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Natural Remedies For Effective Weight Loss. How To Stimulate Massive Weight Loss With Natural Food Supplements. (How to Lose Weight with Natural Remedies. … Stimulants. Speed up your weight loss now!)

by Marta Tuchowska

Stimulate Your Metabolism and Lose Weight in a Healthy Way With Natural Remedies and Food Supplements For Effective Weight Loss. Simply Speed Up Your Weight Loss

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Are you looking for additional strategies to stimulate weight loss in a healthy way? Do you want to discover natural solutions to help you fight unexpected food cravings? Do you need some extra energy boost to help you stick with your workout plan?

Don’t worry- the powerful natural remedies have the answers for you…

This book will help you choose your natural weight loss stimulating remedies to loswe weight faster and healthier!

You’re about to discover how to increase your energy levels, losing massive weight and feeling great in your body! You will also discover how to improve your concentration, focus and general body and mind wellbeing!

Millions of people, both men and women, suffer from obesity, toxin accumulation and fat accumulation. As a result they also suffer from low energy levels and very often low self-esteem. Sometimes the lack of motivation is also to blame, as some of the diets are badly designed or people try them out without doing any research or without consulting a nutritionist and the whole process gets very difficult for them.

THIS BOOK is not only about losing weight. It is mainly about going healthy and losing weight as a result of correcting imbalances that provoked weight gain.

Here Is A Preview of What You’ll Learn from Natural Remedies For Weight Loss:

  • The holistic view of the weight loss process
  • How to use natural phytotherapy remedies to lose weight effectively
  • The best supplements to aid you in enhancing your metabolism, controlling appetite and consuming fats for energy
  • The best energy revitalizing supplements that will support you throughout your strenuous physical activities and workouts.
  • Alkaline drinks for weight loss: delicious juices, smoothies and teas that speed up weight loss in a healthy way
  • The body and mind benefits of the natural weight loss remedies
  • How to stay committed to your weight loss program
  • Much, much more to be discovered!

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    This book has been written by a highly qualified and experienced Nutritionist (S.N.H.S diploma), Wellness Therapist and Natural Therapies Coach (S.N.H.S diploma), Marta Tuchowska. She has done lots of research in the nutrition field and her objective is to help you improve your quality of life. Marta has helped many of her clients lose weight and change their dietary habits so that they could successfully transform their lifestyles.

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Sustain Me With Your Breath

by Brian Heffron

-Six-time Telly Award Medalist©

-Two-time Emmy Award Winner©

“[I]n a world that is crumbling under the tyranny of greed, comes a slim book of love offered up in gentle, cupped hands. Please enjoy this rare revealing of a heart unveiledâ??unabashed and unabridged as we would all wish ourselves to be, if we could find the courage. Shaped to fit your pocket as well as your soul, let it slip into your life and enlighten you. Penned by people’s poet, Brian Heffron. Brian understands you, because he is you. Honest poetry for everyday use.” â??Stephanie Lisa Tara Children’s Books®

“Mr. Heffron has a true gift for sublime verse. He elevates our senses and strips away the shallow veneer of love to reveal the raw nerves of emotion we all feel but cannot “Put into Words”. Heffron puts us in touch and submerges us completely in feelings we didn’t know we had with his literary magic spells. A must read for the lover in all of us!”â??Phil Katz, Author

“Where there is love there is life.” â??Mahatma Ghandi

Children’s Book About Breeds of Dogs: A Kids Picture Book About Breeds of Dogs with Photos and Fun Facts

by Jessica Lopez

Jessica Lopez is pleased to present her new picture book for kids. This easy reading book for children contains fun facts about the different breeds of dogs.

This delightful picture book for children, from about 4-10, contains interesting discussions about breeds of dogs like Chihuahua, Newfoundland, Komondor, Shar Pei, Pomeranian, etc. It offers interesting facts, in simple language, and although appropriate for all these ages for the 4 year olds to early second grade, probably, it will need to be viewed with a parent. Students will encounter new words and concepts.

The images in the book are primarily color photographs that are stunning if read with a Kindle Fire or the Kindle Application on one of the tablet devices or the PC. Black and White readers will be also see them clearly but will just miss the added dimension available with color.

Children will also find answers to kid-style questions.

Teachers and home schooling parents will find this book a wonderful addition to their nonfiction libraries. It provides selected passages on an assortment of subjects. Great illustrations bring the text to life.

Children’s Book About Butterflies: A Kids Picture Book About Butterflies with Photos and Fun Facts

by Jasmine Williams

Children’s Author, Jasmine Williams, is pleased to present her new picture book for kids. Children’s Book About Butterflies: A Kids Picture Book About Butterflies with Photos and Fun Facts is a fascinating, educational book for children which contains many colorful images and interesting facts about butterflies. Kids will learn all about the different classifications of butterflies and what makes them so special. The information is broken up into different short sections that will encourage your child to explore, read and learn on their own. Each chapter contains its own set of facts and cool pictures.

The writing is fun and lively as well as educational. The vivid images of butterflies and other related photos will draw your child into their amazing world and will keep them coming back for more.

At the end of each chapter are more fun facts. This invites further learning with added information about the topic, allowing your child to gain even a higher level of understanding. Children’s Book About Butterflies contains vivid images for each chapter so your child can visit up close with these in a fun and educational format. The images are highly detailed providing you with a fantastic, educational opportunity, giving your child a clear look at butterflies that they may never otherwise experience.

This book is truly a great way for children to explore, learn and to have fun while they dive into the world of butterflies. This educational book will spark their interest and keep them coming back for more.

Nature Aware

by Rick Wood

Becoming more Nature Aware matters and not just in small, personal ways. With more than seven billion fellow human inhabitants vying for food, resources and living space, becoming cognizant of our effect on the world immediately surrounding us is paramount to survival. It’s easy to think of “nature” as a place you go to escape the rigors of the modern world. But, in reality, nature is what surrounds us no matter where we are. Even in our largest cities you can identify three or four species of birds, rodents and insects that coexist within our man-made urban Eco systems on a daily basis.

If we fail to recognize the importance that each natural element plays in our continued well-being and survival, then we damn ourselves to ruin. Sadly, when we’re not attuned to the animals, insects and plants around us, we tend to see them as nuisances or pests needing eradication.

As easily as we choose to isolate ourselves from nature we can also learn to commune with it and understand our place in the larger picture. We did not tame the wilderness, we only forced it to move, contract or adapt.

The other sobering truth is that we need nature. If we damage it, we damage ourselves. This already has come to pass with so many drastic changes in our environment, food supplies and atmosphere. If we destroy it, we destroy ourselves. Without pollinating bees, healthy plankton and clean, potable water we are screwed. We will have brought down an Extinction Level Event upon ourselves. I don’t say these things to perpetuate media-driven, alarmist ideas. I say it because it is a very harsh reality that we are staring into the face ofâ?¦today.

We can choose to collectively turn our heads and look awayâ?¦ we can choose to debate the semantics of “Global Warming” or “Global Climate Change”â?¦ we can look at our oceans and tell ourselves that it’s all blue, clean water or we can accept some responsibility for trading our march towards progress for the sacrifice of resources that are not quite as resilient and renewable as we once thought they were. And then we can decide to do something to slow the degradation and destruction of our planet so, hopefully, other generations might have a chance at reversing a course charted by hubris.

I don’t think the challenge is beyond our ingenuity. I don’t think that a culture that sent Man to the moon and cured polio is incapable of tackling this tremendous issue in a near impossible time frame.

All it takes is choice and commitment. All it takes is reconciling with the natural worldâ?¦in essence, becoming Nature Aware.

The book is a personal journey of insight and reflection, told through firsthand anecdotes and stunning wildlife photography. Nature Aware is the culmination of more than six years of exploration and discovery in the wild (and not-so-wild) areas of Washington State.

Written by award-winning journalist and photographer Rick Wood, the first edition of this book was a critical success and bestseller.

This new edition updates information about some of the conservation issues examined in the book.

Starting a Nonprofit Technology Hub

by Tina Arnoldi

Palmetto Technology Hub (PATH) in Charleston, SC was developed by Tina Arnoldi (formerly with Coastal Community Foundation) and Michael Carnell of DesignTechWeb in 2010. The program was managed under the umbrella of Coastal Community Foundation through 2012. Foundations as well as groups providing nonprofit tech services have asked for a â??how-to’ manual to start this project in their own communities which is what this guide will attempt to do.

The Weird and Wonderful World of River Ice

by Faye Hicks

Have you ever looked at a river during freeze-up and marvelled at how unusual it appears? Thanks to the complex interactions between stream currents and weather conditions, rivers experience a fascinating variety of ice processes. If you’ve ever wondered how rivers freeze up – this is your opportunity to learn about frazil ice, hummocky ice, and ice jams – as well as fun ice types like pizza ice, marble ice, ice trumpets, and ice flowers. With more than 60 beautiful full color photos, this book is your essential introduction to the weird and wonderful world of river ice.

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