful points that will help any Christian expe- rience and walk in true freedom. I wish I had read this book earlier in my Christian life. It would have saved me years of wondering if I would ever be able to please God. I strongly recommend this book for any believer at any stage in their spiritual journey.”

Pastor Jeff Jacob, Senior Pastor, Word of Life International Church, Ashburn, Virginia

“Brenna Kate makes it easy and approachable. It makes sense that her writing would be like her personality. With clarity, and honesty Brenna Kate shares both experience and truth providing an easily understood, and easily followed path in the process of living in Freedom.”

Bob Hamp, LMFT, Author of Think Differently Live Differently and Executive Pastor of Pastoral Care at Gateway Church, Southlake, TX

“Learning to Walk in Freedom is a small book that packs a mighty punch! The author throws light on the shadow that often exists between what we know to be truth and the reality of living in that truth. To know about freedom is one thing, but to live from a place of freedom requires the courage to engage with others and expose those shameful core beliefs that keep us imprisoned in wrong thinking and behaviour. Using her own journey away from lesbianism, an eating disorder, and other damaging behaviours, Brenna Kate Simonds succeeds in offering the reader opportunity to access their own expedition through life and use some of the checks and pointers as they pursue that promised abundant life in Christ.”

Jeanette Howard, Director of Bethany Life Ministries and author of Out of Egypt: One Woman’s Journey Out of Lesbianism and Into the Promised Land: Beyond the Lesbian Struggle

Naked In Public: 10 Steps To Interpreting Dreams Like The Hawaiian Kahuna

by Larry Siebert Ph.D.

Dreams, Dream Meanings, and Dream Interpretation

Are You Having Naked Dreams AGAIN? What’s that all about?

What do the people in your dreams represent? Do dreams foretell the future?

What is the purpose of nightmares? Are recurring dreams significant?

Did you know that dreams are holographic in nature?

Would you like to be able to interpret dreams just like the Hawaiian Kahuna?

What’s Different About This Book

One of the biggest benefits of this book is that you will never need to look up another dream symbol again! Most dream interpretation books use a dream dictionary that uses “universal” symbols that appear in our dreams; Naked in Public is different. Dr. Larry Siebert presents an easy and accurate 10-step approach to dream analysis that uses your personal symbols. The process described in Naked in Public will teach you the Hawaiian method for finding out what your special dream symbols mean.

The symbols used in dreams are unique to you because there is no other person that has your identical background, feeling, and life experiences. Because of this, no one but you knows exactly what something means. Your Unconscious mind has its own symbols, so it is better that you find out what YOUR symbols mean, compared to using dream symbol definitions that someone else has decided for you.

The Meaning of Dreams

Dreams are attempting to communicate something important to you; they just say it in a different language, and the language is symbolic. The key to understanding your dreams is learning to make sense of the symbolism so that you can understand what your dreams are trying to tell you. Interpreting dream symbols can reveal much about your current beliefs and situations that are occurring in your life. The symbols in your dreams contain learnings about your deeper secrets and hidden feelings. They can offer insights for self-exploration, inspiration, guidance, and a different viewpoint for finding solutions in your daily life.

Since ancient times people have understood that dreams have significance and have tried to figure out what they mean. This dream analysis book gives easy-to-follow examples that clearly illustrate the steps in order for the reader to grasp the concepts. You will be able to use this method from the get-go.

Using the Naked In Public Dream Interpretation Process, you’ll be able to understand the messages you’re receiving from your Higher Self. And since the messages come from your Higher Self (through your Unconscious mind in the form of symbols), you know that you can trust the information. You’ll know at a deep level that the information is right for you. Following the 10 simple steps in this process will change your life, and within no time you’ll be interpreting your dreams like the Hawaiian Kahuna.

And if that’s not enough, there is also a FREE dream interpretation audio (mp3) that follows the examples in the book. It’s like being at the Huna Dream Interpretation seminar that inspired this book.

If you want more information, click on the cover so that you can “Look Inside.” After downloading and reading the book, you’ll be able to decode and understand the hidden treasures within your mind.

Two Runs Of Stone: Wagons West

by Steven Nielsen

The fourth book of the Two Runs of Stone Saga.

Chakra Balancing – 7 Easy Steps to Improved Health & Well Being

by Michael Hadfield

There are seven major energy centres in the body. They act like valves controlling the flow of energy throughout the body. Life experiences can pinch off this flow in some areas, causing others to overcompensate. Too much, or too little, energy flowing through the chakras leads to physical and emotional problems – anything from a headache, to severe pain, or even life-threatening disease.
This book explains what the chakras are and how, by following seven simple steps you can take back control of your life and, possibly for the first time, start to feel that you have control. The author shows you two different ways to assess your chakra health and three different methods of restoring balance and then moving towards optimal chakra functioning.

The Purpose and Power of Love & Marriage

by Myles Munroe

Probably no other dimension of human experience has been pondered, discussed, debated, analyzed, and dreamed about more than the nature of true love. Love is everywhereâ??in songs and in books, on televisions and on movie screens. Yet, for all of our thinking and talking, how many of us truly understand love and where can we turn for genuine insight in matters of true love? In The Purpose and Power of Love & Marriage, Dr. Myles Munroe provides the answers to questions surrounding the true nature of love as he also exposes the false images created in our culture. Throughout this book he eloquently illuminates the many facets of love while at the same time tackling the really tough subjects of separation and divorce. This book is sure to become a classic that will last for a lifetime and beyond as it responds gently and practically to those seeking to resolve the challenges of human relationships.

Dare to Imagine: 18 Principles for Finding Peace, Happiness, and True Success

by Ronald Lew

Dare to Imagine: 18 Principles for Finding Peace, Happiness, and True Success is the story of one lost soul who never stopped searching. The author offers hope and actionable advice for those who want to find their own peace, happiness, and success. Read this book and be prepared to challenge how you see yourself. You will see that miracles really do happen.

Making Your Differences Work for Your Marriage (Ebook Shorts)

by Rick Johnson

It’s no secret that men and women are different. And it’s no secret that they don’t always get along because of these differences, even when they love each other. But having a successful marriage is not about finding the perfect person to marry. It’s about loving someone in an unselfish, Christ like manner. Whatever we want out of marriage unconditional love, forgiveness, passion that is what we have to give to our spouse. Rick Johnson shows couples how to go beyond merely tolerating each other’s differences to using those Godgiven differences to add spice and passion to their relationship.

Spiritual Path to Abundance: 7 Steps to Manifest a Blissful, Prosperous & Abundant Life. A Law of Attraction Guide

by Shanda Bisanz


Learning to use the Law of Attraction effectively is the key to manifesting all our desires in life. However, many think it is enough just to think positive thoughts, when in fact, our moods and emotions, as well as our thoughts, play a critical role in the materialization of our wishes.

Shanda Bisanz explains how using the law of attraction in a spiritual sense is not a just a powerful manifesting too, but a complete lifestyle change. She breaks down the concept into seven key steps that will activate the process quickly, so you can start living the life you have always desired – in the least amount of time.

As a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner who has worked many great spiritual teachers such as Dr. Joe Vitale, Doreen Virtue, and Sunny Dawn Johnston, Bisanz has been a student of the Law of Attraction for many years and has completely transformed her life using the seven steps she outlines in this book. She simply takes the guess work out of it for you.

With all the books on the law of attraction on the market today, Bisanz realized that readers can find the information redundant or confusing. She set out to create an easy to follow plan-of-action, to you get you manifesting all of your heart’s desires quickly and easily.

Some of Bisanz’s spiritual concepts include: visualization, meditation, gratitude, journaling, vision boards, tithing, removing blocks, learning to let go, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey on the spiritual path to a blissful, prosperous and abundant life.

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In Christ: A Compact Guide to the Believer’s Identification in Christ Jesus

by Peter Smythe

In his epistles, the Apostle Paul speaks of a mystery that had been hidden in God for generations, but now has been disclosed to his saints. This mystery is the believer’s union with Christ Jesus, how we died with him, were buried with him, made alive with him, raised with him, and seated with him. This compact book is the unveiling of who we are in Christ, a doctrine largely ignored by the church today. The book’s structure carries the reader through the redemptive narrative of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, and provides him the scriptural underpinnings of how God has summed up believers in his Christ. When the believer grows conscious of these truths, it’ll be the end of spiritual weakness and failure. His walk will be one of a man fully mature in “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” And he’ll have the bright light of understanding of how Paul could pen the impossible words that we are the righteousness of God in Christ.

Click ThroughAs with all of Peter Smythe’s faith-based books, this one showcases scripture. Click through on the book cover to see the table of contents and read a sample of the book.


by Sinmisola Ogunyinka

Pamelle got herself nicknamed pepper just because she is hot like the small Italian pepper. But when she meets the gentle parish pastor of Unchanging Faith International Church, Obasse Edim, both are faced with the greatest character challenge they had ever encountered.
Obasse, who was the groom’s local pastor, had been asked to preach the sermon at Akim Duke’s wedding to Emmanuelle Ukpabi, in Emmanuelle and Pamelle’s local church. He had been unable to take his eyes off the maid of honour, who also happened to be the twin of the bride. And she noticed.

It Says Six Days! (Critical Issues in the Bride)

by Damon Rambo

Evolution. Millions of years. Every day it seems we are confronted with these secular concepts. “They” tell us it is “indisputable” science….other Christians tell us that we should just “accept” these ideas as fact, and rewrite the Bible to accommodate them.

But what does science really prove? What can be known about our origins? Is there any such thing as “objective” science? In this volume of the “Issues in the Bride” series, Pastor Rambo takes on the issue of evolution vs. creation, and demonstrates that we CAN trust the Bible!

The booklets in the “Critical Issues in the Bride” series address difficult and controversial topics that often arise in the context of the local church. Written with the layperson in mind, they are designed to help local pastors and elders disciple those under their care.

The Witch

by Jay Buckner

“The suspenseful surprise ending to the crisis on which the story pivots dramatizes the unexcelled and surprising power of compassion. One of the most persuasive and moving presentations of a very sensitive subject with serious moral consequences that I have ever read. The characters are well drawn, fairly leaping off the page with chilling realism. Past and present timelines are nicely interwoven in such a way as to add depth and suspense. Alternate levels of consciousness are also artfully created so as to make them believable without needing to invoke a â??suspension of disbelief.’ There are lyric passages of such grace that the very stones are made to vibrate with the liquidity of light on water. Who the narrator of the story turns out to be is revealed with a fine surprising touch.”
Dr. Robert Colacurcio, Ph.D.

Buddhism on God

by Richard C. Gomez

What does Buddhism say about the topic of God? And what was the standpoint of Buddha on God, according to the earliest Buddhist scriptures? The Pali Canon is accepted by all scholars to be the earliest & most authoritative example of what early Buddhism taught & it is followed by almost half of all Buddhists in such lands as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia & Laos as well as by 10 million Dalit Buddhists in India & many others in the form of Theravada Buddhism. It is the Buddhist text upon which the popular Vipassana movement is based & some of its writingsâ??it can be arguedâ??likely were spoken by the Buddha himself. This book will seek to answer the following questions, from the standpoint of the Pali Canon:
    1. Is there a God?
    2. Where did the idea of God come from?
    3. Is the idea of God skillful?
    4. What about those who preach about God? Are they worth listening to?

Bluewater Bay (The Bluewater Bay Series)

by Deanna Edens

In this inspirational novelette, the lives of the women in Bluewater Bay are explored as they join together to learn how to dance. There is Neddie and Liz, who own Bluewater Bay Antiques and Collectibles; Pam, the longtime proprietor of Pam’s Pottery Barn; and Maris, a young newcomer who comes to town looking for something she is missing. These ordinary, yet extraordinary women, along with a host of other characters, illustrate to the reader what it is like to be surrounded by sharing, caring women.

This novelette is a little longer than a short story.

Bluewater Bay is Book One of the Bluewater Bay Series.

All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to Monroe Humane Society, Monroe, Michigan.

A Book of Orthodox Prayers for the Orthodox Christian

by Fr. Kenneth C. Bicknell O.S.B.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to reference several different prayer books because you could not remember the prayer you wanted to recite by heart? Well, worry no more. A Book of Orthodox Prayers for the Orthodox Christian: Second Edition is a collection of fifty-six traditional Orthodox prayers combined into one book.

More Than A Neighbor

by Joshua Smith

What happens between the words “I believe” and “I used to believe” and back again?

Jillian has been through a lot. An abusive marriage that left her daughter deformed. Financial downfalls and family deaths and much more led to leave Jillian questioning God’s plan for her life.

So when upbeat Nelson moves in next door, she keeps her distance, just as she has done with God all these years. She doesn’t trust any good deed Nelson does and must fight her own demons to let her guard down.

Read along as Jillian takes us all on a journey through her ups and downs and how she came to keep God as more than just a neighbor.

What people are saying…

– I finished it almost an hour ago, I promise you tears were flowing from my eyes . It was amazing.

– Wowâ?¦. that is all,,,, that one word, typed through tearsâ?¦. wow

– Be prepared to need at least one box of Kleenex

– The ending was actually cathartic for something I’ve been struggling withâ?¦.

Raising the Ruins: The Fight to Revive the Legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong

by Stephen Flurry

Herbert W. Armstrong was the world’s leading televangelist and one of the most prominent religious leaders of the 20th century, watched, read and followed by millions worldwide. But his legacy of Bible-based humanitarianism came under attack after he died. The cabal of leaders who took control of the church he founded, after pledging to “follow in his footsteps,” methodically destroyed all he had built. Those who would stop them were silenced or excommunicated.

Had it happened in the corporate world, the CEOs and executives responsible for hijacking a corporation and robbing its investors would have been fired, if not prosecuted in a court of law.

Never before has this shocking story been told in such riveting detail. Drawing upon official reports, internal memos, court depositions and personal interviews, Stephen Flurry exposes the depth of corruption and deceit that was “Tkachism” – the administration of Joseph Tkach, who succeeded Mr. Armstrong as pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God.

In this book you will learn:

*How Tkach’s men altered doctrines under Mr. Armstrong’s nose even before he died.

*How the Tkach transformation was driven from the start by an agenda that even shocked most of the top ministers.

*How early on, Tkachism brazenly denied its radical changes before the church members.

*How Tkachism slashed media operations under the pretense of “wise stewardship”–while income soared at a record $1 billion in five years.

*How Tkachism shamefully forced out the very members whose contributions had built the multi-million dollar empire.

*How Tkach’s men told church members the message of Mr. Armstrong’s magnum opus, Mystery of the Ages, was still official, while they secretly trashed 120,000 copies of the book.

*How Tkach Jr. considered it his “Christian duty” to stamp out Mr. Armstrong’s writings.

*How Tkach Jr. nearly achieved that goal in a six-year legal battle, but then, for fear of being exposed, surrendered.

*How the marvelous wonder of Mr. Armstrong’s work is being raised from the ruins.

Worldwide Church of God leaders today present themselves to the mainstream evangelical world as a band of courageous truth-lovers who sacrificed everything to follow Jesus Christ. The stubborn facts of what they did, however, tell a far more sinister story – a story they have done their utmost to keep buried. This book exhumes those facts and exposes them to the furious light of day, as they should have been all along, for your scrutiny.

Oracles of Celestine Light: Vivus

by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel

Vivus, The Third Book of Celestine Light, is a monumental book containing 100 chapters detailing the life and teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth during the time corresponding to the extremely limited account in the Christian New Testament.

Vivus not only includes many sermons and descriptions of profound miracles not found in other books, but also fills in many lost details to the sermons, miracles and accounts that are mentioned in other documents.

In Vivus we get to witness the evolution of both Yeshua and Miriam as they both come to a full understanding of who they are and the great power that comes with that knowledge to both of them.

Yeshua calls twelve Apostles or ‘special witnesses’ in Vivus, and Miriam, as one of the twelve, becomes the ‘Apostle to the Apostles.’

Throughout much of the latter half of Vivus Yeshua is continually teaching his Apostles the secrets and mysteries of the Celestine Light by which all things are possible. In the course of this we learn that the Earth is only one of countless Earths and Yeshua explains many paranormal activities and abilities, and how these can be utilized and controlled by the Adepts of the Children of Light.

Like Nexus, the chapters of Vivus are chronological and are best read one after the other, as there are often essential foundations laid in earlier chapters that help you to better understand the events in later chapters.

Mirror Mirror – The Looking Glass Self

by Michael Hadfield

This fascinating book introduces the voice of love and appreciation. As you read and engage with each chapter you will not only gain insight into those emotions that cause pain and anguish but also discover that freedom and peace are but a small step away. Himal’s uncompromising approach is directed at release from those fearful mental dialogues that render life so difficult and challenging. The book explores the nature of spirituality and how it is interlinked with our everyday â??reality’ – rather than being somehow separate from it. Being â??spiritual’ is learning how to live in the illusion peacefully and with a sense of freedom. But perhaps the most important aspect of this book is the thread that runs through every chapter; the book teaches you about love by demonstrating to you that Love is your nature, and anything else is a disconnection.

The Art Of Life’s Journey

by Christine Joy Lewis

A handbook to bring harmony, equilibrium and desires into your life by connecting to your higher spirit – the true guide for your life with explanations of why and how experiences – good & bad – occur based on the analysis of 52 years of my life experiences including why I suffered fear, where it came from, how I overcame that condition and how my intuition saved me from a serial rapist and murderer are some of the issues covered in this eye-opening book of Truth which includes physical and meditation exercises to achieve success in all areas of your life and cleanse you of negative energy.

Heavenly Haiku

by Marcella McCleese

Haiku provide us with life lessons in a quick and simple form. Heavenly Haiku contains 50 Christian-themed haiku poems to inspire and convey lessons from God’s Word. Topics include grace, faith, and love.

Alternate Interpretation of the Book of Revelation Essay

by Michael Smulkowski

I have read the book of Revelation many times and I wish to present the meaning I got from it that seems more logical than the mainstream view. This is an essay that examines the Book of Revelation till and during the Lamb opening up the Seventh Seal. Although this interpretation seems very different then more mainstream analysis, the language used to describe the end times throughout the bible makes it seem like this version is correct. Once a person understands the writing the symbols used the story depicted in Revelation and the rest of the bible becomes more coherent

Is the Veneration of Mary Biblical?

by Mark R. Huber

A Roman Catholic look what the Bible itself says about venerating Mary and intercessory prayer.

Christianity Books: Experiencing Grace (Christian Life)

by Shield

This is the story of Shield, a woman whose life adversities have been a testimony to God’s mercy and grace, bringing her ever closer to Him and convincing her that God watches over each one of us and guides us if we turn to Him.

Shield’s trials include her struggle to forgive her mother for three attempts of aborting her, being born with a deformed hand which led to bullying, experiencing demonic forces and haunting in her teens, spells of depression, a life-threatening genetic disease and raising a child with autism.

Throughout these trials, God was ever present, helping her to overcome the bullying, to find love when it was least expected, to cure her disease and to transform her life and values through her son’s autism. By following God’s calling and leading a Christian lifestyle, she found God had a much greater plan for her than she had ever dreamt of.

Emotional Freedom: Transforming Emotional Pain in 15 Minutes

by Melanie Broussard

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Give me 15 Minutes and I’ll Help You Get Rid of Any Emotional Pain from Negative Past Events no Matter How Traumatic. Transform any negative and painful emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, jealousy, etc., caused by negative past events, painful memories and trauma into a neutral state in about 15 minutes. This neutral state is a painless state where old memories have no emotion attached to them.

This is about taking your power back and not letting the past control how you feel in the present.

Important: This book has nothing to do with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) otherwise known as Tapping. It is actually much, much faster and simpler than EFT.


This short book will introduce you to a method I use to heal people of negative and painful emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, jealousy, etc., caused by negative past events, painful memories and trauma.

Any emotionally painful or traumatic experience can be transformed into a neutral experience with the method outlined in this book. As well, other situations that are emotionally trying can be turned into more positive situations by relieving some of the tension.

Many people spend their whole lives reliving the same old painful memories over and over again with the belief that this is a normal part of life and there is nothing that can be done about it. They don’t realize that they could become free of these past events so that they can live a happier, more carefree life.

We all have past memories that resurface either daily or occasionally that we would rather just forget. These memories cause us to become self-conscious, uncomfortable, sad, angry, frustrated, etc.

These old memories are in the past. They are not happening right now but we consistently relive them as if they are. Your subconscious mind can relive a memory however clear or faint in your mind but the emotions are always very clear. You can either choose to ignore them and push them to the background until they disappear for the moment only to pop up in your life again at some point or you can choose to face these memories and emotions head on and try to force yourself to deal with them, talk them over with friends, family or maybe a therapist.

But wait a minute! These were your only two options before but now you have another option, one where you relive the emotions from the memory one last time and then you finally get rid of it for good. The method described in this book will help you to do just that. It is quick and easy and usually takes less than 15 minutes to transform a really painful memory.

This method takes advantage of a special energy healing technique that manipulates the body’s energy system causing any negative emotion to disappear totally and quickly.

Your other two options don’t look too appealing to me especially when you have access to a new and better alternative.

This book is one of my 15 minutes books where you can transform any emotional pain to a neutral state in about 15 minutes.

This book does not teach you how to do this energy healing technique yourself. It requires a quick one-on-one session with the author.

Living Now

by Keivan Jupes

Leran to raise your energy vibrations so you can live in a constant state of oneness and experience higher frequency dimensions. The most essential of all attributes is simplicity. We don’t have to look very far to learn how to make the biggest transitions and transformations in our lives. They are all buried within our inner self-consciousness, and they allow us to achieve anything we desire in life. We must live our life without borders and to be free of all belief systems. Topics discussed in this book can help you become more conscious and to connect with your higher self through meditation and astral projections. Discover a new life filled with joy and happiness. Become a global soul and live life without any borders.

This book is for those who are looking to become more conscious… more aware… more free. For those in search of peace and love… those who are in search of freedom and happiness… those who are afraid… those who are struggling with their self-worth. This book is for those of you who want to experience the Higher Aspects of yourselves and sense with utmost certainty your connection to creation and The Creative Force behind it.

Over the course of these pages, I’m going to share with you some of my life experiences, the ones that led to me writing this book. These experiences allowed me to see the bigger picture of life


To be able to see beyond physical matter, ignore the belief systems that are being handed to us, recognize negative and positive energies and how to manipulate them, connect with the inner self, and ultimately, find peace and happiness at any given moment under any given circumstances.

I will also introduce some topics that are the core foundation of happiness and self-understanding, such as meditation, the chakra systems, pineal gland and its importance in accordance with the third eye, manifestation, and experiencing higher dimensional states. Learn to uncover some of the basic secrets of life and their effects in our physical world.

I only ask that you have an open mind to the following ideas and act as an observer, allowing yourself to digest the information being presented. They are concepts and experiences that are not of this tangible world

Project Eden ~The Origin of Earth~

by Amarie

This book revealed the fundamental reason why our planet earth was created and why our earth humans are being here. in some sense, this is a hidden knowledge, which was not disclosed to the born people with physical bodies, because the principal goal of the people living here is how to learn many things without knowing the everything. But the time at last has come everybody know the truth.

The story told in this book is based on the many messages and dialogues transcripted by a medium Amarie. It begins with the creation of our planet earth, how the humans came from other planets, how they managed to live here adapting the environment, some of past ancient civilizations, why they were ruined, why the hell was made, and the point we have been placed finally.

Repositioning Yourself for Greater Success

by Ikechukwu Joseph

DESCRIPTION: Repositioning Yourself for Greater Success

(Creating Prosperity out of Adversity) is a great how -to -guide for those who want to succeed in life,career,profession or ministry.Overcoming life’s challenges.Want to succeed where others failed?See what those who succeeded did to get there.Learn the tools of repositioning, reflection readjustment, retooling, rearrangement, retrospection, regrouping, reproof, redemption, reformation, reaccess, rehearse, reconciliation, regeneration, resolution, reengineering


by Mike Valasek

The greatest gift of all.

Time in Our Lives

by Alexa Keating

The donkey dug his heels in and refused to move another step. The farmer, a country man who had been living off his land for many years, was frustrated and angry. The animal was refusing to move forward into the barn, fearing the strange sensation of his long ears brushing the top of the barn.

He pushed and slapped the donkey’s side with his straw hat, attempting to scare him forward. But the animal refused to budge another inch. The farmer had no time for such foolishness.

A car was approaching the barn; likely another customer from his unattended vegetable stand out front. Drat this animal! He silently pondered the situation; no wonder they called them mules!

The late model Mercedes came to a stop; a man who appeared to be in his mid 40’s stepped out of the car, folding his suit jacket over his arm. “Hello, are you the owner of the fresh vegetable operation out front?”

“If you’re talking about that vegetable stand then yes, I am. I’m stuck here behind this darned animal. He’s afraid to go into the barn because his ears keep clipping the top of the barn!”

The man, an engineer by trade, walked over to the donkey and stood looking at him quietly for a moment. “Do you have an idea as to how you can get him in?”

“If I did, I wouldn’t be standing here, now would I?”

“Why don’t we try digging a slight decline out under that doorway so his ears won’t brush the top of the barn?”

“Now ain’t that just like a college preppie like yourself”, the farmer muttered in disgust! “It ain’t his legs that are too long, it’s his ears!”

And so it is with mankind; we build science fiction stories about time machines and create all kinds of complicated scenarios about time travel, many arriving at the conclusion that the people who believe in these stories are loons. We refuse to accept that there is a simple method available to every human being; one that we brought with us into our life fully equipped to use.

Some may curiously examine the concept of time travel, but most simply do not believe it exists outside the big screen science fiction dramas.

If it were possible and that simple, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Of course; they are.

Why You Don’t Have To Tithe: Undeniable Biblical Proof That Tithing Is Not An Eternal Principle and You Are Not Required To Do It

by John Lilley

Is tithing Scriptural? Just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean it’s true! In this straightforward book John Lilley demonstrates that the commonly preached “tithe doctrine” – the idea that the New Testament believer is required to give ten percent of their money to the church – is unscriptural. By carefully examining everyone in the Bible who tithed, what they tithed, and how often they tithed, Lilley proves that tithing is not an “eternal principle” – and that you are not required to do it.

The book highlights an important Bible interpretation rule that most preachers follow when teaching on other subjects but suddenly throw out the window when preaching on Malachi 3:10 (the classic “tithing verse” used by modern tithe preachers). It also explains where the modern tithing doctrine originated (not from Scripture or the example of the early church), and how to return to giving and financing the work of the ministry the way Jesus, His disciples, and the apostle Paul did.

You’ll learn how the man-invented modern tithing doctrine puts an unbiblical law and an unscriptural financial burden on many Christians, while causing unnecessary feelings of guilt for many who feel they can’t afford to tithe but are subjected to frequent preaching about how they are in sin or “under a curse” if they don’t tithe. You’ll learn the real Scriptural reason that tithing sometimes seems to “work” (it has nothing to do with a “ten percent rule”). And if you are one of the many people who have tithed without seeing the results promised by the tithing preachers (and just keep quiet about it for fear of appearing like a loser or as if you lack faith), you’ll gain comfort from abundant Biblical proof that tithing is not a silver bullet that automatically produces prosperity or protects you from financial trouble.

It’s time for Christians to be set free from the false modern tithing doctrine and return to giving as it was preached and practiced by the apostle Paul, Jesus, and His disciples.

David and Bathsheba

by Aida Bode

David and Bathsheba is a beautiful, tragic, engaging narrative based on the Biblical story of David, King of Israel, and his love for Bathsheba.

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