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4 KEYS GOLF – 4 KEYS TO BREAKING 80, The Fastest and Most Efficient Way to Lower Your Scores, Enjoy Golf More, Shoot in the 70s. A How to Break Your Scoring Barrier Guide. (Golf Demystified)

by Andy Chao

Have you been shooting in the mid-80s and have just not been able to break 80? Then this book is for you. This book shows you the 4 most important parts of your game that will help you shoot in the 70s as fast as possible.

Just by focusing on the 4 Keys in this book, you will see your scores come down quickly. In addition to the 4 Keys, this book will coach you on the other important aspects of becoming a great golf player and shooting low scores every time you play!

Written by a competitive golfer who used to compete in tournaments with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, this book offers an insightful method for quickly reaching your goal of shooting in the 70s. The author is also a business person with an MBA from The Wharton School and has written this book to help you efficiently and effectively break 80 as soon as possible.

This 2nd Edition of this best-selling category book has been expanded and features many elaborations to the concepts originally presented. The book is approximately 110 pages long and 30,000 words of great advice to help you break 80!

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Christmas: The Ultimate Stress Free Christmas Planning eBook Guide – Christmas Presents – Christmas Holiday, Xmas, Seasonal Books, Xmas Holiday, Xmas Ideas, Religious, Nonfiction – Reference

by Anthony Beckham

Christmas – Christmas Planning – Christmas Books – Christmas Accessories – Xmas – Christmas Guide:

Do you wish to have a stress free Christmas?

Would you like an easy solution to help make your Christmas planning easier?

Are you looking for great Consumer Guides?

If so this is your perfect solution!

The Ultimate Stress Free Christmas Planning eBook Guide is designed purely in providing a blue print to help all Christmas lovers easily plan their Xmas celebrations!

Inside you will discover easy to follow solutions and instructions from, planning your Christmas party, How to deal with your guests, stress management breathing exercises to help calm you down, plus much more.

Simply put this Christmas planning guide is perfect for everyone celebrating Christmas and it will instantly make all your planning efforts simple and most of all impress your family and friends.

Christmas is a time for fun; sharing and love so get in the mood and make this Christmas one to remember for years to come.

This is the best consumer guide needed for you to create the perfect Christmas!

Kindle Fire Apps: Kindle Fire Apps You Should Know

by Lisa Thompson

Choosing for apps to place in your Kindle device do not need to be a guessing game of what really works and what do not.

”Kindle Fire Apps: Kindle Fire Apps You Should Know” offers you a comprehensive list of the best apps to have in your tablet. And what’s even more exciting is that the apps featured here are all FREE apps!

It has the best apps under the following categories:
Entertainment Apps
Books and Comic Apps
Reference Apps
Utilities Apps
Cooking Apps
Social Networking Apps
News and Magazine Apps
Health and Fitness Apps
Communication Apps
Weather Apps
Radio Apps
Shopping Apps
Sports Apps
Travel Apps
Lifestyle Apps
Kids Apps
Photography Apps
Web browsers Apps
Finance Apps
Navigation Apps

Get a copy of this guide now and discover the hottest apps for your Kindle!

The Canterbury Tales (Homeworker Helper)

by M.D. Jones

This essay was submitted by Flushing High School student M.D. Jones. “The Canterbury Tales” is a social theory dissertation taken from the Pardoner’s Tale of the Canterbury Tales. This essay is written in approximately 2.25 pages. It focuses on the corruption of society and moral decay of the world in relation to monetary greed.

*All essays published through Homeworker Helper LLC have been published as they were submitted for classes. Grammatical errors may be present to reflect the proper grade of the submitted dissertation. The viewpoints presented in each essay do not necessarily reflect those of Homeworker Helper LLC. It is our hope that such essays will assist fellow students, in brainstorming for literary and English composition courses. Enjoy!

Chemistry Notes

A breakdown of all you need to know for basic chemistry.

How to Write a Novel: Learn the Critical Skills that Will Ensure your Success as an Author (Novel, Write A Novel, Graphic Novels, Romance Novels, Novella, … Writing, Novel Writing in Books Trade In)

by David Graver

Write A Novel Now!

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Here’s an inescapable fact: you need to have the critical skills of a successful writer if you want to be successful yourself. You also need to follow the steps and guidelines for writing a novel to make your tasks easer.

If you do not follow these guidelines, you will have a hard time putting your ideas on paper. Or worse, you will have no ideas about your book’s theme at all.

It’s time for you to become an amazing writer like your favorite author. All you need to do is to read the rest of this book and take note of the things that you need to do to become a successful author.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Find Your Inspiration
  • Choose A Genre
  • Pick A Setting
  • Create A Plot
  • Build Your Characters
  • Critical Skills of To Be a Successful Writers
  • And Much, much more!

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