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How To Sell Video Courses Online: How I earn $1000+ a month while I sleep

by Rob Cubbon

You can sell your expertise. I regularly make over $1000 passive income through the Udemy platform every month with no effort and you can too.

This book explains: how to research the content and title of your courses, technical information about video course creation, advise on how to create your first course, how to market your course, and loads more.

The world is changing. Education is changing. There is a HUGE demand for career skills courses online.

Once you have created a course it can earn you substantial money every month for years to come.

Plus you will enjoy the process of making the course and the feedback from the students. Course creation is not only very satisfying it also helps builds your brand as an authority within your niche.

TED Talks Storytelling: 23 Storytelling Techniques from the Best TED Talks

by Akash Karia

5000 words

What is the secret to delivering a great TED talk?

What is the magic ingredient that makes a TED talk captivating?

TED talks are some of the most inspiring and amazing talks you’ll watch. Each presentation is eighteen minutes long, meaning that speakers on the TED stage have a difficult job. They have to distill their expertise and their life’s work into only eighteen minutes. Essentially, they only have time to share one idea, which requires them to ask the question:

“If I could leave my audience with only one single key takeaway message, what would it be? If my audience was to forget everything else I said, what one single idea or lesson would I want them to remember?”

Not only are the ideas that are shared on the TED stage profound, the speakers themselves are some of the best presenters you’ll ever see. Unlike the boring, dull, lifeless corporate presentations you hear these days, TED talks are powerful and captivating. They keep you hooked onto every word. The speakers on the TED stage are confident, powerful and persuasive.

So, what is it that makes these TED talks so inspiring?

What are the secrets of delivering a powerful TED talk?

And more importantly, how can you use those secrets to make your presentations more powerful, dynamic and engaging?

To try to answer these questions, I studied over 200 of the best TED talks. I broke each TED talk down in terms of structure, message and delivery.

So, what did I discover?

What was the magic ingredient that made a TED talk captivating?

What was it that made the best TED talks inspiring – which is a word that is often associated with TED talks?

Here’s what I discovered. After studying over 200 TED talks, the one commonality among all the great TED talks is that they contain stories.

Essentially, the best speakers on the TED stage were the ones who had mastered the art of storytelling. They had mastered how to craft and present their stories in a way that allowed them to share their message with the world without seeming like they were lecturing their audience. That’s just one of the advantages of stories – they allow you to share your message without your audience feeling like you’re preaching to them, which in turn makes it easier for them to accept your message.

In this short guide, you are going to learn how to use stories to make your presentations engaging and inspiring. You’ll learn how to craft stories that keep your audience mesmerized. You’ll also learn how to use stories to make your message memorable.

By the time you’ve finished this guide, you will have picked up twenty-three principles on how to create stories that keep your audiences hooked onto your every word. Whether you are giving a TED talk or a corporate presentation, you’ll be able to apply the principles used in this guide to make your next talk a roaring success.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Blueprint: Successfully Navigate Chapter 11 Bankruptcy With Complete Confidence (liquidation, receivership, attorney, law, reorganization)

by Nathan Beck

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Demystified

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You’re about to discover…How to handle Chapter 11 bankruptcy, wiping the slate clean quickly and easily.

“Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Blueprint: Successfully Navigate Chapter 11 Bankruptcy With Complete Confidence,” contains proven steps and strategies on how to understand the: what, why, and how of bankruptcy Chapter 11 filing.

Bankruptcy Chapter 11 is a business BK filing. It applies to big multinationals, small business entities, even partnerships; the purpose of which is to reorganize the business structure, allowing the owners to retain possession, but requiring them to submit to the oversight of the creditors and/or the trustee.

Chapter 11 is meant to apply to entities that still have the capacity to pay its debts, determined by the BK court, evidenced by declarations and documentary submissions, and advised by the trustee. The first type of BK involves a business entity that needs time and a workable installment scheme. The creditors are usually hesitant or hostile to the idea of an installment payment; hence the debtor asks the court to step.

Another type of BK Chapter 11 is filed by the creditors against the debtor who seems to mismanage the business. The creditors ask the court to allow them and/or a trustee, the right to oversee reorganization. This way, business gets streamlined and the creditors get paid.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Pre-filing necessities and what you must do first to be successful in your bankruptcy filings
  • Key players and terminologies for ultimate knowledge
  • Everything you need is here with bankruptcy forms for filing part 1 and part 2
  • And much, much more!

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Secrets To A New Career At 40: Transform Your Life Starting Right Now (profession, occupation, vocation, calling, employment, work)

by Thomas Reed

Are You Scared Half To Death On Starting A New Career At 40 And Beyond?

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You’re about to discover….

“Secrets To A New Career At 40 – Transform Your Life Starting Right Now”

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to find a lucrative career in your forties.

This book will also give you fantastic tips and advice regarding writing a resume and undergoing an interview.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Switching careers at 40 with ease
  • Sage advice from career experts on getting that new career rolling!
  • How to write a resume that will knock the socks off perspective employers, getting the job you desire guaranteed
  • And much, much more!

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Search Engine Optimization: New Google SEO Strategies to Blast Your Site to the Top of Google

by Meir Liraz

Here’re The Google Search Engine Optimization Strategies That Will Blast Your Website to the Top of Google

You may be wondering who am I and what qualify me to give you search engine optimization advice. Well, my name is Meir Liraz. You may have stumbled on my name on the internet, probably in relation to my activities as a writer and publisher of business guides. This is just one side of me, the visible one. There has been another side to my online presence, a concealed one, as a leading player in the internet marketing arena.

I’ve been an active internet marketer since the first days of the Internet, back then the reigning search engines where dinosaurs bearing names like Alta-Vista, Infoseek and Lycos, while Google was just a vague idea in the minds of two brilliant Stanford students.

As I don’t believe in theories and opinions, over the years I’ve tested dozens of SEO ideas, strategies and variables – white hat and black hat and grey hat. Some proved to be successful while others bombed (and served me well as learning experiences). I must’ve been doing something right as I managed to accumulate along the way a seven figure fortune. The bottom line is that I’ve come up with the perfect Google SEO strategy. I know exactly what works and what doesn’t – and now I’m going to share all of my Google SEO knowledge with you here in this book.

Why reveal my methods now? Well, I’m semi retired and I’ve made enough money so that my kids do not have to work one more day in their lives (if they so desire). I’ve had my blessings and now I want to help others succeed as well, this is my way to give back.

Now look, 99% of the folks who try to make it on the Internet follow the same rout, the same set of activities. They all move in one big herd. Listen, In the highly competitive online arena, when you do the same things as anyone else you don’t stand a chance to succeed – you are doomed.

In order to win the search engine optimization battles you must go off the beaten path, you need to do something different, you need a competitive edge – and that is where the SEO strategies presented in this book come into play. This guide will give you that “unfair advantage” to boost your sales, pile up profits and leave your competitors in the dust.

Look, in order to make money on the internet you need to get noticed by Google and you need to climb up the search engines’ results pages (SERPs). Unfortunately Google gives preference to large and established sites. The little guy with a relatively new or small website does not stand a chance. You could of course go the “natural” rout. That will take you about 5 years to establish a site that will be liked by Google. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to start making money with a new site much earlier than that. That is why you need to take some unconventional measures – you need to be a little more creative. Sound complicated? don’t worry, in this book I’ll give you exact instructions as to how to do it right.

The Google search engine optimization strategies I show you in this book are the easiest, fastest, most effective ways to get your website rank high on Google search results pages.

Are you ready to get your site to the first page of Google? just click on the “Buy” button above!

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Organized Bookkeeping for Independent Contractors: QuickBooks 2013

by Laura Dodson

Designed as a guide for newly minted Independent Contractors and Freelancers, it provides basic steps for completing business paperwork. There are tips on how to organize paperwork and receipts, which paperwork to save, and business formation. We then review both a paper based and Excel based accounting system. In addition it contains quite a bit about QuickBooks and how it works from Company File creation to prepping the financials.

The Courtesan Handbook

by Arden Moon

Do you dream of designer clothes, fine jewelry, five star dining, and vacations to luxury resorts? For centuries, certain women have made their living simply by living a fantasy lifestyle. Historically, such a woman was called a “courtesan.” Today, women who live this luxury lifestyle, and get paid to do so, are known as “high-end escorts.” It is a world that can provide a woman with financial
security in addition to glitz and glamour. It has also been a world that few have been able to enter. Until now.

In The Courtesan Handbook, Arden Moon mentors her readers using her years of experience and a passion for the art of escorting. The author has had enormous success in the industry both before and after the business transitioned into a mainly digital industry. Escorting can lead to an incredible
lifestyle for any woman. However, entering the upper echelon and mastering the craft is virtually impossible without the sort of valuable knowledge offered within this book. If you have ever thought about being an escort or are a novice wishing to
expand your knowledge and increase the caliber of your clientele, then The Courtesan Handbook is your perfect step-by-step guide.

You will learn:

– A brief history of the courtesan
– The different types of escort businesses you can pursue
– How to properly advertise yourself and create a powerful web presence
– How to navigate the various online marketing options
– How to attract and maintain the highest level of clientele
– How to remain healthy, happy, and safe while making more money than you ever have before

How to Make Money Using Bitcoins

by Hephzibah Asaolu

Bull or Bear, the emergence of Bitcoin has opened doors of opportunities for shrewd and discerning investors to make money. If you are looking for ways on how to make money with Bitcoin but don’t know how, Look no further. You could be one step closer to achieving your dreams with this brand new innovative e-book that has recently hit the Kindle marketplace.

“How to make Money using Bitcoins” is a well written guide for all those that desire to make money with bitcoins. It is an eye opener to the secrets that smart kids on the block are using to funnel bitcoin wealth into their bank accounts. This book is written is simple and plain language that makes for a delightsome reading. The graphic illustrations will ensure that you stayed glued to your kindle reader while taking in the life changing information that the book contains.

In this book, you will learn about how to make money with Bitcoin by buying and selling on specific bitcoin exchange website, how to sell bitcoin on eBay, how to invest your bitcoin in Investment Trust etc. The author also discussed the risks involved and how to mitigate them.

In a nutshell this Book is a great exposé for anyone who want to take advantage of the huge investment opportunity that bitcoin has created.

For just a couple of bucks you’ll get all that is needed for you to start making money using Bitcoins.

Take action now!

Solo Smarts: Solopreneur Interview With Bob Jenkins (Solo Smarts: Solopreneur Interviews)

by Kelly McCausey

Bob â??The Teacherâ?? Jenkins is a solopreneur. He taught high school for ten years and continues to teach to this day, just in a classroom of his own choosing with students he feel uniquely suited for and passionate to teach.

Wouldn’t you like to shift gears like that? Read to learn how he has built a business around being a teacher/coach to other coaches.

One of many inspiring guests featured on Kelly McCausey’s Solo Smarts Podcast, this interview transcript (over 5000 words) is packed with great coach on coach advice.

The Manager’s Craft

by Glenn Bassett

Almost any job or profession you can think of has a set of specific requirements for knowledge and skill that must be mastered. Managing and supervising the work of others is an exception. In part that is because the job of managing requires a range of social and technical skills that can vary widely depending on business circumstance. An infinite diversity of technologies, materials, markets and work skills can figure into the mix of the manager’s job. The manager may be asked to coordinate technically skilled team players, or, alternatively, may need to discipline the application of basic skills to achievement of production goals. Materials may be common or exotic. Customers may have influence over or little concern for product quality and design. Work skills may be common or rare. Technology may be critical or peripheral.

Some central managerial skills like accounting and finance can be trained. Mostly, they are dealt with as competences that are best left to specialists. Highly technical problems that demand specific training are, in general, treated as staff support jobs. The part of the job that always stays with the manager is that of working with and through other people to achieve cost-effective productivity using formal authority, personal influence, economic incentives and an understanding of organizing processes. As skill sets, these are very difficult to define. They blend and merge to become a personal suite of action strategies that are put to use as needed. Formal education and training can provide a summary focus, but only practice and experience can make them effective working tools. Much of managing and supervising is thus learned from experience on the job. The manager’s challenge is to find a mentor who can guide him/her past the most critical traps and blunders.

Much that passes for management training is, unfortunately, superficial or just wrong. Economic incentives are clearly basic but always insufficient. Application of authority is indispensable but can backfire or fail. Motivational programs can turn out to be all PR and noise. Workers may be satisfied and unproductive. Cost control measures can gut the core of product quality. Balancing it all can be a juggling act that daunts average intellectual and social skill. Managing and supervising skills can be learned on the job if failure is tolerated. Only limited trial and error can be accepted. The best available advice and mentoring is required for survival over the long course. The chapters of this book will provide the working manager with the knowledge necessary to accelerate learning and skill mastery. When put together in a coherent, working package through experience, that mastery rises to the professional level.

The author, Dr. Glenn Bassett, applies his unusual range of practical and professional experience to defining and clarifying the requisite skill and knowledge. From his background as a working personnel executive, professor of management, GE corporate staffer, social science researcher, consultant and business school dean he critically and synergistically sorts out the realities of sound management practice. He deals with issues of authority and discipline rationally and realistically, disposing summarily of nearly all standard motivational theory. He challenges commonly offered “principles” of management showing that many are misleading or illusory. He lays out the principles of worker productivity that a manager must grasp to control cost and quality. What emerges is a description of the Manager’s Craft that summarizes the knowledge and skill required of the working manager who must exercise control in the workplace, build commitment among colleagues, and sustain high quality, cost-effective productivity. This is an intellectually rigorous analysis applied to achievement of practical managerial results. This is The Manager’s Craft.

Just Tell Me What To Do!

by Wendy Reese

With wisdom and insight born of and honed by her own pain and confusion, Wendy Reese lays out a roadmap to inner peace that is utterly elegant in its simplicity. An unexpected awakening of the soul that is deep, spiritual, and the right balance of evidenced-based scientific research. The book serves as an empowering guide on the journey of life.

The Talk Radio Guest Book: How To Be The Perfect Talk Radio Guest

by Deborah Bayles

It’s 5 Seconds
Until You’re On The Airâ?¦
What Will You Do?

You’ve slipped on the headphones. You’re facing the microphone, and the talk radio show host has just introduced you. You’re live. On the air.

Learn from talk radio hosts with more than 20 years experience behind the microphone!

The next few seconds will determine whether thousands of listeners will think you’re smart and articulate â?? or boring and amateur. The talk show host will decide then and there whether they’ll ever invite you back. What will you do?

If you’re smart, you’ll have read The Talk Radio Guest Book before you ever stepped foot in the studio.

Establish Yourself as an Expert by Being on the Radio

Talk radio is alive, now more than ever. Satellite radio, Internet radio and local AM radio stations offer thousands of opportunities to guest star on radio talk shows everyday. Being a guest on a radio talk show is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in a particular topic, to promote a worthy cause or to announce a project or event. If you become known as the “go-to” guest expert you’ll be invited back again and again. We’ll tell you how!

Why You Need This Book

We’re authors and radio talk show hosts Dave Congalton and Deborah Bayles. We draw on our combined experience of more than 20 years behind the microphone to bring you a practical, easy-to-understand e-book packed with helpful pointers to make you the perfect talk radio guest!

There’s never been a book that has covered these kind of topics with such insight and real-world experience. We know what it’s like on both sides of the mic, and we want to save you thousands of hours of wasted effort and untold dollars of wasted money trying to do things that simply won’t work. This book will teach you what it takes to be the perfect talk radio guest, plain and simple.

You’ll learn:

-The One Thing You Should Never Do on a Radio Talk Show-Do this and you’ll never be invited back!

-4 Things You Must Do After the Interview. This will guarantee a great reception in the future!

-Don’t Even Think About Approaching a Major Market or Syndicated Radio Show without This-One decision that can make or break your career!

-Who You Should Expect to Meet Inside the Radio Station-Their roles and what they can do for you. Don’t make any missteps around them!

-The Best Way to Contact a Radio Show -Don’t waste your time and money trying these other things that simply don’t work!

-What to Bring to a Radio Interview-Exactly what you need to prepare your host and yourself for the interview!

-What to Do if You Are Rejected by a Talk Show-Handle yourself this way and you might save the opportunity!

-How to Deal With a Controversial Host-What to watch out for, and how to prepare for even the most grueling interview!

-The Future of Radio, Publishing and the Media-Changes you must prepare for now or you’ll be left behind!

-5 Secrets to Conducting the Perfect Phone Interview-Most of your interviews will be over the phone-here’s how to succeed every time!

The Talk Radio Guest Book is packed with advice and techniques for becoming irresistible to a talk show host. Follow our tips and you will get booked on some shows. Even if you don’t have any immediate plans to get on the radio, this e-book will prepare you for other interview situations where you have to think quickly on your feet. These are great life skills that will put you ahead of the pack. These are skills that will put you squarely in the top 2% of people who have something to say, and are ready to be called on at a moment’s notice. For less than the cost of a latte, the Talk Radio Guest Book is simply a must-have.

Book Foreword by Jeff Bliss, Co-Host of the nationally syndicated John Batchelor Radio Show. Jeff’s writing and photography have appeared in publications such as Forbes, Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Surfer.

Holiday Marketing Secrets — How to Grow Your Biz Year-Round (And yes, these strategies can help you build a more successful and profitable biz no matter what time of year it is)

by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who is looking to rev up your sales during the holiday season (or really ANY time of the year) this Kindle report is perfect for you! You’re going to learn the basics of marketing yourself throughout the year PLUS strategies and tactics to jumpstart your sales during your slow times.

You’ll learn:

– What are the 2 types of marketing, why you need them AND how to use both successfully (lots of entrepreneurs end up focusing on one or the other, which is a recipe for disaster)

– All sort of ideas on how to run a successful holiday promotion

– How selling services are VERY different than selling products (and knowing what to do differently is critical to your success)

– And much more (including what to do when you really need a cash infusion right now)

Plus as a bonus you’ll also get a Holiday Marketing Worksheet designed to help you plan your next promotion so it rocks!

How to Create Successful Shopping Season Sales and Special Offers: A Guide for Beginners (Marketing Matters)

by Joan Mullally

If you are a small business owner and sole proprietor, chances are you do not have an MBA in marketing and only a limited amount of resources in terms of time and money.

The shopping season that runs from October onwards, through Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday through to Hanukkah and Christmas and into the New Year, can be make or break for many businesses. If you are struggling to make sales even at this busy time of year, it is time to master the art of creating exciting sales and special offers that your target customers will get so excited about, they will not be able to resist buying.

It does not matter if you are a bricks and mortar business, running a direct sales business like Avon or Tupperware, online with your own website selling a range of products, or a combination of all three. If you are able to set the price of your products and services and change them as needed to lure customers, or bundle items together into great value packs, gift baskets and more, you can create successful shopping season sales and special offers your target customers will not want to miss.

In this guide, you will learn the essentials for crafting great offers that can stand out even in a crowded market. You will learn about:

+Creating Great Holiday Sales that will impress

+Email Marketing that can stand out from the crowd during this busy season



+Special Offers


+Gift Baskets

and more.

Once you have created all these great items, learn the best ways to create ‘buzz’ to generate even more traffic and sales.

The clock is ticking. It’s time to get your shopping season marketing into gear to have a successful selling season this year. The work you put in now can create the kind marketing momentum that will carry you through to your best new year yet in your business.





All three authors are part of the talented team at Accent Marketing Group Inc. They have written over 100 guides on marketing, small business, finance, and other self-help topics designed to help readers transform their lives personally and professionally. Please visit Eternal Spiral Books to see all of their latest guides.

The Secrets to a Millionaire Mind: Think Your Way to Massive Profits

by Mac Sharp

One of the Greatest Differences Between Business Success and Failure on the Internet is Whether or Not You Think and Function With a Millionaire Mind

Discover How to Become Rich by Thinking Like the Rich

Ever notice how most millionaires just keep getting richer and richer while the poor seem to usually always stay poor? It’s not quite as simple as some like to suggest, chalking it all up to it takes money to make money. How many lotto winners, or those who have received a large hefty inheritance, simply find themselves back to where they were financially in just a short amount of time? This makes it quite clear it isn’t just about having money. The reason that some thrive and others do not, at least in the United States and other like countries, is because they don’t think and function with a millionaire mind.

In our eBook The Secrets to a Millionaire Mind we will teach you how you can change the way you ponder and act when doing business on the Web so that you become the next Internet success story. Let us guide the way as we reveal to you how to modify your thought process so you can transform your bottom line. We want to help you escape from wishful daydreaming to experience visions of certainty that unfold before your eyes into reality.

Autoresponder Guide Best Autoresponders

by Dana Grimmell

“Best AutoResponder” More than providing an automated response to an inquiry, AutoResponders can be your own automated sales force working online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Used properly, AutoResponders can automate the process of building your lists, following up with your prospects, and helping you close more sales.

Hangout and Grow Rich : How to Build a Virtual Mastermind in 30 Days

by Alex Barker

“Hangout and Grow Rich is something Napoleon Hill would have written had he been alive in the 21st Century.” – John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

The chances for your success increase dramatically when you surround yourself with high achievers. They will push you to achieve your goals and dreams. This is the purpose of a mastermind.

But maybe you’re like me. You live in small town USA, and don’t know where to find high achievers. That’s where Google Hangouts comes into your success story.

This ebook is a simple guide that will show how you can either join or start a virtual mastermind in less than 30 days.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.