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Kai: A Deja Novel

by Tajana Sutton


Kai has had his share of issues with women and family, but when he meets Tamia Barnes he finds all of what he had been looking for. When a blast from both of their past resurfaces, their lives are sent into chaos. Kai and Tamia will have to fight for the love that they are both looking for, but even love won’t be enough to fight off the demons and temptations they they will be face with. They will soon learn that the saying is indeed true, money is the root of ALL evil. Some are just a little more evil than others.

Top 10 Christmas Songs for Kids

by Lisa H Tracy

This “Top 10 Christmas Songs for Kids ebook is a compilation of the top 10 popular songs and carols to be sung in Christmas festivity. There’s nothing like spending a quality time with your family and sing these songs together. Your little ones will surely love these songs and will have the most wonderful time with you. Enjoy!

Hot Sexy MILF – Edition 2

by Boney Sikter

Hot Sexy MILF – Edition 2

Nannies Pictures (volume 28 )

by Boney Sikter

This book contains nude nannies and granny pictures and much more ๐Ÿ™‚

Nannies Pictures (volume 5)

by Boney Sikter

This book contains over than 40 + pictures of nude nannies and much more ….

Enjoy it!

Mature Pictures (volume 4)

by Boney Sikter

Just for ADULTS!!!

This book contains nude mature pictures and much more ๐Ÿ™‚

Granny and Milf (Adult Picture book 5)

by Boney Sikter

Just for ADULTS!!!

This book contains nude granny pictures and MILF:)

Hope you like it,enjoy!

Young asian chicks (Photobook 1)

by Boney Sikter

Young asian chicks (Photobook 1)

More than 66 hot pics

Erotic Art Nudes Vol. 2: Photo Erotica Featuring Sexy Nude Model Roxy Black & White Photos Version

by NSP

You’re Just a Click Away From Experiencing This Sexy Erotic Art Photoshoot with Roxy in Beautiful High Resolution Black & White Photography!

In Erotic Art Nudes Vol. 2 Photo Erotica Featuring “Roxy” you are getting the
best of the best from my photo shoot with beautiful nude model “Roxy”.

This book is for Adults Only and contains full nudity in sexy tasteful poses,
it is however not pornographic but rather tasteful erotic nude black & white photos and quality nude photography, often
reminiscent of pin up girls photography.

This is professionally shot, edited and retouched with my artistic vision in mind with a grainy black & white feel,
featuring a beautiful quality nude model in sexy and erotic poses. This is quality over
quantity as there are 31 High Quality Images.

Optimized for Kindle

What You Are Getting When You Buy Right Now Is…

  • 31 Quality erotic art black & white photos
  • The best images from the shoot edited and retouched to my artistic vision.
  • Images using the minimal compression to maintain quality and clarity.

You are also becoming a collector of my work and helping to support me as an

artist and I want to thank you in advance for your patronage and for purchasing Erotic Art Nudes Vol. 2: Photo Erotica Featuring Sexy Nude Model “Roxy” Black & White Photos Version

Nannies Pictures (volume 9)

by Boney Sikter

This book contains nude pictures of nannies and granny pics,enjoy:)

Ancient Greek Theater: A Children’s Guide

by Mac Sharp

A brief book meant to teach children about ancient Greek theatre.

BODYLICIOUS CHICKS (adults photobook 4)

by Boney Sikter

BODYLICIOUS CHICKS (adults photobook 4)

Memoirs of an ’80s Kid (Always a song to remind you!) (The ’80s)

by Louise Gilpin

‘Memoirs of an รข??80s Kid’ is a trip down memory lane, not only for the writer, but for those who love to reminisce about times gone by, essentially in this novel, the 1980s. ‘There is always a song to remind you’ and this book focuses on the first three magical years of a great decade; from the beginning of 1980 to the end of 1982 in the eyes of a then 8 – 10 year old. It is a real life account of a now 40+ year old, who writes about many personal memories that are brought back in an instant by a particular chart topping pop song for example. There are lots of anecdotes of this era that are sure to be very endearing to one’s nostalgic heart and jog a memory or two along the way.

My Underground Book of Poems (A book of surrealities.)

by Richard Feinman

Author’s Note:

Most of the poems in this compilation were written on my commute to work on the Shanghai Metro system (the subway) line 9 in 2013.

The work is continuing where I left off in my last book “A Little Black Book With My Poems In It” (2012). It contains similar topics and themes of a darker nature such as paranoia and schizophrenia (this doesn’t necessary reflect my personality) the purpose is to associate them with experiences of rush hour on the metro and to entertain you, the reader.

Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Drugs

by Mac Sharp

A book that takes you through the history of drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. “Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Drugs” shows you the good versus evil battle between these two very relevant aspects of pop culture. Musicians like Hendrix, Dylan and The Stones all popularized drugs to the point where people who idolized them felt that these drugs were okay.

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