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Living with Gusto

by Elizabeth Day

I sometimes wonder if I did it on purpose, if I consciously broke everything in my life that was working. And if so, if I had known how it would feel to have my husband unable to look at me, if I had realized my daughter and I would go months without speaking, and if I had understood the extent of the destruction I would bring to the life we had built, would I have still done it? Would I have still made that single decision that became the turning point in our lives?

I still wonder. Had I not created that catalyst that landed me in the grip of despair, would I have been able to hear Gusto telling me, “The suffering needs to end”? Or would the suffering have remained as silent as his voice had become?

For now, I’ll do as Gusto once asked me to do when the answers were mine to create. I’ll let the questions roll on the backs of waves until the ocean of time turns them into something I want to reach out to and pull to me, until clarity surfaces and I want nothing less than to embrace it like the sweetness of a mango.

For now, I have the one answer that matters. I know who I am.

I am Ophelia.

Food Truck at World’s End (Transcendental Chili)

by Joe Chili

Food Truck at World’s End [short story]

The world ended, not in a way anyone prophesied or believed it would. It fell apart slowly, bit by bit. Civilization came undone. There were survivors – those folks with the wits to live in a world swallowed up by chaos.

There remained a legacy from the bygone days when the world was still somewhat functional. It was called The World Chili Cook-Off, the last great social gathering.

Joe was a man that survived by using his talents for making chili. He bartered for it from his food truck, The Ghost Chili. He created his masterpiece, what he called Transcendental Chili. He dreamed of entering the big cook-off and winning first place. But he wanted more than an award. He wanted to change the world.

Mr. Psychic

by Dermot Davis

Are you ever too old to find not just yourself but the woman of your dreams?

Sometimes you have to lose it all to find everything…

Becoming a grandfather at the age of 60 and divorced with one grown up son, George has only his retirement to look forward to. Carefully scrimping and saving for his future life of expectant ease, he just got the shock of his life: he is let go from his employment.

With his retirement in serious jeopardy, George is thrown into a panicked tailspin. Facing a job market heavily skewed towards youth, he finds out first hand exactly what aging means in this country today. Ignored by employers to the point of invisibility and after many humiliating excursions into the employment market, George takes the only job that is offered to him: he becomes a phone psychic.

In the fight for his own financial survival, George is forced to dig deep and find out exactly what he is made of. And then he meets Mimi. It is in the act of being forced down a path that he did not choose that George finds not just himself but the woman that has been missing from his life, all along.

Had he stayed true to the imagined life that he was sure he always wanted, then true love and true happiness would have passed him right by…

What you Get:

  • 74K word novel
  • BONUS CONTENT: 1st chapter of ‘Stormy Weather’ by author Dermot Davis (3500 words)
  • BONUS CONTENT: 1st chapter of ‘Shadow Selves’ by author H. Raven Rose (4800 words)

Buy it now and let the love of George and Mimi fill your heart!

In Yellow

by Michael Prihoda

In Yellow is about a young boy, ignored by his parents, who begins to find solace in his best friends and the vast unknown of his blossoming mind. As he fades in and out of reality and drifts from one strange encounter to another he is visited by ghostly figures intent on stealing those parts of himself he holds most dear.

Once Upon a Life – Leveling the Playing Field

by David Agam

In this most riveting and dramatic novella, the Author David Agam, in a superbly crafted story that burns with intensity, have given the readers one of the most enduring adventure. He introduces us to the most compelling characters that establish him as a favorite storyteller. The story unravels a seemingly perfect life of a high society man, who has an agenda of his own. His life filled with electrifying decisions, stunning consequences, and Dangerous Liaisons.

A multi billionaire of the elite society, Pierce Fendi, possesses the unnerving ability to control the most important people in America, and he trusts no one.

On the other hand A former MI6 Secret Service agent, Maxine Powers, is now a private high-tech spy that works for the Pierce Fendi Holding Group.

Adam Porter is a student of Law, who is very much in love with Maxine Powers, and will do anything for her.

In one appointed day, Maxine and Adam must make a decision that amazes everyone. Armed with only her wits Maxine and Adam are given a lifetime opportunity to become rich by playing a high-stakes game and solve the secret of the electronic, ever-changing maze, where gold bars are hidden, even if it means death. Adam and Maxine realize they have stumbled on to something bigger than anyone could have imagined.

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