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How to Become Pain Free and Naturally Pregnant with the Diet for Endometriosis

by Kathy McKay

This book is for every woman with endometriosis who is interested in natural healing through nutrition. AMAZON #2 BEST SELLER.

“In this book I motivate and guide you to start the wonderful diet for endometriosis. It will free you from pain, like it did for me and many other women. As a bonus, I’ll teach you which supplements helped me get pregnant naturally” – Kathy McKay

  • Are you done with all the horrible side-effects of hormonal treatments?
  • Did your doctors tell you there’s nothing else they can do for you? 
  • Are you tired all the time and having IBS symptoms with your endometriosis?
  • Do you want to get your energy back and reclaim your life?
  • Do you want to get pregnant naturally, but you don’t know how?
  • Have you heard about a diet for endometriosis, but you’re afraid it’s too difficult?
  • Do you find it hard to believe a change in diet can really change your life?

When you’re diagnosed with endometriosis, your doctor will tell you should get on the birth control pill to control it, or to get pregnant to ‘cure’ it. But what if getting pregnant is exactly the thing you want, but it’s just not happening? Expensive IVF therapies aren’t always necessary to get pregnant when you have endometriosis. You can get pregnant naturally. The author of this book did, even while she thought she would never become a mom in her life.

This can happen for you too, as soon as you believe this is possible and as soon as you believe changing your diet is that important. This book explains you why and how in a very motivational way. This guide is not yet another explanation of what endometriosis is, nor filled with a list full of all the regular treatments you’ve heard of many times before. This guide has the potential to change your life, for the good this time.

How To Get A Boyfriend: A Step By Step Guide To Getting The Guy Of Your Dreams

by Kristen Block

Get The Boyfriend Of Your Dreams!

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You’re about to discover how to find the boyfriend of your dreams! This book will show you powerful techniques for getting and keeping the man of your dreams. If you’re ready to turn your dating life around this book is for you.

Learn where all the good guys are. and make a lasting relationship that will change your life It’s time to find the man you have been looking for.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Benefits Of Being In A Relationship
  • How To Get A Boyfriend
  • How To Turn Friendship Into Romance
  • How To Make A Guy Fall For You
  • How To Get A New Boyfriend After A Failed Relationship
  • Where To Find The Good Guys
  • And Much, much more!

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How to raise children successfully.

by Wayne Evans

‘How to raise children successfully’ is a parenting guide that every parent should have.

The book contains 11 chapters on key topics that parents today should pro-actively be doing with their children to ensure they raise happy, healthy, contented and rounded children.

Each chapter has up to 15 questions on that topic, which the author answers from his experience in raising his own children.

The book is meant to help parents steer their children into adulthood as valuable and prepared individuals.

Finally, one of the key teachings is to be the best parent you can be and to have no regrets in 30 years time. You don’t get a second chance in doing the most important job in the world! So, you need a fair amount of discipline and focus to succeed. They are after all, worth it…

The Permanent Anti-Jealousy Solution: How To Overcome Jealousy In Relationships

by Jack N. Raven

This ugly poison of an emotion destroys relationships, be constantly hurt by cold-hearted players, even destroy self-esteem! Just what is “jealousy” and how do we make it disappear?

By the end of reading this book, you’ll be leaving with specific tools to achieve exactly that! By understanding what is jealousy, you’ll be protected against its ill effects while having the power to create this effect on targets! You’ll also catch a glimpse how we get victimized using this powerful emotion.


Table of Contents


Love and the nature of jealousy

Determine WHY you are specifically jealous

Level of investments

Emotional investments

Jealousy and ego

Principle of compliance

Leave you hanging-an open loop

Anti-jealous setups

Porn couples


Mate swapping


Questionable lovers

Backup “sets” used for punishments

Other meanings of jealousy


Intuition and gut instinct


Projecting criteria

Dirt in her past

U.S.P. (Unique Selling Position)

Loopholes in the relationship

Nagging and being annoying

Manual discharging


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