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Travels in the Holy Land (On the Road with Karen)

by Karen E. Martin

Experience a trip through the Holy Land at the turn of the Millennium, as told through the eyes of an expatriate. Full-color photographs taken by the author enhance the text.

This e-single is a personal journal/memoir of a brief journey in the Holy Land in the year 1999, leading up to the 2000 Millennium New Year’s Eve. Please use the Look Inside feature for a preview of the contents.

**THIS E-SINGLE IS NOT A GUIDE BOOK** Please check out some of the fine offerings by the many travel guidebook companies if you are looking for specific, nuts-and-bolts information on transportation, costs, hotels, restaurants, touristic sites, and so forth.

Cheap European Days and Nights (2 Travel Guide Books in 1) – Budget Travel Tips for Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin and Amsterdam

by Nola Chesworth

In this 2 in 1 book you’ll find the best of the best that Europe has to offer on the cheap. Enjoy Cheap European Days followed by Cheap European Nights. In these two budget friendly European city travel guides Nola Chesworth takes you on a whirlwind tour of the best cities in Europe.

From cozy red velvet cinema houses to the finest symphony, from amazing tapas tours to old world pub crawls, from free admission world class museums to playful days in the park, you will find all of the best budget friendly food, entertainment and culture that these wonderful cities have to offer.

Cities included: Paris, France. London, England. Berlin, Germany. Madrid, Spain. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Traveling Gigolo – How to effortlessly pick up girls during your travels – Pickup advice for travelers

by Traveling Gigolo

The first book ever written for guys who like to get laid during their travels.

Is this you?

Do you like to get laid while traveling?

Do you like to pick up hot Brazilian chicks on the Copacabana?

Do you like to have a nice night out with Xenia from Russia?

Do you like to see and touch Heidi’s knockers from Germany?

We all do! But the sad truth is that only a few of us really live THE dream!

The reality

In reality most of us chicken out when it comes to that crucial moment when we should take

action but don’t. I have seen so many “foreigners” blowing their chances in countless clubs

around the world. So I asked myself: What could be the best way to approach women as a


Problems I encountered

There are advantages and disadvantages as a traveling gigolo. The biggest disadvantage is

time. When you travel you just don’t have enough time to build up a relationship from zero.

Sometimes all you have is only one night. So you need to be able to instantly build up

momentum. Another big disadvantage is being a total stranger. I had to find ways how to get

other guys or girls helping me out as wingmen.

And so the learning began

I decided to become a traveling gigolo. After years of traveling and studying countless

PickUp advice books I came up with my own techniques and philosophies of picking up girls

in situations where time is limited.

Techniques that allowed me to have several “One night Stands” in a row. Philosophies that

allowed me to have “Mini Romances” with gorgeous girls from countries all over the world.

Now I think it’s time to share my Pickup advice knowledge with you. And by you I mean guys

who like to be able to pick up almost any girl they meet during their travels.

That is the reason why I wrote “The Traveling Gigolo”

The travelling Gigolo includesâ?¦

  • The 5 golden rules of picking up girls during your travels.
  • The 4 phases of picking up girls
  • Travel pick-up lines that will surely help you in any situation
  • Techniques on how to easily remember her name
  • Fun games that will entertain any girl you meet
  • How to get her to dance with you
  • How to get her to kiss you
  • How to read her body language
  • How to overcome last minute resistance
  • And finally how to get laid!

To top it all off I have included funny stories in this book which really happened to me during

my trips around the world. Infamous tales like the earthquake in Guatemala which turned out

to be a couple having sex under the bunk bed. Or the one where I walked up to a French girl

and told her “I have an Eiffel tower in my pants”.

Preview the book to convince yourself! It’s free!

Amazon gives you the chance to preview this book. Just click on the book cover and take a

look at the first few pages. This will give you a glimpse of the book and is sure to convince you

of its quality.

By writing this book I have done my part. Now its time for you to follow the advice and live

the dream!

I wish you lots of women

Your Traveling Gigolo

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