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The Billionaire’s Desire #2: The Billionaire’s Seduction

by Cassie Cross

In the second novella of The Billionaire’s Desire series, Cole and Abby wrestle with their growing lust for one another after their night of incredible passion. Even though Cole complicated matters by incorporating an unknowing Abby into a plot to take down the man responsible for leaking the plans for his company’s top secret project, he’s determined not to let her find out. A trip to Chicago tests Cole’s will to keep things professional, and when his desire for Abby begins to interfere with his work, she’s all too happy to be a distractionâ?¦

A Reluctant Mail Order Bride

by Susan Leigh Carlton

She came to Laramie as a mail order bride for Will Hastings. As she stepped from the stagecoach, she was grabbed by a drunken cowboy. Her husband-to-be tried to intervene and was gunned down in front of her.

Left with $73 and her husband-to-be face down, and lifeless in the dirt street of Laramie, she was now faced with a choice of returning to Philadelphia and a hopeless life there or that of a whore working above the saloon in Laramie, when a third choice presented itself. The twin brother of her intended offered to take her as his bride.

Did she dare take the chance with this stranger? Reluctant to marry the twin brother of her dead fiance, she assessed her choices. With no money and no prospects, there was no other choice, so she accepted his proposal, married and went home with Luke Hastings.

The Orphan Bride’s Gift

by Rebecca Tilley

After becoming a widower and a father on the same day, rancher Reed Coleman is suffering the worst year of his life. When he stumbles over the body of Kit Matthews, wounded and nearly dead, on a routine trip to his barn he wonders if this unexpected visitor will be yet another road block to his happiness, or will she be the blessing that this broken family desperately needs?

Please enjoy this short historical western romance!

Waking up with a Viscount

by Tess Byrnes

At twenty-one, Priscilla Pleasance does not know exactly what she wants from life. On the other hand, she knows what she does not want; the marriage her jealous sister-in-law has arranged for her with fifty-two year old, gout-ridden Sir Harry Greenwood. With her nuptials closing in, Priscilla flees her home, seeking temporary shelter as a governess. While traveling to this position, a chance encounter with a devastatingly handsome man in need of rescue leads her into a night of awakening passion and a ruined reputation. But with her new-found freedom, the feisty Priscilla is not willing to hand control of her future over to anyone, not even the chance-met Viscount who has introduced her to an intoxicating world of sensuality such as she has never even imagined.
In her first historical romance, Waking up with a Viscount, Tess Byrnes has given us a fun, sexy romp through Regency England.

For Love of a Cause: Historical Romance and Adventure

by Elly Michaels

In the harshest corner of Bolivia, a land pock-marked by cloud-greeting mountains and strangled by impenetrable jungles, a small band of peasants struggle to ignite a small flame of hope in a starving populace. Colorful and warm, the superstitious, fun-loving peasants capture the heart and imagination of a beautiful American housewife. Sick of her dead-end job at an insurance company and lonely in her marriage, Annie agrees to go on a three-week trip that will irrevocably change her life. At the orphanage where she is spending her vacation volunteering, Annie meets Peter, the amicable, British expatriate, whose quiet, unselfish dedication she comes to admire. She is fascinated by his charm, his tender compassion and the mysterious political activities that unite him to the country’s downtrodden inhabitants. Days before her scheduled flight home, Annie recklessly agrees to accompany her new friend on a short journey into the exquisite countryside to deliver supplies to a fringe political group who are fighting to liberate the country’s inexhaustible poor. The journey leads the soft-hearted Annie on an adventure that will cause her to confront the values she has always embraced, ultimately alienate her from her own country and inextricably, but tragically, bind her to the handsome, mysterious rebel leader.

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Thanks so much! Elly Michaels

Snow on the Roof (Holiday Romances)

by Elizabeth Krall

Marian had planned a dignified retirement: she would play golf and spoil her grandchildren, perhaps learn to knit, or take ceramics classes. Instead, she moved to south Texas to escape the snow, and discovered cocktails and dancing. She also met Hal and, to her own amazement, fell in love again. But when Hal persuades Marian to go home with him to spend Christmas with his daughter’s family, they find that not everyone shares their new-found happiness. This Christmas may well be the worst one ever.

Safe Without You

by H. Ward

This is a New Adult Romance. Recommended for readers aged 17+ due to sexual situations and language. 
Stand alone full length novel with no cliffhanger ending.

Eight weeks after my arrival, the tour company I was working for went bust. I never saw a paycheck for my second month of
work, and found myself marooned in Panama with exactly $412. 
At least the company had fed and housed me–until they skipped out…

But I wasn’t panicking just yet. I was sure that with a little creativity, I’d find a way to spin straw into gold.

I just had no idea what the price of that might be.
A mojito with a handsome comrade in a bar just seems too good to refuse.A free road trip to her next destination… what could go wrong?A shared room later that night… maybe.

But that’s all Amber McShane ever planned for Cal Compton.  

Sometimes the most complex dangers lurk behind the simplest of plans…
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Novel Hearts

by Rebecca Boucher

Write More Publications Valentine’s Day anthology, featuring these authors: Rebecca Boucher, Molly Bryant, Stephanie Greenhalgh, Theresa Oliver, Jennifer Paquette, Amber White, Elaine White and J.S. Wilsoncroft.

Authors tell stories every day. Oftentimes, our characters come alive, taking on personas of their own. Our characters live not only on the pages of our books, but within the pages of our hearts, as well. We decided that we wanted to create stories to share the characters of our books with our readers, as we just couldn’t let them go. All of the books within which these characters reside are published by or coming soon from Write More Publications, unless otherwise stated. The stories that you will read within these pages are from many genresâ??fantasy, paranormal, romance and horrorâ??creating a Valentine’s Day anthology that steps out of the box. We hope you enjoy reading â?¦ Novel Hearts.

The Battered Heiress Blues

by Laurie Van Dermark




THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW: “A single bad decision can wreak havoc on one’s life. ‘The Battered Heiress Blues’ is a novel of a mother facing the tough decisions that may result in the death of her unborn child. With the results of a poor choice in husband, acts of violence, and the one chance at happiness in her future, ‘The Battered Heiress Blues’ is a riveting novel of the pain of the choices mothers make. RECOMMENDED.”

“Laurie Van Dermark’s debut effort is a home run! This story will touch your heart and leave you wanting more.” ~ Lynda Meyers, author of “Letters From The Ledge”

AUTHOR DESCRIPTION: Julia Spencer grew up sure of only one thing. She and her father were done- forever. Marked at a young age by the loss of her mother and the alienation of her father, there had been no contingency for sorrow. She was heir to the Spencer fortune. Weakness was not an option.

Henry Walker has a history of choosing business over pleasure, and his British mannerisms chafe against her southern sensibilities. When sparks begin to fly, she must navigate the troubled waters of unresolved conflict and a string of broken promises, but can she see her way clear to accept loss and acknowledge the truth?

Crippled by grief and blinded by sorrow, she pushes everyone away, but not before a precious gift is left behind that will change everything.

A Week with the Duke: A Georgian Novella

by Sally Krendall

A week in the arms of a Duke. A thrilling prospect and yet the Viscountess Sedgewick refuses to be sold to a man who is not her husband.

Viscountess Emmie Sedgewick has lived a quiet and comfortable life with her husband in the Midlands. But all that is about to change when she meets the mysterious Duke of Ashden. The attraction is undeniable but so is the riskâ??she is a married woman and deviation is impermissible.

He will have her at any costâ?¦

When Lord Sedgewick’s investment deal goes sour, the Duke of Ashden offers the viscount a solution with a hefty priceâ??financial restoration in exchange for a week alone with Lady Sedgewick.

Negotiations complete, Emmie finds herself ensnared in the Duke’s net. During their week together, he will teach her the meaning of pleasure and possession, accepting nothing less than her full cooperation. Seduced amidst the backdrop of the spectacular waterways and channels known as the Broads, Emmie discovers she is more than just a wife.

Will she return to the husband who betrayed her or forge a new life with the man who has captured her heart and set her passion free?

Immortal Dreams

by Jennifer Sage

Isabel has had some very unusual experiences when it comes to men. In fact, they typically tend to steer completely clear of her. One lousy tornado and a few storms and she is dubbed â??lighting girl’ by all. However, on the eve of her 22nd birthday things change literally, overnight.

When Isabel wakes up in a dream with a man not fit for human consumption she can’t believe it. And upon waking things go even more haywire. Never could she have imagined the world that she sees once the â??blinders’ are off. Abandoned by the very person who sent these gifts to her to see the world for what it is, she is naturally skeptical of it all.

Her men problems before were laughable. Enter two of the most gorgeous creatures she had ever laid eyes upon. Add a curse and a requirement to pick one in the next 9 days. Make that nights, since she can only reach them in her dreams.

Oh, and it just so happens if she picks the wrong one then the veil between all the magical realms could be destroyed and create ultimate chaos and death. Both men want to seduce her and make her his, but only one will lead to restoring the realms, and her heart.

So heavy the burden, so great the stakes. Will she even survive the war that has already begun to rage between the worlds before her choice is made? There are the waking hours too, that are contending for her fate. And very little help is on her side….

Home, Where the Heart Is

by Veronica Lang

This is the story of two friends, Laura and Josh, who grow up in an idyllic university campus environment.

Born and nurtured in a loving family, Laura is totally unprepared to deal with an unexpectedly difficult marriage. When her husband finally leaves her, she is hobbled by a sense of failure and makes yet another bad decision that she will regret.

Josh pursues a career and the good life in the land of milk and honey, and achieves a measure of success, but discovers that the pull of love and of home is stronger after all.

Thankfully, the two find their way back to where they started and to where they belong, before it is too late.

Illicit Liaison ‘Naughty Business’ (Romantic Thriller)

by Katelyn Skye

Broken Contract is the first book of the Romantic Thriller series, ‘Illicit Liaison’ by Katelyn Skye.

Darien Knight and Lolita Romanoff are the top thieves in the world. Both aware of the other formidable reputation, their paths finally cross during a heist turned steaming encounter, but just as they think it is over someone far more powerful than they could have ever imagined is busy pulling the strings. He wants to make sure these two stay together in order to steal a prize that is beyond priceless. By means of blackmail and coercion, Darien and Lolita embark on a thrilling ride that takes to Europe and Rome. Will these two master thieves be able to work together and come out of this alive? Or will the relationship they are forming end up tearing them and their worlds apart.

This a thrilling, suspenseful story that won’t disappoint. It contains Alpha-Male’s, adventure and submissive themes.

faith (Westbrook Series)

by Mitzi Vaughn

Dayna is torn between two lovers…one she has loved all of her life, the other a sexy, new acquaintance. Will her obsession with her past ruin her future?

In book 3 of the Westbrook Series, Dayna finds herself doing things that she deplores. Her faith in love is tested, but will she succeed without compromising her morals?

Taking Control ‘Ignition’ (Contemporary Romance)

by Mia Cardine

‘Ignition’ is the first book of the Taking Control Series.

Book 1: Ignition
Jenny is running from her past, running all the way to Golden, Georgia where she has purchased an animal clinic and attached home to set up her veterinary practice in. On her first day in town Jenny nearly runs over her neighbor’s dog. That neighbor turns out to be Logan Hunter, a man who is running from a painful past of his own. Sparks fly between the two and they wind up in bed together during a freak storm but by the next morning Jenny is packed and headed back out of town: determined not to risk her heart or independence.

This series is a provocative romance for mature readers only.

Shatter (Club Grit Trilogy)

by Brooke Jaxsen

An AWWM (Asian Woman, White Man) romance…

What do you do when your entire life shatters?

For Korean sorority sister Kim Lee, life has never been as easy as people think: life at University of California, Beverly Hills, as a member of the elite Omega Mu Gamma sorority, is not all macarons and mimosas. All she wants is for senior year to go off without a hitch, but during her last semester, the unthinkable happens…and she’s the one responsible. After a night at Club Grit goes horribly wrong, everything in her life gets more messed up…until finally? Everything shatters.

He’s the only one that can help her pick up the pieces…

Lawrence Lamont is the mysterious billionaire who operates from the shadows of Club Grit. Why does he have a fascination with Kim, and why is he willing to give her so many second changes? What is it that ties them together, the secret he hasn’t even revealed to her yet? Can Kim learn to let Lawrence in, and to let him help her, or is she going to lose him forever?

This is a new adult/college romance with sex described in graphic detail, strong violence, strong language, and other issues young adults face, and is a book for mature readers only.

“Where are you going?” he said, pulling me into his embrace from behind, but I resisted and he let me go. 
I turned and looked at him, not wanting to make a scene, not here, not anywhere, because the part of my life that could described as having scenes was supposed to be behind me, but apparently, it wasn’t. Apparently, I couldn’t have nice things and I couldn’t have Lawrence or any semblance of a normal relationship. “Where I have to go, Lawrence. I can’t be here with you, not now, not yet. I…I can’t do this anymore.”

“Wait!” he said, reaching his hand out, and I took it and turned once more, pulling him closer to me. We were on the streets of Los Angeles, roaring with cars and with lights and with things passing by, the way that what we had could only be as fleeting and as ephemeral as blinking cars and billboards, good for a season here, not forever, not for us.

I rubbed his hand and looked back up at him. “For what? For things to get better? No, there are things I have to do, Lawrence, things that are dirty, that are shameful, that you have no idea about and that I can never let you know about. I lied to you, Lawrence, when I said I had no secrets with you. I have one, and it’s gotten to the stage where I can either reveal it to you, and surely lose you, or I can just cut this relationship off, saving what remains of my pride, because you and I both know I damn well don’t have my dignity any more.”

“Kim, whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not as big of a deal as you think it is,” he pleaded, and I knew he meant well, but I let go of his hand.

I shook my head and let out a small exasperated half-sigh, half-laugh. He had no idea. He had no fucking idea what I was dealing with and he was about to tell me that? That line? “Not as big of a deal? What’s your problem, Lawrence, you don’t trust my judgment now? I can’t do this anymore. I can’t just let you trivialize what’s going on my life, things you don’t know about, that I can’t even let you know about. If I can’t even tell you about it, what makes you think that my secret isn’t a big deal? Fuck you!” I screamed, and I didn’t care who looked. In that moment, the entire world shattered again, as I suddenly hated the body-con dress, as I suddenly despised the real Chanel cross body that, as loosely as it hung on my shoulders, felt like it was choking me. I wanted to rip them off but knew how much they’d cost Lawrence, expensive clothes for his expensive pet, and I just turned, entered the car, and asked his driver to take off.

Twist of Fate

by Misty Reigenborn

Twist of Fate combines all three tiles in the Twist of Fate Series.

A Twist of Fate-What if an ex lover walked back into your life when you had no sex life to speak of with your spouse?

Eighteen year old Sierra wasn’t looking for love when she met Luke, but fell for him all the same.

Luke was a 22 year old playboy when he fell for Sierra.

They parted ways, but their relationship felt unfinished. When a twist of fate brings them back together, will their new relationships survive?

Better Left Unsaid-Kimber Stone forgave her husband Luke for the affair that he had with his ex Sierra. Not long after Luke returned home to his family, Kimber found out she was pregnant. They both adore their daughter Alexis, so the new baby should be a welcome addition to their family.

But Kimber shared a night of passion with Sierra’s husband Paul. They had unprotected sex, so Kimber does not know whether the child she carries belongs to her husband or to Paul. She had made the decision not to share her indiscretion with her husband. She loves Luke and her time apart from him felt like a little bit of hell on Earth. Will Kimber be able to live with the guilt? If she shares her secret, will Kimber and Luke’s relationship or Sierra and Paul’s survive this ultimate betrayal?

Or are some things better left unsaid?

Run to You-The decision to end her marriage wasn’t an easy one for Kimber Stone, but she knew that it had to be done all the same. But will she able to deal with the knowledge that her ex-husband has made the return to his lost love Sierra?

Sierra Brooks knew her marriage was over as soon as her husband made the announcement that they were moving again for his new job. But her decision to file for divorce has been made easier by the fact that her old love Luke is facing divorce as well and she welcomes him back into her life.

But will Sierra and Luke’s relationship survive the time they spent apart and the added complications between them? Can they achieve the happiness together that both of them have secretly dreamed of for so long?

When a twist of fate leads Kimber and Paul to the same city, will they find comfort in each others arms or will the one night of passion they shared be the only night they spend together?


by Abbie Duncan

“Electricity” is a romantic novella with a surprising twist. Things are not as they seem in this whirlwind courtship. As sparks fly, it becomes clear that a larger truth is casting a huge shadow. Will these two young lovers ever be able to live normal lives?

Heartbeat Boxed Set (Three Book Bundle)

by Faith Sullivan

Faith Sullivan’s complete New Adult contemporary romance trilogy.

Three full-length novels.


Katie and Adam are afraid of love.

She carries the scars of a first kiss gone terribly wrong.

He uproots his life to flee the stinging betrayal of an ex.

When trust is no longer an option, all romance is suspect.

As a young paramedic, Adam rescues people for a living but cannot save himself. Katie, just out of high school, struggles with a tortured home life she cannot escape.

Everything changes when Katie hops into the front seat of Adam’s ambulance. Overwhelmed by what they are feeling, neither possess the confidence to make the first move. They walk away from each other, full of regret.

To find her, Adam risks his future. To be with him, Katie sacrifices her security.

Little do they know, what little time they do have, is being measured by a heartbeat that is slowly dying out.


Adam is through with love.

He unravels blaming himself for what happened with Katie.

His final moments with her echo through his nightmares.

She owns him body and soul.

To dull the pain, Adam invites a string of women into his bed. Fueled by alcohol and desperation, his meaningless hook-ups provide little comfort. When he closes his eyes, it’s Katie he sees.

The only one who helps to ease his guilt somewhat is Jada. But as his new ambulance partner, Adam considers her off limits. He doesn’t want to get seriously involved with anyone, much less her. Yet he can’t stop fantasizing about the feel of her caramel skin against his.

Despite his intentions, Adam’s bond with Jada deepens as they respond to a series of emotional calls. Their mutual attraction becomes undeniable. But how can he give his heart to Jada when it still belongs to Katie?


Adam is at a crossroads.

He has Katie on his mind and Jada in his bed.

Now with the ultimate choice before him, he must decide between fantasy and reality.

Katie’s his dream girl, but Jada’s his best friend, his partner. As a paramedic, he’s supposed to save lives, not wreck them. Yet his failure to commit leaves a trail of heartache in his wake.

Things come to a head at his brother’s wedding when a surprise announcement leaves Adam scrambling to pick up the pieces. Sure, women find his shaggy blond hair and aquamarine eyes irresistible. But to him, sex is nothing more than a means of escape … until it turns into a psychological trap.

His mind is telling him one thing, while his heart is beating another. He’s not sure what he wants when it comes to a serious relationship. Sorting out his feelings, he finally comes to a startling realization. He is capable of love.

But what if it’s too late?


by Santonu Kumar Dhar

This is an excerpt of 6 chapters from best selling author Santonu Kumar Dhar’s novel Life Of Love.

ISBN-10: 0615718256

ISBN-13: 978-0615718255

Full of emotion, charm, and compassion, this heartfelt story will take you along on John and Sarah’s journey as they discover their love for each other, travel along love’s sometimes’ rocky path, and ultimately try to adapt to the challenges their love will bring them.

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