Free war Kindle books for 15 Dec 13

The Infidel Soldiers

by Jams N. Roses

From the author of UK bestseller “Son of a Serial Killer“…

The Infidel Soldiers by Jams N. Roses
(Civil War/Men’s Adventure)

In the year 2020, Britain is great no more. Political correctness, denial and apathy enabled the most aggressive of beliefs to claim power over what was once a nation of free speech, free will and democracy…

William White, a soldier injured on tour whilst serving his country in Syria, has seen the drastic changes in his homeland and knows the battle of ideologies is no longer worth fighting; the war has already been lost. Then one day, out of the blue, Joe Taylor crashes into William’s life and demands the ex-soldier helps him fight the good fight.

The two men show each other what is important in life; what is worth fighting for, and what is worth dying for. They are two very different men who had both given up hope, but then they became the infidel soldiers…

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