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Correcting Facial Flaws – And Other Photo Tips! (On Target Photo Training)

by Dan Eitreim

Revised and expanded edition!

Here in Volume 19 of “On Target Photo Training” we delve into correcting facial flaws – in the camera – by the way we pose and light our subjects.

Then we take everything we’ve been learning – tie it all together and start trying to develop our own personal style.

There are many professionals out there where as soon as we see a photo they’ve done, we immediately recognize who the photographer was. As artists, this is a goal we should all strive to achieve.

When learning, it is important to both learn the rules and to follow them. Only THEN can you break them.

It’s vitally important to know the rules before you break them. Once you are comfortable with the way things normally “should” be done, then you can go your own way and start adding your own creativity and personality into the mix.

That’s when the artist inside of you will get out…And that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

To get an idea of some of what is involved in this “On Target Photo Training” volume, here is the table of contents:


Photographing The Portrait Headshot

Studying The Face

The Better Side

Here Is Some Scienceâ?¦

Look For Flaws!

Make Your Model Comfortable

Visually Minimize Flaws

Positioning The Head And Shoulders

Full Face

Chubby Cheeks And Kids

The Profile

Three Quarter Head

Directing The Model

The Horizontal Turn

Vertical Lift Or Drop

Diagonal Tilt

Correcting Facial Flaws With Head Position!

Parts Of The Face


Four Ways To Cure Squinting And Closed Eyes In Portraits!

Shoot With The Light At The Subject’s Back…

Shoot Later In The Dayâ?¦

1 – 2 – 3!

Bounce Or Diffuse Your Flash!

The Mouth






Lighting Patterns To Minimize Flaws!

The 2 Base Lighting Patterns:

Narrow Light

Broad Light

4 Essential Lighting/Shadow Patterns

Split Light

Loop Light

Butterfly Light

Rembrandt Light

Additional Portrait Lights:

The Fill Light

The Separation Light

Let’s Use What We’ve Learned


Be Decorativeâ?¦

Show Your Creative Intentâ?¦

Incorporate Skill And Emotionâ?¦

Capture The Essence Of Your Subjectâ?¦

Complement Your Subjectâ?¦

Finding Your Personal Style

Develop Your Personal Style Muscles

Lets Get Creative

Taking Risksâ?¦

17 Portrait Compositional Tipsâ?¦

Photo Exercise

Additional Photo Training

This is a fast and easy read and within an hour or so, your portrait photography will be enhanced more than you may imagine! Finally you can start winning photo contests or start hearing that musical phrase “WOW, you did that?”

Miley Cyrus: The Rise and Fall of the TV Teen Star Hannah Montana

by Timothy Bauer

Discover the Secrets of Miley Cyrus, her Rise as Hannah Montana, and her Questionable Fall as a Celebrity

***Get this Amazon Best Seller now for the special promotion price of $2.99! Regularly priced at $4.99***

Miley Cyrus is perhaps one of the most controversial actress/singer in the 21st century. She has gone from being a sweet, innocent Disney teen star to being a negativity review, sexually appealing pop star with a poor public image. Her provocative change in character, however, has earned her a staggering amount of money, and also create an enormous about of buzz regarding her personal life.

In this book, we will reveal Miley Cyrus secrets: her views on her personality & character change, her philosophy in life, her values, and other relevant insider information. We will learn about the rise of Hannah Montana, and the foreseeable fall of her singing career.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* Miley’s brought up as a child

* How she started in the Disney Channel

* Miley’s view on being Hannah Montana

* The escape, where Hannah Montana ends, and Miley Cyrus begins

* The first peeks of her wild child beneath

* All grown up, Miley’s view of being the wild child

* Can Miley survive her superstardom or will it destroy her?

* and much much more!


Comments From Other Readers

“I never cared for Miley Cyrus until she started doing very inappropriate things on the TV! I had to pick up this book because it was one of a kind. I completely agree with this author. I don’t see a bright future for Miley.” – Elizabeth T. (Los Angeles, USA)

“We saw it in Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Duff, and even Zack Efron! Miley isn’t too far away. This book really hit the spot for me.” – Tanya M. (San Jose, USA)

“Even though Miley Cyrus is the way she is now, I still like her and enjoy her music. I do see the points of view of this book. I also feel that this book makes good judgement about her, and also is a good biography of Miley Cyrus.” – Sharon W. (Vancouver, Canada)

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The Uffizi Gallery: The Top 30 Paintings to Visit in Florence’s Greatest Art Museum

by Samuel Hilt

“The Uffizi Gallery” is a guidebook that can serve as a virtual companion for your armchair travels as well as a hands-on guidebook for your on-site visits to the Uffizi when you’re in Tuscany.

This discussion of the Uffizi’s collection is quite different than what you will find in most guidebooks or art history texts. My goal has been to help make these paintings come alive for you, and to make the experience of visiting them interesting, stimulating and memorable.

I hope you find this guide useful as you make your way through the amazing worlds of imagination that are housed in the Uffizi.

Buon viaggio!

Sam Hilt
Siena, Italy


by Dobvinci Decanto

This book contains famous lingala songs translated into english.This is your chance to learn and understand the lyrics of your favourite songs.Get to tell him or her how you feel in a different language.

Let’s Kill Grandma This Christmas

by Brian Gianci

3 Males, 3 Females

A family, a will, a gun, a marriage, an affair, a wheelchair and a murder attemptâ?¦ Just your normal Christmas holiday! Let’s Kill Grandma This Christmas is a rip-roaring black comedy that takes place as a family gathers for some Yule tide cheer. After a rough year strife with economic difficulties, some family members ponder the questionâ?¦ at 80 years old, how much longer does Grandma need to hold onto her vast fortune? This year, the holidays are murder… literally.

“Provocative and laugh out loud funny!” â??

“There is nothing wrong with a raunchy comedy; in fact, there’s a lot right with it!” â??Zap2it

“One of the most irreverent, hilarious and unexpected joys of the season… a great night that will have you laughing!” â??Times Square Chronicles

“one of the funniest off-Broadway comedies this season.”

All The Young Punks Vol. 2 – Punk Rockers In Their Own Words

by George Berger

As noted in the description of the first volume of this book, every punk book seems to be about the bands, about the â??faces’, about the music.

Volume 2 of All The Young Punks brings you more stories from the frontline, from the trenches. Stories from the foot soldiers who made punk what it was without turning it into a career. Born too late for the inner circle, but shining like a thousand comets nonetheless – this is the story of the punks.

“It felt like pure energy – like a Sherbet Dip, when you have the first mouthful and your face scrunches up”

“Punk Rock had saved me and I dedicated myself to it’s glory”

“there was music I could relate to for when I was feeling sad, happy, funky or whatever, but nothing for when I felt angry… until THIS.”

“Then there was the day a bunch of us painted my mate’s Woolworths acoustic guitar white then set light to it in the local park while another mate filmed it with his dad’s Super 8 Camera as a ‘Dada-ist Performance Piece’. Unfortunately we didn’t tell the bloke who’s guitar it was, and when he found out we had to go into hiding for a couple of weeks as he recruited a bunch of local ‘hard nuts’ to ‘sort us out’….”

“Records with swearing in!”

“It was like a story with no pre-ordained ending. I still get a electrical twinge when a band hits that first note or chord, what will happen next.”

“bum flaps fashioned from an old kilt of my mum’s, black bondage trousers with the baby reins I had worn as a toddler attached behind, hastily marker penned anarchy armbands.”

“I remember buying a white catering jacket (on which I pinned a Crass badge with the â??broken gun’ image in day-glo orange on white) that I fancied looked a bit like the tuxedo that Sid wore in the My Way video. Margate being a seaside resort, though, I was always being asked if I’d got a job as an ice cream seller.”

“Its naïve to think that society could change, but to a certain extent, in the early years and with the optimism of youth I believed it could happen.”

“I still had long hair and was wearing a ‘Tales From Topographic Oceans’ teeshirt. The guitarist of Slaughter came up to me after the gig and said “Do you like Yes then?”, I very nervously mumbled “Er I suppose so”, to which he replied “Me too mate, fuckin’ great band!”

“It came along just at the right time though and gave me somewhere to belong, which was a lifesaver.”

“I’m still in awe of the sex, style and subversion that the original Punk Explosion thrust upon unsuspecting England and if I’m not out smashing the system then I’m doing my bit to resist it’s clammy clutches.”

“He said, “This album can’t be any good. It’s got 14 tracks on it.” I love that quote.”

Free Christmas Printables: Gift Tags, Greeting Cards and Ornaments

by Design Corral

This a collection of free printables that can be downloaded from our website. Whether you are looking for some great printable gift tags, Christmas gift tags, Christmas cards or some savvy new paper ornaments for your Christmas tree you will find lots of easy printable projects to make your Christmas more festive. Best of all they are free! So download and have a look!

Ian Curtis: The King of Post-Punk

by Mac Sharp

The life of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis was cut short when he hanged himself on May 18, 1980. “Ian Curtis: The King of Post-Punk” takes you through the events leading up to the singer’s suicide and analyses his personal affliction. This is a must-read for any punk fan.

Kindle Publishing Secrets – Kindle Killer Books – Use my KBB Formula to Tap Into This Hot Niche of Cooking (Kindle Tips)

by Rosa Suen

In this Kindle Publishing Secret, I do a thorough CASE STUDY with proofs to show you how my Kindle Killer Book made $439 in one week’s time. The exact procedure, date and time are given to you so that you can follow as closely as possible. I show you how my Kindle Killer Book Formula work in the whole creation process. You need to learn how to find the best seller keywords.

Many people write recipe books but they don’t sell. Perhaps you have been writing the recipe books the wrong way. Follow this KBB formula and you will have results.

Chapter 1 Kindle Killer Book Case Study – Results & Proofs

1. KKB Publishing Date: February 14, 2012 Tuesday

2. The New KKB URL Link: February 15, 2012 Friday 8

3. 1 Day KKB Promotion: February 16, 2012 Thursday

4. KKB Download Results: February 17, 2012 Friday 10

5. KKB Ranking #1 During Free Promotion in Both Categories

6. KKB Ranking #36 in Best Seller Top 100 Free

7. KKB Sales Report: February 18, 2012 Saturday

8. KKB Sales Report: February 21, 2012 Tuesday

9. KKB Sales Report: February 22, 2012 Wednesday

10.Total Royalty Payment KKB made in 1 Week

Chapter 2 KKB Formula: Step By Step Procedure

KKB Step 1: Zero In On Your Interest Niche!

KKB Step 2: Go to Amazon Best Seller Page

KKB Step 3: Look at the Sales Price of these Books

KKB Step 4: Zero in On One Book

KKB Step 5: One Step Further – Develop A Series!

KKB Step 6: How To Write Your Recipe Book!

Chapter 3 Publishing KKB

1. KDP Dashboard

2. Add New Title

3. Enroll Your Book in the KDP Select

4. Book Name

5. Series Title

6. Edition Number

7. Description

8. Add Contributors

9. Publisher Name

10. Verify Publishing Rights

11. Target your book to Customers – Categories

12. 7 Keywords

13. Upload your Image Cover & Kindle Book

14. Publishing Territories

15. Choose your Royalty

16. Go for 1 Day Free Promotion

BONUS Chapter – Royalty Free Images – Food

Odd Country Music Facts

by Terry Gavin

Odd Country Music Facts is just that. We have put together some of the wildest and most interesting facts on todays country music stars. This is a great read and is pretty interesting. It’s amazing how some of the stars got started, some of their habits and how they got to where they are today.

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