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RayzorWire: Julie Rayzor Zombie War Book Two (Julie Rayzor Zombie War Series)

by Richard Howes

What do you do when you are surrounded by zombies and your drug-addicted best friend abandons the only safe place against the war? When “Seer” zombies roam the day and night, when patrols disappear without a trace, when the Zomb are experimenting with the virus to create monsters, how do you survive?

Julie Rayzor must chose between her commitment to the Army and helping her drug-addicted best friend. Lt. Col. Winters uses Julie’s loyalty to spy on the enemy. Captured in battle by Scabs and given to the Zomb to become their prized war-trophy, Julie discovers a new force of evil preparing to destroy all of human-kind. Can she escape to warn her friends?

Praise for Julie Rayzor series: “Crisp, fast-paced action. The writing style is very impressive, usually found in male adventures, yet his heroine is a woman in love. The writer pulls off the balancing act between realistic feminine energy and highly effective tough combat; successfully blending all three genres: a war story, science fiction, and a love story. It works on all three levels. Great dialogue in this entertaining novel… Elmore Leonard type: short, character-revealing, and advancing the story conflict. And conflict is everywhere… I will not give away any secrets in the plot… I won’t tell you about the train scenes, wow, you’ll have to discover those yourself. I will say that the love story kicks in like an afterburner…” says John Hill, Author and Screenwriter of “Quigley Down Under”, and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (uncredited), “LA Law” and “Quantum Leap”.

The First Encounter (The Seraphic Chronicles)

by Craig W. Atkinson

Doctor Hugo Pauvert was once a promising astrophysicist, but now he has lost his job, his funding, his girlfriend and his home. His papers are a joke, his career has stalled and his life is spiraling downwards.

When a mysterious military project requests him it is the last thing he wants, but after being strong armed into it he realises that this is the adventure of a lifetime… and one that will not only change his life forever, but will also change the course of human history!

Extinction Dawn

by Goran Zidar

A small group of commandos are trapped within the ruins of a post-apocalyptic city. Surrounded by enemies they begin with a goal of escape but soon seek only to survive.

Word Count: 5,000

Carpathia (Carpathia Timeline)

by Scott Whitmore

Note: Set in the same alternate history universe, the stories in the Carpathia Timeline stand alone, although some characters appear in both books.

Romania, 1882: After spending years trying to locate and destroy Prince Radu Zeklos, the vampire that killed his fiancé, Daniel Jameson finds a solution to his problem when the King of Romania decides to host an international race of “self-propelled ground machines” through the Carpathian Mountains.

Four nations â?? Germany, England, France and the United States â?? are set to take part in the race, and Jameson finds allies in Major William “Stump” O’Brien, the American team’s military liaison, and Olivia Lowenby, the daughter of the man responsible for building the English vehicle and a woman who also desires revenge against the vampire for the death of her brother.

Initially opposed to the race because if successful it will destroy the “traditional way of life” for Romania’s vampires and werewolves, Prince Zeklos has changed his mind. He too seizes the contest as an opportunity to achieve something he has spent years dreaming of: the creation of a new nation of the undead, Carpathia.

With airships battling in the skies and humans fighting undead creatures on the ground, “Carpathia” is filled with action and plot twists as Jameson and Zeklos maneuver to achieve their very different goals.

This edition contains Bonus Features including Fun Facts and sample chapters from “The Devil’s Harvest,” the second book in the Carpathia Timeline.

Dream Tunnel

by Arby Robbins

A girl travels back in time to meet the boy she has fallen in love with while observing him on a device she found in the cellar: a time travel computer. She must marry and assume her mother’s throne before her eighteenth birthday or forfeit her destiny as Queen. Initially, she tricks the boy into thinking they are dreaming together rather than traveling through time, fearing that the truth will scare him away. She is unaware that her evil cousin, who is next in line for the throne, is working behind the scenes to spoil her plans for royalty and happiness.

The Devil’s Harvest (Carpathia Timeline)

by Scott Whitmore

Note: Set in the same alternate history universe, the stories of the Carpathia Timeline stand alone, although some characters appear in both books.

France, 1916: The Great War in Western Europe is at a stalemate with the Allies and Central Powers facing each other from muddy trenches on either side of the deadly No Man’s Land. To end the years of bloody warfare, the Germans plan to unleash the perfect weapon in a villainous attack that will guarantee an unconditional victory over France and Britain.

Bullet-proof and impervious to shellfire, a horde of the undead is about to sweep over Europe in a wave of unrestrainable death. Except no one told the Germans two things: anyone killed by the bite of a zombie becomes a zombie … and zombies don’t pick sides.

To stop the Germans, an elite team of British soldiers led by Major Daniel O’Brien set out on a daring raid behind enemy lines. But in war no plan survives intact, and when the Germans lose control of their perfect weapon O’Brien’s group, including two vampires and a raconteur dame, must fight their way aboard a highly-armed German airship to halt the spread of the zombie plague throughout Europe.

The Devil’s Harvest, an action-packed Steampunk/paranormal thriller and the second book in The Carpathia Timeline, is set thirty years after the events of Carpathia.

The God Kit

by Carl Graham

Created as a heavy gravitational-engineer by his parents back in the mists of cosmic time, Merlin lives a quiet existence working for the family-firm, forming stars and galaxies from the basic building blocks of this universe.

Now and then, he earns a little extra cash on the side, by maintaining his father’s growing specimen repository, and auction trading, dealing in custom stars he makes himself, or exotic critters and pets.

Then, quite by accident he buys a small blue planet that changes everything.

Alien Hand Syndrome

by Roe Malan

Chief Flight Commander Charles J. Lindsay never wanted the gift the Bewchax race offered him, but after the incident he had no choice but accept.

Annihilation From Home

by Terrence Astleford

In the near future, NASA learns to use nuclear-waste-powered (NWP), tools in space. It has no impact on the local ecology. Unfortunately, when a shuttle mishap occurs, the nuclear waste aboard the shuttle Kennedy is our doom. It is a very cold morning and NASA has had nothing but success since they learned how to launch on bitter cold mornings.
Dr. Sam Adring, a paleontologist at a local University learns a startling discovery. He has just learned that all the evidence and knowledge he has learned is useless. It is not based on fact, or so he believes. He now has incontrovertible proof that something is amiss. The newest bones that he is examining don’t fit with anything he knows. Something is wrong and he is going to find out what.
It just so happens that when the shuttle takes off, the controls aboard the shuttle is useless. The control tower has no control. For some reason, the shuttle is on a course to the East. When it is in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, it explodes. All lives aboard are lost and the shuttle is vaporized due to the payload. A mushroom cloud the size of Washington DC is seen by anyone within an 800 mile radius. People are astounded and there are many watchers.
Televisions all over the planet are reporting on this disaster and what the impact on the local ecology and life will be due to the nuclear waste the shuttle was carrying. It just so happens that when the shuttle exploded, the Bermuda Triangle had become active.
A new era has approached and now humans are going to find out the awful truth. We are not what we appear to be. That night after the shuttle explodes, people see the Bermuda Triangle glowing neon green. Like the nuclear waste has had some kind of weird effect on it. Unfortunately……………………….our time has come

The Cindy Chronicles: Cupcake (Cyberpunk lesbian gender swapping erotica)

by Tsukasa Ito

Part One of The Cindy Chronicles
It is Cindy’s eighteenth birthday and she plans to have some fun. Her sister gives her four-hundred credits for her birthday and she decides to spend it all on a shopping spree.

However, what she ends up spending her money on is not what you would typically buy while on a normal shopping spree. Along the way, she runs into an android designed and built for sex, a man that regularly switches bodies, and a particularly delicious cupcake.

WARNING: This story contains adult material not suitable for children. Includes, but is not limited to: F/F, body swapping, gender swapping, android sex, prostitution, squirting.

Approximate Word Count: 6,600.

The Ultimate Sin

by Terrence Astleford

When best friends are torn apart, they go their own way. Doing what they feel is right, Kensing has set up a laboratory in his garage. He invents a drug that let’s animals and humans communicate through telepathy. This drug is also addictive and has other abilities it gives the human user.
When he moved to Colorado, Terrin was involved in a different and new kind of research. Setting up a small shop of his own, he takes small components home for use with his private work. Creating a doorway with his specialized field, he has the ultimate doorway. He has stumbled onto a doorway to â?¦
Getting involved in his work, he is soon on the run. Taking his equipment with him, his assistant and him pack up and leave. Heading East, they settle in Alabama. Calling his friend, he finds out that he is also on the run too. Telling him to come on up and join him, he arrives with his girl friend.
Seeing a girl walking down the road, Terrin picks her up and they find out they are Father and Daughter. As the experiments continue on, they get totally immersed in their work. When they make the fatal mistake of opening the doorway and going through it, they have let loose, forces much more powerful than they ever imagined.


by Harrison Parish

A story of what might have been…then and now.

Contractor part 1

by Bradley Buckmaster

Damon Wright was a Commando.

A very good one, actually.

Genetically modified, indoctrinated from birth, equipped with the best weapons and gear to take the fight to the Federation’s enemies.

He was part of the most successful unit in a war machine renowned for its brutality.

They slaughtered the enemy in the last war, as though they could drown the galaxy in blood, and were granted their own world in recognition of their achievements.

But that was a long time ago.

Now Damon’s eking out a living, taking 2 bit contracts in the outer colonies, keeping his head down and paying the bills.

He is convincing himself that he is lucky, convincing himself that he is on top of his game.

If anyone asked, he would say he was content with being just another contractor. He’s thankful to be alive, if he’s honest with himself.

It could have been a lot worse.

It will be a lot worse.


Part one of a serialised novel, Contractor is the first work of a lifetime military scifi nut and professional soldier. Having served for eleven years in the British Army as an infantryman and two as a Contractor himself, Brad Buckmaster attempts to bring that experience to his writing to provide an exciting tale of future combat.

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Life After: Episode 8 (A Serial Novel)

by JJ Holden

Following a civil war that left the United States in ruins, the remaining few who managed to escape the Imperialistic Army and the horrors of their death camps must unite and fight to reclaim their country.

Episodes for this serial novel will be released bi-weekly.

To the edge of the universe

by erik morland

Do you think that astronomers and scientists are always telling the truth about the universe? The answer is No, they are not always telling the truth, because they don’t always know the truth. They are guessing the answers and then trying to sell their guesswork as scientific facts.

Erik Morland has come to realize that there are different theories possible besides the official theories that people are forced to believe in. Through his writing, he has developed a whole range of new and alternative theories about; the creation of the universe, dark matter, black holes, life cycles of galaxies and planets, the extinction of dinosaurs, the evolution, and how life spreads through the universe.

This gives a whole new refreshing perspective on absolutely everything. All of this is wrapped inside a thrilling action pact science fiction story, which makes the book fun to read, and an adventure full of amazing discoveries.

An extremely large spaceship is flying trillions of years in the future faster than lightning through empty space. The spaceship is ruled by a crazy dictator. What is the history of the spaceship? How does its journey look like? What has been discovered after trillions of years of travel? What does the entire universe look like? What does the history of mankind look like? Where are they? Where are they going to?

Don’t you ever wander about the future? I mean, what might happen billions of years from now?

Many illustrations and poems are also included.

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