Free poetry Kindle books for 15 Dec 13

Take Five

by Judith Arnopp

The fifth anthology of work from the Cwrtnewydd Scribblers including short stories and poems. Also including the top three winners of the 2013 Cwrtnewydd Scribblers Short Story competition.

Natural History (An Anthology of Poetry)

by Tom Benson

A collection of 45 poems which are based on a mixture of fact, insight and imagination. The main aim as always is to entertain but some of the pieces may prove educational.

If you enjoy reading about the wild world around us I’m sure you’ll enjoy this collection. Once again I’ve introduced the idea of ‘serial’ poetry and here I believe the subject matter lends itself well to such a thing. For example, there is a set of five poems on ‘Big Cats’ and four on ‘Survival’.

The World from My Point of View

by Jaclyn L. Sutherland

A collection of my poems dating from 1994 to 2009.

I started writing poetry when I was twelve, my teachers said it would be good for me. They were right, it helped me through some tough times. When I was a teenager I was severely depressed, writing poetry helped because I could express what I was feeling on a page and I wasn’t forced to resort to more harmful expressions of sadness and rage (ex: suicide, drinking, drugs, etc…).
Now, a decade and a half later, I have a collection of poetry that I feel I need to share with the world. It’s my way of releasing the sad and lonely teen I was and letting out the mostly stable woman I’ve become.


Strong language; talk about death, murder and suicide; mentions of drugs and alcohol. If any of this offends you, don’t read this collection.

Poetry ranges from thoroughly depressing to happy to romantic.

Road Trip River Voices: Canada Liminal

by Lynne Pearl

This is a journey told in verse, a travelogue crossing continents. This is a story written on the run, a leaving and loving Canada narrative that continues today.

Lynne Pearl tells a personal story of pain and healing after fleeing an abusive relationship with few belongings. She documents her movements from Canada to Britain with close attention to the details of her surroundings, natural and man-made. Her poems include wry observation about suburbia, the experience of being homeless, the welcome of friends, the kindness of near strangers and longing for her adult children who were often miles away.

In the midst of this painful time, she finds time for humour and tenderness through vivid description of the people and places she encountered while waiting for the dust to settle.

Spiritual Pondering from a Coked up Mind on Benzo (Poems by Theo Gerken)

by Theo Gerken

This eBook contains 14 spiritual, religious and philosophical poems. Some are very short, like half a page, and others are very long. This is the biggest one of all my poetry eBooks, both in poem count and page number count.

I would say the word “spiritual” is the best single word to describe this collection. “Cerebral” is also a good word. But people don’t really use that word when they search for poems do they? I know they don’t, I checked. And that’s why my book title has the word “spiritual” and not “cerebral”.

My style of writing is pretty different, special, unique, whatever. The first thing is that I work a lot with rhymes, which “fine and respected poets” supposedly don’t. Silly I know. I think it enhances the experience A LOT, I LOVE IT. One critic said my poems do better spoken than read, and he was probably right.

I always try to have some main idea that guides the poem. And it’s not going to be about the weather, how green moss is, or something else that’s boring. You will NEVER EVER see me trying to describe nature in a romantic way. But I really do try to have one or a couple themes for each poem.

If you ask ME, a good poem is wild, creative, spontaneous and DARING – just like a good movie you know? 😉 A poem needs to be unpredictable but also coherent and cohesive and build toward a common goal. Honestly, it’s hard to nail both.

The poems in this book are:

1) Man with the Ice Cream Van

2) Men of Materia

3) We replace

4) I search for God

5) Fuck me gracefully

6) Little May Jay

7) Fire Flour

8) German liberation

9) City of Wonder

10) Destiny laid clear

11) Little boy

12) Marry us

13) My life is hollow to me

14) A new breed

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