Free fantasy Kindle books for 15 Dec 13

Visions of Power (The Ingenairii Series)

by Jeffrey Quyle

The opening book in the Ingenairii Series introduces Alec the Healer, in the days when he worked as a menial helper in a traveling carnival that toured the great cities of the magic land of the Dominion. Alec’s carnival makes a fateful decision to visit lands in the wilderness, where he is exposed to violence and fear, and where he is forced to scramble for survival. When Alec and Natalie plunge into the ruins of Riverside, the adventures begin to come fast and furious, and before he knows it, Alec will acquire new abilities to heal the injuries of other in miraculous ways, and then be pressed to exercise those abilities to save the most powerful noble in the Dominion, the Duke of Goldenfields!

Saving the Duke, and discovering that his act of healing will become a political act that plunges him into court intrigue, brings Alec face-to-face with new challenges and new people – allies and adversaries who seek to control him and his powers.

With his change in abilities, change in status, and his uncertainty about what he wants to do, Alec has to decide who to trust, and how to protect himself in a complex world.

The Blue Dragon’s Geas: Outcast (Dragons Geas)

by Cheryl Matthynssens

It was a bright, warm, spring day when Alador sat upon the hilltop looking down at the valley below him. He knew he did not fit into the world around him. His presence was tolerated and accepted but not welcomed. Little did he know how much his life would change that day. How could one large stone make such a difference in one’s world?

Renamaum, was a large blue dragon with one desire. He wanted the pact between man and dragon re-established. He wanted the hunting of the eggs and fledglings to stop. He had stood before the council and demanded they help him find a dragonsworn to protect the fledglings of both races rather then go to war. Little did he know how abruptly his plans would stop. He did not foresee the one small outcast that would pick up his banner, a geas so strong that neither could abandon it, even in death.

Burned (Burned Series)

by Baylee Warrick

Ryver Cole is a Julliard Protege on a hell bent path after her mother’s arrest. The new guy in her life is beyond expectations, but can she live up to his? And, can she deal with all the secrets that are unfolding in front of her? When friends become enemies, myths become the truth and everything is not as it seems, can Ryver hold it together or will she walk away from the biggest responsibility in her life?

With demons, angels, werewolves, witches, vampires and more, you’re in for the ride of your life!

The Right Hand of God (A Demonic Detective)

by Alex Vyland

What would you do if you knew demons lurk in the shadows and walk in our world?

Gabriel Bartholdi, a demon detective and son of a feared demon slayer, fights against all kinds of demons to protect mankind with help from his research assistant Lydia.

Lately the demons are becoming less of a threat in his city of London, which only can mean that something is brewing. Lydia pieces together information found online, and learns of a planned demon uprising. Can Gabriel and Lydia save London in time, or will the demons win?

This fast paced action adventure will leave you rooting for the good guys as they race to get the demon situation under control. This is a great read for fans of the urban fantasy genre.

Unwelcome Gifts (The Great Powers)

by Dana Michelle Belle

Xanthus Terrinass is a gorgeous, powerful mage with a bright future. As the heir to the Terrinass family, who possess the rare magic to transfer between worlds, he’s looking forward to the freedom his abilities will bring him. But power has its price, every mage is expected to marry and produce gifted offspring. Xanthus has managed to hide being gay, and has almost convinced himself to fulfill his obligations, when he meets Brice. Brice has spent his whole life waiting for the man of his dreams, literally. His magic has shown him glimpses of a beautiful, soul connecting love destined to end tragically. If he can trust his visions, being with Xanthus may lead to his death, which is reason enough to keep his distance. When Brice discovers his parents have sold his ungifted sisters into slavery on another world, Xanthus is the only man who can help save them. Every moment they spend together they fall more deeply, and more dangerously, in love. As they cross the worlds to rescue his sisters, Brice seeks not only their rescue but a way to change his own destiny with Xanthus.

Forever Together (Fantasy, Magic & Wizards) (Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer)

by Ruth Ford Elward

Volume 7 of 8 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series

Part 1

A Gathering of Dragons

Carison has gathered his army. The Bastion Guardsmen march with him, and Deacon Winters, Janetha Sapphire, Wilson, and even the young Galune.

All of them together, and Raven with them. She has returned to him a changed woman. Her magics are lost, carved out of her by a terrifying experience of her own making. As far as she knows, the last of her magics were used up in her escape back to Carison. But then how is Carison’s arm healing?

The small force marches south, and Carison worries it will be too little, too late. Especially when a scout comes racing back with news of the unthinkable. The attack has already begun. And as town’s burn and people die, Carison desperately searches for a way to get in front of the gathering dragons and stop them. By any means necessary.

Part 2


Raven has learned she still has her magics. Her love for Carison has returned that power to her in a new way.

Just in time for her to transprot Carison and Deacon and Janetha into the middle of a group of dragons about to destroy the town of Doricinth. Now, they face Bluescales, and Redscales, and other dragons as well. And worse, a single Blackscale, bigger and more dangerous than all the other dragons put together. Death is in the air. If they survive, there is a secret waiting for them to find. One that might tilt the balance of the coming war.

If Lemore and his Diamondscale don’t lay waste to everything around them first.

Part 3

The Power of Need

Blood that won’t burn. Carison has stumbled on a unique advantage for him and his friends. The time has nearly come for the final battle. If they cannot stop the dragons from leaving the Vale soon, then there will be no way to keep Lemore’s evil from sweeping across the Realm. They have won a minor skirmish with a small horde of dragons. But they have become separated from the Guardsmen. They need to rejoin their forces to face Lemore.

Raven volunteers to go back for the Guardsmen, using her magics to transport herself across the spaces between. She arrives back with them to find the Guardsmen under attack by Yis agents. She discovers her abilities have been multiplied, both to kill, and to heal.

When Raven tries to move the Guardsmen back to Carison and the others, she makes a deadly error that lands them in the Vale of Stone. Surrounded by dragons. With no way out.

The Story of the Jesus Tree

by Maureen Mangiardi

This little story is suitable for children as well as adults. Its tells of love, courage, mystery and the ravages of an expedient conscience. It is a totally unique and poignant depiction of the final hours of Jesus’ life from an unexpected perspective. It is meant for all, no matter what their religious belief- because love cannot be bound by time or circumstance.

Exiles of Raifor (Raifor Saga)

by Claude Ashton

The Cataclysm devastated the galaxy. It destroyed worlds and wiped out entire species. That was over four hundred years ago. It ended in the unification of the galaxy under one rule. Thus the Great Eternal Empire of Raifor was formed. At its head sat the Nobles, descendants of the First Emperor imbued with powers that not even the Magus of the seven orders could hope to match. For millennia they have followed a strict system of succession. Now, for the first time since its inception, that system has failed and war has returned to the galaxy. It is up to the Exiles to make it right.

On the backwater planet of Erelia the war has already taken its toll. Aosen Yenra waits in a bunker with the thousands of civilians he’s managed to save from the nuclear bombardment of their world. Radiation threatens to kill the survivors slowly, and time is running out. His search for answers will lead him to an ancient ship, and the secrets held within.

Bach-Ti the Pirate Queen has just organized the grandest heist of her long career. The war, however, will alter her journey in a way she and her crew could never have expected. Someone wants the Pirate Queen dead, and she won’t rest until she finds out whom.

Meanwhile on the planet Navia, the young heiress Lanoel Rai Devroux is also waiting for someone to rescue her from her responsibilities. When the deposed Empress arrives on her world she brings with her something that will change Lanoel’s life forever. But is it a blessing, or a curse?

Iloesten Rai Kenos is a woman renowned for her brilliance in battle, and her cruelty. She leaves no survivors, and takes no prisoners, but she must do more to prove herself as something greater than a kinslayer. When she learns of the fabled relic ships, she believes she has finally found the answer. Will her thirst for power be quenched, or will she again fall short of her goals?

These are the Exiles, and this is their journey. They must trust those around them to achieve their goals, and most of all they need to trust in the aether.

Lose yourself in the universe of Raifor, where magic and science meet. Exiles of Raifor is an action packed blend of science fiction and fantasy that is sure to leave you wanting more. Explore new worlds, meet new characters, take part in an adventure which spans an entire galaxy. Enjoy the debut of a new name in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Silent Fracture (Silent Fractures)

by A. L. Garner

Francesca Persephone has never been normal. In fact, her strange secrets were what kept her sane in an otherwise insane world. Things were not great but they were hers and she had adapted to her life as best as she could. Taking solace in the worlds of others was a paradise and she was happy to vacation there.

It wasn’t until one dark, cold night that things changed. Frankie’s world had never been perfect but she preferred it to the mess that was created when she met a rabid wolf with a mission, a boss with an agenda and a construction worker with a crush and a bag full of secrets.

Struggling to survive the changes thrust upon her, Frankie soon begins to realize she was never just the freak of the family but the legend many would soon speak of for years to come.

The Horseless Horsemen: Jude

by RC Miller

What if you didn’t grow old, or sick, and couldn’t be harmed?
What if you didn’t need to eat, or drink or breathe, and couldn’t die?

What if you had to give up everything to become that way?
â?¦and give it all up forever without any hope of getting anything back?
What if it meant that you had to die first?
What if it meant that you had to become a monster?
What if your presence destroyed everything that people take for granted?
â?¦electronics, paper, pens, clothing, metalâ?¦
What if meant that just being near you was lethal?

â?¦what if it all happened â?¦and you’d been given no choiceâ?¦?

That’s what happened to Justice.
He had a decent life, a good family, and a bright future.
â?¦and then he died.
â?¦and then he was given a purpose.
â?¦and then his existence turned into a living, never ending, nightmare.

â?¦not a ghost, vampire, zombie, or werewolfâ?¦
â?¦any of those would have been better than what he’d becomeâ?¦
â?¦because none of those would have been able to do the task he’d been givenâ?¦
â?¦if they had any place in reality to begin withâ?¦

Guarding Jericho

by Jesse Daro

One year ago, Esther Goodman’s parents died in an apparent murder-suicide. The small town of Hopewell, Massachusetts, was shocked. How could their beloved minister be savagely murdered by his seemingly devoted wife?

Esther and her siblings are left in the care of their Aunt Beth. But as everyone around her begins to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, Esther is haunted by memories of that last, terrible night: memories that lead her into a deeper, darker mystery that begins with dozens of children buried in the graveyard on the site of the original Hopewell village. It is there that Esther encounters a boy who died 300 years ago – Jericho Thomas Hopwell, son of the village’s founder, who has a troubled past of his own, and a dark secret that may hold the key to saving them all…

The Far Corners of Another World

by Dale Colson

In an unimaginably vast land where mortals must co-exist with creatures of another realm, magic is truly chaos. In the sanctuary of Tol Thrall near the western far corner of the world, Lord Nring, the last Ghoulknight from the days before the fabled Darkfall has slowly risen to power. His lieutenant, Drakkara Nor and an ancient creature called the Wormbane destroy a stronghold in the frigid lands of the north, serving notice to all the lands of the Far Corners that the dreaded Second Unhoming has begun.
Unwillingly possessed by the wild spirit of a Sword Fury, Nexus Siljander must accept his fate as a powerful warrior and somehow rally the scattered forces of Allterra against Lord Nring. He is joined by an unlikely band of followers: Irendess, a beautiful fairy-like creature with a mysterious past; Laszlow Fortune, an ilverite prospector from the far northern lands; Rigel Jenks, a cranky but fiercely loyal wizard-dwarf; and Gideon Trafalgar, proud and pragmatic soldier.
Meanwhile in a land called Auldenor far to the south, Reulis Ircloth, must somehow forget a lifetime of teachings in the Sirencian Monastery and master the skills of a wizard. But his apprenticeship is cut short by a cruel fate. Left on his own, the outcast monk is befriended by Otto Trevelyan, the Royal Engineer of West Ward. Together they must combine their diverse skills in hopes of saving the great city of West Ward from the coming siege. But Lord Nring has many allies and great power.
The saga takes the brave heroes on a journey of thousands of miles across treacherous mountains, through ancient ruins and magical dragonbone gates, and all the way to the frozen wasteland of the Wilder Rime to stand in the mouth of a dragon. Constantly confronted by enemies and their own mortal failings, they must unravel the secrets of the Faerie Fire Jewels and the very history of their world before Lord Nring and his unstoppable army of dogtrolls and Guilezors annihilate all civilization.
As always, magic has unintended consequences whether used for good or evil. Will the prevailing laws of “Faerie Perverse” save them or destroy them?

Testaments of the Fallon

by Dale Colson

Meridianus is a fantastical realm of islands floating across a vast sky. Inhabited by an entrepid race of angel-like beings called the Fallon, the island-Bergs might seem like the ideal home. But an ancient nemisis, the horrid Spithra, has risen once again to threaten all civilization. A powerful warrior, Gremm Scythe, must lead his valient Corsairs in a desperate campaign to save the realm, but along the way he meets a mysterous witch-like girl and discovers the ancient Black Halo, magical seeing stones from an age before the fabled breaking of Meridianus. Gremm struggles to grasp the paradox and danger of looking the future. Should he use the Black Halo to gain an advantage over the Spithra? New enemies await at every turn, and eventually, Gremm must face an evil power as old as Meridianus itself.

Boogey Man – Global Urban Legend Exposed

by Anisa Cantero

Join me in a fun and informative, global look at just what it takes to be The Boogey Man, AKA: The Man With The Sack!
Do you recall the nightly childhood ritual of making sure the closet door was closed, locked and barricaded? Checking under the bed, pulling back the sheets all the way, to make sure nothing had crawled in, then, and only then, jumping into bed and quickly pulling the covers over head? I would just sit silent for what seemed hours, listening for any tiny sound out-of-place. Finally I would fall asleep, after hours of vigilance, only to wake screaming, positive there was a monster under the bed!
You were not alone! The Boogey Man is a sometime hilarious often frightening, worldwide phenomena! Fact or fiction? You decided!

The Baker Street Adventures, Chapter One

by John Pirillo

Professor Challenger seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, along with his good friend, Conan Doyle, to discover the secret of the Fairy Wall, which has mysteriously appeared in London.

At the same time the dark and hideous Hyde, an energy being separated from the famous Doctor Jekyll, is loose in London, sucking the energy of Prostitutes across Whitehall Chapel.

This is the first of a two part adventure that chronicles the Baker Street Adventurers as they pursue clues and villains in an alternate reality London.

Dark Dreams and Darker Visions: Ten Stories of Dark Fantasy

by Alan Loewen

The collected dark fantasy works of Alan Loewen from 1996 to 2013. Titles include Killer Lullabies, An Incident at a Carnival, The Pig, Through The Black Andes, All Hallowed Eve in Greengate, The Pond, and others.

Seven of these titles are being released to the reading public for the first time.

Fascinating African Stories

by Emmanuel Ebah

Provides the most loved animal human stories in Africa.

The Lost Boys (Wrong Flight Home, #3)

by Noel J. Hadley

The third of four novellas in the WRONG FLIGHT HOME series throws Joshua Chamberlain into a frantic nose-dive after discovering a deeper more sinister work at play than he ever imagined possible, the Lost Boys; a mysterious gang of misfits who not only mimic iconic characters in popular literature, but seemingly have the ability to move in and out of time. To complicate matters, bring in Leah Bishop, a recent Broadway sensation, but more importantly the girl from Joshua’s high school drama class and first love of his adolescent life, coincidentally re-entering his tug-of-war affection after his wife left him for another man.


by JM Scott

So you think you know all about Santa Claus? You think you know all about how he became Santa Claus. Read “Nickolaus” and you will discover a new story about the man who would become Santa Claus. This story is intended for teens and older.

The Silver Hills (The Felven Chronicles)

by Roger C. Campbell

Book 1 of The Shiberals

After a three year trip across The Island, Felven has returned home. The celebration of his return and becoming an adult is ruined by an attack which captures the villagers. The only ones not taken are Felven, his soon to be mate and two friends. They begin the fight to free their families. In the Silver Hills the group survives the attack and finds that their village is not the only place raided.

The Village by the Phantom Mountain

by Prakash Anthony

This fantasy unveils the dream of someone being lost on the Bay Bridge during a snow storm and finding himself back in the wilderness of South India recollecting his past life; the thoughts of lost simplicity and companionship.

Ghost Reaper Episode 5

by Drew Adams

EPISODE 5 of Ghost Reaper, the serial novel

Chad’s perfect life was coming apart.

Changes that would devastate those he cared about had to be made.

Not a convenient time to die.

Can he avoid the grim reaper by becoming one?

How many souls is he willing to sacrifice to regain his life?

How will he judge who will die and who will live?

And what will it cost him?

Follow his struggles in these 12 heart-pounding episodes in this serial novel.

Hold your breath for the three weeks between them.

Hang onto your heart as Chad fights to find his.

*New episodes released every 21 days.

About the Author

Drew Adams has been writing suspense thrillers with paranormal edges in some form since childhood. A variety of careers from driving 18 wheelers across America to 12 years patrolling the corridors of Texas prisons tempered by his current profession taking care of the ill as a registered nurse leads him to his latest frontier: Storytelling. He lives in Texas with Trina, his wife of 42 years and his dog Petey.

Nameless – The Fires Night (Nameless Saga – Chapter 1)

by Simone Lari

When telling a story, the most difficult part is always the beginning. You have to find the right words to immediately attract the attention of those who are listening, finding the right balance between the reality of the facts and inventing enough to impress, remaining still credible.

But in this case, I’m sure I won’t need to add anything to the simple reality of the facts, to draw your attention on me and what happened to me since that goddamn night! Or maybe I should say blessed, I don’t know, I’ve yet to decide.

Oh, sorry, I’ve not said who I am yet.

My name is Derek, Derek Spark. And if you don’t like it, I cannot help it, this is the name that I was given.

I’m a normal student, who is preparing to face his sophomore year of college.

I don’t have a girlfriend, I’m not a sports champion and I wasn’t born in a wealthy family. But I have lots of friends, well, a few good ones, a lot of passions and some hobbies that someone would call nerdish, but I’m a good guy, more or less.

I live in a peaceful and pretty quiet provincial town, where crime is strangely almost absent. I live with my parents and I’m an only son.

I’d say my life is nice after all, maybe a bit monotonous and repetitive, but that was before, before that night…


(200 + 202 PAGES)

Guardian (New Era Series)

by Addy Mason

GUARDIAN takes place a decade later after FATED and centers on Brody Marlett – the youngest Marlett brother. Now all grown up, he leaves his job as a cop behind to become guardian of this powerful book when someone tries to steal it.

Although Brody’s life stopped being normal a decade ago, nothing could have prepared him for the weird turn his life takes after this decision.

â??From fantastic cinnamon rolls, and through life-changing events, Brody finds himself becoming guardian of more than just this important book.

The Highwayman’s Grace (The Forever Time Travel Romance Series, Book 3)

by Carol A. Spradling

Grace Blackstone never wanted to be a time traveler. She also didn’t want to be abandoned within reach of a notorious highwayman. A chance meeting with the outlaw leaves her vulnerable to more than her new ability. Having seen behind the wanted man’s mask, Grace is confused to find another man claiming to be her rescuer.

Highwayman Ethan Tanner has one goal in life, to destroy Bennett Brown. He has faced gunmen and braved the elements, but a young woman who seemingly appears out of nowhere terrifies him.

A rainy night brings Ethan and Grace together in more ways than one. She will have to trust him with her secret and he will have to trust her with his life, but are they willing to release their pasts in order to have a future together?

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