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IF YOU FOUND A LITTLE MONSTER ( Beautifully Illustrated Rhyming Picture Book for Beginner Readers ages 2-6) (Little Monster Bedtime Series for Beginner Readers)

by Kally Mayer

(On sale for a limited time!!)
(Kid’s Bedtime Story Book for ages 2-6)

Looking for a beautiful picture book to read before bedtime?
Does your child love to listen to bedtime stories with cute rhyming verses?

“If You Found a Little Monster” is a sweet children’s book written especially for 2-6 year olds

It is perfect for early learning and beginning readers.

The story is written in a fun rhyming style that your child will find easy to follow and fun to read!
The 38 illustrations are bright and colorful and will keep your child engaged with the story.

Little monster is cute, not scary, and he keeps popping up in the silliest places!
Your child will fall in love with the sweet “little purple and green monster” and giggle at all the silly places and things he does.
The ending of the story is adorable and will leave a smile on your child’s face as he snuggles down to bed.

What would you do if you found ä “little monster”?

See if little monster finds what he is looking for!

1. Coloring pages-Free Pdf download
2. Activity Page
3. Monster smoothie Recipe


“I remember books like this as a child, simple rhyming books that made me giggle. When I became a parent myself, I read these types of books to my own children, to the delight of giggles. I am sure that all children will enjoy the simple bright illustrations, the steady and rhythmic rhyming of the verse and the cuteness of the sweet little monster. A fun book!”

“I got this for my nieces – they love it!!! What a delightful story, filled with imagination and guessing for the kids. Friendly & supportive, a true delight! The girls giggled for hours rereading it – the author did an amazing job. Highly recommend it – buy it!! Your child will read it again & again & again – and you will get the reward of their giggles! “

“Instantly loved the look of the monster. Adorable. This is a very cute book with fun rhymes that I can’t wait to share with my young nieces and nephews.”

Find a quiet place and sit and enjoy some giggles together. Your children will love to read it over and over again!

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Enjoy other books by Kally Mayer in the “Little Monster Series” for Beginning Readers
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“Dance Little Monster, Dance!” (Book 3)
“Go to Sleep Little Monster” (Book 4)
“Brit the Misfit” (New Release)

Queen-a-Bella Finds a Best Friend (An Illustrated Children’s Picture Book about Tolerance and Making New Friends)

by Lisl Fair

If your child loves stories by Margaret Wise Brown, Alison Green, and A.A. Milne, your child will enjoy this endearing tale about an imaginative little rabbit who wants a best friend more than anything else in the world told by Lisl Fair.

Meet Queen-a-Bella, the fluffy rabbit in her favorite red tutu and follow her on her quest to find a best friend.

Extract from book:
“No, I can never be your best friend. You’re soft and downy and I’m all smooth and scaly. It will never work. We’re too different.”

Queen-a-Bella stamped her foot on the rock. “Well, that doesn’t matter ’cause friends love each other just the way they are!”

More about the book:
– Storyline contains a great educational lesson about the value of true friendship. You can use this story to teach your child how to make friends and appreciate differences between people.
– Includes 15 gorgeous illustrations, guaranteed to captivate your child’s imagination
– Is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children

Get your copy today and be sure to look out for more quality Kindle Books published by Brainy Connections!

Santa Is A Superhero

by Gillian Rogerson

A short chapter book for children aged 6-9

Approx 1,300 words

‘Dear Santa, please could I have a superhero costume? From Oscar, age 6’

Being a superhero sounds like great fun to Santa so he asks the Chief Elf for a costume that will make him fly!

Santa is soon helping people and reindeer – whether they need help or not.

He soon realises that being a superhero is not easy.

Reindeer – Amazing Animals

by Elizabeth Dylan


I remember the magic of Christmas as a child, straining to hear the reindeer hooves on the roof and singing with joy all about Rudolph. Reindeer are part of the Christmas magic, but are also an amazing animal!

Did you know that reindeer have special eyesight that can see more than humans in the snow, or how fast they can run. There’s a reason these beautiful creatures were chosen to pull Santa’s sleigh!

This book uses large, beautiful photos and easy to read words to teach children about these amazing animals.

Containing over 20 full color photos, each page has a paragraph or two of text suitable for readers aged 6-9, and is also suitable for parents to read to their child. Younger readers will enjoy looking at the gorgeous pictures.

You will learn:

Where Reindeer Live

What Their Environment is Like

What do Reindeer Look Like

Special Reindeer Behavior

Reindeers Special Way of Sleeping

What Do Reindeers Eat (they have a food named after them!)

Reindeer Babies

Reindeer Migration

How to Help Reindeer in the Future

Fun Reindeer Facts

Whether you are looking for a special book for the holidays, or a reference for a school project, Reindeers – Amazing Animals has what you need.

I loved writing this book for you, and I hope you enjoy it!

Always Room For One More In God’s Family, A Merry Christmas Story, Bonus Book

by Gary Wittmann

Bonus book for buying this ebook… Children book that discuss educational and developmental toys for all ages. Value $24.95.

John has a angel voices and lead the people from his village to Bethalem. Along the way they pick up animal which has great symbol for the Christ’s story.

Gary Wittmann wrote this story for the Holy Family School his children were attending. He performed it on a tape which they sold as a fund raiser for the school.

Santa Goes Skateboarding

by Gillian Rogerson

A short chapter book for children aged 6-9

Approx 1,200 words

‘Dear Santa, please can I have a skateboard for Christmas? From Ryan, aged nearly 8’

Santa has seen people on skateboards but he’s never tried it himself.

When Rudolph tells him that the local park are having beginner lessons for skateboarding Santa jumps at the chance to learn. Rudolph wants to keep an eye on Santa at the park so agrees to go with him.

But it is Santa who has to keep an eye on Rudolph!

Santa Goes Skiing

by Gillian Rogerson

A short chapter book for children aged 6-9

Approx 1,300 words

‘Dear Santa,

Please could I have a woolly hat and gloves for Christmas. I’m going skiing and I need to keep warm.

From Lizzie, age 8′

Santa chuckles when he thinks about the time he went skiing with Mrs Santa. Mrs Santa doesn’t chuckle, she remembers all the people that Santa nearly knocked over!

Santa decides to try skiing again. Sylvie, the elf, and Rudolph go with him.

Will Santa be any good at skiing? Or will he need to warn everyone to keep out of his way?

Little Rose’s Big Lie (Children’s Picture Book Bedtime Story) (Children’s Books with Good Values)

by Shani Eichler

Sometimes it’s so hard not to lie, but is lying worth it?

Little Rose wanted a bit of the delicious chocolate cake Mommy made just for her and did not have the patience to wait even though Mommy said the cake was for later. Little Rose took a big bite when Mommy wasn’t looking and tried to hide her misdeed. Now she felt so bad about lying and the joy of eating the cake was gone. Instead Little Rose was sorry and sad. Did Little Rose tell Mommy about her lie? What did Mommy say? Read the book and find out.

Kids are confronted with choices from very early on and it is important to teach them to choose right from wrong. Reading with or to little children is an excellent way to promote reading skills and at the same time foster good habits and behaviors. Little Rose’s story is one that espouses the value of honesty. Told in cute rhymes that are accompanied by adorable images, this book will no doubt entertain your kids while it teaches them an important lesson.

Shani Eichler, the sixteen-year-old author of this lovely book, is the second of six children. She hopes to entertain little kids everywhere with her stories, same as she does her little siblings.

ZARKORA – The Fyrelit Tragedy

by Alison Lochel

Zarkora … A city lost to darkness. But everything that is lost, eventually must come to light.

Five years after losing their parents, Neleik and Ervine Fyrelit, two poor farm boys witness the kidnapping of their little sister, Sky. The Fyrelit brothers set off on a journey into darkness, unlocking secrets and revealing an unknown past beyond their imaginations. They will meet loyal companions, face against powerful enemies, in a world that is unknown to them in hope of rescuing their sister.

For fans of ‘Harry Potter’ & ‘Deltora Quest’.

Santa Plays Football

by Gillian Rogerson

A short chapter book for children aged 6-9

Approx 1,300 words

‘Dear Santa, please can I have a football for Christmas? Abbie, age 7’

Santa has never played football before and decides it’s time for him to have a go. Sylvie, the elf, says she will go with him.

Rudolph is worried that Santa will get hurt, and so he goes too.

Will Santa be any good at football?

Or was Rudolph right to be worried?

Red Foxes – Amazing Animals

by Elizabeth Dylan

Red foxes are amazing animals, both in looks and character. They often appear in movies and books as sly or sneaky creatures, but how much do you really know about them? Did you know that foxes can jump right up in the air without a run up, or that not all red foxes are even red colored? Do you know what a fox REALLY says?

This book uses large, beautiful photos and easy to read words to teach children about these amazing animals.

Containing over 20 full color photos, each page has a paragraph or two of text suitable for readers aged 6-9, and is also suitable for parents to read to their child. Younger readers will enjoy looking at the gorgeous pictures.

You will learn:

What Do Red Foxes Look Like

How Red Foxes Live in Nature

Where in the World Foxes Live

What Red Fox Houses Are Like

What Red Fox Babies Are Like

What Do Foxes Eat

How Foxes Use Their Senses

What Does A Fox REALLY Say

What To Do If You Meet A Fox

Fun Facts About Foxes

Foxes In Books and Legends

Whether you are looking for an entertaining book for your child or a reference for a school project, Pandas – Amazing Animals has what you need.

I loved writing this book for you, and I hope you enjoy it!

Wolves! Amazing Wonderful Pictures & Fun Facts of the Wolf (Explore Series: Wild Animal Edition)

by Explore Series

Recently updated with even more awesome pictures! Facts About Wolves
 Wolves! is the first in the “Wild Animals” series from Explore Books.  It is a perfect teaching tool for children who would like to know some fun facts about this wildest of animals in the “Canidae” family, which includes not only the wolf, but also foxes, jackals, coyotes and dogs.
 This book is full of interesting, fun facts about wolves and is loaded with amazing photos of many different kinds of wolves like Timber wolves and the Grey Wolf.  Each beautiful photo also includes useful or funny captions.  They will look great in the color version of Kindle, but are still captivating when they are viewed in older black and white models.
 Wolves! answers questions like:
Do wolves really howl at the moon?
Are wolves on the “Endangered Species” list?
What is an alpha male wolf?
Are werewolves real?
 Chapters include:
Wolf Facts – Where do most wolves live? How big are they? Are all wolves tan in color?
Behavior – Do wolves bark like dogs do?  How come they hang around together in packs?
Diet – Do wolves really eat fish?  Does a wolf find food by smell, sight or sound?
Threats – What could possibly threaten a wolf?  
Wolves in popular culture – Little Red Riding Hood.  Three Little Pigs. The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  And more.
Fables & Superstitions about Wolves – What are wolf “familiars” to magicians?  Do werewolves really exist?
 A few of the wolves included in the book:
Gray Plains Wolf
Eurasian Wolf
Arctic Wolf
Indian Wolf
Arabian Wolf
Mexican Wolf
  This book is exclusively available in the Amazon Kindle store.

Santa Plays A Guitar

by Gillian Rogerson

A short chapter book for children aged 6-9

Approx 1,300 words

‘Dear Santa, please could you get my dad a guitar for Christmas. From Chrissie age 8’

Santa chuckles as he thinks about how he used to play a guitar when he was younger. Sylvie, the elf, asks him to play the guitar for her.

Santa is soon strumming away at his guitar.

Is he as good as he thinks he is?

Or is it time for him to put his guitar playing days behind him?

Poor Janie

by Katelynne Whiteford

Katie is super excited to start the first day of the fifth grade. She has the perfect outfit and she can’t wait to see her friends. But once she gets to school, everything starts to go wrong. She realizes her friends are not very good friends. She learns how to deal with bullying and makes a new friend.

Martial Arts For Kids: Kids Activities For Healthy Kids – Buy It Now

by Aaron J Perry

Do you want to help your child with their Martial Arts training?

Well if you are, then this is the book for you…
Martial Arts For Kids #1 will boost your child’s strength, balance and co-ordination in record time which will enhance their Martial Arts skills.

* Boosts Physical Strength * Improves Flexibility * Increases Balance * Accelerates Co-ordination * Builds Explosive Speed *

These fully illustrated and easy to follow challenges bring out the best in your child and prepare them to take on the world of Martial Arts.

All purchasers of this title will get a title of equal value for Free. Simply visit to claim your free title after purchase

A Christmas Shellebration!

by Nick Holland

A Christmas Shellebration! is two books in one that will bring the magic of Christmas alive for children of all ages!

Santa’s Tortoise Helper is a short Christmas poem for children who are learning to read and those who love being read to. It is beautifully illustrated by the celebrated artist Russell Scott. When Rudolph falls ill on Christmas Eve Santa needs a new helper to guide his sleigh – can a little tortoise come to the rescue?

Byron And The Mince Pie Spy is a short novel that will delight children aged 8+ and adults alike. It follows on from Ruby and Byron’s adventures in the critically acclaimed heartwarming novel ‘Tortoise Soup’.

Auchtinoo is preparing for its annual Father Christmas competition but an evil group are planning to kidnap Santa! Ruby Tinker and her brave little tortoise Byron are all that stands in their way – can they save Santa or will Christmas be cancelled forever!

Get this delightful book on Kindle now and rediscover the magic of reading this Christmas!

Stretched Stories

by P. S. Winn

Stretched Stories ar a variation of Tall Tales and give some sill explanations of common things. They make you smile, laugh and even think.

The Jesus Tree

by Carey Thomas

Mackenzie and Ben are two typical kids caught up in the glimmer of the Christmas Season until they are asked to help an elderly woman decorate her “Jesus Tree.” While reluctant to help at first, their change of heart begins as the woman purposefully decorates her tree with docorations that remind her of Jesus. Each decoration tells the story of Jesus in a way that breathes new life into the meaning of Christmas. While admiring the humble tree, the old woman surprises Mackenzie and Ben with a Christmas gift they will never forget.

Curiosity the Giant

by Faiz Kermani

This is a very short tale for children about Curiosity the Giant – who despite his best efforts could not stay out of trouble.

His name had not always been Curiosity but it matched him so perfectly that people had forgotten what his original name was. No one knew where Curiosity had come from but everyone knew who he was.

Curiosity’s biggest problem was that he became bored very easily. This made people nervous as he tended to cause mischief. He did not mean to do this but sadly because of his enormous size he could not help himself. All in all people considered him to be a nuisance.

WHERE IS THE BIG RED BALL? (Big Red Ball Road Trip Adventures)

by Baby Doll

The Big Red Ball is about a ball that leaves home, and go on road trip adventures. This book will help the child learn about things, people and places, colors. Your child will learn how to read while learning about the world that they live in.

Tales of Deserts and Demons

by Faiz Kermani

In the hostile environment of the ancient deserts, magic still exerts its power over mankind. In these three Arabian nights-inspired tales, travellers find themselves at the mercy of the dangerous demons that hide in these barren expanses. Enter an enchanted world of fate, fear, fortune and foolishness.

The print edition of the book received an Honorable Mention in the Children – Young Reader (8 to 12) category of the Reader Views Literary Awards 2012.

Monkeys & Apes: Pictures and Facts (Explore Series)

by Amazing Animals Series

Monkeys and Apes Kids loves monkeys and apes. Monkeys are so cute and comical, and apes are smart and powerful.  What’s not to love about these primates?  

This picture book is loaded with over 40 beautiful, amazing photos of the most popular monkeys and apes. I wanted to have special photos in this book, so I actually purchased each image and have not just scooped them up from free images available around the internet. You’ll love them and the info about all the different monkeys and apes!   
Check out what people had to say about “Monkeys Have Tails” and none of them are even my friends or relatives. Wow!  I was thrilled with these wonderful reviews.  Thanks, guys.

  • “The book is easy to read with stunning pictures. Children are sure to enjoy this book!”
  • “Just looking at the beautiful pictures tells you a lot.”
  • “My son and I loved the closeup photos of the monkeys and gorillas and enjoyed the wide variety shown in the book. This is a great book for parents and children to read and enjoy together!”
  • “Great book.”

“Monkeys Have Tails” will keep your child happily entertained while you are shopping, waiting in line or just want to grab a few quiet minutes for yourself. Even if your child can’t read yet, just the pictures alone will keep them occupied.

Here Are a Few of the Monkeys and Apes in the eBook

  • Capuchins — As seen on TV and in the movies.
  • Spider Monkeys
  • Squirrel Monkeys — The first monkey in space!
  • Baboons
  • Mandrills – Definitely the most colorful monkey!
  • Gorillas — King Kong, of course…
  • Chimpanzees — Everyone’s favorite ape. A
  • Orangutans — Goofy and colorful.

…and many more

This book is exclusively available on Amazon, so order your copy today and start reading instantly!



by Margaret Ackerman

Welcome to Write Away, Write TodayTM and WAWT books. Your child is entering an interactive land of paper, pencil, books, and imagination. Write Away, Write TodayTM has been designed to tap the creative energy of children 4-10 years old. It is fun and instructional. The eight book ebook series is available through Amazon Kindle. Each book is available separately at a very low price. There are free parent guides available from www.wawtbooks,com, so that you can help your child get the most from the series.

Each of us has something to say and writing can be our way of releasing that something. There may be a great something inside of us or that something may be a tiny idea which just seems great to us. The WAWT books enable kids to get started, and then to create their own pieces of writing; however great or tiny.

The host character for this series is named WAWT. WAWT lives in a mailbox and can sense the letters written by children, but WAWT can never sense letters written by adults. Because WAWT can sense letters written by children, they can see WAWT and WAWT can see them. This is not true for adults.

Dogs: A Children’s Guide to Owning a Dog (Explore Series Books for Kids)

by Explore Series

Brand New book in Best-Selling Children’s Series

The “World’s Most Wonderful Pets” series is now ready for you — and we’ve started with man’s best friend, the dog!


Loaded with over 20 beautiful and unique pictures, “Dogs, a Children’s Guide” shows different breeds of dogs in typical situations, and includes the basic information your child should know if they want to own a dog. 

  • “What a treasure this book is for young readers and adults! Very informative, wonderful photos.”
  • “Adorable book for kids full of bright fun dog photos. Great tips for the young children…It is a fun book for parents and kids to sit together and discuss the joys and responsibilities of having a dog.”

Intended for young, school-age children, it is an ideal book to help your kids develop their reading skills. You can read along with them and help them with any words they don’t know yet.

Fun Facts, too!

The pictures alone will delight your child, but the useful tips will also help them learn responsible behavior when it comes to their pets. It is also printed in an easy-to-read text size that is not difficult for your child to manage.

A few of the Dogs included are:

A cute English Bulldog
Pomeranian puppies
A happy Papillon
An adorable Chihuahua
A beautiful Golden Retriever

Download your copy today and start enjoying right away!

The Bug And Bat At The Park (The Bug Books For Beginning/Early Readers In Kindergarten And First Grade)

by The Bug Books

The Bug Books are designed to encourage your own little bug to read to you.

The books use sight words, simple phonetic words, simple rules words, repetition, and very basic pictures to promote “I can read it by myself!” smiles.

This is the seventh book in the The Bug Books For Beginning/Early Readers In Kindergarten and First Grade Series. This Bug Book has sixteen pages with one sentence per page except for the last page which has three sentences. Please check the customer images to see a page from the book.

This book uses the following words: the, Bug, and, Bat, want, to, play, ball, go, park, has, a, bat, throws, hits, with, runs, without, gets, then, have, fun, at, in, sun, take, water, break, bye.

Thank you for helping The Bug Books support non-profit organizations. We donate 50% of the net proceeds from each purchase.

Boastful Sui and Grandmother Goes to the Pictures

by Jocelyn Price

Sui is a very clever boy and he always gets top marks in school. But Sui is so boastful that his friends start to dislike him. Sui’s friends find a way to stop Sui boasting and Sui becomes a nice boy again.
Grandmother has never been to a pictures show until she comes to stay with her grandchildren Rosa and Rumint.

Journey To Oregon

by Levi Hilton

He was galloping only a few feet ahead of the weakening buffalo. Suddenly a sage grouse flew right in front of the horse; the horse reared and bucked Paul off. The buffalo swerved the horse and charged Paul! I screamed!

Read the book to find out what happens.

Next Stop, Pinecone Junction! (A Children’s Rhyming Picture Book about sharing with others in a Thanksgiving setting.)

by J. KindHeart

“Next Stop, Pinecone Junction!” is a Children’s Story about the importance of sharing with others in a Thanksgiving background setting. Although Café Owner Emma knows that Pinecone Junction will soon be busy with winter holiday visitors after a slow summer season, her fellow business owners are not so sure. Therefore, Emma decides to throw a “Surprise Party” to brighten everyone’s mood, and is able to get each business owner to share something helpful for the party. In addition to Emma’s Café, there is a: 1) Gas Station & Food Mart, 2) Gift Store, 3) International Coffee Shop, 4) Fruit & Vegetable Stand, 5) Bread Bakery, 6) Pie Booth, and 7) Ice Cream Shop. In the end, everyone learns a valuable lesson when they share something helpful with each other. Of course, they also want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving too! Each book page (there are a total of 22) contains a picture that follows the events of the story about Emma and her seven business friends. I hope you and your children will enjoy! Professor J. KindHeart

Hoof Hearted

by Michael Yarwood

Connor King a boy with an impossible dream.

A horse used to hauling milk and cream.

The worlds greatest Steeple Chase-The Grand National

Enter Kenny Nutkins school mate and co scallywag. A retired trainer, A drunken jockey and Alf the landlord of the Cock and Pullet public house. Not forgetting Boris the massive porker. They all come together in a heart warming comedy, tinged with adversity and sadness and suddenly bounces back with hilarious situations.

The story is set in Liverpool during the 1960s

Aberto’s Adventures (book 7) – Aberto’s Christmas

by Viv Rosser

Aberto has visited Japan, America, and an unknown island in the Atlantic but he has never taken the time to travel in his own country, Portugal. So this Christmas he decides to visit the Algarve.

The lovely beaches are beautiful and sunny but not very Christmassy. So he, and Catarina the ladybird, go to camp up the river and meet with a very unfortunate disaster.

Will this spoil their Christmas? I hope not.

The Aberto series are colourfully illustrated and designed for kindle fire app, laptop, tablet, even mobile phone, you can keep tabs on what Aberto is getting up to next. Fun for children of all ages but ideal for reading progression in the early years. This one is a bonus for Christmas cheer.

Each book in the series stands alone though you can check out the others for more insight into Catarina and Aberto’s friendship.

Alligator Alphabet Soup, Learn ABC with Allie the Alligator (Ages 3 thru 6) Bonus Book

by Gary Wittmann

Allie the Alligator will teach your child the alphabet in a fun way. Your child will have fun looking at the colorful pictures.

Children’s Book: I was a mermaid for a day (funny bedtime story collection)

by Yonit Werber

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a mermaid? Would you like to be one for just a day?

In our story, a young girl tells us about her day as a mermaid. She and her parents would visit the beach every day to build castles, swim and enjoy the warm sand and gentle surf. On falling asleep one night, in her dream she finds herself in the crystal clear waters of the ocean with the dolphins playing by her side. Realizing she is a mermaid, she swims to the ocean floor and discovers so many wonderful things. Being a mermaid, all the creatures of the sea ask her to sing. As she begins to sing she looks up for her parents, but realizes they aren’t in her dream with her. A knock on her elbow reminds her of how important her mother’s care is to her. She realizes that although it may be great to be someone special in the sea, it’s far better to be someone special to her parents.

This beautifully-illustrated rhyming tale for children aged three to seven years old contains a strong message for kids. It should help them to understand that although they are always free to imagine different lives for themselves, the love from their parents will always be unmatched.

Christmas Books For Kids: Maddix The Spunky Monkey’s Magical Christmas Book (Children’s Picture Book)

by Gary Dickinson

Maddix The Spunky Monkey: The Magical Christmas Book is a children’s book about the adventures of Maddix a rather spunky monkey.

Maddix doesn’t like to sit still and needs something to do. He loves to spend his days reading and thinking of adventurous things to do, and today Maddix is reading about Christmas and all the Joy and Excitement around Christmas, but he feels sad and he does not know why!

Follow along on this adventure story of The Magical Christmas Book, you will love it.

The book contains a link to a song that you can sing along to if your device is able to play it. Look out for the link in the book.

Scroll up and grab a copy today!

Christmas Joke Book

by Brandon Justice

Christmas cracker jokes for the whole family.

Perfect festive fun for kids and adults alike.

How do snowmen get around?

They ride an icicle

What happened to the man who stole an Advent Calendar?

He got 25 days!

Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Hanna who?

Hanna partridge in a pear tree!

You get the picture…

Each joke has its own page, with an illustrated xmas wrapping paper boarder.

Crammed with hilarious, silly and groan inducing jokes to enjoy over the holidays.

Christmas Jokes

by Ifeanyi Esimai

Christmas Jokes is a fun Christmas humor book for the whole family. The jokes are told using beautiful illustrations; with clean jokes about Santa, Frosty the snowman, Elf’s, Christmas trees, Reindeer’s, Mistletoe’s…, and everything that we cherish about Christmas. Do you know what kids that are on Santa’s naughty list get for Christmas or what to write in a letter to Santa if you have been bad?

Grab a copy NOW and a box of tissue and laugh your head off! Merry Christmas!!

Dog Books For Kids: Play The Puppies Game

by The Animal Detective

Dog Books For Kids: Play The Puppies Game is the latest interactive puppy book written by The Animal Detective.

Calling all kids and parents too! Do you want to see some pictures of the cutest puppies out there? Do you think you know lots about dogs, especially puppies, or if not, would you like to know more? Do you love to play games?

Well if you answered “yes” to at least 2 of the 3 questions, then I have a hot new Kindle book that you are going to just LOVE!

I am excited to introduce you to my newest interactive Kindle quiz book called, “Dog Books for Kids: Play the Puppies Game”. If you already own my book, “Shark Books for Kids: Play the Shark Game”, you will be familiar with how my books work. If not then let me explain how these kind of dog books for children work.

To start the quiz game, you will be presented with a series of clues about a type or breed of dog. Next you will be shown a series of really CUTE pictures of puppies. Your job will be to correctly guess which one of the puppies shown belongs to the breed of dog talked about in the clues. Now I have to warn you, some of these cute dog puppies may not look like their parents yet, depending on when the picture was taken. So you may to take some wild guesses, but who cares! It is just a game and even if wrong I will allow you to keep guessing until you get the correct puppy breed. Once you are successful, you will be taken to a new page with “5 Puppy Facts” about this dog breed. So not only are you playing a game but at the same time you are learning about different breeds of dogs. Now how cool is that?

Once you “Play the Puppies Game” a few times you will begin to remember even some of the harder dog breeds to identify and then it is time to challenge your friends, brother or sister, or even mom and dad! See who can go through this dog book for kids and correctly identify each puppy with the fewest number of guesses. There are 30 breeds of dogs in this book, which means that 30 guesses would be a perfect score.

Here is a list of some of the dog types that you will encounter in this book. Some you may already know about or perhaps you even own this breed of dog. Other types of dogs you may have never even heard of before which makes it even more challenging.

– Havanese

– Pug

– Bulldog

– Coton De Tulear

– German Shepherd

– Cocker Spaniel

– Beagle

– Neapolitan Mastiff

– Boxer

– Shih Tzu

And still 20 more breed of dogs to go!

So kids (and puppy-loving parents too), if you are into puppy books, and up to taking the “puppy challenge”, then check out this fun new Kindle book NOW!

* Book recommended for ages 9-12 or early teens, however younger readers will still enjoy looking at the puppy pictures but may need some adult help reading and discussing the text to play the game.

freddy four eyes

by Raj Viswanadha

A small near-sighted child, the butt of jokes and of brunt ridicules, plays savior to his entire school – and in doing thus shows how adversity can be changed into opportunity!

Hummingbirds Fun Facts Fantastic Photos (70+ pages Fantastic hummingbird Pictures,100 fun Facts and MORE!)

by Martin J. Walters

Do you want to learn fun, exciting facts about hummingbirds?

Would you like to see 70+ fantastic color pictures of hummingbirds in flight, their babies, eggs and nests?

Martin J. Walters has another GREAT book for you!

Here you’ll find more than 70 pages of fantastic, full color pictures of the jewels of the sky!

Hummers are fun, quirky little creatures who have a lot of personality!

This book will tell you what hummingbirds eat, how they care for their young, how they fly and much much more!

If you want to put up a feeder to attract hummingbirds, you can learn how it’s done here!

You’ll also find 100 fun facts about hummingbirds!

Look below and see what’s in the interactive Table of Contents of this well formatted book.

Hummingbirds Fun Facts & Fantastic Photos will not only help an older child learn about hummingbirds and how to attract them to your backyard, it’s also an excellent source of information for a school report or project.

Pick up your copy today at the introductory price of only $2.99 and start enjoying the entertaining facts and fantastic photos of these adorable,quirky birds today!

Table of Contents

Welcome To the Wonderful World Of Hummingbirds



How do hummingbirds eat?

Hummingbird Flight

Hummingbird Song

Hummingbird Gorgets



Hummingbird Nest

What does a hummingbird nest look like?

What does a hummingbird use to build its nest?

What do hummingbird eggs look like?

Does red dye affect hummingbird eggs?

What do baby hummingbirds look like?

What do baby hummingbirds eat?

How often do hummingbirds eat?


How often do I clean my feeder?

What can I do to keep ants off my feeder?

Can I put Vaseline on the feeder to keep ants and bees from landing on the feeder?

How do hummingbirds eat?

What can I do to attract more hummingbirds?

Why aren’t the hummingbirds at my feeder?

Will the hummingbirds stay here if I feed them into the fall?

Do hummingbirds perch?


Reasons For Hope


Hummingbird Moth

Fun Facts

Thank You For Buying This Book!


Late Nate

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Part horror, part comedy, SNAKE PLANT is a tale of a very dysfunctional mother and son.


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Sometimes, connections are made and lives become interlocked in the strangest of circumstances.

Like the water all around us, Seren Ymor is hiding a secret. Her world has already been turned upside-down, and all she wants to do is get on with her life: friends, school, high-flying ambitions, music. She’s well-used to taking care of herself and hiding the slightly odd ability she has, especially from those close to her. But she doesn’t have a clue about how important she really is or the significance of what she’s about to find stranded on a beach near her home.

Through her discovery, Seren’s life is fated to collide not just with a secret society of others like her, but also with the world of a mysterious people on the brink of war. The only certainty is that she won’t be able to trust anyone completely, even herself, as events begin to play themselves out.

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When it comes time for Noel to make her Christmas wish, her father expects her to ask for a horse. Instead, Noel’s surprising wish changes the lives of everyone in their small town and teaches both Noel and her father the powerful lessons of community, empathy and love.

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