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The Loch Ness Legacy: Tyler Locke 4 (An International Thriller)

by Boyd Morrison

For fans of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler, THE LOCH NESS LEGACY is a “fantastic read” (Graham Brown) that “delivers an adrenaline fueled thrill ride” (Allison Brennan).


1827 — During a trek to Loch Ness, Scotland, a young Charles Darwin encounters a mysterious and terrifying creature that provides a spark for his evolutionary theory.

2013 — Almost two hundred years later and across the Channel in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is under attack. Only through detective work, intuition, and a judicious application of high-tech weaponry does former Army combat engineer Tyler Locke prevent a massacre.

What Tyler doesn’t know is that the assault is just the beginning of a conspiracy so dark that it not only threatens the lives of those he loves, but could also ignite World War III. Racing against time to uncover Darwin’s centuries-old secret, he must solve a series of cryptic clues to find a manuscript that has been so cleverly hidden it hasn’t been seen since the Victorian age.

Tyler’s quest takes him from the bustling tourist hotspots of Seattle to the splendor of Versailles to the remote Highlands of Scotland in a battle to reveal the shocking truth behind the legend of the Loch Ness monster.

*** Tyler Locke’s first three adventures are also available!

Book 1: THE ARK (“Mach-speed mayhem” — Steve Berry)

Book 2: THE VAULT (“An electrifying blend of history, myth, and science” — Publishers Weekly starred review)

Book 3: THE ROSWELL CONSPIRACY (“Sky-high stakes and relentless pacing from beginning to end.” — Patrick Lee)

And check out Boyd’s standalone thrillers:

ROGUE WAVE (“Top-notch suspense” — Douglas Preston)

THE CATALYST (“Frighteningly smart” — Jason Frost, RubiconReader)


“Boyd Morrison’s Loch Ness Legacy is a fantastic read: part mystery, part thriller, part scientific exploration. Like his character, Tyler Locke, Morrison is at home with high-technology, the latest gadgets and the weaving of great escapes from the most dangerous of perils. Both are up to the challenge here, as the world faces a new danger from its warlike past, one that leads eventually to Scotland, the lake known to so many and the legendary creature that may haunt its dark and foreboding waters.”

â??Graham Brown, #1 NY Times bestselling author of THE EDEN PROPHECY and DEVIL’S GATE

“A quartet of heroes worth cheering for, an enemy as sinister as they come, secrets from the past, more action that you can shake a broadsword at and the Loch. Ness. Monster! What more could you ask for in a thriller? Loch Ness Legacy is a perfect storm of history, science and action that is sure to please anyone with a pulse, and maybe a few without them.”

â??Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of RAGNAROK and ISLAND 731

“The Loch Ness Legacy starts with a bang and delivers an adrenaline fueled thrill ride to the very end. Tyler Locke is my new favorite hero! If you like Dan Brown and James Rollins, you’ll love Boyd Morrison.”

â??Allison Brennan, NY Times bestselling author of STOLEN

“Boyd Morrison delivers yet another fast paced, action-packed adventure that will leave you breathless.”

â??Douglas Richards, NY Times bestselling author of AMPED


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Treviso: The First Terrorists

by Mike Addington

Dead! The boy was dead, Mike’s knife ripping through his chest until it sliced into his heart. Not a soldier like he thought, but a boy. This was it. He had to leave the Air Commando unit. How could he convince Shelley to come with him?

The assignment to Venice was a blessing. A new top secret unit supplied all the adrenaline he and Shelley needed as they spied on the Russians, alert for a nuclear strike. Meeting Marissa and Laura sealed their contentment.

Russian agents saturated Western Europe, searching to find the unit responsible for the American’s vastly reduced response times that upset the balance of power. In their haste a novice agent unwittingly recruited a man also a member of the Italian terrorist group the Red Brigade.

And it all went bad.

XOC – The White Shark Murders (Martha’s Vineyard Eco-Thriller)

by Michael G. West

Every year a bunch of drunken yahoos set out in their very expensive fishing yachts from Oak Bluffs harbor on the Vineyard in pursuit of sharks, which they catch, kill, string up on a gallows, gut and chop into pieces, but not before cutting out their jaws. That is the setting against which XOC – The White Shark Murders plays out the story of a young man named Sam, returning from service in Afghanistan. In his own words,

…entering a world that, once again, was not what I expected, embarking on a week that would change my life. The people I met and their passions, their petty disputes and crooked schemes converged on the town of Cottage City over the span of those few fateful days. As the great storyteller once said, Fate was working its ass off when it got us all together. And it was an explosive combination.

Or, as one prominent media critic put it,

“Jaws was a simple, primal conflict: man vs. shark. In Xoc, also set on Martha’s Vineyard, Michael West serves up a shark tournament, eco-protesters, a shark gambling ring, corrupt officials, mobsters and, for a hero, an ex-Marine who’s not quite over Afghanistan. This time, not surprisingly, it’s not just the beaches that aren’t safe.”

— Jesse Kornbluth, and The Huffington Post

Xoc – The White Shark Murders is an upmarket eco-thriller with broad, targeted appeal. The influences of John D. MacDonald and Robert B. Parker are clearly present, and the writing is fast-paced and witty while maintaining an edge of suspense. Xoc – The White Shark Murders is also the first in a series of eco-thrillers set on Martha’s Vineyard.

“Within the context of current ecological imperatives, XOC offers a highly engaging synthesis of suspense, romance and humor. This gritty and smartly crafted novel brings new meaning to the expression â??going fishing with the family.'”

— Steve Maxner, VAST Coordinator

“In Xoc, Michael West has found a perfect setting for a thriller with eco-political freight. The Monster Shark Tournament on Martha’s Vineyard — only slightly fictionalized to give the author some clever leeway — is laid out for us in all its massive corruption and lunacy. The good guys are darn-tootin’ good, and the bad guys are suitably scary. At last the Vineyard, after decades of producing mystery writers of the teapot cozy has its own Randy Wayne White.”

— Holly Nadler, author of Vineyard Confidential and Haunted Island

Michael G. West, a graduate of Williams College and the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars, is the author of several novels, including the Tommy Shakespeare Mystery Thriller series. He has worked as a dishwasher, short-order cook, housepainter, shingler, sheetrock taper, private tutor, taxi driver, college professor, freelance book editor, computer programmer, industry analyst and strategy consultant in several countries and on both coasts, north and south, in the U.S. He currently lives year round on Martha’s Vineyard, an island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Angels Bleed

by Max Hardy

24 Hours

A remote country house.

A dead body in a blood spattered drawing room.

A 6ft square container next to the body.

24 hours

A padded cell.

A single chair bolted to the floor.

A woman bound hand and foot to the chair.

DI Saul has just 24 hours to find out who the killer of the dead body is.

24 Hours to work out how the woman in the cell is linked with the murder.

24 hours in which at every turn, his own life seems to be inextricably linked with the events that unfold.

24 hours before the container in the room explodesâ?¦.

Warning: Adult Content and Sexually Explicit Material.

The Man Machine Reversal

by Douglas Murphy

In the year 2035 a small group of people try to escape technological controls whose origins they don’t understand but which they are not willing to permit. Their discovery creates a crisis in which they either successfully flee or face capture and destruction.

Old Bach Is Come

by Steve Schach

Empress Maria Theresa of Austria has sent secret agents Paul Müller and Franz Braun to Prussia to assassinate King Frederick the Great. The King’s preoccupation with the visiting musical master, Johann Sebastian Bach, offers a host of opportunities for the two secret agents to make inroads. However, the pair mistakenly underestimates the unscrupulous and cruel Prussian Minister of Police, Baron Manfred von Hochenheimer.

Paul and Franz concoct plans to deceive the Minister, but their trickeries merely thwart their own efforts. The two conclude that, in order to kill Frederick the Great, they will have to first eliminate the man who so staunchly protects the royal subject. They carry out a revised strategy and unexpectedly receive aid from an insurgent on his own crusade. However, each small success Franz and Paul achieve seems to set them further back from their ultimate goal of slaying the King.

Pursued by Prussian border guards, they are forced to flee Berlin on foot and seek the guidance of their prudent spymaster. In the safe haven of Vienna, the three men employ various tactics for gaining intelligence on the King. Ordered back to Prussia to finalize their mission, Paul and Franz must fool overzealous innkeepers, foresters, soldiers and secret police. Can they outwit the Prussian forces and attack the throne? Or will their fraudulent behavior have a rebound effect that propels them toward a future of torture and execution?

Dead Beat

by Mark Leigh

Gary Bismarck is not just your everyday washed-up 1980s pop star.

He is a washed-up 1980s pop star who also runs his own detective agency.

In their day, Gary’s band Bizarre Avocado were mentioned in the same breath as Duran Duran, Visage and Flock of Seagulls.

They were as big as any New Romantic band – and on the 1980s revival circuit they still play to packed houses.

But something very bizzare is happening to the Bizarres.

The drummer in the band, Clifford, who also happens to be married to Gary’s ex-wife, has gone missing.

Suddenly a whole string of people have vanished.

And Gary finds himself caught up in a series of seemingly random and gruesome murders.

Each homicide is linked to the next one,

And the target?

Bizarre Avacado.

But why?

As Gary delves deeper into his past, can he unlock the key to the mystery and figure out who is behind the murders before it is too late?

Or will the final ‘Dead Beat’ be the one that kills him?

â??Dead Beat’ is a gripping murder mystery novel which will keep you guessing until the final page. It is a gritty read perfect for fans of Peter James, Peter Robinson and James Craig.

“A fantastic fast-paced thriller that takes you right inside the music industry.” – Robert Foster, best-selling author of The Lunar Code.

Mark Leigh has had 40 humour books published including the phenomenally successful â??The Complete Revenge Kit’ and titles co-written with Adrian Edmondson, Jeremy Beadle, Julian Clary, Rolf Harris, Chris Tarrant, Des Lynam and even Roy Chubby Brown.

His TV credits include scriptwriting for Rory Bremner, Joe Pasquale, Hale & Pace, Russ Abbot, Brian Conley and Noel Edmonds

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by R.A Holmes

Jade is hated. By her mother, her father, even her classmates. They enjoy teasing her. She is abused at home, neglected. She lives day after day in the same Hell she calls her life. One night she meets a mysterious teenager named Tobiath. He has a dark secret. They become friends and everything changes. After her tragic murder, she awakes as a newborn Vampire. Thirsty for blood, and retribution.

Cage Of The Broken

by R.A Holmes

Fear has a name, his name is Ivan. Four years ago Ivan stalked Savannah, killing anyone who got in his way. Savannah is broken, her trust is gone, it’s locked away in a cage of her past. When Savannah decides to move across the country with her best friend Chelsea, she meets Dorian and they fall in love. Dorian makes all the memories of her past fade away. She learns Ivan is back and it’s love against fear. Which side will win?

A Cold Harbour

by Martin Keable

In the pockets of a dead man are sweets, a child’s toy and a hair band. A paedophile’s toolkit? Or simply the detritus any father would carry?

Six months into the job and DC Chris Raine finds himself propping up a flagging CID team. His boss is distracted and his Sergeant isn’t all she appears.

Can Raine overcome personal and professional conflicts in the hunt for a brutal killer?

Coopers Island

by Steve Schach

In August 1942, an Egyptian antiquities dealer buys photographs from a South African traitor and passes them on to Field Marshal Rommel. The photos reveal the highly successful weapons trial of a new anti-tank shell, made from an alloy of promethium, that will critically affect the outcomes of the pending tank battles at El Alamein and Stalingrad.

The Abwehr dispatches agent Gretchen Konrad to New Zealand to locate the promethium mine. A Nazi agent already in New Zealand manages to acquire a government document that contains the locations of four secret mines. But which is the promethium mine?

Gretchen struggles to visit each in turn. Eventually she manages to penetrate the exclusion zone in the southern tip of New Zealand to reach Coopers Island. But have the Allies really found a source of the rare-earth element there? And what effect does the new shell have on the war in the Western Desert and on the Eastern Front in Russia?

Not of Sound Mind

by Lance Clarke

Frighteningly, a psychotic episode can happen to anyone for any reason; a disturbing and upsetting event, an accident, or the slow reduction of mental capacity through drugs or alcohol. The outcome is the same: extreme anger, terror or chaos in the mind. It was the case in Essex, where someone was committing horrible murders with a hint of revenge as the motive. But who was doing it and why? The police are taunted and the issue becomes a national concern as people question the effectiveness of the government on law and order.

As is always the way, events such as this burst like a firework display, scattering incendiary elements in all directions, lighting up the cracks in politics and personal lives, and exposing society to prejudices of all kinds.

All because of one cruel act.

The Tragedy of Margret Sullivan

by Joseph Logsdon

A woman struggles to find the courage to leave her apartment. Unfortunately, she has a deep fear of the outside world. This tale is dedicated to all hermits and antisocial individuals. Psychological strife is greatly explored within the heart of Margret Sullivan, a woman who cannot bring herself to find solace within the outside world. She loves solitude and voiceless peace. Sadly, the world calls to her in such a profound way, a way that cannot and will not be ignored. This is the tale I present to you!

The Road At Midnight

by Morgan Wolfe

Based on a true story, The Road at Midnight brings to life the earnest, heartfelt family tragedy of a man who can only remember his past while he sleeps. A dream, a trunk, a crucifix, a diary, and a daring leap of faith lead Dr. Christopher Golden-Gaye to discover the untold truth about his life, and a decision he must make to come to terms with the past.

L.A. Nocturne II

by Katherine Tomlinson

In this new collection of short stories set in a version of Los Angeles where the paranormal is the normal, a succubus prostitute discovers a murder, a dry cleaner catering to vampires has a crisis of conscience, a police psychiatrist enounters a thief with a very special delusion, and a couple of cops chase down a killer shape-shifter.

As with L.A. Nocturne, these stories are “tales of the Misbegotten,” noir=ish tales about the realities of “norms” and “paranorms” sharing a city.

Thirty Days

by Lance Clarke

A senior US senator can no longer stand the spin and deception of modern day politics, destroying his lifelong belief and commitment to democratic government.

To make matters worse, the USA is in the grip of an economic crisis and under severe pressure in the Middle East, threatening chaos in many states. He is certain that he can create a scam that will lead to the humiliation of the standing President, whom he abhors, preventing his re-election and returning government to greater negotiation and openness.

Recruiting six young teenagers whose fathers are senators was central to the plot; but it all goes tragically wrong. Survivors run for their lives and the chase to catch and silence them is on.


by J.S. Luxor

Megan’s back in my life but the baggage she’s brought with her puts us both in a quandary. I’m Matt Frazier and passionately in love with this broken angel. I want to take our relationship to the next level. Can we overcome the obstacles from both of our pasts or should we simply cut our losses and start fresh?

Schindler’s Lake

by P. J. Gerrard-Gough

The old man’s lake is a magnet for the kids. But every trip there to party, to swim, to have fun could unleash the evil. It’s a gamble; when you lose, it’s bad.

Star Suspect

by DM McClain

Could a serial killer who has been terrorising Los Angeles be choosing his victims according to the positions of the stars? Callie Bright, an astrologer and horoscope columnist for a small local newspaper, chances upon the discovery that the latest murder corresponds to the occurrence of a certain malevolent astrological aspect. She begins to wonder if the previous murders may have also coincided with recurrences of this aspect, and upon researching further, finds this to indeed be the case.

She tells the police only to find that her astrological theory gets her dismissed as a crank. Meanwhile, Jack Morgan, a private detective, has been hired by the mother of one of the victims to see if he can pick up on any clues that the police may have missed. The mother learns of Callie’s theory and wants Jack to interview Callie. Jack and Callie meet and compare their findings regarding the killer’s methods, and between them they begin to discover what seems like a pattern.

A Walk On The Wild Side

by Karen Lewis

The dark side of human nature and the unexpected, are the themes for this collection of suspenseful flash fiction and short stories complete with diabolical twists. They will not disappoint.

Halstead and the Killer: A Detective Halstead Paranormal Mystery Story (Detective Halstead Paranormal Mysteries)

by Morton Crumm

There’s a murderer on the loose, and it’s up to police detective Vic Halstead and his partner Doug Williams to track the vicious killer down before he strikes againâ?¦and again. With nearly a dozen bodies in his wake, though, this is no ordinary killer nor even an ordinary serial killer. How do you find and fight something you can’t understand?

Warning: This ebook contains mature content including graphic violence, profanity, sexual activities and situations, and bloody and disturbing imagery. It is intended only for mature readers.

Here is a preview:

The drive was only ten minutes, and Williams pulled into McMurty’s. Technically, it was a bar, but they served coffee, and that was enough for most of the policemen to choose the cop bar for coffee or for that matter for anything during the course of the day. The menu was limited for the most part, but an arrangement with the diner next door allowed for just about anything. The arrangement wasn’t exactly according to code, but catering to clientele almost completely made up of the police made things easier.

Vic waved at the bartender as they stepped inside. “Two coffees, Brian.”

“You want something in it?”

“No, maybe later.” The two took a booth and Halstead let out a long sigh. “There’s no pattern, Doug. It doesn’t make sense.”

“But it’s the same guy.”

“Well, yeah, but there’s no pattern, so we can’t get help from the feds and how the fuck do we catch him?”

The bartender arrived with two cups and a carafe filled with more, and Vic took a sip. It was hot and rich and welcome.

“He’s gonna fuck up, Vic. They all do.”

Halstead shook his head. “He already fucked up, lotta good it does us.”

Williams lifted his own cup and winced as he sipped. “How’d he fuck up?”

“We got DNA, him and his fucking animal.”

“What kind is it, do we know yet?”

“No. It’s almost canine, but they don’t know. Jesus, Doug, what kind of a sick fuck chews on somebody alongside his dog?”

Williams raised his eyebrows. “What kind of a sick fuck chews on somebody at all?” He lifted his hand for the bartender. Brian dutifully strolled over. “They still serving breakfast next door? Get me some eggs. You want something, Vic?”

FRANKA (The Vampires Of Livix)

by J Gordon Smith

“He had not tasted human blood in so long that his body urged the muscles in his jaw to bite deeper, to plunge for the last drops of heart blood; plunder another victim, and then another. The madness might never end! He knew his danger because he had fallen before to this poison for his soul. A monster too much like the one he pursued â?¦”

Molly is dead, but a memory of her still lingers in Franka, a murderous terror that haunts the city.

The vampires are afraid and demand a search for the violent monster that rips through them unchallenged. The city morgues report severed heads and stolen bodies while vital medical equipment is missing from high-tech research facilities. Who, or what, is behind it all?

Killian Branoc, the handsome vampire investigator from Detroit, has joined the local San Francisco vampire team, led by the beautiful Jamie Tennessee, to solve the quickly expanding emergency. How will Branoc and Jamie answer the panicky vampires as the deaths increase – especially when they learn how the monster has a particular taste for vampire blood? What secrets will they unearth about the monster’s frightening creation? What decisions are they forced to make that go against all their training?

The cunning creature leaves evidence that it stalks Branoc – it hungers for him in unwholesome ways – and that it is infuriated with his growing feelings for Jamie. Will Branoc survive the patchwork monster that has a will for vengeance and a hunger for vampires? Can he save the city, or will the destruction wriggle between his fangs and flee across the world unimpeded? Find out in this action packed twist on vampire lore that plays out in Franka, a Killian Branoc Paranormal Thriller.

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