Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 16 Dec 13

What’s HTML?

by John Rouda

This book is designed to be a quick way to learn HTML and HTML5. It should also be used as a reference for you to look back at for refreshers and information on tags that are commonly used. This is a great resource for students and professionals that need a quick reference or wish to learn the basics of HTML and HTML5 quickly. As a computer science professor, I’ve taught hundreds of students HTML. The reason I wrote this book is help teach others HTML and HTML5. For more HTML and HTML5 information, free instructor resources, and online tutorials visit

Edited Real Life: 50+ Essays on the Social Media Age

by Wells Baum

Where is social media headed?  Does the reversion to privacy on apps like Snapchat challenge the public oriented networks of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Why are visuals the preferred way to communicate on mobile devices?      

This book explains what’s happening now in social media to help predict where it all goes next.  

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