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by RJ Parker

One of the most fascinating Law Enforcement Agencies in the world is the FBI. From the J. Edgar Hoover days to present, the Bureau has investigated the most famous cases, including, mobsters, gangs, bank robbers, and terrorism. They have also received a few black eyes including, Waco Siege, and Ruby Ridge.  “From the roaring 20s to modern days, RJ Parker has written the true life events of cases that made major headlines all over the country. Each chapter in this book, is devoted to the biography (or background) of famous mobsters and horrendous events that the FBI has handled since the beginning of the agency. Well researched and well written, these case histories will keep you turning the page. For those of us who love true crime stories, this book should not be passed over – as you will learn details that many others have missed.”   In Top Cases of The FBI, RJ Parker captured twelve of those cases and prepared case files on these criminals up to and including their sentencing or demise. 
These cases include:
John Dillinger and his Gang of Bank Robbers
Mobster John Gotti
Bonnie and Clyde
Mobster Al Capone
The Jonestown Massacre
Oklahoma City Bombing
The Unabomber
The 1986 FBI Miami Shootout (In the line of fire)
Ruby Ridge
Patty Hearst
The D.C. Beltway Snipers

Canadian born RJ Parker is an award-winning author of the World Book Awards (2012). He lives in Newfoundland and Ontario, Canada. His grandparents come from Ireland, Scotland and England and have many roots in the UK. Parker has two daughters, twin sons, and two grandsons. To date, RJ has donated over 1,500 books to allied troops serving overseas and to our wounded warriors recovering in Naval and Army hospitals all over the world. He also donates a large percentage of royalties to Victims of Violent Crimes.

JAMES DICKEY’S POETRY: The Religious Dimension

by Pat Mullan

James Dickey, a poet who raised my consciousness at a time when I was not writing any more, a time when I had abandoned it, a time when the muse had departed. Well, James Dickey has now departed. He died on January 19, 1997. I suppose he was best known for his novel Deliverance but he also wrote about 20 volumes of poetry. James Dickey?s Poetry: The Religious Dimension is my elegy to the man.

Pat Mullan, Connemara, Ireland November, 2007

Dog Lovers Dog Stories all in One Dog Book

by Dog Lovers Facebook Fans

Do you love dogs?

Here is a selection of simple, moving dog stories written by their owners?

Dog Lovers Facebook Page has over 1.7million fans and dog stories.

All fans were invited to submit their dog story in October 2013. These are their stories. Meet the fans and their dogs.

You will be moved by simple companionship, love, sadness, happiness, inspiration and pretty well all the emotions.

It’s only going to take you 25 minutes to be moved by 52 stories. Guaranteed you’ll want to keep reading and it only costs a few bucks.

Nelson Mandela – Top 17 Powerful and Inspirational Quotes

by CJ Brewsling

This Nelson Mandela – Top 17 Powerful and Inspirational Quotes kindle book contains 17 of Nelson’s most powerful and inspiring quotes.

Nelson Mandela was the greatest South African leader of our time. He was the key figure who led anti-apartheid revolution and served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. The former South African President passed away on Thursday following a long illness at the age of 95. We can remember him through his powerful and inspirational words.

BlogTalkRadio – The Good The Bad The Ugly

by Michael GayPsychic Carbone

International Re-Noun Psychic Medium Michael Carbone aka GayPsychic(tm) has being a Blog Talk Radio host for a year. During that time Michael has interview many famous and not so famous people. He has met people from all walks of life and from all over the world, and has been attacked for being who he is both on the air and off. Some of the types of people Michael has had the priviledge of meeting are con-artists, frauds, liars and a convicted pedophile.

Michael even received a surprise phone call on air from Psychic Medium John Edward after Michael exposed an imposter on Blog Talk Radio.

A behind the scenes look at one of BlogTalkRadio’s most popular and well known hosts. You will be amazed, frustrated, furious and inspired by Michael’s true adventure.

A Cautious Descent Part 12: I Am A Writer #2 You Need to Have Some Talent (A Cautious Descent Into Respectability)

by Josh Hilden

Wherein we look at the role natural talent plays in being creative.

Amber Heard Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by R.B. Grimm

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Amber Heard Unauthorized & Uncensored

“Good information in here, keep it up!” – Laura Warren

“I enjoyed reading this, thanks for the compilation!” – Dana Eve Williams

This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and more. The content makes this series a best buy. You will get a great insight on your favorite entertainer that you might have thought you knew a lot about.

We have created a layout that not only educates, but also entertains the readers. This makes learning finding about your favorite star fun.

Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Amber Heard.

Scroll up and Buy this book now by clicking on the Orange button – your child will love going back to it again and again.

New World - Songs Of Love And Spirit - Volume 5: Power

by Jessie Jasen

“The idea of love â?? divine, between people, for ourselves â?? has always deeply touched and fascinated me. As a highly intuitive, but rational person, I began observing my own and other people’s emotions early on in my childhood, and putting it down on paper. I started at the age of 10, and I never stopped.” â?? Jessie Jasen

Jessie Jasen delivers her spectacular debut song collection ‘New World â?? Songs Of Love And Spirit.’

Written in the course of twenty-two years, Jasen’s observations of love and the human condition are a testimony to the writer’s adventurous life, and her unusually emotional spirit. Jasen’s poetic songs touch upon our deepest feelings, wishes, fears, and desires with rare honesty and a heartwarming compassion. Intuitive and visceral, ‘New World â?? Songs Of Love And Spirit’ bears witness to happiness, love, heartache, grief, pleasure, change, suffering, defeat, victory, and resurrection, with an optimism that is always enlightened by hope.

Volume 5: Power (2003 - 2011)

Is life a product of fate or biology? Is life destined or do we create our own destiny through our actions and reactions? ‘Power’ is an account of finding the personal balance between fate and will, chance and intention, belief and doubt: the act of acting on personal will with the trust in Universe’s workings.

This volume contains 24 poems, writer’s artworks, and biography.

‘New World - Songs Of Love And Spirit – Complete Works (1989-2011)’ contains 200 poetic songs, writer’s artworks, and biography. (AVAILABLE AS EBOOK AND PAPERBACK)

SPECIAL EDITION: 50 selected songs from ‘New World - Complete Works (1989-2011),’ including BONUS essays ‘Time Is The Currency,’ ‘The Return Of Caveman’s Instincts,’ and ‘How Did The North Get On Top?’ (AVAILABLE AS EBOOK AND PAPERBACK)

‘NEW WORLD - Songs Of Love And Spirit’

Volume 1: Road (1989-1994)

Volume 2: Desire (1995-1996)

Volume 3: Revelations (1997)

Volume 4: Discoveries (1998-1999)

Volume 5: Power (2003- 2011)

Jessie Jasen’s Blog




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