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Common Sense Horsemanship: A Safe And Simple Approach To Riding Horses

by Shelly Ingram

Have you been wondering what it would be like to ride a horse or do you know someone who is considering taking up the sport?

This book can serve as a great guide for anyone who is thinking about getting involved with horses. In an easy and relaxed tone the author offers practical commonsense advice than can be used by anyone considering riding or just learning more about horses. More than any other sport riding takes dedication to the development of a team, this book can help you better understand horses to enable you to reach your riding goals.

The first chapter offers detailed descriptions of the different riding disciplines which are illustrated by excellent pictures of exceptional examples diverse horse breeds and riding styles. The information provided sets you on the right path to choosing the riding style that is right for you and provides a list of online links to breed and discipline associations. You are also given a good foundation into the basics: the parts of the horse, saddles, bridles and bits with more handy online links to more detailed information. These chapters are devoted to learning how a horse thinks and basic training techniques that can be used regardless of what riding style you choose to pursue.

Later chapters offer tips on how to find a riding teacher and provide you with a series of pre-riding exercises than can be done at home before you even start to ride. The author then takes you through three “condensed” riding lessons that give you a good idea of what to expect as you progress along your riding career. She also offers tips on riding opportunities and buying your first horse. All this is complemented by a detailed glossary of necessary equine terms. Written by a lifelong horsewoman this book does not promote a “method” that requires further purchase or strict adherence, it simply provides you with a great first step and easy reference source for a safe and fun experience with horses.

Here’s the subjects we’ll cover:

Choosing the right horse for you

Basic horse and equipment terminology – including a complete glossary

Easy online links to breed riding associations

Tips of how to find a teacher

What to expect from your first lesson

Exercises to get ready to ride

Things to think about before you buy your first horse

Lots of great photographs

And much, much more!

This is THE guide for those looking to ride horses. Click the Buy Now button and get started. You’ll be glad you did!

The Games (Exhibitionist Athlete Erotic Romance)

by Kitty Fine

When two hot, young, sexy US athletes reunite at their party and sex-fueled sports camp, the sparks continue to fly and they can’t keep their hands off each other. She tells you from her point of view, how it all happens in his room and on the balcony for the crowd.

This erotic short story of about 11 pages or 3,600 words contains adult material from her point of view including: public sex, voyeurism, oral sex, hot outdoor sex and multiple orgasms. Also includes bonus material excerpts of other Kitty Fine erotica titles.


“C’mon. Wanna go outside?” He gives me a devilish smile as he leads me over to the open sliding glass door. Breathing heavily and still recovering from my orgasm, I manage to smile back as I happily follow him to the balcony.

The warm but crisp summer air hits my naked body. My nipples are rock hard. But it’s comfortable and perfect weather. It’s just getting dark so we can see and hear the busy party sights and sounds below. We’re on the second floor so we can see the party people roaming around, screaming and laughing below us.

He grabs me and pulls me close for a deep, passionate kiss. As his perfect lips rest on mine and his tongue caresses mine, another surge of wetness flows between my legs. I’m throbbing so much, it feels like I have another heartbeat down below.

We stumble towards the balcony railing. There’s a nearby tree so we’re partially but not fully obscured from view. But really, anyone could see us if they just looked up.

I guess it wasn’t strange for here. Lots of public hooking up and outdoor sex, everywhere you look. But this was my first time here. If I wasn’t completely consumed and ready to explode, maybe I’d care.

He abruptly spins me around and I grip the balcony for support and bend at the waist. He kisses my neck from behind and reaches around to cup and fondle my breasts in front of the growing crowd.

A Blue Ribbon for Big Red

by Tracy Cottingham

Jacklyn Summers hates her bright red hair, loves gymnastics, and is scared to death of the high balance beam. To make matters worse, her father, who used to just sit in the lobby and read the paper during her class has taken to watching her every move. He thinks she should try another sport that doesn’t scare her so much, one where she could learn to work hard instead of goofing off. Jacklyn, otherwise known as Big Red around the gym, has other ideas. The try out for the Shooting Star pre team is right around the corner and she knows if she can make the cut her dad will see how serious she is, and he won’t force her to quit. In fact, everything is going according to plan until she spots one of the tricks she will have to performâ?¦.A forward roll on the high beam!

Between her inability to roll forward without her body turning into a giant noodle, and the constant falling face first on to the mat below, Jacklyn is starting to doubt whether or not she can really do this. Stephanie Porterhouse, her main competition, is using every chance she gets to mess her up and only her coach, her mom, and her special edition gymnastics Barbie have any faith at all that she will get the job done. If only she could believe in herself the way that they do. If only she could conquer her fears and win that beautiful blue ribbon and a spot on the team.

When the day of the try outs arrive and it is time to put all of her hard work to the test, will Jacklyn fake an injury and give up her dreams so her father won’t make her quit, or will she put it all on the line and end up with a blue ribbon for Big Red after all?

Author’s note: I was a gymnast from age 4 to 18 and have coached this wonderful sport for well over 15 years. I own a gymnastics center and each one of my three daughters has been a participant in both recreational classes and the competitive team. I wanted to write this work of children’s fiction because I believe that there are not enough sports books for kids on the market today. It is important as parents and educators to focus on sports, motivation, and the daily challenges that young athletes face in order to help them achieve their vision. Sports of any kind are important for growth and development, but gymnastics is dear to my heart and watching Big Red achieve her goal at the end of the story is what I wish for every young athlete who dares to dreamâ?¦

Kettlebell Workouts: Beginners Guide to Fit

by Jon Flynn

Its time to do something about your fitness goals! Kettle bells are a raising star in the fitness world for one reason . . . they work! This ebook provides a concise, no fluff, no excuses look at the top kettlebell workouts to get you working out today. With easy to follow descriptions of the workouts and images this book is perfect for men and women. Don’t waste time or money with those books that are full of fluff just to charge you more. With this fitness ebook you get right to the meat and right to your dream body.

The Ultimate Push-Up – From The Basics, To The Handstand Push-Up – What You Need To Know…

by Aaron Chase

You Suck. Let’s Face It. You are weak, you don’t have good enough endurance. Your chest and arms are in bad need of muscle, and you are out of shape.

Wow. Did I just shock you? Look, whether you are 50 pounds overweight, or whether you just competed in the crossfit games you need to know about, and use push-ups as a staple of your training. Why? Because they work.

No matter what strength level you are at there is still room to become even stronger, faster, muscular, and more equipped to face the world!

This starts at variations easier than your basic push-up, and goes all the way to a stomach to the wall handstand push-up. With practically everything in between…

Don’t wait, start creating functional, strong, effective muscles Right Now Today.

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