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He only wanted to do for himself, make a difference in his community and raise his son…………………………..

Jesus Jones was an ex convict trying to turn his life around. An unfortunate mix of poverty, racism, a felony, and poor economy, stop him from doing such. Momentarily blinded by crime and anger he walks through those old doors of oppression, only to come in contact with the man who will change his life.

On the journey he is haunted by questions. How will he raise a son who is influenced by a corrupted baby mama and her thug boyfriend? How will he find a woman who is not damaged, and grow a family in a proper environment? How will he make a difference without doing crime or harming his people? How will he even get a job? How will he not die in streets? How will he survive? These questions and hundreds more are answered in the ongoing series The Missing Father.

Each story makes a bold statement about the state of the black community and what we can do to change it. Author Vincent Morris is quoted as saying, “I only wrote this series to at least try to make a difference. Certain things aren’t about the money. It’s the principle.” The Missing Father is not only worth the investment, but the time it takes to read something of substance. The Missing Father series is only available on KINDLE.

Stone Ogres

by Martin Fossum

People come and go when you’re working on a tile-setting and stone fabrication crew. Everyone has their histories. Everyone is ultimately just trying to get by.

A short story – a Kindle single.

This should take between thirty and sixty minutes to read. 20 pages. I’ve priced it here as low as I can. Thank you.

The Curse, A teleplay

by London Tracy

From HBO’s hit series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” comes, “The Curse, a teleplay:” After Larry David quarrels with his lesbian neighbors, he finds himself under a seven-day curse of bad luck.

LONDON TRACY is an author, screenwriter and freelance writer. She lives in Los Angeles.

The Honey Do List

by Taylor Baptist

A List of Household Chores Becomes a Hilarious Challengeâ?¦with Dire Consequences!

Jack Gardner is used to enjoying his retirementâ?¦after a fashion. Caught up in tilting against the windmills of societal and political stupidities, resenting his exercise treadmill, and making the perfect breakfast, Jack manages to avoid full realization of the fact that he and his wife Emily are drifting apart. One fateful day, Emily dares him to complete the Honey Do List of neglected household chores by 7:30 that eveningâ?¦and if he fails, he has to buy her a pair of $1800 earrings she’s had her eye on. With only $2000 in his account until the next pension check, Jack is in a race against time. He’s confident that he will win the bet, but he’s forgotten about Murphy’s Law, and as evening approaches, he’s frustrated, thwarted, embarrassed, injured, and convinced that everything he does will turn to one of the many words he uses for excrement. But the biggest surprise is yet to come, as he wraps up his day and heads to dinner with his wife and neighbors, who teach him a lesson he won’t forget. The Honey Do List is a fantastically entertaining read: fast-paced, full of humor, and populated with zany characters. Join Jack in his quest to beat the clock, and enjoy the ride!

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