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Sugar, Sugar (The Sugar Baby Chronicles)

by Sara Marks

All Nikki Baker ever wanted, was to find love. Simple enough, right? Not quite.

Nikki’s life takes a different direction than what she ever imagined. Trying to recapture the life left behind, she creates a series of drawbacks that include her former boyfriend, John Blendan.

She finds herself in the arms of John, only to have a romance that was short-lived.

Vulnerable, and afraid of being alone, Nikki turns to the last person she thought she wanted back in her lifeâ?¦ her former Sugar Daddy, Michael Stiles. Startled by his affectionate acceptance back into his life, Nikki wonders if the problem was never the men she chose. She wonders if she is the one preventing the love life she wants.

Torn and confused by the realization, Nikki must decide what she really wants from a relationship. She needs to realize for herself what was holding her back all this time.

Will Nikki ever find what she wants? Will she ever get the happily ever after, or always be unlucky in love?

This is a graphic, sexual novella intended for adult readers.

Greek Mythrotica: Legends of Royalty

by Saqqarah

Enter the gates of Mt. Olympus and discover the magic of the ancient immortals as they come alive in their sensual relationships and rekindle the romances that have made them famous. The Legends of Royalty features nine Greek couples: Aphrodite & Haphaestus, Aphrodite & Adonis, Aphrodite & Ares, Athena & Justin, Hera & Zeus, Hera & Adonis, Apollo & Daphne, Psyche & Eros, and Persephone & Hades. A bonus story features Medusa and Poseidon.

These Greek Mythrotica short stories examine the mighty gods and goddesses as they are confronted with their emotions, feelings and relationships. Each story encapsulates a central theme that allows these immortals to face themselves and their partners, gaining greater insight into their lessons and love affairs. Through sacred erotica, they reach awareness, self-reflection, and a deeper connection to their needs and ego. In experiencing these erotic tales, we unlock their potentials for being more humane, approachable and sensual.

Enrich your mind with these mythical stories of these ancient lovers and allow your body to experience their great loves, longing and desires.

Coercion: 1 (Curio Vignettes)

by Cara McKenna

This is the first title in the Curio Vignettes series, follow-up stories to the novel Curio.

June has come to Paris. But while his neighbors are shedding layers and going out in search of spring sunshine, Didier Pedra prefers the quiet sanctuary of his garret, content to watch the city’s bustle from the safety of his windows. He’s shaped his life around venturing inside of thingsâ??inside clocks and other brass curiosities to pass a lonely afternoon, and, once the sun sinks, inside the bodies and minds of the women who pay for the privilege of sampling his other skills.

But one visitor is unlike the rest. Once a hesitant patron, Caroly is now his eager lover and a challenging but cherished companion. For weeks Didier’s indulged her questions about what other women want from him, but in words only. Now he’s ready for them to take the storytelling to the next level, and act out his clients’ most wicked desires.

Reader Advisory: This story contains forced seduction role-playing.

Forever Smut: 19 Stories from JT Holland

by JT Holland

From Amazon bestselling erotica author JT Holland comes a new collection of 19 stories. Includes 3 novellas and 16 short stories, for a total of 140,000 words!


The Pornstar Chronicles: Volumes 1&2

The Sexual Education of Alex T. Foxx: Days 1&2

Confessions of and Escort Addict: Volumes 1-10

Holiday Hook-Up: Volumes 1&2

The Cougar in 26B

Pounding the Ex

Filth and Lusting in Las Vegas

Includes hardcore, graphic, deviant sex, including but not limited to anal, oral, dirty talk, light BDSM, rough sex and much, much more!

The Hypno Lord

by Gwendoline Townsend

In this 4200 word short story, Mary Worthingham doesn’t believe in hypnosis, and doesn’t believe she can be hypnotized. But when she goes to a mesmerism show, she soon discovers that hypnosis is real indeed- real enough to turn her from a respectable young woman… into a wanton harlot begging for the Hypno Lord inside her! For Mature audiences only. All characters 18 years of age or older.


“Oh, godâ?¦” she said, her body bucking as she was penetrated from behind. “Feelsâ?¦ soâ?¦ goodâ?¦”

“Yes.” He said. “Now tell me. What am I, Mary?” he said.

“You’re Mesmero, the Hypno Lord.” She said. “My Hypno Lord. My Master.”

“Yes.” He said. “Again.”

“You are my Master.” She said. She loved saying it. She loved her Master, loved obeying him.


“Ohâ?¦ oh god. ” She said. “You’re my Master!”

He was close to orgasm now as well, and she felt him start to give way to his baser urges. He started to thrust into her even harder, even deeper, his breath ragged, his grunts deep, animalistic.

“Oh god, yes!” She said. “Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!” Mary screamed, all propriety lost in the lust-drunk haze of pleasure, as she bucked her hips back onto his cock as he continued to slide in and out of her.

Sex In The Manor

by C. P. Winslow

Adult erotic fiction. The Lord of the Manor has found a way to secure funds for the upkeep of his British estate. Ordinary tourist tours are so common place. The Manor Estate Banquets have proved to be popular and lucrative, goumet sexual feasts.

Moonlight on the Bayou (A Benoit Erotic Romance)

by Blair Bonet

Hot and sensually seething Estelle Benoit longs for a lover as satisfying and adventurous in bed as her masterful ex-husband, Paul. She believes she has found him in sexy, hunky Deputy Police Chief, Todd Ricks. Todd can stroke her and stoke her fires just the way she demands.

Together, they’ve gone to ecstasy and back again and again. Yet, Todd is reluctant to step into Paul Benoit’s house or sleep in his bed with the luscious, delicious Madam Benoit.

Estelle has to pull every nasty, sexy trick in the book to destroy Todd’s civilized limitations and drive him crazy with animal desire. Todd Ricks will realize that they have their own bayou magic to conjure and it has nothing to do with anyone else.

This is a short book for lonely nights or rainy afternoons that will leave you satisfied, sated, and wanting more of the fabulous Benoits!

MMF Sex Stories: The Collection Volume One

by Spicy And Juicy

All the MMF Sex Stories until now released in this collection. Each story makes your day better 😉 and more one-handed !

You will find a lot of cum, a lot of orgasms, many orals, bi-sexual stories, cream pies and many many other Spicy And Juicy stuff.

All the characters like Tom, Sarah, Randy, Nate… will make you envy them for their experiences. But with a bit of imagination they will help you release the stress with pleasure!

So what you get exactly?
This is actually a no brainer! 5 Volumes in 1
Vol I: Banging Twins
Vol II: Me, My Wife & The Swinger
Vol III: Daddy, His Brother And Me (Best Seller)
Vol IV: Who’s Cream Pie? 😉 (2nd Best Seller)
Vol V (just released!!!): PornoSpouse

This is Kindle Nastyness Platinum Edition!
Warning Explicit Content: Adults Only.

Excerpt from inside the Vol I:
She realized that her secret was unveiled and her “good girl” appearance vanished. The truth is that since she lost her virginity with an asshole 3 years ago she started to think about how would it be if two guys would fuck her. Her favourite part was when one of the guys would lick her pussy and another one would fuck her in her mouth . She wasn’t scared of anal either. She begged the second guy to fuck her ass because she was just curios about how woult it be. And he made that dream come true. But nowâ?¦another dream was on it’s way of being transformed into reality.

Tommy was curios about what Nate said to her ear and asks
Excerpt from inside the Vol II:
That room was red, with nice warm lights and a small fireplace besides the bed in the bedroom.

Since we didn’t want to just jump on itâ?¦we decided to play some strip pokerâ?¦with another featuare that stated that the one who wins will be the dominant person that night.

After a few hands Kara was leading and she had more chips than us while me and Tom were having only our underpants on ourselves.

Then my luck came and in the last hand I’ve made Kara took off her pink bra. Her beautiful, round and firm tits have been revealed ..
Excerpt from inside the Vol III:
….. my first reaction was to see if anyone looked at me when this happened. My dad was starring with his big black eyes, and his brother Tom was looking at me and he was smilingâ?¦ I felt very incomfortable but I don’t know why I felt attracted by himâ?¦And I smiled too and that’s when hell started.

” You stupid whoreâ?¦ You like what just happened?” said my step-dad and he started to coming to me from the table which was 2 feet away..” You think it’s funny to show your tits to your uncle and your dad? Why the fuck are you smiling?” he continued.

“Noâ?¦I didn’tâ?¦” I was starting to say but he slapps me so hard that I dropped in my knees. The whole moment happened so fast that I didn’t have time to cover my boob but nowâ?¦the other …………
Excerpt from inside the Vol IV:
…..We made our way into the room and we all sat on the couch and since the atmosphere requested it Jim went and opened a bottle of wine. While he was pouring into the glases Randy started to kiss me and slowly massaging my tities with his big hands. Jim was getting hard just by seeing this scene so I got up and undressed my tight red dress and my double D bra. My nipples….

The Last Vampire Bride (Vampire Flesh Book 1)

by Melissa Morgan

Book One of the Vampire Flesh Trilogy:

Author Warning :- This book contains explicit descriptions of adult content

Maia grew up believing that the town of Stetl had a terrible legacy. Count Meinster insisted that in exchange for the protection of their lands the citizens of Stetl must pay a price…. A Bride Price.

Every one hundred years he would select a young maiden to be his bride and take them to his castle and she would never be seen again.

Maia desparately wants to stop the bride tribute in exchange for something else…

She discovers that Count Meinster desparately needs an heir and is not the person she first thought of. Maia is rescued by the Count from a near death encounter by some other noble vampires in the woods surrounding Stetl.

She volunteers as a bride at the next tribute.

Will she be made to love him and save her family and the town of Stetl?

* Authors Note * – this book contains explicit descriptions of sex.


by Sal Aceous

A werewolf encounters a succubus intent on possessing his very soul. But she wants his body first.

This story contains graphic sexual situations.
All characters portrayed are over 18.

Date Night

by Kitty K

The decision was between Tom and Greg. Greg looked good on paper. He was a rich humanitarian who promised Traysha all of her dreams.

Tom was a fledgling business owner. His saving graces were his keen sense of romance, his ambitions, and his ability to dominate and satisfy in bed.

Years later, the realities of married life set in. Traysha must revisit the choice she made, considering whether the man she chose was truly the right one.

When the three are reunited, will Traysha choose the other, or will her desire for her hubby be Rekindled?

Warning: This is the story of a interracial love triangle gone horribly wrong. May be too steamy for some readers!

Click the “Look Inside” button for a special sneak peek!

Delicious Slippery Juicy Stories

by Trish Maine


Delicious Slippery Juicy is another title by Trish Maine which will just blow your desire for sex to its extreme. She is reckless in her writing to the extent that you are advised not to get the copy if you are the type which is too careful about what they read on sex. this is just imagination gone wild

and will keep you on edge of jerking off the pressure….so just stay a safe distance from her imagination if you rarely dream or think of sex some of the sexual positions are really possible and she has tried them once and drove a few guys crazy (sexually) when she was working as an escort. in this edition i think the womanhood slippery juicy is delicious if you are not sexually deformed. Get your copy and realize your sexual energy

Happy Bongo Slave

by Love God

Jatin leads a boring life as a BPO employee in Bombay. His friend Keshav introduces him to Anushka, the wife of a wealthy gay man who lives elsewhere. Attracted by Jatin’s innocence, Anushka invites him to move in with her. Soon, she suggests that they be part of this game where she would be mistress and he, slave. Jatin finds the whole arrangement very exciting. Anushka’s old college friend Sejal comes over to the house. She too becomes part of the game. The three travel to Mauritius to meet Sabina, a young Spanish blonde who lives in a beach-front bungalow. Sabina also joins in the game. Timid, bongo-playing Jatin serves three mistresses now. After a memorable night in Sabina’s beautiful house, Anushka, Sejal and Jatin return to Bombay. Find out what kind of relationship Anushka and Jatin now share. (This is an Indian erotic novella set in Bombay and Mauritius. It includes fetish scenes like slave sex, ass sniff, fart, scat, shit, feet fetish, armpit fetish, lesbian, fffm and interracial.)

Man Fantasy Secret (Man Fantasies)

by JOhn Brown

Fantasies for men that fantasize about sex with men. Secret fantasies as these stories are for bi sexual men. Gay men may appreciate them. Based on true events.

Ripe & Juicy: Erotic Stories

by Agnes Wilson


Ripe and Juicy is Agnes Wilson’s mega-deep sexual stories and it give the reader the best imagination into our primal instinct….sex. Just like any fruit, it is best served when it’s ripe and juicy – these are no ordinary stories but they were deeply thought of considering the sexual taste of the majority. This edition is the first volume in the Ripe and Juicy series by Agnes Wilson about her fantasies of how sex is supposed to be like.

Savouring the Juicy: Erotic Stories

by Trish Maine


Trish Maine is just serious with each release. following the Savoring the juicy series, she has yet come up with the second volume which is just but another improved version graphically illustrated (with some of her own home made pictures which she took working as an escort) to aide your imagination. the volume has been expanded and more stories added featuring some of her own personal experiences but altered to appear like fiction, you just wont like to miss this copy if you are really a sex maniac but if you are careful with your sexuality and do not wish to Jerk off….. PLEASE REFRAIN!!!

Freaky Fran’s Hardcore Sex: First Lesbian Sex, BDSM, Rough Sex, and More (Five Erotica Stories)

by Fran Diaz

From bestselling erotica author Fran Diaz comes five smoking hot stories of hardcore sex. Whether you’re looking for a hardcore rough sex short, a first lesbian encounter, or BDSM training; this collection has something to leave you breathless.

1. Hillary and Harriet Having Me: My First Lesbian Experience (An FFF Threesome with Twins)

It’s not easy when you’re stuck babysitting foreign exchange students, and when the students are beautiful and perfect and somewhat snobbish, it’s even harder! Still, the beautiful college girls have their good points. In this case, all their good points are demonstrated when they give Kyla her very first lesbian sex experience in a red hot all girl threesome!

2. Pompis: A Very Rough FFM Threesome Short

Luci owns Pompis Escort Service, and this Latina bombshell knows what it takes to make men and women reel with desire. When a new client schedules an appointment, Luci is amazed to discover it’s Marty, the rich snob she used to love who left her, unhappy with her middle class roots. What’s worse, he wants to hire a girl for both himself and his wife! She decides to handle the call personally, and Marty and his wife will have a very rough ménage, complete with humiliation, and a very rough first anal sex for the little lady!

3. Christine Takes It in the Backdoor: A First Anal Sex Erotica Short

Christine can’t believe the guy her cousin’s set her up with for a blind date. It’s a nightmare that ends in an explosive argument. She’s happy to be done with him, but when Peter shows up the next morning with flowers, pizza, and an apology; she starts to warm up to him. Of course, she didn’t realize he’d brought one more giftâ??his thick, hard cock ready to plow into her untouched ass to give her a rough first anal sex experience!

4. Dawn’s First Couple: A First Lesbian Sex FFM Threesome Short

Dawn is a relatively new escort for Pompis, and she’s surprised on a call when it’s not just a man she’s expected to please but his wife as well! She’s never been with a woman, and she’s hesitant; but when she gives in, she’s overwhelmed by the sweet and sensual beauty of her first lesbian sex experience. When the man jumps into the fray, it goes from sweet to scorching, and the sparks fly!

5. Isabella’s Training: A BDSM Erotic Fantasy

Isabella doesn’t really want to try adding BDSM to the relationship with her husband, but when she discovered he’d done it back before he met her, when he was with his old girlfriend, she’s not willing that he should have pleasant memories with his first love he doesn’t have with her. So, she agreesâ??terrified about the whips, chains, and beatings that are sure to follow. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that BDSM is about trust and pleasure, not viciousness and horror!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various sex encounters. It includes BDSM, spanking, oral sex, lesbian seduction, domination, bondage, deep throat, first anal sex, ass to mouth, semen swallowing, lesbian anal sex, first lesbian sex, rough sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Hardcore Anal Erotica: Five Rough First Anal Sex Stories

by Brianna Spelvin

First anal sexâ?¦when a girl finally gives up her tiniest and tightest. In this steamy collection, beautiful girls have their first backdoor experience in rough and explosive ways. It’s hot. It’s hard. Above all, it’s sexy fantasy fun!

1. Bent Over by the Bodybuilder: First Anal Sex with Strangers

She had a great workout and a great shower, but she did push the limit and the gym was right about to close. So, she wouldn’t have been surprising if the locker room was empty when she stepped out from the shower. It isn’t though! A beautiful blonde is on her knees sucking on one the massive bodybuilder trainers! She tries to walk away from the embarrassing situation, but she’s noticed, and within a few minutes, she’s right in the midst of her first ffm threesome, her first lesbian sex, and a rough first anal sex experienceâ??and she doesn’t even know their names!

2. The Thickest Cock in the Tightest Hole: Rough First Anal Sex at the Office

Ms. Howe has had an irritating day interviewing potential assistants. He last interview is Anthony, a beautiful African American man who sends chills through her. The only problem? He’s far over-qualified, and she’s hesitant. So, Anthony takes her to the executive washroom and shows her his special talents. In this case, these include deepthroat, spanking, and shoving his massive tool into her ass for a very rough first anal sex experience!

3. Title: The Phantom at the Club: A Paranormal Short of First Anal Sex

Taylor put herself through college in Las Vegas as an exotic dancer, so it makes perfect sense for her to do the same as she spends a year working on her doctoral thesis in the remote highway town of Front’s Bluff. This particular night club, though, is a little different. Legend says it’s haunted. Taylor doesn’t believe any of it, but how can she argue with a ghost’s hands touching her as it dances? How can she argue with a spirit that pushes into her right on stage? How can she deny the reality of a first anal experience with an apparition, right in front of an audience that only sees her?

4. April’s Anal Awakening

April’s the type of a girl that gets really into it while she sucks cock. After all, who wants to pay attention to anything else when your throat is being stretched by some nice deep throat? Still, she should have listened to Harry more carefully because Harry just asked for something, and she just consented without really hearing him. And now, Harry’s big cock has one destination: April’s tiny little rosebud asshole, her never-been touched asshole. Now she’s getting the surprise of her life, completely unexpected first anal sex.

5. Ell’s Wild Ride: A Rough Double Penetration Erotica Story

Ell’s family is dead set against her learning how to drive. She’s tired of her family’s peculiarities, though, and she determines to get a driving lesson. She gets a whole lot more than she bargains for when she shows up ready to figure out how to handle a roadster. In fact, she learns a whole hell of lot more about how to be handled! It’s a very rough double team encounter with her first anal sex and a scorching double penetration!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a various first anal sex encounters. It includes first lesbian sex, rough sex, oral sex, deep throat rough anal sex, ass to mouth, semen swallowing, public sex, supernatural sex, ffm threesome sex, and semen swallowing. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Hey! That’s My Ass! Five Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Stories

by Alice Drake

First anal sexâ?¦when a girl’s tiny backdoor is finally blasted. In this red-hot collection, beautiful girls have their first anal sex experience in rough and reluctant ways. It’s hot. It’s hardcore. Above all, it’s sexy fantasy fun!

1. The Cougar’s Birthday Gangbang Surprise

Gail is turning forty, and she decides to celebrate with her longtime Internet webcam sex buddy. She sets it all up for a great evening at a swanky hotel, but once she checks in; she gets the horrible news that he’s been called away on business. She plans for a boring night of room service and pay per view, but when the bellboy comes on to her and looks so good, this cougar decides some hot sex is still on the menu. What she doesn’t know is that a great many other staff members have noticed her, and before the night is through, she’ll have her first anal sex in the form of a smoking hot gangbang!

2. Banged in Blueberry: A Rough and Reluctant Gangbang Erotica Story

Gwen is tired of her small town life. Everything has been planned out for her. Graduate. Get a Job. Get married. Nothing exciting happens to her, and she’s tired of it all. Her desire for a way to overcome the boredom of small town life is about to put her right in the midst of an awkward situation. In this case, her search for adventure will put her in a factory filled with young men enjoying a late night party, and she’s just become the entertainment. It’s a crazy gangbang filled with rough sex and boys everywhere.

3. Taken in the Locker Room: A Rough First Anal Sex Threesome Erotica Story

The team is getting better and better, and she’s got a handsome coach and a beautiful co-captain. Isn’t college nice? Things get a little strange in the locker room, though, because her lovely co-captain suddenly starts behaving more like a lover than a friend! As she’s trying to wrap her head around that, the coach catches her, and instead of correcting them, he joins in! It’s a rough threesome that follows. Pompoms and first anal sexâ?¦what more could anyone want?

4. Dominating Angelique: A Very Rough Threesome Short

When Carrie gets the call that lets her know her facebook friend Angelique is flying into the next town over, she’s excited. She knows what Angelique likes, and her business trip just might give Carrie the opportunity to finally fulfill a fantasy she and her husband have had for a long time, an mff threesome sex encounter. There’s just one thingâ?¦Angelique really likes rough sex, so this will have to be a threesome filled with domineering sex, and Angelique’s rough first anal sex!

5. Michelle’s Man and Eva’s Ass: An Anal Sex Group Sex Short

Michelle and Brian have a sexually charged relationship in every way but oneâ?¦Michelle won’t let him have anal sex. So, she has to compensate, and when they end up at a swimming hole and a number of other biker’s arrive, she sees her chance. Even though she won’t give it up, she’s perfectly fine to see Brian have backdoor sex with the lovely Eva!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various rough anal sex encounters. It includes deep throat, double team sex, first anal sex, stranger sex, gangbang sex, semen swallowing, double penetration, first lesbian sex, group sex, rough sex, and ffm threesome sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Kate at the Party: Seducing the Millionaire (Kate Gets the Story)

by Angela Ward

She used her sexual talents to get the invitation, and now that she has it she’s put her sights on Alex McMurty, the multi-millionaire developer she’s committed to interviewing. There’s no doubt that he’ll give her the interview, no doubt at all. She’s prepared to use her hands, her mouth, and every other part of her body to make it happen. So why is it that Alex is the one taking control?

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes deep throat, masturbation, and more. It is intended for mature adults who will not be offended by such content.

Here’s a preview:

McMurty smiled and gestured to the divan. She sat and he moved one of the chairs directly near and sat down in it. “The problem, Miss Peters,” he said, “is that I have something to offer and what you have to offer me is still unclear.”

She smiled slightly and adjusted herself on the sofa, lifting one leg up and over the other. “I think you’ll find that I can be quite accommodating, Mr. McMurty.”

He smiled, and his smile was filled with confidence and power, which wasn’t what Kate was expecting at all. In fact, she felt strangely out of control, as though her plan to direct the interview was rapidly unravelling but she also felt a surge of desire. He said, “I propose and exchange then. You will ask a question, and I will answer.”


“And then you remove an item of clothing of my choice.”

She felt a shocking burst of sensation between her legs and felt her nipples harden almost painfully. She stared at him, unable to speak.

“Of course,” he said as naturally as if they’d been discussing her class schedule, “we could just return to the party. I’m sure there are people expecting me toâ??”

“It’s a deal,” she breathed out.

“Wonderful,” he said. “Then I await your first question.”

Scott and Steven Both Take Tami: A First Anal Sex Wife Share Short

by Alice Drake

Tami just wants to get some rest, but when she crawls into bed late one night, she feels a little frisky and begins to enjoy her husband Scott’s body in the dark. When the lights come on, she’s amazed to discover it’s her husband’s best friend Steven! Scott isn’t angry, though. In fact, he joins in and Tami has a red-hot double team experience complete with rough sex and her first anal sex!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during an MFM threesome sex encounter. It includes double team sex, deep throat, first anal sex, ménage sex, and semen swallowing. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

Just then she heard something in the hallway and realized Steven must be in the hall bathroom. Sure enough, a second later she heard the toilet flush and the sink turn on. “Wait just a second Scott, wait till Steven goes back to bed,” Tami urged. She could have sworn Scott let out a little laugh while she tried to resist his hands that were trying to position her mouth by his cock again.

She let a minute pass and figured Steven must have made it back to the couch by now. Still kneeling beside Scott, she took his cock back into her mouth. She felt his hand reaching toward her clit and was relieved that he was planning on satisfying her as well. She continued taking his rod in her mouth balls deep, and it was then that she realized both of his hands were on the back of her head, but there was a finger on her clit. Before she had time to pull Scott’s cock out of her mouth, two fingers had plunged deeply into her pussy from behind. The fingers started thrusting in and out furiously. Tami lifted her head and looked up at Scott, expecting him to jump up and kick Steven’s ass for violating her in this way. Instead, as her eyes adjusted to the light, she realized that it was Steven lying in front of her. With a sinking feeling she realized that not only had she spent the last five minutes sucking on the cock that belonged to her husband’s best friend, she had been caught in the act by her husband.

Selling Sin

by Eliza DeGaulle

How much is her purity worth?
April is dedicated Catholic school teacher, wanting nothing more than to give back to the place that helped her so much. Unfortunately, the school has run into tough times, and the will of God seems to be nothing in the face of the almighty dollar.
God works in mysterious ways, or so April thinks. Opportunity presents itself to her: she can get top dollar if she’s willing to sell her chastity. Is she willing to covertly sacrifice her virtue for the good of school? Will God protect her fertile body from a secret revealing pregnancy?
9300 words. Not for readers under the age of 18.

The Stripper Screws a Stranger: An Erotic Short Story

by Alice Drake

Very close to the end of her shift, Stella gets a client for a private show. This beautiful stripper is amazed at how handsome William is, and she’s excited to spend her last hour entertaining him in a champagne booth. The lap dance turns into far more, though, and before long she’s having sex with a stranger, hard sex with a stranger!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a stranger sex encounter. It includes stripper sex, lap dance, and rough sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

Sonja was so used to this routine that she usually didn’t even feel it anymore. But something was different about William. Sonja could honestly say that she had never in her career been turned on during a lap dance or champagne court. Bur William’s large muscles skimming her sides, and the way he was rhythmically pinching her nipples was making her kind of horny.

Sonja decided to change positions in order to solve that problem. As she started to sit herself up, William’s strong arms pulled her back to him. Not roughly, just firmly. He wrapped his right arm around her narrow waist, holding her to him and used his left hand to sweep her hair off of her neck. The next thing Sonja knew, his lips were brushing the side of her neck. It wasn’t the rough, biting type of kissing that most customers tried to get away with. William was gentle, and his soft breath on her skin was getting her really hot. She felt her pussy and clit swell and knew he was going getting her wet. She had to get up, there was no way she was walking out of that room in an hour with soaking wet panties. She pulled herself away from William, stood up, and turned around. She straddled him, facing him this time and his hands moved to her hips. Sonja rhythmically grinded against William’s growing erection, which was quite noticeable by this point. She could feel it throbbing through his pants, against her clit. Sonja had never felt this way with a client before. It was a line she had always sworn she would never cross. She tried to disconnect from the situation and think about other things, but his hands on her hips and his cock on her clit were making her desperate for more.

TJ’s Tongue: A First Lesbian Sex Experience in Public

by Constance Slight

TJ has been the object of Colleen’s jealousy, envy, and reluctant admiration for a very long time. When the two end up back in their own high school for a college fair, the two college co-eds meet again and sparks fly. Only, it’s not what Colleen expected. These sparks mean her very first lesbian sex experience, right on the grassy hill at the high school where anybody could see their public sex encounter.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a first lesbian sex encounter. It includes oral sex, public sex, lesbian seduction, mutual masturbation, and reluctant sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

We eventually ended up walking to a popular lunchtime hangout, a hilly field behind the school. I was surprised to see that it was still there, all that land still undeveloped and open and looking just as wild as I remembered it. I started smiling with some vague memory when she suddenly giggled and grabbed my hand, I was shocked. She pulled me forward and we began tumbling down the long grassy hill, rolling over and over as we tumbled down. She laughed, and I had to start laughing, too. When we reached the bottom, it turned into an all-out giggle-fest, and it took us a good five or ten minutes lying in the grass and laughing before we could even sit up. When we did, and I looked at her face; she seemed so radiant and perfect with her beautiful straight black hair and her lovely lipsâ??and those perfect blue eyes of hers, tooâ??that I did something unexpected. I leaned forward and kissed her.

It was a brief kiss with my mouth slightly open and my lips pressed gently against hers. I broke it off after a few seconds, embarrassed as hell, and she looked at me with shock.

I felt like I should have said something, but I was paralyzed from the embarrassment. I didn’t know why I’d done it, and I certainly hadn’t planned it. Hell, I’d never been with a woman, and the thought of it had only crossed my mind in the fleeting way that I suppose all straight women think about the experience. I couldn’t form words to explain what I had done, but TJ made it easy on me. She smiled and said, “I can’t believe you’ve been thinking about me all these years the way I’ve been thinking about you.”

A Murder of Ravens

by Anthony Fallone

Chalice is employed at the Blue Lake Mansions care home, not knowing that it had been a nunnery where all the order were murdered in a mysterious way. Bought by the cruel and unscrupulous Haitian, Daniel Uther-Python and his flamboyant wife, Jordana, patients and staff there were dominated and exploited both financially and sexually and Chalice more than most. The Uther-Pythons practiced Haitian vodou which would eventually lead to an orgiastic climax in the Holy House near the Mansion, a chapel in the rafters of which roosted hundreds of malevolent ravens; Daniel had made a supernatural pact with Templar, the chief raven. Daniel planned that he would take Chalice’s virginity at the height of the great vodou ceremony. Jordana, his wife, had other ideas. The strange and eccentric residents and very odd staff add to the overall weirdness that the innocent Chalice has to deal with. Toward the end other dimensions intrude to make the final horror more intense.

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