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Never Miss a Chance (Kellington 2)

by Maureen Driscoll

A duke’s daughter isn’t supposed to court scandal in Regency England. She isn’t supposed to involve herself in controversial causes. And she most especially isn’t supposed to expect love in a ton marriage. But Lady Elizabeth isn’t just any duke’s daughter. She’s a Kellington. And her expectations are somewhat higher than most people’s.

Marcus Redmond, the Marquess of Riverton, has been in love with his best friend’s sister for years. When Lizzie’s reputation is damaged, he offers her marriage, hoping she will come to care for him eventually. But can the upright, staid Riverton make a love match with the impulsive, passionate Lizzie – especially when there are those who are determined to come between them?

NEVER MISS A CHANCE is a sizzling romance with a touch of humor. It contains explicit language and adult situations.  You won’t like this book if you don’t like explicit language or adult situations.  It’s the second book in the Kellington series about the Duke of Lynwood and his four siblings. The series started with NEVER A MISTRESS, NO LONGER A MAID.

Tales from the SFR Brigade

by Linnea Sinclair

Experience love and adventure among the stars in â??Tales from the SFR Brigade,’ a digital anthology of eight Science Fiction Romance stories.

– A space captain discovers the cyborg she loves just might be her greatest enemy.

– A mind-wiped prostitute risks all when she recruits a dangerous stranger to help her escape a terrible fate.

– A prisoner-of-war confronts the comrade who loved her, then left her for dead.

– A space-obsessed physics teacher is kidnapped by a far-too-charming alien.

– An apocalypse survivor battles the biomech-enhanced hunter who seeks to capture her.

– A young artist must choose between her comfortable life on Earth or a war-torn space colony with her beloved.

– A daring thief is on the run from the alien law man who is determined to bring her to justice.

– A widowed rebel leader tries to save the last remnants of humanity, one stranger at a time.

From Earth to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, explore the worlds of Science Fiction Romance with stories from Linnea Sinclair, Marcella Burnard, Erica Hayes, Liana Brooks, Pippa Jay, Berinn Rae, Amy Laurens, and Kyndra Hatch.

Last Chance To Run (Slye Temp)

by Dianna Love

A new romantic suspense from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love.

To an undercover agent, she’s a Person of Interest. He’s interested.

Escaping the compound of a deadly international felon–with a fortune in rare, stolen coins hidden on her body–elite athlete Angel Farentino has to make the most important run of her life. Literally. With her father in prison, where he belongs, and a prior undeserved conviction hanging over her head, she has nowhere to turn and no one to trust. Definitely not law enforcement who railroaded her through a judicial nightmare. One step ahead of lethal men and dogs on her trail, she runs into the arms of a dark stranger willing to help her if she’d let him. But that would only get the sexy pilot killed.

Between figuring out who’s sabotaging his undercover work for the DEA and trying to save his baby sister from herself, Zane Jackson has enough on his plate. The last thing he needs is to get entangled with a woman who’s treading on the wrong side of the law. But when the long-legged distraction races into the middle of his operation and stows away on his plane, a primal need to protect forces Zane to risk everything, starting with his heart.

“I have three things to say about Dianna Love’s writing…breathless pace…heart-stopping suspense…real characters you feel for.”

~~#1 NYT bestseller Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is not a “reissue,” but a complete revised and much longer version of the original Rita-Award winning book Worth Every Risk. Dianna had to shorten the original story to fit for the publisher. When she got her rights back, she decided to make the book its full length again – a high-concept, action packed romantic suspense. Additionally, the low price is a thank you to all the readers who have supported her over the years!

What the Doctor Didn’t Tell Her

by Jacqueline Diamond

During their medical training, obstetrician Daniel Durand broke her heart. Now, after years of silence, he shows up with a little girl and a surprise.

Dr. Sarah Matthews has every reason to mistrust Daniel when he joins her California medical group. Why did he suddenly break off their relationship, and why has he moved back into her town and her life?

An egg donor during medical school, Sarah wanted to help a family desperate for a child. She never learned whether any children were born, but the processâ??she had to take hormones and abstain from sex–drove Daniel away. That doesn’t say much for him, in her opinion, yet he’s become a devoted father to his orphaned niece.

Sarah feels the strangest sense of connection to the little girl. Is there more to Daniel, and to five-year-old Nina’s story, than he’s willing to share? This novelette was written by the USA Today bestselling author of more than 95 published novels.

Christmas Belles

by Susan Carroll

Villains can come in many disguises, even with a handsome face and a gold-braided uniform. So thinks Chloe Waverly when her father’s untimely death results in an unknown naval captain being appointed guardian to the four Waverly sisters. Chloe dislikes the harsh Captain William Trent upon first sight, especially knowing that he plans to marry her oldest sister, Emma. Although Emma loves a poor clergyman, she feels it her duty to accept the wealthy captain’s proposal. Chloe is determined to rescue her sister from a loveless match to one whose heart seems as cold as ice.

But somewhere during all the Christmas celebrations, Chloe discovers that beneath the captain’s stern military bearing is a lonely man imbued with a gentle gallantry. To her dismay, Chloe finds herself falling in love with her sister’s fiance. She is unaware that William Trent has realized that he has pledged himself to marry the wrong sister. But with the wedding day looming closer, is there any honorable way to resolve this situation? It will take all of Chloe’s faith and the magic of Christmas to unravel this tangle of hearts. Author Susan Carroll weaves a charming holiday tale about the enduring power of love and hope.

Christmas Wishes (BBW Holiday Romance)

by Joann Baker

Curvy Susie Peterson had just one wish for Christmas this year – to have her gorgeous boss notice her. Her wish comes true just as she realizes her next door neighbor, Mark, might be more than best friend material. Is it possible she’s made the wrong Christmas wish?

This is a sweet, very short Christmas story at 4,700 words

Sis is All Grown Up (Stepbrother series)

by Ashlee Rivers

Tiffany was an 18-year-old girl like any other. She had dreams and fantasies, loves and lost loves. She did not talk to her stepbrother Al who lived with his mom and her dad in a small ranch house. They seldom exchanged glances until now.

Courage to Love (Flynn Family Saga)

by Erica Graham

Maggie’s first child, Sarah, is born dead. Flynn runs from his grief and his past, abandoning Maggie when she needs him the most. Will they find the strength to heal from the loss of their child and the courage to love again?

His Indecent Proposal (overexposed)

by Andra Lake

Amy Clair is a BFA graduate searching for work and hoping to prove to her family that turning down law school wasn’t a huge mistake. When she comes across an unlikely modeling opportunity with requirements that match her petite frame, she can’t believe her luck. The owner of the ad is the gorgeous twenty-nine year old Investment Banker, Dallon Kingâ??but Dallon has a dark side. When he spanks her in the test photo session and snaps a picture, Amy is shocked to find herself aroused. Feeling misled and confused, she turns down the jobâ?¦ Only Dallon won’t let her go that easily.

This is the first novella installment of the Overexposed Series – two full length novels put together for a story that will unfold over seven volumes. Overexposed is an erotic romance with explicit sexual content, including BDSM elements. The intensity will increase as the story continues.

Going Long (Football Romance)

by PJ Chase

Having grown up with an emotionally distant football coach for a father, the last thing Alyssa Stanton wants is to fall in love with a guy that’s just like that. But when she meets a hunky and sensitive football player at college, she finds that she can’t resist his charms and gives in to a temptation that will change her life forever. Also check out “Going Long 4 Book Boxed Set”

My Girlfriend Bites

by Doug Solter

Sometimes the boy gets the werewolf.

After his “dream” girl rejects him, 16-year-old Aiden tries to commit suicide, yet mysteriously survives. Now he feels like a loser with zero possibility of finding the perfect girlfriend. Enter Bree, the creepy girl with too much hair who’s rumored to be cloned from a frozen pre-historic cave girl that scientists discovered in Canada. But when he accepts a ride from “Cave Girl” during a storm, Aiden discovers this weird girl not only has a kind heart. She’s also cute.

Aiden and Bree’s friendship blooms into something deeper and leads to a romantic night at the zoo where Bree and Aiden fall in love while the animals watch. Unlike Aiden, they can smell what Bree really is.

Bree decides to tell him her deep, dark secret. Her family are werewolves hiding from the Demon Skins, a mysterious new enemy hunting down all the werewolf packs on earth. Aiden struggles with Bree’s revelation, but chooses to stand by the girl he fell in love with. But standing by his new girlfriend will be the biggest test of his life.

Too bad Bree can’t turn a coward into a fearless werewolf. That bite thing is only a myth. This forces Aiden to do the unthinkable…believe in himself.

Praise for Doug Solter’s previous young adult novel SKID…

“Doug Solter is a wonderful writer and I really recommend this book to parents looking for appealing stories for their children that don’t involve vampires.” — Nancy Bilyeau, author of THE CROWN and THE CHALICE

“Samantha soon wormed her way into my heart and I found myself routing for her, both in love and in races. I could hardly put the book down and read it in less than two days.” — Jess from the UK

“It has a very original and exciting plot with a blend of perfection – sports and a strong heroine! Doug Solter completely nailed Samantha’s feeling, thoughts, and emotions.” — Efra from Goodreads


by Jan Vivian

You never know when you might meet someone who will change your life or belief that good times will again be yours. Robert Colman struggles to overcome injuries sustained after an IED explosion while on active service in Afghanistan. Jocelyn, or Lynn, Stevens is single, has lots of friends but is lonely after her life closed in as she looked after an ailing mother. A chance meeting in a local library is followed by another, at a theatre, during the interval. Rob asks for a date; Lynn accepts and before many days are over they are in a passionate affair. Lynn helps Rob to overcome setbacks in his treatment, adjustments to a new life outside the army and she encourages him to paint, a skill that soon brings him to the attention of a local gallery. Rob is certain of his future with her. Lynn is notâ?¦until a telling moment convinces her.

The Rake

by Amy Watson

A Regency romp

Lizzie’s never been one to shy away from a challenge so when her best friend Alex wants to impress a renowned beauty by becoming a rake she helps him with a range of madcap ideas. From panthers to bandits and from corsets to stallions, their escapades take them on a hilarious journey, with a lot of surprises along the way.

An Idol Husband (The Tenshi Series)

by Cilia Jaspers

Bethany Danae doesn’t have a whole lot of luck. She has lost more jobs than she can count. She’s fallen into more tough spots than she cares to remember. But, possibly the worst of all, Bethany has been unable to break her 3-Date Curse-no man in her life lasts past the third date, no exceptions.

When Bethany loses yet another job, her therapist tells her she should think about starting over somewhere new to be more independent from her family. Bethany takes the suggestion and runs a mile with it, instantly deciding to head for Taiwan and her best friend, Eloise. Her best friend Eloise is about to be marriedâ?¦to a Japanese Idol. It’s Bethany’s job to work with the best man to help arrange the wedding in Japan.

But when Bethany meets the best man (another Japanese Idol), she begins to forget all about her plans to be a successful business owner and starts to think about finally breaking her 3-date curseâ?¦one way or another. By the time she thinks better of this new whim, she’s head over heels in trouble. For better or for worse, Bethany is about to face the music, the man of her dreams, and the fruits of her accidental labors.

A Dangerous Masquerade

by Linda Sole

Constance is playing a dangerous game in Paris, impersonating her employer. When the Marquis of Mooraven sees her at a gambling party he is intriqued and then angered when he realises she has stolen his purse. No one does that to Mooraven and he is determined to follow her and discover her secret. When he does he uncovers a shocking story of evil that threatens children and now he is determined to catch the man behind this wickedness – who is also his sworn enemy.

This is Northaven’s story, a sequel to the Hanover Square series, which readers asked for.

Dandelions Never Die:Book 1 of The Dandelions Series

by McCartney Green

Book 1 of The Dandelions Series by McCartney Green, an 8 book romantic adventure. “Gritty, sexy, action-packed, inspirational…”

“We are only victims if we allow ourselves to be.” Shelley wanted to scream in frustration the day Master Kino asked her to consider that statement. In the end she learns the truth.

After being sexually assaulted, Shelley Adams is having a difficult time. Not only did it end her marriage, but she is filled with guilt for not having fought as hard as she thinks she should have. She goes searching for empowerment and crosses paths with legendary martial arts master, Eric Kino. He offers to train her and she believes her life is about to change drastically . . . and she’s right.

Eric Kino has finally found love a decade after losing his wife to cancer. Unfortunately, finding love brings terror and pain to the one he cares most about. When Eric’s old enemy seeks revenge Shelley must dig deep to find enough courage to triumph over the evils of hatred.

Will she be able to see through the haze of pain and blood to bring about her survival? Will she conquer her fears? Will she finally find the empowerment she is looking for?

“A sexy and suspenseful read that is inspirational to both men and women.”

Dearest December: A Christmas Interlude

by Brittany Batong

In this Christmas romantic short story…

A disillusioned young mother, a charming younger co-worker, and a pre-holiday outing too good to pass up.

“Dearest December” gives a brief window into the opportunities we are not allowed to embrace, and the memories that are meant to be cherished within the sheltered confines of our hearts.


Also included is the first chapter of Brittany Batong’s full-length novel, Rally of a Purple Heart.

Sorcerer’s Vendetta (The Secret of Zanalon)

by Sarah Ray

Shot by poison, his mana stolen, the Sorcerer races against his own impending death to track down his betrayer, Hafgan. He has a week before the poison takes him down to find his back-stabbing apprentice, because the antidote needs a catalyst – immense mana. The apprentice, with the Sorcerer’s stolen power, is now the only sufficient source.

A rival witch offers help, but nothing comes free. Her price? His soul name and the secret of the Spell of Immortality. The problem? The spell requires a human sacrifice. If he fails to find and defeat Hafgan, he must offer up his own doomed life as the sacrifice.

The Sorcerer’s journey takes him to the present day United Kingdom, to join in an unlikely alliance with Dr. Rachel Floyd – mortal, clutz, art historian and self-proclaimed nerd. She is seeking a mysteriously attractive colleague, Dr. Rollin Ambrose, who has disappeared without a trace.

Together, will they find what they seek? Will the Sorcerer find something beyond vengeance in the truth of his life – or death?”


by Lisa Oen

… Justin looked at his phone. A text from Amanda. â??How are you?’ Justin cringed. So formal. They had never texted those words when they were together. Their texts were always full of jokes and flirts, and even sometimes song lyrics, but not those words.

Justin Hayes and Amanda Miller were once a power couple in Hollywood. His movie and her acting skill were the recipe of a Box Office. But after their divorce, everything was going down for Justin whereas Amanda’s star was shining brighter and she was ready to move on with her life.

Karla Flynn, Justin’s personal assistant, had had a crush on Justin since she was in high school. But when Karla thought that Justin had the same feelings toward her, she found out that Justin still couldn’t get over Amanda.

Weeds Grow – Book 4 of The Dandelions Series

by McCartney Green

Women’s fiction/romance
The much awaited story of Ricky Kino

Martial arts movie superstar, Ricky Kino, is unhappy with his “playboy” style of life. He makes two decisions, one, to get back to his roots and two, to go after what and whom he really wants.

His timing couldn’t be better, for the moment he gets home, a phantom from the past asserts itself into the Kino family, intent on destruction. Seeds are planted and weeds grow rampant, trying to break apart and destroy the firm Kino foundation. The entire family is stunned by the events that follow. Things take place that they never could’ve imagined in their wildest dreams.

Ricky must step in and take control in order to save his family and protect those he loves most in the world.


by Alice Bello

New Adult Paranormal Romance

What if your fiancé turns out to be a werewolf, and worse, his creature-of-the-night girlfriend is trying to kill you?

Lucy Hart, eighteen-year-old queen bee and captain of the cheer squad, faces just that. She loses everythingâ??money, social status, and even her homeâ??when her father is arrested for tax evasion and immigrant slave trafficking. Reduced to flipping burgers, she plots to get her old life back by blackmailing her father’s slimeball lawyer and scheming her way into a gig pretending to be a rich young man’s “fiancée.”

The pay: enough money to let her write her own future. The bad news: the guy is a condescending pain in the butt.

In no time at all Lucy finds herself fighting for her life as her faux fiancé’s vampire girlfriend tries to slaughter her, and on top of that, getting royally grossed out by her own spanking new paranormal ability: necromancy. Yet somehow, while she gets back her life and kicks vampire butt, she also manages to fall in love/lust with her fake fiancé.

Newly edited.

Previously published as Last Rites

Intimate Illusions

by Shawna Hill

Naomi is back!

What a woman will do in the name of love!

After a bitter, destructive, and explosive parting with her former ex-lover, Kevin Styles, Naomi Saunders has no choice but to move on with her life. Kevin, equally happy and finally free of Naomi, is ready to move on as well. But before he does, he passes Naomi’s taped confession to his confidant, Attorney Winston Lane, with instructions to hold it just in case she shows up to wrech havoc in his life again.

Naomi, torn with feelings of revenge and twisted love, decides to stay on the outskirts of Chicago…close to Kevin and the woman that came between them. In order for her to stay, she must take on a new persona and lifestyle that will enable her to sustain her lavish lifestyle she’d grown accustomed to living. Not wanting to go back to the struggling life she once endured before her short lived acting career, she makes a lifestyle changing move that hones her acting skills to perfection, proving she is the ultimate diva…or is she?

Phantom Touch #1

by Mac Flynn

The first installment of the Phantom Touch series.

Jess is a spirited young woman looking for love in all the wrong places, namely college. She falls in with the wrong guy in the form of Rob, a heavy drinker who likes his parties and easy women. Their problems come to a head at an early Halloween party when Rob shows his ugly side, leading Jess into the arms of a man she never expected.

Sneak Peek: HEAVEN

by Camille Leone

THANK YOU. This is a heartfelt thanks to all who read the excerpt of HEAVEN. The next step for the ebook is as an independent film. Again, sincere thanks to all for reading either version.

Heaven is the story of two troubled individuals who bond over a therapy dog

Sneak Peek: HEAVEN – Urban NA Contemporary   11 Chapter PROMOTIONAL copy

A therapy dog transforms the lives of the teen inmate who trains her and the wounded young marine who becomes her owner.

After four years in prison, seventeen year old Heaven AKA Nevaeh’s confinement takes an unexpected turn when she joins a program that saves unwanted dogs from being euthanized. Not only does the scrawny puppy she coaches thrive, but Nevaeh finds a talent she never knew she possessed.

Josh Duval went from spending summers in Cancun to fighting for his country half a world away. His dream of a military career is derailed after he’s severely injured in Afghanistan. Used to having others indulge him, Josh’s inner demons finally rise to the surface as he acts out chilling death wish scenarios once he returns home. When he’s paired with Myst to assist him with daily routines, the dog trainer and new owner don’t hit it off, with Nevaeh convinced that Myst won’t be happy with the deeply troubled soldier. But when Myst’s nightmares seem to rival his own, Josh decides to visit Nevaeh in prison, hoping to get more information about the dog and just as intrigued by the girl who trained her. While Josh aches for the girl behind bars who proclaims her innocence, when evidence comes to light that could get Nevaeh released, he’s terrified that the one who knows him the best will realize what he’s been hiding the whole time.

As the truth is slowly revealed, their love must be strong enough to cover a multitude of sins, both past and present. ©

A Payment Deferred

by Jan Vivian

A stolen bequest divides a family until an eventful reunion.

John Kahn, a Vietnam War Veteran, is a wealthy businessman with political ambitions who spends time and energy, not his money, on the pursuit of the Mayoralty of New York. But, he chooses the hard way, deciding to stand as an Independence Party candidate. His family, with its origins in The Netherlands, is well connected and New York has been their home for over one hundred eventful years. From modest beginnings the Kahn’s have built a business empire that now encompasses property, retail stores, medicines and beauty products. America, to John Kahn’s forebears, was the land of opportunity and they have prospered.

The passing of the years has softened the hurt of a divided family, in the United States. Only, the broad sweep of the Atlantic Ocean and a distant family’s apparent indifference to a stolen bequest, the foundation of all that the Kahns of New York now enjoy, is no defence when relatives from Amsterdam, strangers until one eventful moment, come knocking at his door.

Home Again

by Jennifer Ketchum

Danna was definitely getting good at giving PowerPoint presentations. The upper level management group that she was presenting to was certainly more attentive then when she gave this same presentation to her peers. Scanning across the group she noted that nobody was nodding off, everyone’s attention was where it should be. Especially her boss’s boss, Ronald.

But when Danna’s boss informs her she is being passed over for a promotion, Danna explodes – she quits her job, leaves Atlanta heading for a place she hasn’t been to in years, Dallas Springs.

The slower pace, reconnecting with her two sisters and mother along with the chance to rekindle a long lost love with her high school sweetheart turns her job loss into a second chance at a life she always dreamed about.

Approximately 6,700 words. This is the first story in the Home Again series from author Jennifer Ketchum.

The Billionaire’s Crush

by Trixie J Belle

The Real Estate Billionaire, Maxwell James is tall, dark, and deliciously sexy. He has seduced countless gorgeous women and loves the thrill of the chase.
Waitress, Natalie is seeking refuge from a past romance and has no interest in committing to a man, especially such a sought-after billionaire bachelor. Would she be able to resist his magnetic charms and ignore the blistering chemistry growing between them?

The New Guy (The Corporate Cougar Series)

by Lavinia Marksman

Introducing Betty DeBlanc, a NEW romantic heroine

For twenty-two years, Betty DeBlanc has been a hard-working, long-suffering legal assistant. She’s a professional of the highest order, to the point that she’s sacrificed her own happiness for the good of her bosses and colleagues. She’s all but resigned herself to the fact that she may never have the business, or the romantic relationship, that she’s long dreamed about.

Until, that is, a new guy named Jason joins the firm. From the moment their eyes meet, both are transfixed. Despite feeling like a cougar, as she’s old enough to be his mother, Betty finds a connection with Jason that she never dreamed possible. He awakens something inside of Betty – something that’s not only powerfully erotic, but absolutely life-changing. In Jason, Betty finds a romantic adult relationship that boldly crosses boundaries of age and society. But, will she allow herself to be swept up by such a daring workplace romance?

Ë?Ë?Ë? Erotic and deeply moving, “the New Guy” is the first installment of the Beautiful Betty series, which will take you on a realistic journey of romance and inspiration.

Come along on the first of Betty’s adventures as she discovers that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, and have a lot of steamy fun while doing it!

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Sneak Peek: Jukebox Volume One

by Camille Leone

Seven Chapter PROMOTIONAL Excerpt of YA Historical

Growing up during the civil rights movement, fifteen year old Simone Westwood doesn’t care about being part of history. She resents going to a recently integrated school where the kids target her. But when she meets Eli and Johnny Burr, two guitar playing, hip swaying Rockabilly teens, their lives become entwined in the novel JUKEBOX Volume One.

Simone’s in awe when popular senior and soul music fan Eli Burr asks her to become his new singing partner. Their pairing comes with all kinds of complications, because an interracial duo, especially one with a boy and a girl singing love songs to each other is unheard of.

If that’s not bad enough, the duo’s fathers routinely clash over politics in their still segregated hometown.

While Simone and Eli’s scorching hot vocals bring fame and devoted fans, they also receive death threats. As her career soars, Simone has to fight for the money and respect that Eli easily gets because he’s a man. Eli realizes his dream of becoming a teen idol, but it’s at the cost of hiding his true sexual orientation. And after his troubled younger brother writes their first number one hit, the lyrics reveal Simone’s got a huge crush on one brother, while she’s unable to resist the other.

In their journey to the top of the music charts, Eli, Simone and Johnny share acceptance, friendship and love. It’s what happens to the trio once the music stops, and the media spotlight is on their unconventional relationship that will test their families and each of them. This book contains references to classic Country and R&B songs, dance styles and cultural attitudes of the 1960s. The sequel explores the 70s featuring the same characters popularity in Southern Rock, Funk, and Glam Rock.

Full ebook is available on Amazon

The Ruthins, A Vampire in Love

by Tessa Stokes

When Bliss takes a holiday from a job she’s grown to hate, she dreams she’ll meet the love of her life. After twenty years apart, two vampires find they want the same girl, until one of them realizes that through her he can recover his long lost love, Elise. Meet the Ruthins, in this first part of the trilogy. Adventure, magic, love, kidnap, murder…a vampire romance with a difference.

Rayqelle’s Revenge -Book 1- (RATCHET -Special Edition-)

by Shon Cole Black

Book 1-

“RATCHET” is the story of Miss Rayqelle Davis; the stepdaughter of a Chicago police officer who grows up in a seriously dysfunctional home and turns to the streets as a means of escape.

Broken and torn apart by physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her alcoholic mother, Rayqelle leaves the safety of the suburbs to live with her grandmother on Chicago’s southside. There she quickly develops an insatiable fascination for the dangerous side of hood life.

That’s when she meets Chance, an extremely handsome, very intelligent, hugely talented artist from a wealthy family who turns her world upside down.

Finding Jayda

by Samantha Johns

Jayda Parrish was a St. Louis girl through and through, raised on gooey butter cake and Ted Drewes frozen custard. She came from humble working-class beginnings and was employed in a fuse factory in a lower-class part of town, despite her natural talents that could have afforded her a much better future.

Fed up with her life, she plans a calculated escape from her abusive, alcoholic boyfriend, which includes faking her own death. Her escape works, but with unforeseen results. A series of life-threatening situations, and near-death challenges befall her as she flees her old life. The police now hot on her trail.

Along the way Jayda encounters an array of colorful and unforgettable characters that transform her view of life and her expectations of happiness. During her journey Jayda finds a wonderful man and learns about true love, while facing the fight of her life to hang on to it all.

Jayda’s character develops as one twist and turn confronts her after another in a fast-paced all-encompassing love story of deepest proportions. She finds strengths she didn’t know she possessed and learns to love more profoundly than she ever could have imagined possible.

A romantic suspense story that includes mystery, ancient myths and long-held secrets.

Hell to Heaven

by Jewel Adams

Contemporary Romance, Adult content

A new bride shouldn’t have her dreams shattered and crushed before they can take a breath. Jenna discovers the man she married is a cruel, sadistic monster. She failed to escape the horror of her marriage and paid dearly for trying. Ray can’t ignore the beautiful woman renting from his mother. All the warnings that come with Jenna can’t silence the unspoken plea he sees in her eyes. When Jenna collapses in his arms from the beating at the hands of her husband, Ray swears she will never suffer at that man’s brutal handsâ??ever again!

by Sara Marks

First book of the series, This is the revised, updated version to the original publication of the book.

Nikki Baker wants true love, but doesn’t know where to find it. Her best friend suggests an alternative route to finding love, via the internet, unlocking a life filled with passion, and unimaginable wealth. Unfortunately, Nikki wants more….She wants true love.

Will Nikki find happiness, or forever be unlucky in love?

This novella contains graphic, sexual encounters, intended for adult readers.

The Ruthins, Blood of Changes

by Tessa Stokes

Left for dead by his only love, Drew is helped by his old vampire friend, Greta. He’s lost his memory and as he tries to go back to his old life, he begins to change. As the days go by events spiral out of control and all he can think about is finding the woman who left him for dead.

Suspense, fun, romance, a vampire hunt, and a love story.

Advertising for Love (Ebony Nights)

by Elisabeth Roseland

In the kitchen, in a tuxâ??and out of itâ??he’s got the skills to crank up the heat.

Ebony Nights, Book 1

When Aisha Anderson hires a professional escort for her company’s gala, it’s not because she can’t get a date. Her fast-track career at Hansen Advertising doesn’t give her the timeâ??and it’s the only way to avoid dancing with her creepy, inappropriate co-worker.

To her delight, Greg Williams plays the role of charming, attentive gentleman so well, she could almost believe the sparks between them are real. When he takes her home and demonstratesâ??with considerable sexual skillâ??that the heat is not her imagination, she can’t say no to his request for her number in lieu of payment.

Their hot night continues into a warm breakfast at Greg’s favorite back-street diner, where Aisha feels something she hasn’t felt for a long time. Part of a couple.

Later, though, when she runs into a former client of his who seems eager to compare notes on his erotic bag of tricks, the sizzle begins to cool in shadows of doubt. Long-term could be a stretch for a man who’s dated half the women in Chicago.

Especially when there’s the possibility that demand for his services could take him away right when she needs him mostâ?¦

Warning: This book contains a sexy black man with mad culinary skills, an ad exec with a hunger for something well-cut and lean, and an escort service that knows how to satisfy every woman’s appetites.

vampire quest

by Yvonne KNIGHT

Deimos searches for the sword that will unite the vampires under his rule, well dealing with it is ex Alexander; a vampire/slayer..



A Collection Of Short Stories (7)

It is only when you confront the possibility of loss that the memory of every precious moment in your life helps to sustain you.


The world is a very different place at the end of the twenty-first century. Living space and natural resources are scarce and a couple are obliged to confront the end of life as they have known it.


A busy New Yorker conducts a one-way conversation with her image in the hall-way mirror as she happily prepares for a special date and gives voice to the mirror’s imagined replies.


A married couple enjoy a carefree cruise in the Mediterranean to celebrate their retirement until an accident reveals a closely guarded secret in the life of the victim.


A British Army officer, on convalescent leave in San Francisco, meets the love of his life in unusual surroundings. There, the music that is played offers the ideal accompaniment to an affair.


A baby is snatched from a suicidal mother’s arms as she falls. The infant foundling is kept by her rescuer and her story is believed by New York police that the child was born to a surrogate.


A soldier drifts in and out of consciousness as he recovers in Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham. He dreams of going out on a date with the nurse who tends him. His courage to deal with what has befallen him, and devotion to her in his waking moments, may win her heart.


A former Dutch Resistance fighter has a secret that his son discovers at a critical moment in his father’s life and many years later. What is learnt touches him and awakens many suppressed memories from his own youth.

For Undocumented Carnal Knowledge (BDSM Billionaire Romance)

by Skye Eagleday

For Undocumented Carnal Knowledge (For fans of 50 Who Still Need More)–here’s a journey into dark passion. BDSM Billionaire Romance

University Professor and Researcher Dr. Jacob Desmet is conducting the most extensive study ever done on Human Sexuality. Shauna, his new assistant, will accompany him interviewing couples–including a BDSM Billionaire and his beautiful submissive– who will introduce her to a larger (and more compelling) world of relationships than she has ever known. From the use of all the tools of BDSM, to the many types of punishment and how a professional Dominatrix uses Humiliation–each of the many couples teach Shauna something new–about herself.

When Alpha Dominant Dr. Jacob Desmet begins to pressure Shauna to move their relationship from detached professionals to violate all research ethics by becoming his submissive, there is no easy choice for her to make. Will the virgin Shauna be willing to risk her future career by answering her own questions about love and sex by crossing a forbidden line if she responds to her mentor’s advances? (A BDSM driven romance novella of over 24,000 words so steamy your Kindle may fog over. It explores how loving relationships evolve, human sexuality in its many expressions, and the acceptance of oneself. This sizzling sexual depiction of intimacy and carnal knowledge is definitely for those 18 or over.)


For what seemed to be long minutes he did not touch her. If she had not heard him breathing, she might have thought he had left her alone in the room. She felt an aching need for him to continue, now that he had brought her so far. She almost whimpered and then realized she would be violating his order to stay quiet. She wanted so much to please him.

Without warning he suddenly flicked one of her nipples with his hardened tongue. He played with both of them in this way and then sucked a nipple into his mouth, clasping it between his teeth and lower lip. It was all she could do not to move–not to cry out. He released her from his mouth, and then ran his tongue in a slow spiral around her breasts. His warm saliva turned cool in the circulating air.

A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

by Julia Brandywine

Just before Christmas, Jessie Barnes breaks into the cabin belonging to Nick Maxwell, who works with her brother Michael. Her brother is missing and she’s looking for clues to his whereabouts. Nick catches Jessie breaking in and the two of them wind up working together to find out what’s happening to WestTec – the computer design firm Michael and Nick founded, and what’s going on with her brother Michael.

Paranormal Romance 4-Pack: Michelle Mitchelle Collection

by Michelle Mitchelle

This paranormal romance collection includes the works of Michelle Mitchelle. Titles include: “The Taste of You”, “My Secret Room”, “Yesterdays Wish”, and “Wake the Dead”. These vampire romance stories are steamy, romantic, and include fantasy.

“They returned to embracing tightly on the couch, tongues dancing. Steve cupped her breast through her tunic, and she felt a physical pang of longing like sweet, painful torture. This one would get his wish. They retired to the bedroom. Viola heightened their pleasure with her vampiric abilities. ”


Penelope took Seth’s cool hands and held them to her lips. She kissed each finger in turn. As she turned his hands to kiss the palms, she stared into his eyes and said, “I will not leave you. You have my life in you and I have yours. We are linked forever. You are my cherished and I will be yours.” Then she fed, slowly.”


“Liam scanned the crowd as the music pulsed above him. Licking his lips, he watched as a group of girls entered the club. He leaned forward and narrowed his eyes as a beautiful brunette caught his eye. Her wavy brown hair cascaded down her shoulder and her vivid green eyes flitted around the room. She was beautiful. Her blue tank top and light jeans fit her body perfectly. Not too skinny, she was just right with the perfect amount of curves. Tonight, she would be the one, he decided. ”


Unexpected Journey

by Jason Richardson

“Rummaging through boxes of his late fathers belongings, Jackson lifted an old leather bound book that peaked his curiosity”, this is only the beginning to a nightmare Jackson will regret for the rest of his life. What is in the book? Jackson had to know and at any cost. Once he figures out the contents, his inner selfishness takes hold of his soul costing him everything, but he isn’t the only one to pay for his greed, his family will suffer the price as well. By his selfish actions, Jackson sends his wife deep in the jungles of Peru where it is said the “boogeymen” guard the past, but once greed has it’s grip, there is no turning back and some may lose their life. Are the mystical treasures of the ancient Incas only a myth? Some will go to any extent to find out, others will use unsuspecting persons to do the work for them. Pull out your passports and get aboard for an Unexpected Journey!

Wake the Dead

by Michelle Mitchelle

“As the night grew darker, Seth and Penelope played a pre-lover’s game of chase throughout the graveyard . . .After two hours of chasing each other, Seth finally caught Penelope in his strong, ropey arms. She could feel his power, in his arms and…elsewhere. When they kissed Penelope almost faded away from sheer joy.”

Seth and Penelope dance through the cemetery and suck life into the dead. Rosalyn is Seths true love. Will he bring her into eternal life as he fervently, slowly sucks her blood?

A Christmas Gift

by Micah Arnold

Is love the greatest gift of all?

Even when you’re not looking for love, you can find just what you need in the most unusual of places. Mourning her husband, Louise is given some ghostly advice and finds that what she needs is ‘A Christmas Gift’.

A short story offering of just over 2,000 words, this is the first release by exciting new author Micah Arnold.

Lightning Strikes Part 1 (36 Hours)

by Mary Lynn Baxter

A New Beginning

by Rebekah Bedford

When an average nineteen year old girl Claire, starts dating Jake, the son of a powerful rich tycoon who disapproves of their relationship, she faces more than she could ever bargain for.

Eric Stanford will go through any lengths choose a bride of his own making for his son. A woman of good breeding, of class, an asset to his empire. So begins a story of chaos, fear, murder and betrayal.

To save her own life, Claire must run. And when she can no longer ran, the only place she can hide is in plain sight, with a new name, a new life and a beautiful daughter. She hold the key to Eric’s destruction and the downfall of his empire but can she wield it, or would it cost her much more than she already lost.

Will she reclaim the man and the life that she lost…or will she die trying?

Strange Bedfellows Part 1 (36 Hours)

by Kasey Michaels

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