Free humour Kindle books for 15 Dec 13

Minecraft: Awesome House Designs with step-by-step Instruction

by Minecraft Books

Ever wanted to build an AWESOME home or base in Minecraft? This book answers ALL of your questions, leading you step-by-step through the process!

* How to build the most efficient homes for your uses

* Awesome furniture and decoration ideas

* Floor plans, descriptions, requirements

* Good amount of screenshots to supplement descriptions and explanations

And MORE!!


Yo Mamma Jokes

by Mark Mulle

Let’s have fun with this witty and insulting “Yo Mamma Jokes.” This collection of Yo Mamma Jokes is really hilarious and will have you and your friends laughing so hard.

This joke book features:

Yo Mamma’s SO FAT
Yo Mamma’s SO UGLY
Yo Mamma’s SO LONELY
Yo Mamma’s SO STUPID
Yo Mamma’s SO DIRTY
Yo Mamma’s SO SKINNY
Yo Mamma’s SO OLD
Yo Mamma’s SO BIG
Yo Mamma’s SO SHORT
Yo Mamma’s SO CHEAP
Yo Mamma’s SO HAIRY
Yo Mamma’s SO SMELLY
Yo Mamma’s SO LAZY
Yo Mamma’s SO FLAT
Yo Mamma’s SO FAKE
Yo Mamma’s SO SLOW
Yo Mamma’s SO GREASY
Yo Mamma’s SO DARK
Yo Mamma’s SO MEAN
Yo Mamma’s SO TALL
Yo Mamma’s SO BORING
Yo Mamma IS LIKE
More Yo Mamma Insults

Have a copy and enjoy these Yo Mamma Jokes today!

South Mouth – Hillbilly Wisdom, Redneck Observations & Good Ol’ Boy Logic

by Cooter Brown

This Book Makes a Great Gift!

Cooter Brown offers up an unparalleled collection of over 500 examples of Hillbilly Wisdom, Redneck Observations and Good Ol’ Boy logic in “South Mouth”. lt’s a very funny — and often insightful — book.

In the tradition of rural America (especially the South), we welcome you to come in, sit a spell and sample some of the unique ways we express ourselves. You’ll get a heapin’ helping of “South Mouth”

If things aren’t going well: “I’m as bad off as a rubber-nosed woodpecker in a petrified forest.”

If a co-worker is lazy: “They call him “blister” because he doesn’t show up until the work is done.”

If the temperature is falling outside: “It’s gonna be colder than a cast iron commode on the shady side of an iceberg.”

If a job is frustrating: “It’s like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree.”

If you’ re ready for dinner: “I’ m so hungry I could eat a stink bug off a dead skunk.”

If someone is less than attractive: “If I had a dog as ugly as him, I’ d shave its butt and make it walk backwards.”

If your wallet is empty: “If a trip around the world cost a dollar, I couldn’t get to the state line.”

If you’ re describing a winding road: “The road was so crooked you could see your own tail lights.”

If someone is acting less than intelligent: “He’ s a seven story buildin’ with a five story elevator.”

Who knows, maybe you’ll end up spicing up your conversation with some of colorful language and become a “South Mouth” yourself. Or maybe not. Either way, take it from Cooter Brown, “You’ll have a good ol’ time.”

One Direction Quiz Book: 101 Interactive Quizzes for One Direction Fans

by Quiz ‘n’ Edutainment

Are you a number one fan of One Direction? The five members have made their way through the rough path from The X Factor to the $50 million business empire. With their songs listed on top of the charts and billboards in the US and UK, these super-cute boys have sit in the hearts of the public around the world.

Do you know Harry’s worst habit or what kind of weird things these boys do in their own time? One Direction Quiz Book is specially designed for your fun with 101 interactive quizzes relating to the boys, the band and the songs.

Test if you are ready to call yourself a fan. Have fun and learn more about One Direction in this quiz book!

FUNNY [email protected] CELEBRITIES SAY


If you don’t laugh at this then there is something seriously wrong with your funny bone. Dr. Giggles takes mock interviews with all your favorite celebrities and creates the funniest moments you have seen in print. If you like the Seth Rogen/Adam Sandler/Chris Rock style of humor then you will love this book.

Witness Miley Cyrus get real about her twerking addiction and Britney Spears keep it hilarious about her retirement and bad choices in men. Laugh out loud at the gangsta version of Bill Cosby, and for the first time in history, read how an interviewer fights back against Kanye West. Funny [email protected] Celebrities Say is a quick, knock – down, drag out, laugh fest, for the Facebook generation.

It Is Honourable

by Abhik Chakraborty

There is a great honour in killing people.

The blood rushing out of their heads is a ravishing entertainment. The way and rhythm in which, those eyes slowly simmer down into a forever closure has its own mysterious joy. The dancing fingers slowly coming to a halt has its own style of telling the end of a story.

And what makes it more interesting is when you do it to your own sibling. To your own Sister!


It’s because they loved someone. And because your choices don’t match.

A small story telling the experience of a brother, who goes through this wonderful experience of killing, and earns greats the momentous achievement and unmatched grandeur of HONOUR with it!

Come and enjoy!

Rum Humour/Rum Humor LITE

by Thaddeus Lovecraft

A free selection of humorous short-stories by the inimitable Thaddeus Lovecraft.

Fun Facts + BOOBIES

by Michelangelo DiCaprio

A True Masterpiece.

Fun Facts + BOOBIES will teach you many lifechangingly fun facts. These facts are not LAME, instead, they are FUN. Studies have shown that knowledge of fun facts can make you up to 35% more fun at parties, and being fun at parties is an essential part of our lives.

Oh who are we kidding, just buy it for the pictures of boobies.

Judgement Day: 199 Brazen Excuses (But Will they Work?)

by Jay Burnett


You must have noticed how all around you greed, anger, envy, lies, and worse sins are routinely being committed, to say nothing of the grievous deeds ending up on the news.

If there is to be a Judgement Day, what excuses will all those people – and YOU, too – have to offer?

It should be fascinating to see the formerly wealthy, famous, smug and powerful squirm.

Download this short E-Book now, to get a preview of how they’ll try to escape their just punishment.

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