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Skin (The Ark Trilogy)

by Jesse Daro

Unbeknownst to most of human kind, Chimera Enterprises has resurrected a shapeshifting alien race that sank with the lost continent of Lemuria eons ago: the werekin, born with both a human and an animal skin, able to shift between the two at will. Seventeen-year-old Seth Michael Sullivan, a werejaguar, has grown up in the Underground, hiding from the hunters that capture and enslave werekin for Chimera Enterprises. After witnessing the murder of his guardian Naomi, Seth arrives in Fairfax, Indiana, on a snowy New Year’s Eve, a rare breed on the run. As he reconnects with the mother and sister who know nothing of his true identity, Seth discovers he is a key piece in Chimera’s plot to conquer humankind by securing the power of the werekin Totems – and uncovers a secret in his own past that could decide the fate of his kindred.

Top-secret scientific experiments, ancient alien technology, a powerful shadow organization inside the United States military – Seth soon finds himself at the center of a brewing interspecies war. Can he trust his own flesh and blood? Will he choose to stand with humankind or with his werekin kindred – especially when the best part of being human may be Marshall Townsend, the boy next door?

Nell’s Tavern (Gatori)

by Larry Brasington

Constable Mike Boone never expected his

quiet morning ride to investigate rumors of dead livestock to take a sharp turn into a war. Confronted by plasma rifle totting aliens he suddenly finds himself in a fire fight — out gunned and outnumbered.Until then his quiet world was a quiet, backwater were nothing ever happen, yet to the large hungry aliens a frontier planet without a military looks like an invitation to lunch.

Desperate to find a way to resist Boone enlists the aid of an old soldier banished to this world for his part in a bloody stellar conflict. Though on opposite sides two decades ago, the pair are forced to work together to foil the aliens. The situation becomes more complicated by the aliens’ strange allies and their strange artifact. With battles raging in space and on the planet the action rushes to the furious climax when the neighboring human systems send a relief force.

A Bloody Road to Nowhere and Tales from the Apocalypse

by Joanna Prototype

The world has gone to hell. the dead are not dying, and humans have just taken a quick drop down the food chain. Everyday life has turned into a fight for survival as resources diminish. This is the world Ury has found herself in, but she’ll be damned if she will go out like the rest. Fighting her way through unspeakable horrors and learning to survive, Ury is stuck on “A Bloody Road to Nowhere” and she is taking it all the way to the end.

Ship Of Storms

by Ken Doggett

As Mars, Earth’s most distant colony, demands its independence, its rebel leaders seem willing to risk hostilities with Earth’s formidable military, even though skeptics discount any possibility of success. But Earth runs into an urgent psychological problem while attempting to assert control, and establishes “The Venus Project” to resolve it.

Enter Marcus Ramsey-Legend, a man with an odd name and a violent pastâ??and a choice to make. As the project’s test subject, he may have the key to solving Earth’s problem, but will he cooperate?â??Or does he have an agenda and a dream of his own?

When the opportunity comes and the choice is made, he is swept up in an epic journey that threatens to take him into warâ??and far beyond, into the shadowy fears of the human mind itself.

Strong characterization and a rich, detailed background add realism to a compelling story.

Thomas Edison: RESURRECTOR

by John Silver

An execution…

An otherworldly voice on an early phonograph recording…

A psychic engineer…

A murdered heiress…

A secret lab hiding machinery to resurrect the dead…

The plan is in place,but something goes horribly wrong…

It starts with a strange voice on an early recording. Realizing the voice comes from the spirit world Thomas Edison builds a communication device called the Dead Phone, and it works. Edison reasons that if he can communicate with the dead, why not bring them back? With the help of a young psychic engineer

Edison builds a Resurrection Tube and Transfer Machine that reanimates fresh corpses and transfers spirits into their newly restored bodies. Meanwhile a modern-day practitioner of Egyptian black magic waits to extract his revenge and restore an evil Egyptian god to life…and let chaos reign over the Earth.

Unleash the Underworld with Thomas Edison in Thomas Edison: RESURRECTOR

Bloodline Endeavour

by Ashley Jacob

The Royal Albert Bridge, a towering force of engineering, stands proud and unflinching as time streams ever forward. Love, honour and the struggle for mankind’s survival are all at the mercy of Brunel’s mighty creation in this thematically linked chain of events. THIS IS A SHORT STORY.

The Class Cull (Dark Britain Series)

by Michael Rezegh

England 2043. In the midst of an economic recession and with a war against Scotland looming, England’s future looks bleak. Under the guidance of a government desperate to create a diversion from the miseries suffered by the people, a new and controversial policy is underway. Euphemisms abound but the objective of the proposal is clear: to murder a despised section of the population.

On the run for being designated as an underclass target, can Keiron and his friends escape their country and reach an independent Scotland, or will they be victims of the class cull?

The Class Cull is the first chapter of the Dark Britain series as it charts the stuttering future of a divided nation in the 21st century.

TESTAMENT: Funny Badgers

by Indigo Roth

When Indigo Roth moves into the old house in Cambridge, he has no idea that there’s a clan of badgers living at the bottom of the garden.

Or that they’re Engineers.

This turns out to be the thin end of the spatula.

The half-eaten zebra on the landing is a bad sign, but what else is the lion renting the spare room SUPPOSED to eat for breakfast?

Over the months to come, aided by his loony best friend, a seven-foot black bear, the girl next door, a caffeinated midget, a dimension-hopping elephant and a multitude of badgers, Roth must make sense of it all.

There’s rhinos, redheads, the police, penguins, several large sharks, the armadillo mafia, Robert Oppenheimer, JFK, an elusive curry house, and Richard Nixon.

And Death. But just the once.

Can Roth overcome the odds, elude a lethal squid/squirrel hybrid, and even take down the sentient cuttlefish network that threatens the divine flow of pizza.

TESTAMENT: Funny Badgers is a romping sci-fi fairy tale for grown-ups of all ages, but without all that pesky sex, drugs and bad language.

For the Love of My Life

by John Thompson

Earth and it’s history have ended and no one knows how or why. All of humanity has been resurrected and scattered among twelve planets in an unknown part of the universe. There is no disease, no bodily imperfections and no aging process. Who has created this perfect system of life? What is the purpose of this new life? Why is death allowed to continue within this new found paradise? Who is this being called God?

The Soul Machine. A moon of ice that circles the twelve planets and collects the ‘souls’ of the recently departed. The Machine can build a new human free of physical defects or disease but it cannot remove the most primal of human urges such as murder, love, hate, survival and the desire to rule and wage wars.

One man begins a quest to find the true love of his life from old earth before everything was taken from him. He will spend years, countless deaths and resurrections and travel millions of miles across the twelve planets to be with her once more. But when and if he somehow manages to find her will she feel the same way or forsake him?

Schlock! Webzine Vol. 5, Issue 18

by Steve Cooper

This week we have a tale of dark visions by Steve Cooper, the second part of Gary Murphy’s 61st of September (which concludes in a fortnight – next week will be reserved for Christmas stories). Then there’s Nathan Witkin’s quantum mechanics-inspired tale, Wave Function Plot Lines That Collapse Based On The Observer (It’s True). This is followed by Kevin L Jones’ story of a mirror haunted by a terrible past. The Days of Mr Thomas continues.

The Thousand Nights and a Night continues the adventures of the Thrall o’ Love. In Cut, Daryll’s oblivious to her problems. In The Caves of Mars the travellers celebrate after the battle. In The Airlords of Han, Rogers describes the mysterious airballs. And this week we begin the last book of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Caspak Trilogy, Out of Time’s Abyss, with Bradley leaving Fort Dinosaur…

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